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> “There’s gold on that there ship!”
Caleb Storms
Posted: August 02, 2019 09:35 pm

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As much as Caleb tried, he ultimately lost the Roulette Title match against Griffin Hawkins two weeks ago on Climax Control and last night on Climax Control, without much idea of what was in store for him next, he issued an open challenge for the very next Climax Control, Mark saw the seg and whilst he was announcing the line-ups for the annual Ultimate X Over the Pool Matches at that year’s Summer XXXTreme he cancelled the open challenge by putting Caleb into the title match!

But that didn’t mean that Caleb wasn’t going to be in action though, this week he was taking on “Pretty” Ty West, boyfriend of Fenris and a former Roulette Champion himself who was focused on the World Title Scene, with Malachi and Teddy Warren also in the Ultimate X Match alongside Griffin (obviously) Caleb had some stiff competition coming his way at Summer XXXTreme and Climax Control and with Bloodstock being a fortnight away he would have plenty of time to rest, can he win against Ty and get the ball rolling for Summer XXXTreme?

Getting ready for Bloodstock at Caleb’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday the 29th of July 2019, 11:00am

I am still buzzing after last night.

You saw the seg, you saw Mark’s answer to it, to be honest, I was being truthful, I was just as surprised as everyone else when Mark added me to the Ultimate X Over The Pool Match for the men’s Roulette Championship at Summer XXXTreme last night on Climax Control alongside Teddy Warren, and Malachi, yeah I know Griffin’s in the match too but unless he loses the title match to Malachi this Sunday I don’t see that changing.

Then again, there was plenty of people who thought the same after I was announced as Jon Dough’s first challenger last April and look where that got me.

And funnily enough, Ty West is in the scene again! Yeah, the last time we met was during that Fatal Four Way Match at Into the Void VIII for the World Heavyweight Championship, but he was involved in my last story that involved the Roulette Title, one on one matches though? This is the first time we’ve fought one on one and I need momentum heading into Summer XXXTreme VIII.

What’s that? There still a Climax Control after this one? I’ll be at Bloodstock that week and so will Jessie, Jake and Shane, so yeah this is my last chance to get some momentum going before Summer XXXTreme!

“Okay, we’re signed up for the New Bloodstock App, our flights are booked, list of must see bands has been prepared.” I commented as I looked through the checklist having already checked off spending money for both of us before you caught up with me and Katie. “Anything I’m forgetting off the top of your head?”

“I think the only thing left to do is pack but since we’re not leaving until next week, it makes more sense to leave that until we get back from Climax Control.” Katie responded as she went over her list and I found myself agreeing. “Okay, provided we don’t stop along the way to Pico Rivera for whatever reason, it’ll take us just under four hours to drive up there, I say we grab breakfast here in Vegas, chill for a bit then get a move on.”

“One problem with that.” I responded as I held up my phone. “It’s already 11:00am, unless your idea is to get an all day breakfast and a diner or something like that, I don’t think we’ll have time.”

“I knew we had forgotten something.” Katie responded with a sigh after she confirmed the time on her iPhone. “Guess we got too caught up with getting everything ready, how much promo time does that leave you with?”

“I booked two hours because I thought that this would take longer than it did.” I admitted as I plopped down on the couch. “Based it on our preparation for last year.”

“Last year we didn’t have checklists for everything, I’m pretty sure we stopped just short of having checklists for our checklists!” Katie responded as she held up her checklist and I had to admit that she was right, last year was pretty much a mad scramble to get everything ready because it was our first year at Bloodstock. “You want to give the New Blood Bands a look?”

“We found two excellent ones in 13 and Earthbound last year and the quality was excellent for the most part in general, though this year I heard good things about the Jager Stage Band Jackal’s Backbone.”

“Didn’t you describe her vocals as being so close to Angela Gossow’s it was almost scary?” Katie laughed remembering when we first listened to that band. “I say we should check them out as well.”

“Then it’s settled.” I responded before checking the time on the watch. “If we leave now, we’ll still be able to catch breakfast at the nearby diner, but it’ll be tight though.”

“Right, I’ll go get the car ready and I’ll send you a text once I’m done, should have enough fuel for the trip to Pico Rivera, in the meantime feel free to do your promo.” Katie added and I got ready to do just that as soon as she left the house.

“I’ve been with SCW for just under two years if we’re counting pre-hiatus days and you’d think I’d now by now that nothing is really set in stone here in SCW, if yesterday’s edition of Climax Control was any indication then that is not the case as my open challenge got cancelled before I had a challenge but considering that I’m getting a Roulette Title Shot at Summer XXXTreme VIII out of the deal? You won’t hear me complain, even as I head into a one on one match against Fenris’s boyfriend!”

What can go wrong?!

“Just so we’re clear before we get started, I nothing against gay, bi or trans people, I mean if I did then that “Thank God” tweet would’ve been a lot nastier and I’m pretty sure, no pun intended, that I wouldn’t have left that arena alive, only doubt is that I’m still not sure if Fenris was still in the arena when I made that tweet, anyway, as such, I won’t go for any cheap tactics such as questioning who wears the pants in the relationship or, god forbid, questioning who’s on top, Fenris will likely kill me if I ever made those kind of jokes so with that said, Ty even before you were revealed as Fenris’s boyfriend we have a bit of history don’t we?”

Understatement of the year right here!

“Whilst this is our first one on one match this is not our first meeting, first the ladder match that I’m still mad, then the Triple Threat with Jon Dough, then some quiet and finally our meeting in the Fatal Four Way that featured your boyfriend which leads us to this point, if we’re counting matches where neither of us won then you have two wins and I have two draws, either way I need to bounce back if I am going to stand any chance in the Ultimate X Over the Pool Match and whilst I respect you as a competitor Ty, my main goal is kicking your ass!”

It’s that simple.

“Then again, we both know what it takes to be champion as we have both held the Roulette Title before, your reign is the most recent one and how did it end? You lost it to St. John’s Cross, I don’t remember the guy either but he went on to lose it to Travis Levitt, in a match that featured me no less, who would lose it to the reigning champion, not a good luck yet your trying your hand at the World Title scene, I have no doubt that you’ll be on top of the mountain Ty when you do eventually win the title but until then, I have a match to win!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up as I got the text from Katie.

“To paraphrase an old cliché, there’s gold on that there ship and I’m itching to get my hands on it! Unfortunately for you TY your in my way and that means bad news for you as I need the momentum and this is my last chance so you had better brace yourself Ty because there is a storm brewing, otherwise you’ll be blown away by “The Metal Storm” Caleb Storms!”

I exited the house as the scene fades.

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