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> Vanu Naufau
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: March 13, 2019 06:24 am

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Name: Vanu Naufau

Pic Base: Tama Tonga

Height and Weight: 6’0, 210 lbs.

Hometown: Nuku?alofa, Tonga

Alignment: Face

Physical Appearance: Vanu has a very typical Polynesian look with thick black hair and beard and dark colored skin. He has a strong thick build not overly muscular, but you can see he takes care of himself. Dark brown eyes and a strong jaw line make him look imposing but the smile he usually has on his face softens that hard edge.

Wrestlers Gimmick: Vanu comes from strong family ties in pro wrestling, he is very much a traditionalist.

Ring Attire: Vanu usually wears dark colored tights or military style BDU’s with swirling silver, blood red, or bright yellow designs swirling down the legs. He will sometimes don traditional warrior paint if he feels the match needs it.
Outside the ring he tends to wear jeans and t shirts he definitely prefers comfort over flash

Wrestling Style: Vanu uses a mix of Strong Style and traditional striker moves. He can take risk but prefers to keep himself and his opponent on the mat.

Finisher(s): Tell us what they're called and what they are, go on, make our lives easier.

Can’t knock the Hustle by Weezer starts playing as Red Silver and Yellow lights flash across the arena. Vanu steps out onto the entrance ramp doing a little shuffle and moving to the music.

Liam: On his way to the ring first, from Nuku?alofa, Tonga, standing at 6’ and weighing in at 210lb, he is… Vanu Nauuuuuufauuuuuuuu!!! @@

He looks out over the crowd hyping them up as he bounces around the stage before running down and sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring he does a traditional Tongan dance turning to each side of the arena before standing tall and pounding his closed left fist three times against his chest and raising it high toward the entrance ramp.

SCU Move package.
-Martial Arts (More known for there MMA style of fighting) -Known for there quick strikes, grapples and submissions

Favorite Moves:
1. Jumping Headbutt
2. Corkscrew Back Elbow
3. Jumping Neck breaker
4. Corner Splash
5. Dropkick
6. Whiplash off the ropes.
7. Huricanrana
8. Alabama Slam
9. Fireman’s Carry Flap Jack
10. Tongan Twist
11. Head Shrinker / Veleno
12. Top Rope Double Knee Drop

Brief history: Vanu was raised in a family of Professional wrestlers and that was all he ever wanted to be. A strong family-oriented community he was always taught to be loyal and kind and that family wasn’t just blood but the people you trusted. Working with his father and his many “Uncles” Vanu learned the wrestling business inside and out and was able to travel with his family all over the world.

Originally teaming with his “Cousin” Vanu made a name for himself as a Tag Team specialist and went on to capture 5 different tag titles is small promotions in Japan, Mexico, The United Kingdom and even America. Vanu wanted to grow and test his skills as a single competitor and as he started down that path he found that in some places who he was hindered him, and he was told by promoters that he didn’t have the look.

That was Vanu’s first realization that sometimes life wasn’t fair. He worked on showing those small-minded promoters that skin color and nationality meant little. Capturing a few singles titles Vanu stepped away from the ring when his father took ill. Going home he spent two years with his family until his father’s death. Making a return to wrestling Vanu’s goal to show the greatness of Tongan wrestling has not left him
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