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> Intro Todd Williams
Crystal Zdunich
Posted: October 05, 2018 11:50 pm

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Black Dragon Restaurant

The scene opens up and this time we find ourselves the main branch of Todd’s hotel chain and to be more specific we are at the hotel’s fine dining restaurant the Black Dragon. Todd could be seen sitting in a private room. He is clad in a three piece suit. It is a candle lit table setting and he smiles as he has one of his waiters pour him two glasses of some expensive wine. He sits there glancing at his watch as he is waiting patiently for somebody else to arrive. He slowly takes his phone out of pocket as he looks through his contact list and selects wife. He presses send and it begins to dial. A few moments go by and eventually Kimberly picks up on the other end.

“Hey babe how are things in Florida?! Did you end up making sure we kidnapped the little girl?!”

He can hear Kimberly’s voice on the other end of the phone and he smiles as he slowly replies back.

“Good that is what I like to hear. I know that Kate is your best friend but the Bitch should have never fucked with my family. Once she attacked Brittany I had to handle the situation in my own way…You understand right?!”

Todd smiles again as he speaks some more.

“Good… Look babe I will talk to you later. I need to handle some business here in New York. I love you so much…”

With that Todd hangs the phone as he waits patiently for that special guest to arrive. A few more moments go by and eventually he could see his server escorting somebody into his private dining room. It’s a fine looking woman, one of a slender build, and they have long purple hair that drapes down their back. The woman is wearing a pair of glasses and they seem to have the nerdy look down, that woman is none other than Christina Zdunich. Christina slowly makes her way over to the seat and sits in front of her ex-husband. There is silence among them as Todd chuckles and points at the glass on the table.

“Please help yourself Christina, as you can see I want this night to go absolutely beautiful. I brought out my best wine and it’s only the best for such a beautiful woman.”

He can’t help but wink at her and she is a little taken back as she instead reaches for the glass of water on the table. She takes a sip of it as Todd just smiles in return.

“You know it’s been a while since the two of us sat down and really had time to talk between the both of us. How is life going with the wife and…”

Christina however cuts him off as she glares daggers into him.

“Todd cut the bullshit you know as well as I do that you didn’t invite me here to have small talk and drink with one another. What is it that you want because I know you like an open book! I know when you are up to something and it’s not like you to just invite me to dinner if you didn’t have some type of stunt that you wanted to pull. Now I suggest you tell me the truth unless you wish to find a glass of your finest wine thrown right into the confines of your face!”

Christina crosses her arms as Todd just sits there with a smug grin on his face. He takes a long deep breath as he shakes his head and continues to speak.

“Wow you know me so well don’t you? At the same time Crystal I know for a fact that I am your first love. You know what they say about your first love. You never forget them and our connection is one that won’t ever be broken. We took each other’s virginity we had Brittany together and despite what we have been through you should know that I wouldn’t bring any harm to you especially after what we have been through with one another. We really have been through a lot haven’t we?!”

Crystal is really disgusted as she shakes her head.

“Enough of the fucking small talk like I told you Todd I am not trying to hear it.”

“You say that Crystal but deep down there is a part of you that wants to hear every single word of what I am saying. I mean you were such a young one. The nerdy softball player who nobody wanted to associate with back in high school, but the moment I was forced to live in Detroit when I moved from New York was the best day of your life. I brought hope into your life. I saw something in you and after seeing the sparkle in your eyes I gave you the nickname Crystal. You and I accomplished so much with one another. We made a beautiful daughter and more importantly than that we have done so much in wrestling together. Do you remember when I was in WWG?”

Christina shrugs her shoulders.

“How could I ever forget those days, I was looked upon everybody as being nothing more than eye candy. You used me as a weapon. You would hide behind me at ring side, you would push me into people. I would constantly get jumped backstage and it was just so awful. I felt really helpless if I can be honest and it’s just wasn’t that. Even when I made the jump to being an interviewer I constantly got jumped as well…”

Todd sighs.

“I know those were some tough times but do you remember my bitter feud with Rob Salvatore?!”

“How could I ever forget especially considering his crazy sister tried to carry on a feud from 13 years ago into LAW? I could never forget those days.”

“Well I remember the gun shots, I can remember when Rob and I poured everything into fighting for the WWG Intercontinental Championship. We gave each other everything we had and it just wasn’t in the ring. Remember how I abducted his fiancé at the time Lisa Salvatore?! And in turn he kidnapped you and buried you alive in the middle of the desert in Nevada…”

“I swear to God I hate fucking Las Vegas. It’s really ridiculous how I found my way to competing for a company based out of Vegas, but yes I remember that. I remember being stuck in that hole wondering if somebody would ever come rescue me. I questioned if somebody would be there for me and yet…”

Todd smiles.

“And yet like a knight in shining armor I came and save the day. I have always saved the day Crystal. Even when my crazy father tried to kill me, and he tried to rape you I was there to put two bullets in him and I saved you. I have always saved you and I know right now it may seem that we are caught up in different worlds but you never forget your first love. Through everything , even though we both are married and are living separate lives I just want you to know that I still love you Christina. I have never stopped loving you…”

Christina sits there and she thinks about everything he just said as she just sighs in return. She truly doesn’t know what to say as she sits there dumbfounded. She chokes up a bit as Todd just poured his heart out to her. She finally decides to reply back.

“And I just want you to know that I…. Well I can’t really say anything. I am happy with where I am now and….”

“Christina you can’t bullshit me. You aren’t doing alright. You haven’t won a match in ages and the real reason I came to SCW isn’t to win the SCW World Championship. Granted that’s a nice touch and I know for a fact that if I really wanted I could work my way into getting a shot and competing against Fenris for the right to be champion, but after winning a World title in every single company I been in that’s not what it’s about to me. What I am really after is making sure you are happy. I want to see you focused…”

“ I am fucking focused?!”

“Seriously?! No you aren’t Crystal, you have been dropping match after match in every single company you wrestle in. You let Jessie Salco beat you in two different companies, and you seem really indecisive. You are letting Kate Steele get to you and it’s not really doing you any well. I have watched every single promotion that you compete in and it all seems to be the same old story to me. She makes an impact by jumping you and you just take it. You don’t do anything in return. She continuously runs her mouth and you just fucking take it and for what purpose? Because you have an image to protect?! That isn’t who you are Crystal and you know it…”

Crystal takes a long deep breath as some tears start to drip from her eyes.

“And what exactly am I supposed to do. I trained her Todd, and look how she is turning out. I have been doing this way longer than she has and already she is in a spot where people think she might be better than me. It’s like I am nothing but the past. Nobody wants to deal with me anymore. I am washed up in the eyes of just about everybody. I am a shell of my former self so why should I care about anything? Maybe at High Stakes Kate is going to break my arm and…”

Todd however shakes his head as he looks deeply into her eyes.

“No!!! I refuse to believe that. Look Crystal that Bitch broke Chloe’s arm as a way to get to you. She broke Brittany’s arm and she is trying to get inside your head. The only person that thinks you are weak is you! You are the only one that believes in that bullshit. Now I wasn’t going to tolerate that shit. Teddy is my best friend and Kate is my wife’s best friend but take a look.”

Todd pulls out his phone as he shows Crystal a picture. She takes his phone and looks at it with an expression of horror on her face.

“Is that JULIET?!”

“Yes I abducted her daughter and I might be blackmailing the Steeles but I don’t really give a fuck. They need to sweat a bit especially after what they did to my baby. I know that two wrongs don’t make a right but you know I never really gave a damn about any of that nonsense to begin with. The only thing I care about is doing what I do best. I am at least taking a stand and showcasing that I am not one to fuck with. If I really wanted to I could take care of the Kate problem. You know I have some men who work for me that can permanently shut her up but I figure that’s not how we want to answer this. After all this is your fight and you should be the one that needs to handle this.”

“But how am I supposed to handle this… I am weak Todd… I am weak I can’t do it!”

Todd smiles wide as he nods his head in agreement.

“Well I know Christina Rose can’t handle it. After all she is too busy trying to be a people pleaser and trying to have her head so far up Mark Ward’s ass but what you really need to do is bring Crystal back. The loveable nerdy gamer that loves filing paperwork isn’t going to cut it. Maybe for other fights but for this war with Kate Crystal is needed…”

“No I can’t bring her back!”

“Why not Crystal?! Why don’t you want to bring her back what is stopping you?!”

Crystal takes a long deep breath as she sighs in return.

“Because if I bring her back who knows what might happen. She is a nightmare. She hurts people and she only thinks about one person at the end of the day. Self centered, arrogant, cocky, conceited…”

“And yet the strong mother when people fuck with her family she doesn’t take any mess. It’s what is needed. Soon as you let Christina take over that is when everything went downhill. That’s when you became a two week transitional champion that is when everything fell apart for you. Crystal it’s time to let the actress overwhelm you. It’s time for you to take a stand for your family. You may not want to do it but it’s what’s necessary….”

Crystal seems very uneasy as she crosses her arms as she looks at Todd.

“And how can I just bring her back… It really feels like it’s been a while since those days…”

Todd smiles as he reaches down and shows Crystal a makeup mirror and pushes it in front of her. He smiles as she takes a look at her reflection in the mirror.

“Now tell me what do you see in the mirror?!”

Crystal takes a long glance at herself. Todd however gets up at this point as he walks over to her. He takes off her glasses and sets them to the side. He undoes her hair so it’s free flowing a bit. He smiles as he backs away as she continues to look at herself.

“Now tell me what do you see?!”

Crystal takes a long deep breath. She slowly pushes herself away from the table as a small smile escapes her lips and she begins to speak slowly.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall….”

It had been a long time since Crystal had uttered out that phrase. Todd smiles as he knew exactly where this was going. He can’t help but chuckle as he nodded his head.

“Keep it going babe… You are doing good….”

“Who is the most prettiest of them all…”

Crystal slowly mutters back as she runs her fingers through her hair. She unbuttons her top to show a bit of her cleavage and she forms an arrogant expression on her face as she turns her head in front of the mirror.

“You don’t need to answer mirror because we all know it’s me of course, because my name is CRYSTAL HILTON AND I AM THE REFLECTION OF PERFECTION!!!!!”

Todd begins to jump excitedly as he nods his head agreement.

“Damn right you are Crystal it’s about time you came back. You are perfection in its finest form and nobody comes close to you in that department. God you are so hot…”

Crystal fans herself with an evil grin on her face.

“Oh I know I am… It feels like I haven’t been myself for a long time. I think part of me was afraid of what I might have become but to be honest why should I even care. I don’t really give a damn on what others think but part of me was holding onto being liked, and how I would be viewed in the public eye. No one really thought differently of me though. Christian still treats me the same and everyone thinks I am a joke so no used holding onto it. Sometimes I really feel like I am Vegeta from DBZ…”

Todd nods his head.

“I know babe, your place is at the top but yet you always have to be in somebody else’s shadow. What is your birthright ends up being given off to somebody else. You know for a fact that you are the best…”

“Of course I am Todd… We are talking about me of course… Thank you for reawakening me. I really needed this. I missed being the star that I am destined to be…”

“Of course Christina like I said you are my first love. It’s all about you and nothing else… Although there is one way that we can make this official… What would Crystal Hilton do if she saw someone like me…”

Crystal smiles as she looks at Todd from head to toe.

“I think you already know the answer to that question Todd… You have always known the answer to that…”

“Oh please do tell Christina…”

“Crystal… My name is Crystal and well…”

Crystal can’t help but smirk as she looks deeply into the eyes of Todd. She walks over to him grabbing him as she plants a passionate kiss on his lips. Todd can only smile in return as he claps his hands and immediately the doors to the private room begin to lock. His workers make sure that the two of left in complete privacy. This moment was strictly theirs. No Seleana around, no Kimberly, this was their moment. One thing led to another. They just kept kissing one another and eventually a few hours go by and we are able to see Crystal Hilton putting her clothes back on. She has a wicked grin on her lips as Todd smiles in return.

“How did it feel Crystal was it worth it?!”

“Yes… It actually feels good to be back…What about Kimberly?!”

“What about her?! This was our moment, I could ask about Seleana too right?!”

Crystal just shakes her head with a wicked grin.

“I guess this is our secret isn’t it?! You got what you wanted, now it’s time to fight like only we can. We both got some work to do but you especially need to showcase why you are the best man on the roster…”

Todd nods his head in agreement.

“Don’t worry about me, you already know I am the best…”

With that they both smirk at one another and it’s on this image that we slowly fade out on. Both have evil grins emerging from their lips.

On Camera

Everything comes into focus and we are treated to the sight of Todd Williams. He can’t help but have an evil grin on his face as he nods his head eagerly. He isn’t alone as his beautiful blonde wife Kimberly is right beside him. He kisses her passionately on the lips as he begins to speak.

“What’s up SCW in case you didn’t know it’s your boy Todd Williams and I know I have been teasing this for a very long time but yours truly has finally made his way onto the roster, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, after all you are getting a true legend in the ring with me. I told everyone I was the biggest signing and I am happy to live up to the hype. I am a legend, a true superstar. I have established an empire and when people see the Williams name I know the first thing that comes to your mind is the hotel chain that my family is known for. Williams Royal Suites, you will find them in practically every big city and thus money isn’t an option… Oh no… Not another rich boy with a sense of entitlement. Not somebody who has all the money in the world that Christian is going to get pissed off… To be brutally honest I don’t give a shit what that over arrogant owner feels. The only thing I care about is making my name shine above everything else and I see SCW as a way to get back into superstardom. It’s my chance to get back in the limelight and I won’t rest until the entire world knows my name….”

Todd smiles wider than before as Kimberly just grabs onto his arm. They kiss one another as he offers a wicked grin and continues to speak.

“My name is Todd Williams and of course I mean BUSINESS!!!! I always mean business and when I win a championship I make sure I hold it until I don’t want it anymore. Last time I held a top tier championship I held it for 9 plus months and set the longest reign with the title. Hell I am a man of championships so with SCW offering anybody the chance to enter this tournament the chance to possibly make it through the ranks to face Fenris I decided to throw my name into the fold because I want to work my way up and main event the biggest show this company has to offer. I am a main event superstar in its purest form. I deserve to be at the top of the card and it doesn’t get any better than it does with Todd Williams being in the main event…”

Todd can’t help but smirk again as he continues to speak.

“Now who am I exactly?! I guess you could say that I am the former husband of Crystal Hilton, or you could even say that I am the father of Brittany Williams. I know that people are expecting so much out of me but I rather not be judged on who I am related too or who I fucked in the past. I rather be judged on what I am going to do inside of the ring and I am a showman. Everything I do is for the fans and if they aren’t having a good time I know for a fact that I am not having a good time. I am a master of suplexes and I can deliver them in so many different forms and flavors. I made my career on taking it to the air but lately my game has been redefined to promote a long career. I want to showcase that I can keep fighting for years to come. Judging from what I have seen in this company there really hasn’t been that much of a men’s division here. Everything you hear about is always from the Bombshells division. They always steal the show and only a few names have really taken center stage in this company. People along the lines of J2H, Despy, Drake Green, and of course Kristopher Ryans in recent memory, that really is sad this division has only had four main stars emerge from it…

And it’s even sadder that the company has to open the doors to outside talent to find somebody who can stand toe to toe with the likes of Fenris. Yet if you are going to offer a shortcut to get to the top I will proudly take up that opportunity and I will fight my way to get there. After all I may call myself the Redeemer at this point in my career but my legacy was created on being that of the Dreamer. I am the one who had always poured everything into making his dreams become a reality and right now what I have dreams of is to one day hold the SCW World Championship within my arms. I want to be acknowledged as being the best of the best and there’s no better place than to have that pleasure than at High Stakes. Everything has been built for me to take my place and you can bet your bottom dollar that your boy is going to make it happen. After all I have the money, I have the girl, and all that is left is to have the successful wrestling career…

Success won’t come overnight but with hard work your boy will be at the very top. Now that we got this little introduction out of the way I guess we can all look to the true task at hand and that is to step in the ring with the likes of Jake Raab. As it says Jake Raab has been unstoppable since he came into this company. He has been rolling through the competition and he has a family name to live up too but he is going to encounter one major problem this week…”

Todd points at himself with a wide wicked grin on his lips.

“He has the sad misfortune of being matched up with yours truly and if there is somebody who has a family to live up to it’s me. To some I am the leader in my family but all of those who surround themselves with me end up having the most success. After all my sister Jennifer went on to have two World Championship reigns to her name, my daughter just won the Roulette Championship here, and everybody that’s anybody knows of the success that is my former wife that is Crystal Hilton. I have had my hand in just about everything I guess you can call me the Dr. Dre of wrestling. Using it in the analogy that while I do have the power to drop rhymes and be very great at it my truest talent has been in the building up of others. I love planting seeds and watching them grow! Yet after watching others grow it has gotten to me… I felt really defenseless watching my daughter get abused and I was sitting at home watching the whole ordeal from afar. In that moment that Kate attacked her I knew the ring was calling out to me. I knew that was the message that I needed to come back to this. I needed to be right in the middle of the fray and that’s what brought me to SCW. It’s the place where I can test my limits. I can see if I still have the power to make music for myself…

I am tired of building others up. It’s about time I get what I want. This is my story and you better believe that dreams will be made a reality when I enter into that ring. It’s all or nothing for me and I will work my hardest to get where I need to go or else I will die trying. Jake you better bring everything you have but I assure you it just won’t be good enough. As a redeemer it’s my job to save and I need to save SCW. It’s in dying need of a savior and I will bring deliverance. I will bring wrestling ability and I will start this streak on the right note. So you better step up to the plate. I just want you to remember the name. My name is Todd Williams and I will MEAN BUSINESS!!! See you soon and of course PIZZOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”

With that Todd Williams just chuckles as he throws up deuces to the camera and it’s on this image we fade out on.

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