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> inception III Pre-show Info
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: January 12, 2019 05:17 am

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01/13/2018 Las Vegas, Nevada - Gold Coast Casino

A four-person panel opens the entire program for the evening. They host the pre-show as they talk to fans and get predictions from them for tonight's matches.

Fox brothers Segment

Kawaii Dragons Segment

The panel returns with the four of them talking about the Sin City Tag Teams Div. From all three tag team champions... Kawaii Dragons defending the titles week in and week out, The Three Way being as dominant as they have been in SCU to Team Eggplant taking SCW by storm.

Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Casino to Casino Ladder Match
Kawaii Dragons vs New Foundation
The Hardcore titles will be placed above the ring at the Golden Casino however the match will start 2 miles away as the four ladies will start this match at London Underground’s Golden Ring Casinos parking lot. They must do whatever they can to make there way to the Golden Casino and climb the ladder to become the Hardcore Tag Team Champions.

Segments from SCU stars

Panel returns with the Combat championships as the topic

More segments

Double Down Tag Team Championship
No DQ Match
Fox Brothers vs The Three Way
A No DQ match is needed for this match. The Three Way showed just how vicious they can be when any match with little to no rules. Fox Brothers have been enough hardcore matches that having this match as a no disqualification me even the playing field. Both teams have been preparing for this match for over a month now and both teams will do anything they can to be the champions a match with no rules indicates that both teams will do just that.

The Panel returns as they touch on the SCW Legacy/Roulette Championships as well as the SCW/Honor World championships.

Combat Championship
Kick Boxing Match
Eric Weaver vs Dax Beckett
Eric over a year ago made it very clear that he will do whatever he can to get rid of the Bad Boys. So many I have jumped on board to assist error only for them to flake out but you are leaving the company or changing their minds and wanting nothing to do with the Bad boys. Eric is the only man to stick with his word and continues to be a thorn on their side. It has gotten so bad then I'll even the fans are questioning the behavior of Eric Weaver. Does he really want to get rid of them or is all of this just some elaborate plot for a championship match? Dax, along with the rest of the bad boys actual no mercy. The combat champion is not going to start showing me mercy anytime soon. This match is set for three rounds and something tells us it will go the distance

End of Pre-show

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