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> A Little Dream Machine Wedding, Brittany RP
Kate Steele
Posted: April 18, 2019 01:39 am

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Zdunich Household
Brittany’s 18th & Wedding Day

Inside the home of the Zdunichs we are taken inside the room of Brittany Williams. Inside that room we are able to see the one and only Brittany Williams wearing a very elegant white wedding dress.. Crystal was all tears as she couldn’t help but stare at her daughter in awe. Seleana held Crystal close to her as the blossoming one held a very shiny tiara in her hand and she slowly placed it on top of Brittany’s hair. Brittany glanced at herself in the mirror as she twirled around as her mother couldn’t help but cry some more. Crystal slowly stood next to her daughter as Brittany smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

“This is it pumpkin. 18 years old. To be honest 18 years ago I didn’t know how you would turn out. I was only 13 and I was hurting. I didn’t know anything, I had no clue where my life was going but I knew I just had to have you. You didn’t have the best parents growing up but that never stopped you from becoming the amazing and beautiful young lady that you have become. I am so proud of you. You have done everything I could have imagined and you took it a step further. It doesn’t get any better than it does with you and I am so proud to be your mother and more importantly I am so thrilled to have you as a daughter…”

Brittany couldn’t help but smile as she looked at herself in the mirror a little more. She turned her attention over to her step mother as she waited to hear her say something about her.

“I never knew I wanted to be a mother until I was one with you. Tack för att ni accepterade mig. Thank you for accepting me.”

As if that wasn’t enough we could see the door to her room opening up and that is when we are able to see the one and only Todd Williams walking inside. He walks past Crystal and Seleana as he makes his way straight to his daughter. He hugs her tightly as tears flow from his eyes and he is followed by his sister Jennifer and of course her wife Rachel. Todd looks down into his daughter’s eyes as he smiles.

“Brittany this is your day. I guess this is the day where you truly grow up and become legal but don’t you think for one second that daddy doesn’t have your back. I will always be here for you. I am always going to be in your life because you are my flesh and blood. You are the heiress to my entire legacy…”

Crystal nods her head as she steps beside Todd and speaks as well.

“And you are the heiress to my entire legacy as well. Everything belongs to you Brittany. You truly are a princess and one day you will ascend to the next level and you will become a Queen. It doesn’t get any higher than that…”

Brittany smiles as she watches everyone in the room about to cry. She smiles in return as she begins to fan herself as a few tears begin to slowly stream down her face.

“Stop it all of you are going to make me cry and I really don’t want to. Especially not on my wedding day. Do you think I am making the right decision?!”

Crystal smiles as she looks at her daughter.

“Look at the age of thirteen I already knew what I wanted to do. I was busy having you so I am not the one to ask about when is a right time to grow up, but what I will say that it is your life. You have a right to do whatever you wish. Nobody can tell you any different Brittany and as long as you and Halo are happy that’s all that really matters right?!”

Brittany nods her head as she smiles in return.

“I guess so… Although can someone tell me how beautiful Halo looks? Like do I really have to wait?”

Seleana nods in return.

“She is being tended to by her sister and her sister friend. She wanted to look her best for you today.”

“Well she doesn’t need to do much. I know this might seem like such a rash thing to do but we are going to be there for one another. She and I will always have each other’s backs and today will just be a testament of our love for one another. Like I really can’t believe this is happening and I know you all might be thinking one thing but…”

Before she could finish we are able to see Ryleigh Knite. Ryleigh smiles as she is in a Maid of Honor dress and has her hair done. She walks into Brittany’s room holding a huge bouquet in her hands as she looks at everyone in the room.

“Yes Brittany has seen some stuff. She went to the future and saw an image of twins and she can’t get it out of her head. She saw herself living a very happy life and she wants to have that for herself now…”

Crystal seems a little taken back as she just shrugs her shoulders at Seleana. Brittany stares blankly at Ryleigh as Jennifer is giggling in the background.

“Easy on the time traveling stuff… Let’s just get through this wedding first…”

Ryleigh pouts as she looks at everyone in the room in sighs in the room.

“Fine.. But I am only telling the truth. You ready to do this Brittany? Once we go through with this there is no turning back…”

Brittany smiles as she looks at her best friend before she glances at everybody standing in the room.

“Might as well get this show on the road right everyone?!”


With that being said everybody in the room makes their way downstairs and as they do it looks like the wedding has already started. Standing at a makeshift altar we can see Haylie Jo “Halo” Annis along with her twin sister, Amy “Rain” Annis and Rain diminutive best friend/tag team partner, Kendra “GoGo” Goganious. Halo almost glows in her low key dress that looks almost more like a bridesmaid’s dress with a veil attached. Her sister stands in a dress that almost matches it aside from the color being red on Rain’s. GoGo stands next to Rain in a much smaller version of the same red dress and all three smile as they wait.

All of a sudden we are able to see Kenzi Grey coming down in a Bridesmaid dress and of course Ryleigh comes out matching her. Everyone in the room stands up as Brittany comes down the aisle now. She is absolutely gorgeous. As she is wearing her white extravagant low cut dress. She stands at the altar as she glares at Halo and smiles at the taller woman.

“God you are so beautiful Haylie Jo… I am so lucky to have you in my life…”

“Not as lucky as I am to have you, Brittany!”

The officiant smiles as he looks at both of them.

“Why don’t we get this show on the road shall we?! Both of you have vows why don’t you share them…”

Brittany has tears in her eyes as she looks at Halo.

“Haylie Jo when I met you was in the middle of a hurtful relationship but you were there for me. I can’t imagine having other than you in my life. I love you so much baby and you are my entire world. You are my everything and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. To live with you forever and to be yours forever. You always find a way to bring a smile to my lips and you truly complete me my love…”

Brittany smiles as she continues to look into the eyes of Halo..

“Brittany, when I first met you I had nothing. I was homeless and you gave me a place to stay. And then you gave me so much more. You let me see the real you and you didn’t care that I was a dirty redneck from nowhere Tennessee. I love you. I’ve loved you since I moved in and I ain’t never gonna stop! Rich or poor, whatever, if I have you, I’m the richest girl on earth and ain’t nobody can tell me otherwise! You give me hope and I never want that to end!”

The officiant smiles as he looks at both women.

“Great vows from you two but two everybody has been waiting for. Do you Brittany take Haylie Jo to be your wife. To cherish her forever as long as you both shall live for better or for worse?!”

Brittany smiles as she looks back at Halo.

“I do…”

“And do you Haylie Jo take Brittany to be your wife. To cherish her forever as long as you both live for better or for worse?!”

She smiles as she nods her head.

“I do…”

The officiant looks at both women at this point.

“So with the power that is within me I now pronounce you Mrs. & Mrs. Annis. You may now kiss one another…”

With that Brittany and Haylie Jo smile at one another as they begin to kiss one another passionately. Brittany holds Haylie Jo’s hand as the two walk down the aisle together as the small gathering within the house begin to cheer for one another.

“Oh my God, we did it, Baby!”

Brittany smiles as she looks back at Halo.

“I guess we did but do you feel happy? I knew it from weeks ago with my 18th birthday looming that this is everything I wanted. This is how I wanted to celebrate my journey into adulthood. I wanted it to be with you and I got everything I ever wanted especially with you in my life. I guess are future is bright isn’t it?! The two of us together forever and ever. Now we have to plot a big time honeymoon, and if things really go right…”

Brittany smirks widely.

“We could have all the jewelry we could possibly want when I win this upcoming Blast From The Past Tournament and I march my way towards challenging for the biggest prize that SCW has to offer. It just doesn’t get any bigger than that does it?!”

“No, I spose it don’t unless they suddenly got tag team titles we could go for too!”

Brittany smiles warmly as she holds onto her new wife.

“Well if that happens I guess we would just have to take those for ourselves wouldn’t we? Of course there is also SCU… We could pretty much do anything but as long as we do things with each other nothing can stop us. We need each other and we are here for one another. Life is going to be so much better from here on out Halo and no more thoughts of you being poor. It really changes from here on out. Whatever is mine is also yours… The scary thoughts of being homeless are officially over!”

“God, I love you!”

Brittany pouts as she looks at her wife.

“Hey! That’s one of my lines… You are the mean one and I am the overly excited one!”

“Sorry, couldn’t help it…”

“So what’s next for us Halo? What do we do now?!”

“Damn, that’s a real good question… what DO we do now?”

“Well there’s a honeymoon we need to plan and of course we do need our wedding night alone time and I think I know of the perfect thing to do!”

Brittany smiles as she looks at Halo with a wicked grin on her face.

“Time to take a ride in your truck!!!!”

“Let’s go!”

With that Brittany smiles as her and Halo run towards the pick up truck as someone has already attached cans to the back of the truck and a huge sign that reads newly married. The two of them drive off as they wish to experience the night together.

On Camera
Happy Birthday B Brat

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are treated to the image of Brittany Williams walking in front of the view. She can’t help but chuckle as she is clad in a red and black robe. She has a scepter in her hand and of course is wearing a tiara on her hair. She cracks a wicked grin as she begins to speak.

“Hear ye… Hear ye…. The royal princess officially has a decree she wishes to make. All of you are incompetent and none of you have what it takes to get on my level. I am the present and of course the future of this business. I am Brittany Williams-Annis and I will proudly continue to march my way throughout this Blast From The Past tournament and I will help mow down every single competitor until Kale and I are standing tall as your winners. I know it seems simple enough but let’s just rub some salt in those wounds because the SCW World Bombshell Champion is officially out of this tournament. I know Kale was a reason why it happened but it feels good to stand here with a win. It feels good to beat the champion and to make a long story short I told everybody since day one that Alicia is overrated. She shouldn’t even have been the Honor Champion because I beat her. I won that four way match but due to bullshit officiating it just didn’t go in my favour…”

Brittany can’t help but laugh as she nods her head in agreement and continues to speak.

“Now look at me. I got the win I desperately needed and now Alicia is out of this thing. It feels really good to show off how good you are and when you have that bloodline that runs inside of me did you really expect anything different?! I proved to everyone in this company that I am the cream of the crop. I showed that I am the best of the best and nobody is close to possessing what I have. Kate Steele if I was you I would definitely send me a check in the mail because you have solely me to think for making your dreams turn into a reality! That’s right now you can go cash in your stupid briefcase and you can get your title match. I could sit here and focus on Alicia but she will be seeing me soon enough. She might as well pray she gets past Kate because I guarantee that she will be seeing me. She will face me at the Super Card after this one because I will be winning this tournament. I have the perfect partner and I just need to bring my own ability and skills to the table…”

Brittany nods her head with a wicked grin as she continues to speak.

“There is so much to talk about this week isn’t there?! I mean it was a very special occasion in the royal family, yours truly had her 18th Birthday and it was such a beautiful day. I had planned it for a while but I got married to the person of my dreams and I now stand before you as a true woman. A grown ass woman and I plan to fuck up all of those who wish to stand in my way or piss on the things that I believe in. If you don’t like my choice of a relationship go fuck off or as they say in this shit ass place of Manchester go piss off and bugger off you bloody fucking wankers. Doesn’t really matter to be honest? This city could use a fucking winner. It’s not like Man City or Manchester United is on the level of Liverpool right?! Then again who gives a fuck it’s soccer NOT FOOTBALL… English people… what a joke. Megan Markle ain’t got shit on someone like me. I am true royalty, I didn’t get married into this. I am this… This is my life and it’s always been about me… But before I get on a tangent and talk about English fuck wits whose teeth is just God awful or stupid accents… Let’s talk about the task at hand…”

Brittany smiles as she cracks a very wide grin.

“And that task at hand is to go out there and compete in the Blast From The Past tournament. We are in the Semi Finals baby and after this match there is only one more thing left in our path. That is a one way trip to the finals where we will await whatever sad team gets there. Kale has been my go to guy. He has been putting all of the scrubs in check and even though Vinnie might be good he isn’t on Kale’s level. I know Kale will do what he does best and he will handle Vinnie which means I need to take care of my business. I need to take care of Amy Marshal and I have no problem at doing that…”

Brittany laughs as she looks at the camera and just shakes her head.

“Where do I even begin, Amy Marshal when I look at you I see a woman who has basically done everything in this company. You were the first ever Bombshell to get the Grand Slam in this company. That is damn near impressive. You basically carried Jessie Salco’s sorry ass to some tag team championships and that in itself is saying something. You were a Roulette Championship, you traded the Internet title back and forth with Roxi Johnson and of course how could anyone forget that you were the World Bombshell Champion at one point. That is damn near impressive and you should really give yourself a round of applause because it is all a load of shit…

Seriously how the fuck did you even accomplish anything?! I will be honest with you. The only reason why you even became World Bombshell Champion to begin with is because we all know Delia phoned it in. she had wiped out the entire division and beat everyone she possibly could. So when she fought you she basically just didn’t give a fuck anymore. So yeah you have that luxury of being Grand Slam Champion but it’s honestly a fluke. You weren’t a great champion. You could have all of that history tied to your name but at the end of the day that’s all it is… History… History is something that is clearly in the past. It’s not something that is happening now because you seem like you are really hitting irrelevancy at this point….”

Brittany just scoffs as she shakes her head as she licks her lips.

“You can talk as much shit as you want about me. You can make fun of me for being a Williams. Hell you can probably say how my parent should have never fucked and having me is just awful but look at you Amy. You are a waste of so much space. You aren’t even relevant anymore and the truth is you just can’t hack it anymore. You answered Sam Marlowes open challenge for what purpose exactly so you could lose and make yourself look like a fool. You have to be a little better than that. I mean come on now. I thought you were a lot better than that and you should feel absolutely ashamed of yourself. How does one fall so far from grace?! Don’t you just feel just awful about yourself Amy. You are pushing almost forty and yet you are a clear shell of your former self. You aren’t the same athlete that you thought you were. You haven’t done anything. The most important thing you have done in the past year is beat Jessie and keep her away from titles and even that isn’t impressive. I mean everybody beats Salco so other than that and losing to Sam what have you really done?!

It’s seriously a joke, and if you can’t beat Marlowe what business do you even have trying to get past this tournament so you can face the World Bombshell Champion. How good do you think you would actually do in the end? By the looks of things not much really! Yet when people look at me they see someone who can actually deliver. When I fought Sam for the Roulette title and I beat her. I beat that ass in the middle of the ring and I actually had a few defenses under me. I built a name for myself and my biggest mistake is that I chewed more than I could bite off when I called out Evie Baang. That is my mistake and as you can see from my performances lately I am fixing them as we go but what about you?!”

Brittany points directly at the camera.

“What are you doing differently to fix your current situation?! What are you going to do so you could move yourself in the right direction… I would say you won’t be able to do much. Because if you could change things you wouldn’t be in the situation that you are currently in! Your spot would be guaranteed… You would be at a big marquee match and yet it all comes down to this doesn’t it?! I personally don’t give a fuck if I win or lose. Of course I WILL win but I am just saying I am only 18 years old. If I lose here people might question my age and say that I have so much more to look forward to in my future…

You don’t get that luxury because a lost here sets you back again. It gets people talking about how awful you are as a wrestler. You will have to find some way to pick yourself back up and that’s quite a hard thing to do especially when you really don’t know what you want to do with yourself. I guess it’s all about this one match isn’t it… It’s a win or go home situation. What are you going to do Amy?! How are you going to rise to the occasion because you can only count on Vinnie for so much! Eventually you will have to come into the match and that means you will have to fight me. I might only be 18 and I guess that means I am young in this sport but just look at my resume so far…”

Brittany smiles wide as she continues to pour her heart out.

“Youngest champion ever… That is so unheard of, and as it currently stands that is one record nobody could ever take away from me. I have been a champion and one thing I do better than anybody else is I manage to pick up wins when i need them the most. I have wins over Amanda Cortez, Sam Marolwe, Seleana Zdunich and Mercedes Vargas just to claim a few. All of these are women who have held the World Bombshell Championship at some point. I have been on an absolute tear and I am always asking for better competition. Perhaps you are that type of competition. Maybe you are the woman who can rise to the occasion or will you just fizzle out like your career has been doing for the past four years. What more do you have to do Amy?! Or better yet what can you do…

From over here it doesn’t look like you can do much. You are nothing. You are going to be put right in your place and I will rise to the occasion. I will step up and you will be nothing more than an afterthought when I am done with you. I am a princess, I am a legend killer, and after Climax Control the little Dream Machine will be one step closer to conquering her own dream and that is to compete for the World Bombshell Championship.

Kale calls me Little One for a reason. He knows I channel Gamora which means I am ready to fuck shit up. I go for the assassination and he of course goes for the finger snap… There really isn’t anyway around out. No matter how you look at it you and Vinnie are about to get fucked up. So insult my marriage, insult my family, or even me. I really don’t care. Nothing you say could be as bad as how your career is deteriorating and if you really wanted to see something bad just look in a mirror. That’s all you really need to see. Get Good NOOB and level up… See you soon…”

With that Brittany can’t help but grin as we fade out on this image.

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