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> Stephen Callaway Vs Anthrax, Singles match
Mark Ward
Posted: December 01, 2019 03:25 pm

Not just a boss, THE boss
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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 10,000 word max per character, 1 roleplay max per week.

Good luck

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Metal Maniacs
Posted: December 06, 2019 12:29 am

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Black Friday Madness

Wal-Mart. What’s that you say? Wal-Mart? What sort of location for a roleplay is the epitome of the consumer experience that is the Wal-Mart juggernaut? Okay, how many times have we said the dreaded “W” word so far? Well! If you have paid any attention to the randomness that is the Metal Maniacs experience, then you would know that this isn’t such an unusual location to find the SCW’s three treacherous psychopaths. Heck! If you knew them at all, you’d be entirely uncertain whether or not they were even in a roleplay or not!

But this is Black Friday! The grandest shopping day of the year! The unofficial beginning of the shopping season for Christmas, and where chaos abounds!

So really, where else would you expect to find the crazed trio of painted up freaks?


Customer #1: “It’s mine!”

Customer #2: “You bitch! I saw it first!”

And much more of the same as hundreds of mass consumers were flung together in angry hordes for the best door buster deals! 56 inch TVs for less than $300! High powered laptops for $200! Video games! Cookware! Clothes!

Anthrax: “Look! She has a purse!”

Indeed one woman was clinging to the tail end of a brand new imitation crocodile leather purse while another woman was dragging her by the purse strap across the floor as she clung desperately to the purse strap!

Anthrax laughed gleefully with his feet kicking idly as he sat on a camping chair in the sports department, watching with a giddy glee at the chaos, while Iron Maiden used the microwave she lifted from the housewares department to make some microwave popcorn for a snack during their entertainment.

The two women then were bowled over and both lost out on the highly desired purse as Twisted Sister zipped right past and snatched it from out of both of their claws, leaving both women tumbled to the floor and wondering what had just happened! Twisted Sister clutched the purse to herself as she approached with a manic gleam in her eyes.

Twisted Sister: “I got it! I got it!”

Anthrax: “Since when do you carry a purse?”

Twisted Sister: “Purse!?”

She holds it up at eye level, and her gray eyes widen in realization.”

Twisted Sister: “I thought it was a fanny pack!”

And she casually tossed it over her shoulder and into a mass of frenzied shoppers. Anthrax pushed himself to his feet, grabbing a freshly popped bag of popcorn from the hands of the Iron Maiden, causing the worst one of the bunch to snarl in his direction and go back to make another.

Anthrax: “Welp! Time to shop for Stephen’s present! I want to make sure to get good deals for his prezzies in time for our match!”

Iron Maiden: “How do you know you’re even fighting him? The card doesn’t get announced for days!”

Anthrax looked back and forth between the two nutcases and rolled his eyes as if they had just asked the single most ludicrous question imaginable.

Anthrax: “Uh, hello!? I read the booking thread!”

He then grabbed the child-sized shopping cart and plowed right into the throng of holiday bedlam as Iron maiden’s eyes followed him. Twisted Sister pointed after hiiim and she repeated.

Twisted Sister: “He read the booking thread.”

And off she went after him as Iron Maiden went back to her fine cookery of salty, false buttery goodness…

Anthrax was nose to nose with a mannequin in the ladies’ intimate apparel department…

Anthrax: “Pardon me miss! Can you direct me to the ladies’ personal grooming products? No, it’s not for me, it’s for a friend!”


Twisted Sister was in electronics and covertly turned every radio alarm on to a polka station (yes, they really exist!!) and then cranked every one up to ten! She stepped back with gleeful anticipation when all of a sudden….

“I DON’T WANT HER! YOU CAN HAVE HER! SHE’S TOO FAT FOR ME!” Started blasting everywhere, causing much confusion for employee and shopper alike as she started dancing wildly to the tunes!...

Anthrax passed through a crowd on a child’s tricycle….

Anthrax: “Just taking it for a test drive!”

Iron Maiden placed a “Caution, Wet Floor” sign on the carpet of the children’s department…

Overly Friendly Wal-Mart Employee: “Hello sir! Is there anything that I may help you find today??”

Anthrax turned around to the employee and blinked before he closed his eyes and wailed in dismay!

Anthrax: “Why can’t you people leave me alone!?”

And he whipped out a hanky and blew his nose, walking away sobbing!

Outside in the early morning parking lot…

The three Maniacs all gather around at the edge of the Super Center, the crazed shopping still going on. Anthrax holds open his shopping bag and the two women close in for an eager eye, Twisted Sister holding the bag open with her face pressed in while Iron Maiden shovels popcorn into her mouth.

Twisted Sister: “So what’d you get Stephen for your match? Huh!? What’dyougetWhat’dyougetWhat’dyouget!?”

Anthrax grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head away from inside of the bag before she inhaled too deeply (again) and he rummaged around before he pulled out a box of Spongebob bandages.

Anthrax: “For the man who is going to bleed everywhere, and he will be -- Spongebob can fix everything!”

He tossed them away behind him casually and reached inside for the next present, pulling out…

Anthrax: “For the man whose bones will be in need of mending, Ace wrap bandages!”

Iron Maiden: “You know those don’t actually mend broken bones, right?”

Anthrax: “Are you sure!?”

Iron Maiden nodded and Anthrax held the roll of bandages up to his one open eye, then tossed it behind him! He reached in and pulled out a wrestling action figure.

Twisted Sister: “What’s THAT for!?”

Anthrax: “Are you kidding? Have you seen SStephen Callaway wrestle? I figured this little fella could teach him how to actually wrestle! Maybe he’ll actually win a match! Oh! That reminds me…”

He excavated a Bible from the bag, and found both women’s eyes on him.

Anthrax: “He’s going to need a prayer when we play together!”

Both women mouth “Oh!” and nod as he pulled out a Lady Remington. Both maniac women look confused.

Anthrax: “Well he has that weird chest hair problem! I think he fertilizes it, it grows so thick! I thought he was wearing a sweater at first!”

He then pulled out the final gift for Stephen Callaway from his shopping pack of Bod cologne and showed it to them with a proud smile.

Anthrax: “What do you think??”

Twisted Sister: Stephen will think you don’t like the way he smells.”

Anthrax: “I don’t like the way he smells!”

Anthrax threw everything back into his bag and the three linked arms and did the Monkees strut away into the parking lot…

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“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

PMEmail Poster
Posted: December 07, 2019 06:22 pm

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From the Laptop of Stephen W. Callaway

December To Dismember, what a wonderful phrase. December To Dismember it ain't no passing craze.

It means I'm begining to think that I may need to actually dismember someone to get me a win. It may be my only win given the camera footage being broadcast across the world and a countless stream of witnesses but a win is a win.

I kid but I do sometimes think to myself: just what do I have to do to get a win? I work out, I spend time either in the gym or in a practice ring working on new moves. I watch a lot of wrestling matches. I watch my own, I watch future opponent's. I even watch matches from other companies in the hope I can find the right move or sequence that leads me to a win.

I came to SCW because I knew a guy that was here. I saw the initials to the company and I saw they were similar to my own, SWC. I thought it was fate. I thought this was the company that I could come to and be the face of. Coming of being a TV Champion in one company I left and the World Champion of another I felt it was very do-able.

For whatever reason, it hasn't worked out that way.

The hardest thing right now for me boils down to one question.

What is the point?

There's a TV just in front of where I'm sitting and it would be easy to switch it on and watch wrestling. Watch some other sap receive a kicking. Or I could watch another Harry Potter movie. Or a Batman movie, some Doctor Who or whatever in the DVD unit I want to watch. I could even switch on Netflix and watch the rest of Limitless that I haven't gotten round to re-watching yet.

Or I could hang around with my wife. We could go out to the supermarket and do some shopping. We could sit and watch the sport on TV, we could even take in the cup final and argue amongst ourselves when my blues face her greens. I could even go out and spend time with some of the other members of my family.

Instead I head to an airport. I get on a plane that's not built for a six foot two mucsle covered wrestler and fly for about six hours. I land in the US and there's a few hours before I have to be in a match against some guy that I have no personal beef with. Ninety percent of the time he wins. I get onto another plane that's not built for a six foot two mucle covered wrestler only this time I have back pain from the bumps I took. I have pulld muscles, stretched ligiments and a variety of cuts and bruises and I fly for another six hours home. A ten minute match to you is a three day round trip for me and I come back home wondering what was the point of doing it all. What did I gain by getting off my ass, missing the soccer, leaving my family and traveling across the Atlantic?

Eventually that's going to be a harder and harder question to justify. Sooner rather than later the answer will be that there is nothing to gain from it all. Sooner rather than later, SCW Management are going to come to the same answer on their end too.

Google defines Anthrax as "an infection caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. It can occur in four forms: skin, lungs, intestinal and injection". In SCW Anthrax is defined as an insane psychopathic clown. (I think he might like being dismembered) He strikes me as one of those guys that likes the violence of professional wrestling. I know that to win I'll need to do more than hurt him. To win I'll have to beat him down. I know he's going to enjoy it, I'm going to have to try and enjoy it even more.

But let's talk truth for a moment. I don't fully understand why we have a match. When I grew up wrestling PPVs were put together and hyped as that moemnt where the guy chasing the title gets his shot at said title. Sometimes it was the culmination of a rivalry where no titles were on the line. Sometimes it was a match where a tag team had broken up and they would have that one on one clash. Sometimes a wrestler's manager had switched allegences and the new client would face the now ex client.

Anthrax and I have no PPV worthy beef with each other. I could understand it as a TV match but not a PPV one.

However, I know the real story. I know the real reason that we are in a match on the PPV.

I know that wrestling fans these days want to talk about work rate. I do it myself too. I know that there are wrestlers that I love to see make their way to the ring as I know they are going to give me a good match no matter the result.

I know that SCW look at me as one of those guys. They know that no matter what is going on in my life that I will give them a good match. They know that if I've got an injury or when I was diagnosed with Shingles that I would still go out there and give everything I had to put on the best match that I could. That's why I've been booked consistantly since I debuted in SCW.

No matter if I win or lose, I've been booked in Four Way Matches, Triple Threat Matches, PPV Matches, Tag Matches, Singles Matches. SCW know that I will do whatever I can to give them and to give the fans at home, in the arena or wherever they watch wrestling, as good a match as I possibly can.

December to Dismember, for those interested in results, is an opportunity to get a win on the board. Maybe end 2019 well and start 2020 with a bit of momentum. Or I'll put on another classic match like I usually do. Or I'll be sat in my home three days after December To Dismember wondering what was the point.

Who knows?

Until then.

Stephen W. Callaway

PMEmail Poster
Posted: December 13, 2019 09:26 am

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We see Stephen Callaway laying, fully clothed, flat on his back in an empty wrestling ring.

Stephen Callaway (singing)
"If I lay here, if I just lay here."

He stops singing.

Stephen Callaway
"Last week I posted a letter on the Sin City website. I said pretty much all I wanted to say in it. That was until I watched a Soccer slash football match at the weekend. The Blue Team versus The Green Team. Now the Blue team bombarded the Green Team with shot after shot. Goal attempt after goal attempt. Played them off the park. Beat them for most possession, had countless shots on goal and countless shots on target. Only thing that really kept Team Green in the match was the goalkeeper bouncing around like a jumping bean on a pogo stick to keep the ball out of the net.

Try as they might, through luck, through the keeper, through whatever, The Blue Team were unable to put the ball in the net and finish The Green Team. However, in a twist to the tale, The Green Team got one single solitary shot on goal. One. But they made it count. They scored. OK replays show that it shouldn't have but they were able to put that ball in the net and they got the victory.

Did The Blue team do anything wrong? They never got that final blow to finish the greens but it could be argued that no, they didn't put a foot wrong.

Now you could look at it as an allegory of my time here in Sin City. Or my time here is an allegory on the football match. Either way! See, I've not been bad here. I've had good competitive matches here in Sin City. However, like The Blue Team, I've not been able to hit that one big move to score the goal and get the win. Sometimes, my opponents have been able to use that one moment that they are able to use to their advantage, much like The Greens."

He reaches for a bottom rope and pulls himself to a corner of the ring where he sits leaning against the bottom turnbuckle a la Raven.

Stephen Callaway
"As I sit here the UK is in the middle of an Election Week. Promises are being made, manifestos are being distributed, babies are being kissed. You can't move in the UK for 'This is for the future of Scotland' and 'this is for the greater good of The United Kingdom' or 'The will of the British people'. They will tell you how they are a vote away, a win away about bringing true change to the people of Scotland or the UK.

Well look at me. I can sit here and give you promises about me and about how I'm going to bring a brighter future to Sin City. I can sit here and.... A few weeks ago now I was on a podcast and I spoke about a theory I have. I believe that every wrestler, no matter what company he or she is in, is three wins away from a run at the top of a company or three losses from the bottom of the company.

December To Dismember next year could see me competing for the SCW Title. I could be anything from the number one contender to the defending champion. Don't laugh, it could happen! All I need, like I said, are a couple of results to go my way.

What I need to do at this year's December To Dismember is win. Beat Anthrax. It sounds easy to do but I'm not stupid or naïve, I know it's going to be difficult to do.

But I get a win over Anthrax then I can end this year with some momentum. Hopefully I can use that as we move into twenty twenty to build upon and maybe me being in the main event of December To Dismember next year might not be such of a joke or a shock. You never know the main event next year could even be Callaway vs Anthrax 2! Only this time it could be for the SCW Title.

Anthrax I have nothing against you. I'd love it if we ARE indeed competing for the SCW Title this time next year. Love it!. But this year I HAVE to beat you. This year I NEED to beat you."

He pulls himself to his feet.

Stephen Callaway
"I can not end 2019 laying on my back like I was like I started this video. I NEED to end 2019 like I am now: Standing."

He exits the ring as we fade out.
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