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> MIKAH (c) vs DANI WESTON, World Bombshell Championship
Christian Underwood
Posted: September 02, 2018 05:54 pm

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Posted: September 08, 2018 08:02 pm

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Gold Rush Fever!

Has anyone else got Gold Rush Fever? Or it just running through the veins of Danielle Weston. Sunday night marked her third win in a row. Leading her to earn a match up against the current Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion, Mikah. I mean at least people can’t say she didn’t warrant her spot at the top. It was moving through the likes of Jessie Salco, Aviana Faith and Brittany Williams that brought her here and there was no way she was going to let anyone drag her down. Dani had made it, she had finally made it and you know what it feels good to not have to play into the words of others.

It feels fantastic knowing that the slander was going to roll off her back, like water on a duck because she deserved this. Dani took that Gold Rush Tournament and she turned it on its head. Showing the rest of the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell’s that she was here to make a name for herself and she didn’t have to lie, cheat or grip on to a boss to do so. This was all at her hands, this was all her hard work coming together and paying off… this was her, this was Danielle May Weston presenting the world with a new Bombshell who could be crowned the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion. A fresh face in a crowd that had been dominated by Crystal and Mikah for far too long.

It was now the place for golden opportunities and there was no way that Dani was going to let this one slip out of her finger tips. There was no way she was going to walk away from Violent Conduct without the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship around her waist. She came second best at Summer XXXTreme and she lucked out with her one on one match up with Mikah at Climax Control but there was no way on God’s little green earth that she was going to allow a third time.

It’s like they say, third times a charm and well here’s hoping that on Sunday night in two weeks’ time that old chestnut becomes a cold hard fact. The roster needs a shake up, it needs some life brought back into it and well Mackenzie set the tone when she was able to out compete the current champion. Setting the benchmark for the rest of the Bombshell locker room to look up to. Not going to lie, the fear of not backing up to the lead that Mackenzie showed the world is a scary thought, also the potential outcome of letting this chance slip on by again was enough to have Dani’s nerves doing cartwheels.

Yet, her she was standing at almost at the summit of the mountain one more time all she had to do was just keep on her winning ways and show everyone what she was made of. Dani wasn’t just a student of the Steven’s gym, she was more than that she was a hardworking, driven, respectful young woman who would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it… and now she was set to lock eyes with the cold, unforgiving Mikah who had made a living of trashing her opponents to the point of no return.

Dani was shown just a glimmer of what Mikah was like last time they faced and yet she still couldn’t say she was fully prepared for what was going to come her way. All she had to do was stay true to herself and not fall into the same pattern everyone else around the place seemed to be obsessed with. Dragging and running each other down, because that’s the only way to show the world your dominance? People think because they have a sharp tongue and quick wit, that makes them the ultimate champion, the ultimate bitch in the school yard? Well I think it’s about time, someone killed them with kindness and well Dani was all about being nice.

It wasn’t time for words of trash, it was time to make everyone sit up straight and pay attention to what hard work and dedication looks like. Not everyone can be gifted everything on a silver platter, not everyone can be just handed good luck and be guided on the easy path when it comes to this life. Dani was going to show the world regardless of what they thought about her, that she worked damn hard to get to where she was. All while balancing a sick mother, a broken relationship with her father, a sister who expected handouts an abusive ex-boyfriend and now doing the juggling act of maintaining two jobs while paying off two lots of rent, an endless medical bill and still finding enough change in her pocket to scratch together the dough to pay for wrestling school.

Dani wasn’t the high-class bombshell that Sin City Wrestling was used to seeing reach the top. She wasn’t the barbie doll type of girl, she wasn’t the rich entitled girl, she wasn’t the undefeated show stealer, she was the REAL Bombshell. The one that little girls could look up to, the one where young ladies who were struggling, trying to make ends meet could admire and think, “hell if she can do it, why can’t I?” Danielle Weston was going to show the world, the whole world that the nice girl doesn’t always finish last… that sweet doesn’t always get over powered by bitter and that just because you’re a gobby bitch that doesn’t make you the be all and end all in this game.

The time of change was upon Sin City Wrestling it all kicked off when Mackenzie was able to topple Mikah and now, at the end of this fortnight with a bit of good old fashion hard work and dedication it is time for a new World Bombshell Champion to be crowned. It was time for the fans of Sin City Wrestling, to see the ultimate Gold Rush.


Wednesday 5th of September;

It was hump day, but that didn’t mean that it felt like it. Monday had come and gone, and Tuesday quickly followed but the days felt like seconds as Dani didn’t have a spare second to breathe. After Climax Control on Sunday night, she found herself driving back to Vegas the very same night to ensure that she was back for first light to get to training. She had just won the Gold Rush Tournament and was staring down the barrel once more, looking towards a third World Bombshell Championship opportunity. To some in SCW these chances only came by once in a blue moon and there was no way that Dani was going to balls up her third roll of the dice.

Gabriel was back at the gym commanding the reigns and had taken on some feedback that Synn had given him for Dani. He was right, she did have the tendency to fall off later in the matches, due to lack of stamina but like any problem Gabriel faced there was always a solution. He had upped her cardio training and kept a keen eye on diet, making sure she was going to be in tip top shape for Violent Conduct. It was amazing what the human body was capable of, and it was even more magical what Gabriel was able to achieve with his students. To say, the man was a wealth of knowledge was going to leave the rest of us penniless.

Although the Hall of Famer was no stranger to how Mikah worked inside that six-sided ring and he knew, her style in and out as he had watched her since her debut in Sin City Wrestling, right up until now. Gabriel knew that Dani was going to have to step up her game, if she planned on walking out of the Supercard with the Sin Bombshell Championship draped over her shoulder. It was going to be a rough two weeks of lead up, but he truly believed that she had what it takes to cause an upset and get one over the queen bitch. Not an insult, it was just her opponent’s favourite namesake.

The two had spent a good half of the morning training together, with Gabriel focusing on helping Dani develop some of her weaknesses, while also giving her new techniques to help over come them. After all he was a show man, there wasn’t a trick in this trade that Gabriel wasn’t aware of. As the day ticked on, it was almost time to wrap it up, but Dani had pleaded with Gabriel to teach her something new, something that could be pulled out of nowhere and take Mikah by surprise. It didn’t take him long to think of the perfect move. Gabriel was well aware of what Dani was capable of doing at this point of time and well he didn’t see her, not being able to pull this move off.

“You sure you want a new finisher, so early in your career?” he said with a devilish smile on his face, Gabriel had to admit it was a bold move, yet her knew what bold moves could do in this business. They could make you or break you.

Dani just looked back at Gabriel, who was standing across the ring from her. “Absolutely. I need an edge come next Sunday, or she’ll walk all over me.” she was being realistic but still had a massive smile upon her face.

Gabriel just stopped to weigh up his options before he made his way back over towards her. “Alright, eyes on me, you need to focus.” He sounded harsh, but Gabriel always made sure his students head were in the game before trying anything new.

As Gabriel moved towards her, he spoke to her guiding her through the move that he had in mind. Before they moved on to practicing it. Moving to the centre of the ring, Gabriel played the part of offence, while Dani played the part of unsuspecting Bombshell. In Gabriel’s gym if you wanted to learn a new move, first you had to learn how your opponent would land. In the Steven’s mind frame this opened their eyes to endless variations of their moves, but it also helped with eliminating unwanted injuries. As they stood side by side, Gabriel’s right hand snaked around the back of Dani’s neck and held on to her opposite shoulder before, he swept his leg out, slamming both himself and Dani to the canvas face first.

The process was repeated a number of times and when Gabriel was pleased with how Dani was progressing, they changed positions. It took Dani three attempts to get the move down pat, before she was made to practices it over and over and over again. Their last hour of training was focused of mimicking yet redeveloping the Jeff Jarrett number, known as the stroke. It was an impact move that could come out of nowhere, something that would and could take her opponents by surprise. Not only that, it was versatile with many mix ups and unforeseeable leads ups to the actual move.

It was trivial how many finishers in this game, all had a tell tale set up and Gabriel didn’t want that for Danielle, he wanted her to start focusing on new edgy moves that would make her unpredictable in that ring. She might have had a shocking poker face when it came to the massive smile on her face, that grew while she was wrestling but even so, this move was fool proof for her. He took her over some basic variations, different lead ups and outcomes that all would hopefully end up in the same fashion, awarding her the infamous one, two, three.

“Alright, one more round, let’s go.” Gabriel spurred her on as he clapped his hands together.

Dani just looked across the ring towards her trainer, before she moved through their spots. It was repetition training, something both Gabriel and Odette used in all of their sessions, so that their students could be prepared for anything at anytime because it would stick in their minds. Muscle memory was a beautiful thing and when tapped into correctly it could very well mean the difference between winning and losing, when you didn’t have to rely on thinking and your body could just play out the motions.

As the two grappled, it lasted for about five solid minutes of them going counter for counter, before Dani was able to slam Gabriel face down to the canvas with her newly learnt finisher. They both sat up on the canvas and smiled at each other, before Gabriel offered up a friendly high five.

“Good work today, Dani.” He said with a smile as he watched her try and catch her breath.

She couldn’t help but smile as she looked over at him, Dani owed Gabriel and Odette the world for taking her on and fine tuning her very green wrestling abilities. “Thank you.” She gushed as she smiled. “Without you or O, this wouldn’t be happening… I appreciate it.” Her tone was soft and honest as she knew they were both the reason, why she was now a full professional wrestler, she was no longer just the girl who was attempting to make it to the big leagues.

The two exchanged another high five, before the door of the gym swinging open and slamming shut drew their attention towards the entrance of the building. Dani watched as Gabriel’s pupils dilated at the sight his brown eyes had just laid on, as his wife Odette could be seen. She was pushing a pram in front of her, that housed a sleeping Hazel, while Lucas was holding her free hand. Rolling out of the ring, Gabriel made the distance between himself and his family seem small and inferior as he ate up that space with long powerful strides. It didn’t take long, before his arms were around his wife, while his son climbed up his back.

“What did you do, to the poor girl, she looks exhausted?” Odette stepped away from the hug to look over at Dani who was rolling out of the ring.

Looking back over his shoulder, Gabriel held onto his son as he had made his way into the piggy back position. “Just teaching her a few new tricks, so she is ready for Mikah.” His attention turned back to his wife.

Odette’s green eyes didn’t leave Dani as she watched the rookie start to pack up her belongings. “Is she going to be okay?” her voice was a little shaky, highlighting her concern.

It wasn’t that Odette didn’t think Dani had what it takes to beat Mikah, because no one in this business is unbeatable it was just she was worried that about the fact this would be her third shot at going for the gold and surely that had to be playing on her mind.

Gabriel reached out and held onto his wife’s hand, while he looked down into the pram to see his sleeping daughter’s face causing him to smile. “She’s got this… Dani will be ready by Violent Conduct. Synn and I are sure of it.” The left side of his lip curled up as Gabriel turned his attention back to his wife.

He was confident and why wouldn’t he be? They had always said they created champions in the Steven’s gym and well in their eyes Danielle was no different. She just needed that little extra push to get her across the finish line, but they never doubted that one day she would be leading the roster. If they didn’t believe that, they wouldn’t have picked her up from the Sin City Wrestling tryouts and they wouldn’t have invested so much time and money into her. There was no way in the world either of them were disappointed in her, even with her back to back losses at the start of her career. It was a refreshing reminder, that hard work pays off and not everything can just be handed to you on a silver platter.

As Steven’s exchanged words, Dani had packed up her gym bag and was heading towards them. She didn’t bring her work clothes to shower here, so she was in a rush to get home before she was needed back at the casino. However, on her way out she stopped by them to thank them again, before she gawked over the beauty of their littlest bundle of joy. Odette’s new mother glow was radiating as she watched Dani fall in love with her little princess. It might have seemed vein, but the Aussie didn’t care she was proud as punch that her and Gabriel had managed to create two beautiful healthy children.

Taking her leave, Dani headed towards the door and as she was just about to open it, it swung backwards out of her hands as Fenris who had his loveable pup and his brother in tow hastily opened the door. It was almost a repeat of Climax Control as Dani rocked forward but this time caught herself before she slammed into the bare chest of Fenris. The three just stood there in the doorway, Dani frozen with fear not because she thought they world hurt her, but because she knew they both knew about her Eli problem.

Aron offered Dani a smile, before he walked into the building choosing to give her the time and space she needed, while the ice white pup followed him. However, Dani could feel the beady eyes of Fenris burning into her skin. It wasn’t that she felt like he wanted to scare her, it was just Dani didn’t think Fenris knew how to be around someone who was like her. Over the top happy all the damn time even though he knew that she was going through hell. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but then again it wasn’t his place to say anything. His hard-facial expressions slightly softened as he attempted to offer her a smile, he was trying his hardest not to spray his personal opinions about her matter out loud as he had promised Aron not to say a single word. That didn’t sit well with him a woman being in an abusive relationship and him knowing and he was expected to just play dumb? That wasn’t like him. He was a reaction guy, and right now he was being pacified.

“Dani.” He said with a nod, while his accent was almost song like. Reaching out he held the door open for her, as he motioned for her to leave this awkward exchange.

She looked down at her watch before she smiled back up at him. “Hello, hey…” she was repeating herself, Dani did this when she was nervous and right now she was walking on eggshells.

He was a violent guy, yet she had never seen that side of him it was just well stories walk around the backstage arena and well she hadn’t overly heard a good one about him yet. Nevertheless, she wasn’t going to judge him based off the premise of backstage whispers, she didn’t even know the guy and that’s when a light bulb went off inside her mind.

“Hey, so like… if you and Aron aren’t doing anything later in the week?” She stopped to take a second to think about her next words, very wisely. “Did you want to venture out somewhere?” Dani was quick to back that up, as she could see Fenris’ eyebrows draw together in confusion. “I think Daniel, Os and the girls are heading out to the Grand Canyon… to show Nick around?” She wasn’t sure if he knew what she was saying, but she gave it a crack.

The stern look on Fenris’ face softened as he processed what Dani had just asked him and with a simple shrug of his shoulders, his accent was heard once more. “Why not?” he was finally supporting a smile.

“Great!” it sounded more startled then sincere, but she honestly wanted to get to know him a little better especially if they were going to keep running into each other. Dani didn’t feel the need for it to be so cringeworthy all the time. “Make sure you bring your family.” She was referring to Aron and Kyssa. “Well, I’ll get them to text you the details. We should work them out today at some stage.”

With that said and done, Dani left the building with a smile and a wave. While Gabriel and Odette watched on, amused by the situation. Meanwhile Fenris had turned back and taken a step inside the building to see Aron and Kyssa looking at him, both of their heads tilted to the side as if to ask, what on earth just happened? Fenris didn’t have time for dramatics as he just scooped his gym bag up over his shoulder and he headed towards the ring, to train.


Friday 7th of September.

Today was the day that Dani, London Underground plus Nick George, along with Aron, Fenris and his puppy pal Kyssa, were all meant to headed off to the Grand Canyon. However, it was very early start in the morning and no one was really in the mood to get up and go after their extremely busy weeks. Nevertheless, the eight of them decided to hang out anyway, starting by meeting up at the London Underground condo that was perched in the Vegas hills, overlooking the strip. At night time the view really came to life, but right now it was lunch time and the eight of them were all seated around the large rectangle table that was on their patio.

On the table in front of them was a spread of different burger toppings, while there was some sausages, meat patties and of course for veggie patties for Fenris as he was an animal lover and refused to eat meat. Dani had made sure that Os didn’t cross contaminate the two when he was busy working the grill just moments ago. In front of them was an assortment of drinks, all non-alcoholic trying to be respectful to Fenris who was on a drinking ban for the next couple of weeks and was seemingly able to keep his promise to his mother. There was a pile of playing cards stacked messily at the head of the table, where Nicky had chosen to sit. So, he could sit up wind as he occasionally felt the need to puff on a cigarette.

Daniel sat at the other end of the table, on the left of him was Os, Fenris and Aron and while on the right was Charlotte, Mackenzie and then Dani. It was awkward to say the least as Dani had to sit directly across from Aron, who was giving her concerned glances every time she spoke or moved. It was as if he was expecting her to break with every inch she shifted. Aron couldn’t help it he was the protective type and even though he didn’t really know Dani, she was oddly apart of his extended wrestling family. Dani’s brown eyes, could feel Nicky’s piercing blue ones on her skin as he glared at her, watching her hit the decline button on her phone every other minute. He had seen the name “Eli” flash up on the screen and he wasn’t sure what that meant, but he knew one thing was for sure, whoever it was they were like a dog with a bone.

With each rejected call Nicky’s eyes darted across the table at the girls, he knew that they knew something was up by the way they stiffened up each time Dani’s screen started to glow. On the seventh call that was rejected, Dani felt Mackenzie nudge her elbow into her side.

“I thought you said you would handle this?” Makenzie was whispering into Dani’s ear, being mindful that they were at a table surrounded by people.

The boys didn’t pick up on it, as they continued to chat about, work, life, hobbies anything and everything really. Daniel’s loud laugh was booming as Fenris proceeded to throw him a cold unforgiving look. Os was chuckling to himself, while Aron was trying to calm his brother down. Nicky was trying to keep up with the conversation all the while his interest had been peaked by what was going on between Kenz and Dani. It’s not that he didn’t respect their privacy it was just, they were all acting a little too strange for his liking.

Dani looked at her phone again as it lit up, this time she picked it up and turned it face down, so she didn’t have to think about it. “I did handle it.” She said as confidently as she could, Dani hoped that it sounded believable.

The look on Mackenzie’s face said it all she didn’t believe her. “Then why is he calling?” her teeth gnashed together as if the anger that she was feeling towards this situation was just waiting to boil over.

“He was issued with the papers this morning, he probably isn’t dealing with it?” Dani said with a shrug of her shoulders.

Charlotte was now looking at them both, leaning in to listen. “You went to the cops?” she almost sounded surprised, with a little bit of hesitance towards the police being involved.

Dani just looked at both her friends and nodded. “I didn’t know what else to do? Nothing else worked.” She sounded a little relieved, even though Eli didn’t seem to be getting the message. “He’ll stop calling soon. He does this all the time.” Her tone was almost complacent. “He’s not allowed to come near me, for thirty days. In hope that this is just some fleeting break down he is having.” She seemed confused with it all, not fully understanding the legal system.

The sound of Mackenzie choking on her soda, was enough to bring all of the eyes around the table towards the three of them. Like a deer in headlights, they just sat there hoping this awkward moment would pass them.

“You out of practice or something, Kenz?” Nicky blurted out with a smirk. “There’s a remedy for that you know?” he clicked his tongue off his white teeth before his smug grin crawled over his face, loud and proud.

Mackenzie just gave him the glare, that would make most men shiver in their boots, but Nicky just laughed it off. He was used to her and it’s not that he didn’t know what she was capable of, it was just he found it amusing that she thought she could do it to him. Truth be told, she probably would have her number.

“How many times do we have to remind you? Over compensating, never gets you anywhere.” Mackenzie bit back before she smiled. “Plus, you couldn’t handle this.” Reaching across the table, Mackenzie picked up a fork and stabbed it one of the sausages before she brought it over to her plate.

Dani watched as all the men seemed to squint at the same time, as if they were feeling the pain of the grilled meat. She couldn’t help but giggle to herself, as she watched Nicky bring both his hands up to cover his heart and fake wounded. Dani still didn’t know anything about her new boss, apart from his seemed mysterious and not in a scary way, more of a, you’ll never really know who he is type of way. No personal details ever came from his lips, just witty one liners and innuendos. He looked like trouble and well, that was something Dani definitely didn’t want any part in.

“So, are you girls, going to share what secret business you’re hiding from the rest of us?” Aron spoke, directly at Dani as his eyes locked on to her. It was almost as if he was asking her to share with the group, what happened the other day so he and Fenris didn’t have to feel like they were walking on broken glass.

The three girls just looked at one another, that deer in headlights glow was all over Dani’s face and before she could even think of a retort, Charlotte had her back.

“Dani was just saying that she’s struggling to think of mean things to say about Mikah, for their big match up next week.” Charlotte looked down at Dani, who was now nodding as if to agree. “Isn’t that right?”

Dani just continued to nod, grateful that the subject had changed before her bottom lip dropped into a pout. “Well, it’s kind of true.” She started to kick off, feeling nervous. “I mean, like I know mean stuff. It’s just…” she stopped to think of her next words, making sure she got it right and didn’t come across as stupid. “It’s just… I don’t want to be like everyone else. Like… what is the use of slandering someone? Shouldn’t it come down to who is better in the ring?” The look of plain innocence was on her face, she couldn’t see a fault with what she had just said.

Yet the whole table was now gawking towards her.

“You don’t think, she won’t try to rip you apart?” Fenris mouth flew open in shock at what Dani’s game plan was. “She is The Bitch, for a reason… she will own you and you want to…” he stopped to think about his next words as he still struggled with this language at times. “How you say? You want to flatter her instead of mock?” his eyebrows drew together as he couldn’t understand Dani’s reason of why she would do this.

“Kill her with kindness.” Dani just looked at everyone with a sunshine smile on her face. She didn’t see any flaw in her game plan, but the whole table was second guessing her idea.

Daniel brought his hands together before he brought them down to the table in front of him. “I don’t think that’s the game plan you want to go with Dans.” He cleared his throat, before continuing. “She’s currently licking her wounds from Kenz, you should capitalize on that.” His words were firm and to the point as he tried to make Danielle see his objective.

She nervously started to play with the silver chain that was around her neck, sliding the small diamond pendant up and down. Dani’s nervous tick was evident to the whole group who were still looking at her, hoping to change her mind.

“Whatever I say, she will just rebrand it, or turn it on me somehow.” Biting down on her bottom lip, Dani wasn’t sure what the right move was. “And trust me, I don’t need any more drama in my life.” She rolled her eyes, he was neck deep in drama that she hadn’t caused but somehow, someway it just continued to flock to her.

Out of the corner of her eye she watched Nicky slide forward in his chair, to rest his elbows on the table. His hands were drawn together, but his index fingers were out stretched as he rested them on his lips.

Turning his head to look towards Dani, before he spoke. “So, let me get this straight? You work in the wrestling business, but you don’t like talking trash?” His fingers moved from resting on his lips to join the rest of them as his hands balled together. His jaw now resting on his knuckles. “Isn’t that like fifty percent of the job?” his icy cold blue eyes widened as his left eyebrow raised. “More to the point, if you don’t want to be rude… just do that crazy female shit that you all do… kick off with no offence but.” He was mocking females everywhere but the self-absorbed smile on his face didn’t seem to care.

She turned to look at him rolling her eyes at him, but that just caused his grin to grow wider.

The next sound that followed with a loud sigh that escaped her lightly glossed lips. “Maybe, just maybe… I’m not the best at it?” She ran her fingers through her long extensions.

The non-shocked faces around the table, let her all know that no one was surprised by that revelation.

Fenris just grinned like the cat that got the mouse as he spoke “You don’t say?” he flashed his teeth as he chuckled to himself but stopped once he noticed Dani drop her head down. Clearing his throat loudly, Fenris looked across the table at Dani. “You will learn. It just takes time.” He was trying to be helpful.

“If this lug can figure out the Queen’s English.” Daniel fired his right thumb over towards Fenris, before he carried on. “I’m sure you can learn how to trash talk.” He sounded optimistic, but he wanted to give Dani something to work with.

She lifted her head up to look Fenris and Daniel. “And what if I’m terrible at it, I can’t be terrible at it this time round. If I am she’ll slaughter me.” Dani sighed if she wasn’t stressing about Eli, she was stressing about money and now she was stressing about what on earth she was going to do or say this week in her match up against Mikah. It was killing her.

“Just give it your best shot, Danielle.” Charlotte piped in, hoping to drag some of the heat that was coming Dani’s way. “What’s the worst that could happen?” she was so blasé about it all as she was currently one of the best trash talkers in Sin City Wrestling history.

Mackenzie was quick to put her hand on Dani’s left shoulder, giving it a little squeeze before she spoke. “Do you think people like Melody Grace, just walked in and could insult people? It took her months to find her feet.” Her eyes were now locked on Dani’s making sure that her young friend was paying attention. “You think Sammi Marlowe, knew how to slur people when she first came into the game?” She shook her head. “You think Odette, used to have the sharp tongue that she does now?” Once again, she shook her head from side to side. “It will come to you.” Her focus was stern as she commanded Dani’s full attention. “You just need to step up and try…” she released her grip on Dani’s shoulder as she stopped talking.

Charlotte’s head popped out from behind Mackenzie’s, so she could now look towards Dani. “And if you don’t even try, you’re basically giving the bitch, what she wants… and that’s a death grip on that Bombshell Championship.” She tightened up her high ponytail before she continued. “If I were you, I’d be going for the kill.” There was a glimmer of animosity in her eyes that seemed unmatched by anyone else’s.

“Okay, okay.” Dani threw her hands, up but as she did so she knocked her phone off the table.

It landed backside up on the ground, and as she bent over the side of her chair to pick it up, the gentleman side in Nick was already in action. He picked up her phone and as the two of them were the only ones with their heads under the table, Nick’s eyes saw the screen light up from being touched. On the home screen it displayed “forty-four missed calls from Eli” Reluctantly he handed Dani back her phone, but the look in his eyes said it all. Something was up, and he didn’t know what it was, but he got that feeling in the pit of his stomach that made him feel a little flighty.

As the two popped back up, they had noticed the rest of the table had moved on to another conversation topic, all the while they continued to eat the burgers that were laid out in front of them. After the plates were cleared, they moved on to playing cards and talking rubbish for the rest of the afternoon. Taking important time out of their busy day to day lives to focus on relaxing, as they all knew this down time was rare and short lived and next week they wouldn’t be able to find a spare moment to scratch themselves. The real lead up to Violent Conduct was just days away with fan fests and meet and greets booked in it was important for them to take a moment to themselves so they could recharge before heading into one of the biggest super-cards on the Sin City Wrestling calendar.

All of Danielle’s other stresses would just have to wait, as for right now she just needed to survive the next few days without the constant, fear of letting everyone down still hula hooping in her mind.


Jessie Salco, Aviana Faith, Brittany Williams, Mikah… GOLD RUSH! AND NEW Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion? Is this finally my moment to step up out of the shadows and finally take my place in the light? Is this finally my time to show the world that I told them, from the very beginning that one day. One day that I would standing at the top of the roster, not to look down upon anyone but to celebrate all my hard work and all my dedication to the sport that I love so much.

The first attempt wasn’t easy, and it ended with a big splash at Summer XXXTreme. When I was beaten to the post by Crystal Hilton. It was hard to watch everything that I worked for, be taken away from me in a single second of bad judgement. I should have known what Crystal was like in the ring, I should have known she was sneaky and ruthless… and yet, that moment of poor judgement has spurred me on to become a better in ring performer. It taught me how to be vigilant. It taught me that anything can happen in this game and it all taught me that without a set back there can’t be a come back and trust me when I say this. This time round, I am ready.

I’m ready, I’m focused and I’m putting it all on the line to walk away from Violent Conduct with the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion in tow. It’s not that I’m claiming to be three victories in and that makes me better than Mikah. Please save yourselves from making that claim. Those words will never come out of my mouth. What I’m saying is that, I’ve spent the last few weeks rediscovering my failures and overcoming them with successes.

My second attempt to become the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion, fell short at the hands of the Mikah herself. Yet, don’t think because I walked away with the loss, that makes me the loser. Do you know how hard it is to get a one on one match with Mikah? There few and far between, not only that, her title defences used to be just reversed for the back and forth that was the Crystal and Mikah, era. However, I learnt from my time in the ring with Mikah that not all is as golden as it appears to be, not everything is roses from the Mikah camp and well Mackenzie proved to all of us two weeks ago that even the “best” can fall. Mikah might have had my number at Climax Control but trust me I’ve change those digits and I will be walking into Violent Conduct with one thing in mind.

To repeat the actions from Mackenzie Page. I plan on beating the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion, Mikah. I plan on becoming one of the lucky ones who get the honour to hold that championship high above their heads.

I’ve wanted this moment ever since I stepped into Sin City Wrestling, it just took me a lot longer to get to where I am now and well, I’ve got a good thing going on. I’m riding the waves of a Gold Rush winning streak, while Mikah is dealing with reality of a loss and well… if that isn’t playing on her mind. I would have to call BS. She might say that I shouldn’t get my hopes up because what Mackenzie did was a stroke of luck, but we all know she was just simply out wrestled, out witted and well finally out played.

Mackenzie proved that she had Mikah’s number and well, it’s time for me to show the world that I do as well. I’m sure she will sit down and tell the world, why she is better than me. I’m sure she will call me everything under the sun and say that I was given hands outs while she has never? I think she must forget her alliance with both Christian Underwood and Mark Ward at times. She must think that we are blind to her cause, because when Mikah says something it’s set in stone. It’s cold hard facts, right? Well, up until a few weeks ago I would have believed that statement. I would have doubted my ability to even come close to knocking off one of the most dominate champions in the history of Sin City Wrestling… yet, cracks are starting to show and well I’d be a fool not to capitalize.

So, say what you want about me. Try and make the people believe that I was just handed everything since day one. My debut match was for the Sin City Wrestling Mixed Tag Team Titles, because Casey had the balls to challenge London Underground. It wasn’t because Mark or Christian, felt the need to give me anything. It was because a challenge was set and well all parties answered. I wasn’t handed a Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship match against you, Mikah after Summer XXXTreme I earned that match. I was the underdog, I was the one that everyone said would end up in that pool first because what was it? Oh, that’s right because I was a loser? I was the one no one placed any bets on and because why? Because I hadn’t delivered at that point in my career. But, boy oh boy how things can change with in a blink of an eye around here… because I put in the work, I trained around the clock, I pushed myself to the point of almost breaking and I made a name for myself showing everyone that they should NEVER count me out. I took it to the very end of that match and well the rest is history.

I turned the right heads, at the right time and I was granted title opportunities off of the hard work that I had done. I didn’t walk into this company and rub the bosses up like others have and what others are currently doing. I walked in and created my own hype without having to use my connections. Yet others can come in week in and week out and bang on about who they know and how they know them and that’s fine? There’s a fine line between creativity and stupidity… it just a shame that the critics can’t see that. I might be a student of the Steven’s gym, but I never once used that to my advantage. I always said, I just wanted to make them proud, nothing more or nothing less. Plus, I knew how to wrestle before I even met them. If people could educate themselves before they sound off, things in Sin City Wrestling would be so much clearer.

Everything I have ever earned in this business, is on my own back. Win or lose. Its all on me because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who I have formed friendships with over my time of being here… they don’t influence my chances. They don’t add to my luck and they sure as hell don’t control my matches. Unlike others, some of us in this game have to work for everything we want and what do I want? I want the chance to call myself the World Bombshell Champion and why do I want that?

To show the world that most of you were wrong about me, most of you took one look at me and saw a failure but yet, here I aim standing just at the base of the summit, looking to go one on one with Mikah once again for the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship. I did that. I did that by beating Jessie Salco, Aviana Faith and Brittany Williams, I created this path towards the fearless champion Mikah. I paved the way for this opportunity, just like I did with the last. The only thing that is different is, that… once Violent Conduct is all said and done… I will be walking out of The Hanger in Lancaster California as the NEW Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion.

I refuse to go down to Mikah again, because I refuse to have the voices of others try to outshine my career. I refuse to have others try and stomp me out and take what I have done and make it seem like nothing. Not all of us can have a golden run to the top, but I’m here to show the world that regardless if you start off on a losing streak you can turn it around and become anything you ever dreamed off. And right now, you might all say that I’m dreaming when I say I want to become the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion but trust me when I say this… dreams come true and on the sixteenth of September two thousand and eighteen. This little girl from Daytona Beach, Florida is going to be living out hers.

I will pin Mikah in the centre of that ring, I will win that match because I have to. I need to and well I want to. I want to show the world that you don’t need to be rich, you don’t need to be famous, you don’t need to be a bitch to be worth a damn in this industry. I’m going to do it for the real people, the every day people, the people that have to support themselves and slug it out working back to back hours and multiple jobs just to stay afloat. I’m going to prove to everyone that if you work hard enough anything can happen and right now, my fingers are too the bone. I might be worn out but trust me my focus is locked on the prize; my focus is set on the target and I can promise you all that I will do everything I can at Violent Conduct to make this dream become a reality.

The Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship will find a new home after Violent Conduct, when it ends up in my hands… yet I won’t be coming out the following week on Climax Control bragging about how I told you. I won’t be coming out to belittle you the fans, I will be coming out to thank you. It’s been a rough ride for my Dinos but the ones that have stuck by me regardless of the failures, this is our moment. This is our time and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the stupid childish mind games of others try and impact on what my goal is.

My goal has always been to capture the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion it’s always been to make it to the top, by working hard and showing everyone what I’m made of and well we are just a week away from that hopefully, becoming a reality.

So, say what you want to say about me Mikah, really do your worse because when it’s all said and done I will be walking into Violent Conduct with nothing and yet walking out with everything. You no longer scare me, you no longer intimidate me and well you’re no longer that unmoveable force with a vice grip on the World Bombshell Championship.

You can be pinned, you can be beaten and well… after Violent Conduct, you’re going to have to work out how to make it in this game without the one constant that has kept you around… the prestigious Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship. The world is crying out for a change and far be it from me, to keep it from them.

See you next Sunday night… for the female main event of the evening and mark my words. I plan on giving the fans the show they deserve, let’s just hope you can put aside your pettiness when you lace up your boots and do the same.

Violent Conduct might be mean in name, but when the curtains close the whole world will see that nice girls don’t always finish last… they can and will always finish on top.


Sunday 9th of September;

It had been a long week for Dani, between training, working, shopping and hanging out with friends she was spent. So much so that she had managed to find herself all snuggled up in bed, by the grandma time of 8:30pm on Sunday night. She had been given the night off from the casino as they had to do some last-minute varnish touch ups and it was advised no one be in there due to the fumes. Dani didn’t complain, her feet were begging for a night off. In true form, she had treated herself to Uber Eats a Sunday night tradition, before showering and heading off to bed. The TV was running in the background, but the volume was practically on mute. It wasn’t that she was exactly watching the show that was playing out for her, it was more so a slight background noise that soothed her.

She had an extremely busy week next week, meet and greets, fan fares all while balancing her second job and her training. It was going to be hard to keep up, but Dani knew this was what it was like for a professional wrestler. She also knew this was something she needed to get used to if she was to walk away from Violent Conduct with the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship around her waist. It was common knowledge that the champions were the most jammed packed with events, it was also well known the expectation of their commitment was meant to be second to none.

Although Dani still had a lot to learn about this business, that was one things she knew for sure, becoming a champion meant endless responsibilities and she was going to use next week as a beacon. Danielle wanted to show the world that she was ready for this and she could easily cope with her two different careers. It was hard enough knowing that people were going to laugh at her working behind a bar, but she didn’t want people thinking it was a weakness. After all she had her reasons. Nevertheless, she knew people would use that as fuel for their fire to try and get under her skin, but truth be told she didn’t care. So far working at the casino had been rewarding, even if she hadn’t received her first pay check yet.

As the TV hummed on in the background, Dani felt her eyelids starting to close as she headed off into the land of slumber. Without even a chance to turn off the TV, she was out like a light. It took even less time for dreams of winning the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship to flood her mind. One thing was for sure, if she was going to be a champion she was going to have to upgrade her look completely overhauling the very basic style that she was rocking now in Sin City Wrestling. A new entrance was probably in order as well, as her mind reminded her that things needed to be on a grander scale then what they currently were on now.

However, as Dani’s mind presented her with new ideas and creative juices, she had drifted completely into the land of sleep unaware what of what was happening in the land of the living. It was a few hours into her sleep, before he made his move. Eli knew her, he could read her like a book and well right now even behind a closed door he knew that Danielle would be fast asleep. He felt it in his bones. She was predictable, that’s why and how he always knew where to be to see her. It wasn’t that he needed to stalk her, Dani was just a creature of comfort that lead a very simple life. Work. Train. Home. That was about it.

He could see the glowing of the TV under her door and without hesitation he started his work at picking her lock. It didn’t take him long, Eli was a wiz when it came to breaking in and entering, because let’s face it this wasn’t the first time he had done this too her. Yet, this time he was prepared for the fact that she would have installed a chain slider on the inside of her door that refused to let the wooden object move all the way in. Eli removed a small pair of metal cutters from his back pocket, reaching in with ease as he cut away at the gold-plated metal. It didn’t take long to cut the chain, as those security chains were useless and could be easily broken.

Once he had made the cut all the way through the chain, he placed the cutter back into his pocket before he pushed the door inwards. It didn’t make a sound, as it swung forward, and Eli ensured that he was light on his feet as he stepped into her room. At no point did it cross his mind that this was wrong, at no point did he think he was crossing the line. In his mind, she was still his. They had known each other all their lives, done primary and high school together before entering a three-year relationship. Boldly moving across the country to focus on their dreams together.

Eli shut the door quietly behind him, before eating up the distance between the front door and the bed that was in the very same room, just in the far-right corner. He wasn’t always like this, it was just the last three months into their failing relationship that he had flicked a switch and turned this intense. Eli wasn’t used to Dani getting her way, she was always the girl that wanted things, but they never seemed to eventuate. Since moving to Las Vegas it was as if the coin had been flipped. Eli’s dream of becoming a rock star was failing with his band, not even able to land any gigs, while Dani’s started to boom. She was making moves in all the right directions and he couldn’t handle the fact that things were coming up millhouse for her. Because the harder she trained the less time she spent with him, the more she sky rocketed, the harder he fell.

He was now standing at the bottom of Dani’s bed, watching her sleep peacefully. In his head, he loved her and couldn’t see why she would still be punishing him like this. Dani left Eli, when he refused to show any support towards her career, it wasn’t an easy choice as the two were always planning their futures. Yet how could she stay with someone who refused to acknowledge her dreams or applaud her success just because he was falling into a dry spell. His failure to be her biggest fan in the start of her career wasn’t the only reason for this decision.

Dani couldn’t stand the fighting, she couldn’t stand Eli being unpredictable each night she got home. One day he would be all loving, the next he would ignore her or accuse her of being with someone else. Why would she have another man on the go, when she couldn’t even keep up with the one she was with? It didn’t matter what she said or did, he would just spiral out of control over the simplest things, leading to the night where the straw broke the camel’s back. They got into a disagreement about her never being at home two days into her first ever Sin City Wrestling tour and when she flew home to sort things out, he lashed out and hit her.

The very next day while Eli was at work, Danielle packed her bags and moved into the place she was now staying in. It wasn’t easy it came with many strings, as now she owed two lots of rent and for what? Just so he could track her down and now be inside her home while she slept.

Eli moved towards the side of the bed, before he took a knee beside it. Reaching out he ran his fingers through her hair, softly not wanting to wake her. As he leant across her, he pulled the bed sheet up around her neck, covering her up keeping her warm. He didn’t want to hurt her in all honesty, he just couldn’t bear with the thought of letting her go. Even though he had moved on quickly, it didn’t last long and that’s what brought his attention back to Danielle. The fear of being alone, was too much for Eli to handle.

As he watched her sleep for a little while longer, Eli went to adjust his positioning on the floor but as he moved his body pushed into the side of the bed. The rocking and the sound of him hitting the wooden floor was enough to startle Dani. As he eyes slowly opened, she thought she was still dreaming at first but as they adjusted to the light she could see a shadow in her room that wasn’t there before and just as she went to open her mouth to scream. His right hand slapped her across her mouth, muffling her voice.

Eli pushed her head down into the pillow as he tried to silence her. His full body on the bed as he quickly straddled her, stopping her legs from kicking out. Dani closed her mouth, trying to bite at the palm of his hand, doing anything she could to get him away from her. The more she struggled the tighter his grip grew around her wrists as he pinned her arms down to the mattress. Eli didn’t plan for this, he wasn’t expecting this and now he was trying to settle Dani down, as he brought his lips together to shush her.

Tears welled up in Dani’s eyes as she looked up at her ex that was hovering above her, she wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but she didn’t want to think about it. She just wanted him gone.

“Shh.” He commanded her, before the cupping over her lips loosened. “It’s not what it looks like Dani, I promised.” He was trying to calm her down. “Baby don’t cry. Don’t cry.” He was repeating himself hoping that would somehow settle her down. “I just wanted to see you.” He let go of her arms, so he could run his fingers through her long brown hair. “We need to work this out.” His blue eyes were locked on hers.

Trying to talk his way out of this, Eli slowly slipped his hand away from Dani’s lips in good faith that she would settle down and talk to him but as soon as they were dragged away Dani screamed out one last time before…


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