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Posted: January 10, 2020 05:39 pm

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New Years Resulotions:

Tijuana, Mexico

31st of December 1988

The shot opens where we see the Family Rodriquez outside, waiting for the clock to strike twelve o’ clock. Father Rodriquez and Mother Rodriquez holding each others hands, while Vinnie is jumping up for joy. Vinnie is a few years old and has been looking forward to this day since Christmas had passed. Remembering how everything went last year, the first time that he could actually light his very own fireworks, granted that it was solely an innocent asterisk. But watching the burning star had put a huge grin on his face that lasted even longer than the life existence of the innocent object. And now he is looking forward to the clock striking twelve o clock as he was promised that he could help his father.

Father: Just five more minutes Vinnie, I hope you are ready to help me??

Mother: I think he is tired dear, I saw him yawn a few times

Vinnie turns his head towards his mother, looking angry in a childish fashion that caused his mother to turn her head. Not wanting her son to see her laugh at his reaction.

Young Vinnie: I am ready mom!!!

His father nods his head towards his son before kissing his wife on the cheek before turning his gaze back to the sky as it is a beautiful evening like it has been many times before this very special night. After a minute he turns his attention back to his son.

Father: Vinnie?

Young Vinnie: Yeah dad??

Father: Do you have any resolutions to begin the new year with??

Young Vinnie: What do you mean??

His father’s gaze is one of a gentle smile as his eyes are glowing in the lights of the burning lamps around them. Placing a hand on the head of his young son before answering to his response.

Father: I mean now that we are on the brink of the new year, is there anything that you would like to accomplish or learn???

Vinnie thinks about the question his father has asked him, he had everything he has ever wanted in his young life. He had never had to think about anything that he wanted to achieve in his life. He started to think what he liked the most and then an idea popped in his head.

Young Vinnie: I would love to play the guitar father, just like you.

His father’s smile is grows even wider, realizing that his son wants to learn to play the instrument that he earns his money with as Mariachi. This is something that he had hoped for, but never wanted to push his son into becoming what he has become.

Father: You sure Vinnie?? Because when you do, I ask of you to give it your all. I want full commitment from you and not just give up after one lesson.

Suddenly we hear people count down from ten to zero, signalling the end of the year has come near. Vinnie and his parents jump into the count down and cheer in happiness when the clock strikes midnight, wishing everyone a happy new year and celebrate the beginning of the new year with fireworks.

December 31st 2019

Tijuana, Mexico

It’s 10 pm, Senor Vinnie can be seen standing at the graveyard of his deceased parents. Paying them their well earned respect as he has always done since their death several years ago. A tradition that he kept doing since he had always celebrated new years eve with them... only this year he did not visit them close to midnight due to spending it for the very first time with his wife. He is wearing a black long coat, black tights and black shoes. A white buttoned down shirt can be seen through the opening at the top of his coat. He is wearing a hat that he takes off just moments before starting to talk.

Senor Vinnie: You remember that day father?? I had not realized how difficult it would be to play the guitar, but thankfully I had you to remind me of our promise.... To never give up and I never did. It was the beginning of many lessons that makes me the man that I am today father, yet I realize that to this very day I have so much more to learn.

But holding that guitar for the very first time, listening to my teacher...., or should I say attempting to listen??

There’s a chuckle emerging from his face as he remembers the many countless hours that his guitar instructor had spent with him, desperately trying to teach him to play the guitar. Realizing so many years later that his father had been paying all the lessons that made the man come back, even though he had given up on young Vinnie after several lessons.

Senor Vinnie: Poor Senor Pablo, he was a good man.Just not equipped to my impatient nature that I had when I was young, I think that I’ve inherited that from you mother.

A smile emerges from his face as he stares at the tombstone of his mother’s grave before silencing for a few moments. He missed both of his parents dearly, especially his mother. Always have been her little baby, even when he had outgrown them in size in his later teens.

Senor Vinnie: But thankfully the burning desire that I had on that faithful night pushed me to continue, it pushed me to prove Senor Pablo wrong. That I could achieve something if I put my mind to it. Something that I at times took for granted, but you were always there to remind me that nothing would just appear because I wanted to. That I had to fight for everything that I wanted to achieve.... and to this very day father, I still have to fight to get what I truly want.

He stares at his fathers gravestone, reading Vincenzo Rodriguez. Vinnie’s father had given him his name, but always called him Vinnie. He had told him at a young age that he reminded him of Vinnie Vincent. A guitarist that spent a short time in the band Kiss, Vinnie never liked Vinnie Vincent. He was too young to really get into hardrock at that time, but with the years passing by he finally understood him.

Senor Vinnie: I am sure that Vinnie had endured many tribulations before reaching his goal to be a part of the Best Band in the World.... Even though it didn’t last that long for him. But hey, who can take that away from him?? And I guess you saw that desire in me too huh Father?? Naming me Vinnie was something that you had forseen to be the best and only name that fitted me. Something that I had disliked for many years, but I was young and naieve. I guess that is somethng that we all had to go through isn’t it??

Did I ever tell you two about that one lesson???

He remains silent, a smile emerges upon his face as he thinks back to a specific musical lesson that Senor Pablo had attempted to teach him.

Senor Vinnie: I am sure that Senor Pablo had pleaded with you to find a substitute ever since that day father. The day that I thought I could start Windmilling after just playing a few tunes. Perhaps believing that the lyrics of My Generation was reemerging right before his eyes. Realizing that his heart could take another rebellious youth movement and just listen back to everything that Bach or Mozart has ever produced.

But I wonder, if you had never asked me that quetion on that faithful night. Would have I become the man that I am today?? Would I have met the love of my life and married her?? Would I have become the Mariachi that you had always hoped me to have become?? Or would I just stand outside, waiting for the clock to strike midnight and celebrate with fireworks..... Enjoying the few moments that we all forget everything that goes on in this world, merely because we want to hoped me to have some fun?? To this very day I am sure that nobody can answer that question.

He extends his arm, placing his hand ont he gravestone of his father and wipes off some leaves that have fallen off a tree on top of it. He keeps his arm there for a few moments as if he has telepathic contact with his deseased father

Senor Vinnie: I only wanted to make you proud father.... mother....

He sighs as he becomes silent, thinking back at some more memories he had shared with his parents on this fateful night.

December 31st, 2000

Tijuana, Mexico.

An 15 year old Vinnie is outside with his father and mother, waiting for the moment to come that the clock would strike midnight. Vinnie texting with some friends and listens partially to whatever it is that his parents is telling him.

Father: Your mother asked you something Vinnie.

Vinnie feels an elbow being pushed into his ribs, causing him to suddenly look up from his phone oblivious what is going on

Vinnie; Huh?? Wha???

Mother: I asked you if you have some new years resolutions sweetie??

Vinnie rolls his eyes, he knew this question would come. He just hated it that it would pop up every single year. As if he had to prove himself every single year to accomplish something new. He was happy with his life , he had learned to play the guitar as well as writing and singing his own songs.

Mother: Well???

Vinnie: Can’t we just skp this for a year mom?? I mean, what more could I possibly want?? One day, I will be more popular than dad, I will a huge house and swimming pool. I will........

Father: What about your education Vinnie??

Vinnie is silent, he hated it when his father was asking about his education. Knowing that he was struggling at school, he had promised his father that he would give it his all to improve his grades at school. And even though they have, he realized that if it keeps it that it isn’t enough not to flunk this year.

Vinnie: I....,

His father places his hand on Vinnie’s shoulder, gently squeezing it as this causes Vinnie to look up at him.

Father: I know you are struggling son, no matter what I am proud of you. But me and your mother realized that you have so many potential. We also noticed you have picked up a new hobby.

Vinnie raises an eyebrow, not expected his father to give him reassuring words or even confront him about something he apparently likes.

Vinnie: Uhmm, wha??

His mother smiles at him, he always had loved

Mother: We have heard you talking to your friends about wrestling sweetie, why did you never told us about that??

He blushes, he never wanted to tell them about it as he knew they weren’t into violence.

Vinnie: Well mom, you always told me that you didn’t like that garbage.

He blushes for using that term that he had her mother use several times in this past year.

Mother: Well I have often told you to follow your dreams and not worry about what others think hun. That includes us, you do know that don’t you??

His look of concern suddenly vanishes and is replaced by a huge smile upon his face. He has gotten into wrestling since watching Eddie Guerrero performing all over the world. Not just loving his ability, but also his character as he wanted to be the man. The man that has gone to the WWE for the fact he was unhappy for how things went. Vinnie admired his desire to do anything to make it....

Mother: Do you wish to become a wrestler sweetie??

Vinnie’s answer is cut off with the countdown from ten to zero as another year is nearly ended and a new year is about to begin. Causing Vinnie and his parents to jump in as well. Vinnie is relieved for the understanding of his parents, he had forgotten how wonderful they truly were as a teenager.

December 31st 2019

Senor Vinnie: Gracias mi madre, you truly kept believing in me when I was into everything but what was truly important for me. Trying to expanding my horizon and never ignore that what I truly want to achieve. Even if it is something that you always proclaimed to be garbage.

He chuckles, repeating the word in a soft whisper over and over again.

Senor Vinnie: You always got me so worked up whenever you said that mother, sometimes I wondered whether you did it on purpose. Perhaps you were always like that..., getting under the skin of others no matter what they were into.

He is silent, staring at the gravestone of his mother, remembering all the wonderful moments that they had shared. Vinnie had always been her little boy, how much he started to hate that term when he was in puberty and growing up into a young man. But now he understands that he would always be her little boy, no matter what.

Senor Vinnie: You even took me to wrestling classes, making sure that I would keep it up. Or at least that’s what you always tried to convince me, but I often had the notion that you enjoyed watching those guys work up a sweat.


A tear emerges upon his face, staring at the date of his mother’s death. Only two years ago she had died, merely a year after his fathers death. He knew she missed him, although she never wanted to show that to him. He had taken her in his home, so she wouldn’t be alone and never had to cook or clean anymore.

Senor Vinnie: Not that you ever wanted to take it easy huh mother??

He grins, remembering her making breakfast every single morning that he woke up. Or waiting for him with dinner if he had a late night from wrestling or a show.. Always listening to him talk about his match, how he had beaten someone. Smiling for everything he had told her, even though he had known she was very tired. It was her way to escape from her loneliness as well as being proud of her son.

Senor Vinnie: I always wanted to repay you for everything that you had done for me. Sadly you were no longer around when Summer XXXTreme came around and won the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. I was the happiest man alive, I had the gold finally obtained in my posession, married to the most beautiful wife in the world... And yet...

Vinnie chokes in his words, causing a tear to emerge upon his right cheek. He is silent for a few moments as the pain is visibly hurting him.

Senor Vinnie: The two most important people in my life were no longer alive to witness my crowning achievement. I know you two were with me in thoughts... I...

He bites his lower lip, struggling not to cry as he is resisiting the pain.

Senor Vinnie: I had always wanted to win that belt just for me, but I had deservingly failed. When Lora came in my life I remembered how important a relationship is.... To have a bond of a family, even though we do not have any children. It still feels as if we are together since God knows when... And yet we aren’t even married for a year.

And when I had that championship belt in my hands the memories of all those New Years Resolutions came back... As if I was staring at a movie about my own life. And that moment it was the perfect gift from you both to me... instead of the other way around. As if was YOU that won the gold for me and thanked me for everything that I have done for YOU two. And in m mind that’s wrong....

He bites his lower lip, anger and sadness are brewing inside of him

Senor Vinnie: And then there was the drive to do whatever I can to at least do my best to come close.... To at least not be a one hit wonder, not to be a champion only to hand it over to someone else who belives he is better. And after 112 days.... I realize that the pressure has finally vanished for myself.

People will ultimately say that I am a hypocrite, that I need something to motivate me. That I need to undo the wrong that had been done to me.... Believing all that I had ever muttered in the hypnosis of my own reality. And I realize now that I was never even myself...

A beep can be heard in the pocket of his coat, he puts his hand inside his coat and grabs his cell phone and reads the tekst message that he has gotten from his wife. Asking if he is okay and how long he thought he would be back with her. He smiles, believing that he is so lucky with her as he responds that within the next thirtie minutes that he will be with her. He places the phone back inside his coat and inhales the cold air into his lungs before exhaling it once more.

Senor Vinnie: I wonder how ou would respond if you had seen me have a conversation with Pete. That’s a cactus mom.

He smiles

Senor Vinnie: I know I would not even have to ask you father, you would have told me that I would be crazy. In that case you would fit in perfectly with a group of..... haters???

A chuckle escapes his mouth when the word haters is uttered.

Senor Vinnie: I am sure that you would like Austin and Alex father, I cannot remember how often I had to endure the verbal onslaught of a couple of two year olds in the body of grown ups. And for what father?? Because I dared to be what you have always told me to be... original... to stand out in anything that I represent..... And before those will attagonize me... I am sure that my father wasn’t talking about a cactus friend... But at least Pete is real, not like any dilusion that I somehow am unable to shed... but let’s all remember, it is always my fault.

He chuckles as he nods his head and places his hands on both gravestones

Senor Vinnie: Deep down I know I have made you proud...., gracias...

With that he walks off...

New Years Eve

Tijuana, Mexico

11.30 pm

Vinnie can be seen in his mansion, with his wife and his friend Pete. All three of them are playing a boardgame of Monopoly to kill time.

Senor Vinnie: Arrghhh, not again Board STreet!!!

Valora chuckles as she nods her head towards Pete.

Valora: I am sure that you are happy that you hadn’t accepted his offer to play strip Monopoly Pete.

Pete: …...

Senor Vinnie: Not again!! I barely have any money, the only price worhty i have left are my four train stations. I am wearing my lucky sweater and still I am nearly broke!! How can this be???!!!

Valora: Well personally I think you really took a huge gamble by putting on that christmas sweater Vinnie. I mean it’s new years eve!!

Vinnie looks at his sweater, staring at the Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer whom is drinking tequila and then turns his attention to his wife.

Senor Vinnie: What is wrong with this sweater?? Is it because you never grew up with the reason why Rudolph was a rednosed reindeer???

Valora rolls her eyes on the comment being made by her husband and shakes his head before turning her attention to Pete.

Valora: Can you please tell Vinnie that it wasn’t due to alcohol???

Pete: …..

Senor Vinnie: You stay out of this Pete!! I am not even understanding why I allow you to even be a part of this. I mean from hearing about all those accusations from Senor Bill and his wife Senora Bea makes you a very naughty cacti

Pete: …...

Senor Vinnie: Do not change the subect to why Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer is a rednosed reindeer!! I...

Valora cuts in defence of Pete.

Valora: Uhm Vin?? That was the subject that I started the whole discussion off with. You are the one that is.....

Senor Vinnie: Nonsense!!! You are just... ., err... Well, you know... I... Oh you are just kissing his spiked ass because he has all the money!!!

The camera zooms in on the winnings of Pete, making the suggestion that he is leading the most money and most territories with hotels. Valora raises her eyebrow as that causes Vinnie to twitch nervously.

Valora: Say wha?? Do i need to remind you that I had no intention to play this game at all?? I thought with us celebrating New Years Eve as a newly wed couple for the first time meant romance, music, candles and then gooing outside to watch the fireworks. Not....

She looks at the board game in disgust

Valora: NOT... this!!! And now you even dare to accuse me of kissing his boney spiked ass???

Valora waits for a few moments, allowing the question to set in inside Vinnie’s head. Who is fuming from the mouth.

Senor Vinnie: I would like you to know that for the Cacti standards, Pete has a huge ass!!!

Valora rolls her eyes as she clearly had not expected him to resort to these type of methods.

Valora: Are you seriously going to discard the fact that we are NOT celebrating New Years Eve the way we should???

Senor Vinnie: Oh is that so?? And how should we celebrate New Years Eve?? Spending it in front of the television?? Watching all the news and sport items of the past year while eating and drinking away on the leftovers from Christmas?? Have some stand up comedian talk shit about everything that happened to entertain the crowd who cannot entertain themselves in a club and forcing us to watch that too??

Valora: Vinnie.. I..,

Senor Vinnie: Oh no, hear me out Lora. Because I am not finished yet.

Valora rolls her eyes from hearing the tirade from her husband.

Senor Vinnie: Because if I remembered correctly, wasn’t it YOU that told me that some rituals should be changed???

Valora: Yes..,. but.... New Years Eve???

Senor Vinnie: Oh sure!! Now I need to know what should be altered and what shouldn’t!! I....

Valora tossed a glass of water into his face, this caused him to stop midsentence. Looking at her in amazement.

Senor Vinnie: What was that all about???

Valora: Well, I wanted you to realize that we have fifteen minutes left before the fireworks are going to explode. And no, I did not mean the fireworks in our bedroom

She winks at him as Vinnie is clearly rethinking his words and wonders if he should give up or.....

Pete: …..

Vinnie sighs as he nods his head in agreement with his cacti friend.

Senor Vinnie: I know Pete, its best not to disagree with a woman.

Vinnie and Valora laugh as they agreed to go outside where people are already shooting fireworks in the sky as Vinnie looks up at his watch and they are only five minutes away from midnight. He grabs his wife in his arms and holds her tight

Senor Vinnie: Talking about traditions Lora..., you got any new years resolutions???

With that the shot fades....

Shot at the gold

Senor Vinnie is sitting in a chair, staring at the camera as he is holding his neck. He is wearing a white shirt and matching pants. On his feet he is wearing some flip flops as a glass of water is in his other hand.

Senor Vinnie: Did you people expected me so soon? I know there were stipulations of whether I was dealing with a career ending injury or not... Whether I was done or just needing a vacation??

A chuckle emerges upon his face as it quickly turns into one of pain

Senor Vinnie: Is my injury healed?? No..., did I come back too soon?? Maybe... Am I completely loco to demand a rematch so soon? Oh bet your ass I am.. But isn’t that what makes things so interesting??

Am I bringing my own health in danger to challenge Ben Jordan for my rematch at the first show of the night??? Let us just say that I do not care anymore whatever it is that I need to do, that I do not care anymore what others think of me. It brought me out of my game the last time when I defended my belt and it bit me in the ass.... And yet, here I am... hurt and yet ready to fight. Even if it means a possible last match ever if this goes wrong...., but where’s the fun of risking it all to mount the highest pedastole of glory if you play things safe??

He sighs....

Senor Vinnie: But Vinnie..., what about your health?? Isn't that far more important to you?? To your wife?? To your friends and family?? And all I can say is that I don’t care anymore as soon as I step foot inside that squared circle and fight the biggest fight of my life. Because let’s face it..., once you had the gold... it becomes a part of you.

Just like it has become a part of Ben Jordan, the man that I applaud for finally obtaining his lifelong goal to be the champ. To hold the championship belt that eluded him until last month... Being sick and tired of coming so short, while holding on to his believe that his way is the right way. While we all know it was his very own desire and lust for the gold that drove him over the edge and becoming what he is today... the champion of the world.... Like I have said before... Congrats.

Will I win?? Will I lose? Does it matter? Does it really care?? Will my legacy shattered over the fact that no longer I am the man that main evented most of the last few months Climax Control shows??

I don’t care anymore... you be the judge, it’s easier for others to pass judgment over the fact that I was once the world heavyweight champion. Only a fool with an eraser can remove it from his notebook that so far has been filled with the dust of his or her impatience. I know what I can do and that’s all that matters....

When I am done, I will walk away with my head held high and by victory tell the world that I have done it again. But with loss I will tell the world that one way or the other..., I shall be back... I shall once again hold the title and admit that this time isn’t mine. But in the end it shall.... As I believe.... and broken neck or not.... not even Ben Jordan can take that away from me...

But until that moment comes..., I will ask you all to be patient and count the days before the end is near with the count of one... two... three....

Unil then....

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