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> One Step Closer
Keira Fisher
Posted: November 08, 2019 02:24 am

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Keira is seen after her match, going into her and Roxi's locker room. She shuts the door and breathes heavily. She opens her eyes, showing the red dots from when she was portraying Sin for a bit. She goes and begins to take those contacts out as carefully as she can. She removes them and goes to the contacts box, putting them in.

Keira:'s over. No more.

Roxi: Good. It's a relief.

Keira turns, seeing Roxi already changed into more casual clothes as she smiles. She hands the box to Roxi

Keira: Remember what I asked.

Roxi: Yes... to destroy these contacts.

Keira: I don't need them anymore....go for it.

Roxi takes the contacts, and crushes them and the box in her hand.

Roxi: It's over.

Keira: Yea. But I knew doing this was the right idea. I did expose who Diamond is.

Roxi: I'm just glad it's over. For good.

Keira: Yea. One step closer to getting that Bombshell World Title shot.

Roxi: Yes.

Keira smiles, but then turns and lowers her head.

Keira: Yet I'm afraid of what I might encounter on that road, too.

Roxi: Well, that's the challenge. But I believe in you. You've made me proud each and every time you've stepped into the ring.

Keira: I know. But I meant, what if on that and I come face to face again?

Roxi: Then... we'll settle it.

Keira: Yea....

Keira lifts her head, feeling like things should be ok, but they're not.

Roxi: What's wrong?

Keira: I don't know. I thought I'd be happy, winning the match and all.

Roxi: You're one step closer to your goal. We'll just have to see what happens. We'll get through it.

Keira: I know. But...I guess I still got my mind on that...that Monster.

Roxi: We'll get to that. I think we're actually ahead.

Keira: I hope so. Doesn't matter. We got a week off and I get to spend it with my family.

Roxi: It's a welcome break.

Keira: Yea. Might help my body recover as well and give me time to try to learn more about Ultra X.

Roxi: I hope so.

Keira: Cause Nathaniel said I can't get Ultra X by normal means. Ultra X has to come to me and when I'm ready, I'll know.

Roxi: Well, it's just going to take some time maybe...

Keira: Time we may not have.

Keira sighs a bit.

Keira: Cause if that thing gets stronger....then....I might have what Nathaniel said I was going to do.

Roxi: We'll just have to take it one day at a time. We have to get a better understanding. And... don't think about that. It happened once, but we.. we can change the future.

Keira: I'm trying not to think about it. But I can't help it.

Roxi: We can get through it. We've already changed a lot.

Keira: Yea, but is it enough?

Roxi: I guess we'll find out.

Roxi pats Keira on the shoulder.

Roxi: At this point... We're 2-0

Keira: Yea. But our luck may run out soon.

Keira then looks at Roxi.

Keira: How is your progress on becoming Super Human 3?

Roxi: I don't know. I haven't done any real testing. I had another matter to take care of.

Keira: What matter?

Roxi: ... Visiting an old ghost. Had to finally put it to bed. I was... regretting things and I realized that I didn't need to keep that memory in my mind forever. I needed to let it go, and I did.

Keira slowly raises a eyebrow as she asks

Keira: .....It wasn't him.....was it?

Roxi: It was... and now... its over.

Keira begins to clench her fist. She knew who she was talking about. The man that almost cost her and Roxi's relationship. Him turning Roxi to the darkside and also caused Keira to turn back to being Sin.

Keira: Where is he now?

Roxi: Surviving. Thanks to me. And now... he knows that, and he'll live with it the rest of his life.

Keira sighs as she grabs a towel and heads into the shower room. Moments later, Keira comes out, not dressed in casual clothing, but in her Lady Kat outfit, making Roxi raise a eyebrow.

Roxi: Keira? Why are you dressed up as Lady Kat?

Keira: You reminded me. I got to go pay a visit to him.....

Keira begins to place two fingers on her forehead to begin Instant Transmission, but Roxi grabs ahold of Keira's fingers

Roxi: No. It's over. I wanted him to suffer. I wanted him to pay. And the fact that he can barely breathe... The fact that he has no power anymore... And that he owes it us... that's more than enough

Keira: YOU got that. I didn't! Now I got to take care of it.

Keira takes her other hand and grabs Roxi's arm, slowly pulling it down. She gives her a soft kiss.

Keira: I got to do this. I never got that closure from that Son of a Bitch.

Keira looks at Roxi

Keira: You did. Me? No. That....that....he unleashed Sin.

Roxi: Let it go. It killed me for all this time. I had to let it go, and I did. I kept giving him power, and I had to take it back. He lost Alexis, he lost me, he has nothing. I don't know if doing this will solve anything...

Keira: I have to. Cause of him, he almost doomed the world.

Keira looks into Roxi's eyes as she says as well.

Keira: I will not kill him. I have no reason to kill him. I got too much to lose to go down that dark path.

Keira takes a deep breath

Keira: Trust me...let me do this.

Roxi: Just remember... what you see... is the result of Sin. You put him in that wheelchair, barely able to breathe...

Keira: I know.

Keira kisses Roxi and transmits out of the locker room

She reminded me. While still having to deal with one monster. I forgot about the other monster. The one has unleashed Hell upon this Earth in the past.

Time to deal with it.

Keira is seen transmitting into a Asylum. She lowers her head down as she feels something touch the back of her head. Something cold and metallic.

Guard: HALT! How did you get in here!? What's your purpose.

A guard was now seen with a gun, pointing it at the back of Keira's head. She then says

Keira: Inmate #1027820. Lady Bedlam was here before.

Guard:'re Lady Kat. We heard about your methods. I don't thin--

Keira: Then don't. Just bring him. You have my word, no harm will come to him.

Guard: .....Fine. We'll set it up.

Moments later, Keira is seen escorted by a series of armed guards, twice as more cause of Lady Kat's reputation. She sees the interrogation room as she says.

Keira: I know you'll be outside. But if you hear screams. Don't worry. I'm not torturing him.

Guard: Wait, what do you mean.

Keira: He'll know.

The orderly comes by as he sees Keira and says

Orderly: He's right in there. As you requested.
Keira opens the door and enters it. She slams it hard as she sees the person in the wheelchair. Her eyebrows go into a angry look as the person is breathing, more wheezing if anything.

Keira: It's been a long time...Cyrus.

Keira gets closer to Cyrus, slowly. She keeps her fists clenched, wanting to make sure she didn't try anything.

Keira: Do you remember me, you son of a bitch?

Cyrus could only blink, his forced breathing was loud. He was barely able to nod his head.

Cyrus: You...

Keira quickly takes off her mask that covered her eyes. Her eyes, filled with rage, but she kept standing where she is.

Keira: Say it....

Keira takes a deep breath

Keira: Say the name of the one who put you in that wheelchair. Say the damn name of the one you unleashed when you took her away from her life!

Keira sits the mask down on the desk, slowly, but keeping as calm as she could

Keira: Say it....

Cyrus: S-S-Sin...

Keira sighs as she just looks at him

Keira: All these years and you're still afraid. Afraid of what Sin has done to you. It's all your fault, Cyrus.

Keira takes another breath

Keira: Do you feel proud? Do you think by taking her away from not only me, but her family and twist her mind to becoming your puppet that you had done "The Right thing?"

Keira leans her head closer, not taking her eyes off of him

Keira: You're not even going to answer me?

Cyrus: I... tried.... to help...

Keira: Help? Help!? Yea! You helped alright. You almost caused the end of the world! Because of you, you almost ruined my life! You almost caused millions to die!

Keira's eyebrows keep getting more angry, but tried her best to not go over the edge.

Keira: All cause of the people you brainwashed and hurt. Was it worth it, Cyrus?

Cyrus: I... die... happy...

Keira: So you're saying it was worth Sin putting you in that wheelchair? Knowing you'd have to spend the rest of your life in this? This Hell you have basically put yourself in?

Keira sighs

Keira: Roxi was right. You deserve what you got. You don't deserve death. At least not yet. But now I know, you're nothing more than a joke.

Keira raises her head up, feeling like a weight was lifted as she says

Keira: Well, you'll know this. I'm happy. Roxi is happy. You failed, Cyrus. Now when you see me on a'll be reminded of your failure.

Keira then gives a smile

Keira: And I can rest a little bit easier, knowing you can never harm me or my family ever...again.

Cyrus just struggles to breathe, a little put off by Keira's words.

Keira: Enjoy whatever is left of your life. Goodbye, Cyrus.

Keira turns, grabbing her mask and puts it back on. She turns and walks off, the scene ending

Least that's one monster out of my life....for now.

Keira is seen transmitting back into her home, more so the bedroom. She goes into the closet and quickly change. She gets into her casual clothes and comes out, laying on the bed.

Keira: Glad to have that cleared out of my mind

As she says this, she looks down and notices her hand glowing in that silver aura.

Keira: What...the....

But as soon as she says that, the aura vanishes. Keira opens and closes her hands, making a fist motion a few times. She doesn't even notice Roxi walking in.

Roxi: Well...

Keira sits up and turns, seeing Roxi

Keira: JEEZ! Don't scare me like that!

Roxi: Tell me...

Keira: It surprisingly went well. No, I didn't do anything to him. Except hurt him with what I had to say. Words hurt him more than what I wanted to do.

Roxi: I'm glad that's over.

Keira: I told you that I wasn't going to do anything bad to him.

Roxi: I know. I trust you.

Keira: But yea. Now that's over. I can finally relax.

Keira goes over and hugs Roxi, the scene fades

Least for now. I can relax. But my next challenge awaits.

Two weeks later, Keira is seen in the bedroom, finishing training for the day. She knew she had a big match coming as she lays on the bed again.

Keira: Wow...despite it being Mercedes. I feel like I'm training for more opponents.

Roxi: Mercedes is a chameleon. So you kind of are.

Keira smirks as she notices Roxi at the door.

Keira: I kinda am. But she knows as well that I crave that fight, love.

Roxi: Yeah, but you know exactly what you're going to here about from Mercedes.

Keira: That I shouldn't be here. I'm in your shadow. I get close, but never grab the big one, yadda yadda yadda. Am I hitting it in the ballpark?

Roxi: Right out of it.

Keira: So a homerun?

Roxi: Bingo.

Keira: Funny, isn't it? It's the same thing I always hear nowadays since I returned to SCW. Not just from Mercedes, but from others and what was the end result?

Keira quickly stands up and looks at Roxi

Keira: They lost!!!!

Roxi: For now... Don't let that creep into your mind. Overconfidence will only lead to disappointment.

Keira: True. But it is getting a bit annoying.

Roxi: Let them doubt you. You're doing a great job at this point of proving them wrong.

Keira: And Sunday will be no different. I'm gonna beat Mercedes and then be one step closer....

Roxi: It'll be another step. But as long as you focus, and remember what you're fighting for, you can do this.

Keira: Yea. Now, what do you wanna do?

Roxi: I don't know. I need to get myself ready for this upcoming match. I have unfinished business to take care of.

Keira: Then let's train. We haven't in a while.

Roxi: I'm game.

Keira smiles as she grabs Roxi's hand. She takes her down to the training room, the scene fading


Well, two weeks can make anything feel a lot better. But to be honest, it's boring sometimes. For me to keep getting closer to my ultimate goal. I have to keep fighting.

Mercedes Vargas, you're one of the ones I have to take down. But to be quite honest, you're one of the strangest cats to take down. Cause if I'm still honest, I don't know what version of Mercedes Vargas I'm going to get.

Will I be able to fight Nice Girl Mercedes Vargas or Mean Girl Mercedes Vargas? I don't know to be quite honest, but it won't matter at this point. Cause whoever I get in this match, I will beat you. I have to beat you!

You don't know how bad I want to be one step closer to getting that shot and finally becoming SCW Bombshell World Champion. I've wanted it for a very, very long time. Call me whatever you want, but the result will be the same.

Mercedes, come Climax Control...I'm going to B.A.B....


See you soon!
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