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> Redemption: TAKE TWO!, versus Mercedes Vargas
Bobbie Dahl
Posted: August 09, 2019 09:19 pm

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Focus, Bobbie! FOCUS!

“Well hot damn! Would you look at this! Not only is it the big going home show before Summer XXXTreme, but I get a crack at the roulette champion herself right before the big event! Sad to say it’s not a title match, but that’s just fine with me. I’ve got THAT at Summer XXXTreme.

So word around these parts is that Mercedes Vargas is hot shit. I mean, she’s a multi-time champion. She’s well on her way to becoming a Hall of Famer and she’s the current Bombshell Roulette Champ as it stands. The odds are stacked against me it seems, but guess what?

I DON’T CARE! I don’t care that this match isn’t for the title, because I’ve got that shot in a few weeks at Summer XXXTreme. My main focus right now? Righting a wrong that shouldn’t have happened two years ago last time I faced Mercedes! Yep, that’s right! Mercedes already holds a win against me, but I can’t let that happen again! I’ve already gotten redemption against Trinity Jones.

You remember that night, Mercedes? Do you remember when you hit me with the Cortizone Ropa? Or whatever the hell it’s called?! You hit me with that move and then got me for the one-two-three! I’m sure you do, because from what I’ve seen of you lately, you sure do like throwing stats and past matches at everyone! You’re like a walking SCW Encyclopedia or something! I don’t quite get it but that is neither here nor there!

That match was then, and this upcoming match will be NOW. That match two years ago was the last time anyone saw me on and SCW camera or in an SCW ring. At last until I made my return a couple of months ago! I simply...vanished!

Now, before you go and spew about a bunch of possible lies about how YOU were the one that caused my SCW absence, you can’t stop right there! That most definitely was NOT the reason. I’ll fill you in on a little secret, Mercedes. Regardless of who I faced that night, I was taking some time off from SCW, and it had nothing to do with losing to you or anyone else for that matter. If my head had been in the right place that night, I’m pretty confident I would have hit you with a Bobbie Bomb and walked away with the win, but shortly before our match, some things changed!

You ever had one of those nights, Mercedes? You ever had an off night where no matter what, you just couldn’t focus because you really shouldn’t be there? Don’t lie and say you haven’t, chickie!

Well...August 6th, 2017 just so happened to be one of those nights for me…

August 6th, 2017
Stateline, Nevada- Climax Control 187

Climax Control 187 is well underway at the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena. Bobbie is set to face off against Mercedes Vargas in just a little while following Amy Marshall’s match against Trinity Jones, and the plus sized Bombshell is currently backstage talking to Artie as she waits for the signal to head to the ring. Artie has Bobbie’s phone now as he keeps it safe for her while she wrestles during her matches. He suddenly feels it vibrating in his pocket and quickly takes it out.

“Oh, uh...It’s your mom calling. Want me to let it go to voicemail?”

“What?! Of course not! She probably wants to wish me luck. I have a few minutes so I’ll take the call.”

Bobbie quickly snatches the phone out of Artie’s hand and answers the call with a smile on her face. She always loved hearing from her mom.

“Hey Ma! How’s...Wait, what? Dad had a what?!”

Bobbie’s smile quickly disappears and concern is written all over her face. Artie stares at her, now equally concerned, but he doesn’t interrupt the conversation.

“What do you mean he had a heart attack?! Is he okay?!...Jesus, you could have led with that, Ma! You almost gave ME a heart attack!...Look, I don’t care what you say, me and Artie will be on our way back shortly! I gotta go forfeit my...Ma, I can’t wrestle knowing Dad is...No don’t put him on the phone!”

Bobbie’s arguments with her mother do no good apparently, as she soon takes in a deep breath and forces a smile.

“Heya, Dad! I’m so glad you’re okay!...Dad, I don’t need to be here! No way am I gonna wrestle when you’re laid up in a hospital bed!...You say you’re fine now, but...Ugh! Fine! I’m not gonna argue with you! Just take it easy and we’ll be on our way in a few hours!...Love you too Dad!”

Bobbie ends the call and hands the phone back to Artie.

“Your dad had a heart attack? He’s okay, though?”

“Yeah, I guess! Said it was a minor one and insists I go through with this match because he’ll be fine! I’m tempted to just ignore it and get the hell outta here!”

“What did your dad say about that?”

Bobbie plops down on a nearby steel chair, burying her head in her hands. She’s obviously very concerned, despite what her father said about his condition.

“He told me not to worry about it, but it’s a little late for that! I mean, what if something happens again and I’m not there?!”

“ can’t get back home right away anyway. Unless you know how to teleport there. Maybe you should just listen to your dad. We can leave right after your match.”

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should just go out there and focus on pummelling Mercedes first! I just hope my dad isn’t downplaying this, because I won’t be happy!!”

As Bobbie takes in a few deep breaths, calming herself, a backstage worker comes to find her, letting her know her match is up next. Bobbie nods and heads off towards the curtain area to head to the ring, leaving Artie to wait behind for her.

He searches around until he finds a monitor to watch Bobbie’s match, and for the most part, Bobbie puts on a good performance and very well could have Mercedes beat. But she seems to be rushing and knowing Bobbie, Artie can tell by the look in her eyes, she doesn’t want to be there. In the end, Mercedes hits her with the Cortina Roja and gets the win. Artie frowns and waits until Bobbie heads backstage.

A few minutes later, Bobbie is rushing down the hall, her face flushed red. She doesn’t seem bothered by the fact she just lost.

“Artie, where’s my stuff?!”

“Where, uh, you left it?”

He points towards the Bombshell locker room and she frowns.

“Now I gotta waste time getting it together! You coulda did it for me while I was wrestling out there!”

“It’s the women’s locker room! I can’t go in there!”

Bobbie lets out a laugh.

“Oh, please! Your gay! None of the ladies would care if you’re in there for a few minutes! Sheesh! I’ll be right back.”

Bobbie lets out a frustrated sigh before she disappears back into the locker room to get her things. Bobbie just scratches the top of his scalp and shrugs, once again waiting for her so they can leave.

“Up until now I haven’t told anyone what happened and why I left SCW when I did. Even when I got home, my dad insisted he was fine, and maybe he was. But that’s my dad! I had to make sure he was truly okay, regardless of what he said at the time.

I’m sure there were rumors. Or maybe there weren’t. Not many people really gave a crap about me back then because, as you know, I only had one win last time out of what, five matches?! Pretty crappy statistics there, but I didn’t care! I’d say I still don’t care about wins or losses, but that would be a lie, because my mindset is different this time. Obviously!

Everywhere I go, Mercedes, people talk about you! You’re a pretty big deal and you’re not even the top champ! I think you’re the most seasoned Bombshell on this roster right now! Hell you haven’t even had any lengthy absences in the time you’ve been with SCW! That’s pretty impressive! So impressive, that I’m more determined to beat you because of that!

Summer XXXTreme won’t be one-on-one, Mercedes! I could walk away with the win in that one and it won’t matter as much because I have more to prove going up against you all by myself! Plus, we won’t be above a damn swimming pool, but I’ll worry about that later!

You know what is different this time around, too? Artie! My buddy Artie wasn’t my valet last time, and now he is! I could have used his support at ringside to keep me focused on the match, but alas, that is in the past, chica!

I’ve seen some of your comments on Twitter, Mercedes. I can tell how you really feel about my being given this title shot at Summer XXXtreme, and that you’re unimpressed. At least that is how it comes across, but make no mistake, Mercedes, I’m just as much a threat as Samantha and Kate! Maybe even a bigger one! And not just physically speaking…

You might not be the top champ on the Bombshell roster, but you’ve been the face of the division for a long time, Mercedes! Too long, actually! It’s time someone takes your place and that people start bringing up another name all the time! And I want that name to be MY name! Beating you will definitely be the start to achieving that. And then moving on to Summer XXXTreme and walking out as the NEW Bombshell Roulette Champ!

I hope you’re ready, Mercedes! Bobbie’s comin’ for ya, and there won’t be a repeat of last time! See ya Sunday, chica!

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