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> Who is Bill Barnhart? What is He About?
Posted: August 09, 2019 08:31 am

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NARRATOR: Since Bill Barnhart is new to Sin City Wrestling, even though he is not new to the sport of wrestling, he wanted to inform you of his history in Asylum Wrestling Alliance and to give you a history of his feud with his half-brother Chris Shipman. I now turn you over to Bill Barnhart who is in the Sports broadcast studio, at WSB TV Channel 2, in Atlanta, Georgia. He is conducting a live interview with WSB TV Sports Anchor, Anthony Amey.

The network switches to a shot of the Sports broadcast studio at WSB TV Channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Anthony Amey is wearing a dark gray business suit with white shirt and blue tie with white designs in the tie. As the camera pans the broadcast studio we get a shot of Bill Barnhart who is dressed in blue jeans and a black pullover shirt.

ANTHONY: Hi. I am Anthony Amey the Sports Anchor at WSB TV Channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. Today I have the pleasure of having Sin City Wrestling superstar wrestler Bill Barnhart, who has the nickname BULLDOG, in my studio. Bill welcome to my studio and thank you for granting me the pleasure of interviewing you.

BILL: The pleasure is mine Anthony.

ANTHONY: You are a fan favorite not only in Atlanta but throughout the State of Georgia. Some people watching may not know how you got the nickname BULLDOG so I would like to ask you to explain that. Also I notice your wife Bea and your English Bulldog Iris are not here with you in the studio.

BILL: Since I have an English Bulldog, Iris, as my mascot, I decided it would be fun to use the nickname BULLDOG so that I can use the initials BBB for Bulldog Bill Barnhart. Also the official mascot for the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, is an English Bulldog named Uga. You see the abbreviation for the University of Georgia is UGA so their Bulldog mascot is named Uga. As far as Bea and Iris not being in the studio with me today Bea is a little camera shy and even when I can get her on camera and she comments on stuff she tends to feel uncomfortable. With Iris is it a distraction and stress thing. With all the lights, cameras, and people running the equipment, I am worried Iris would get nervous. When Iris gets nervous or upset she often lets our extremely vile stinky farts. Worst case would be she gets so nervous that she pees or poops and I do not want your broadcast studio soiled by her.

ANTHONY: Does Iris also get stressed and nervous during wrestling events since there are lights, cameras, and people running the equipment?

BILL: That is a different situation. Iris enjoys being at the venues where we wrestle. Since the lights and cameras are a far distance unlike here in your studio Iris is not affected by them. Iris is so into watching Daddy Bill wrestle she does not pay attention to much else.

ANTHONY: I am sorry you lost your debut match against Mark Cross at Climax Control 244. I know you wanted to get a win in your debut match but things do not always work out the way we want. How are you feeling about that match?

BILL: Nobody wins every wrestling match and if they think they can then they will end up being disappointed more than they are happy. Simply put Mark Cross did some great wrestling and he was able to get me into a position for the pin. Also it is not about how many wins you get it is about what you ultimately achieve. Take note in World War II the United States lost the majority of battles in the Pacific against the Japanese. But they won the one battle that won the overall war. What good is it in wrestling to go 10-0-0 then go 10-1-0 with a loss in a Championship match and fail to win a Championship? It means you were successful up to that point, in matches where no Championship was on the line, but when it really counted you failed. It is be better to go 0-10-0 and then get a shot at a Championship and win the ultimate prize and be at 1-10-0 and holding a Championship. Again it is not how many wins you collect it is what you ultimately achieve and obtain.

ANTHONY: Thanks for clearing that up. I see in your debut match in Sin City Wrestling you faced off against Mark Cross. Could you please tell the viewers what happened in that match and the results of the match?

BILL: As I mentioned earlier Mark Cross wrestled well and was able to get me into a position for him to win. I cannot be upset over someone who defeated me legally.

ANTHONY: Your next opponent, at Climax Control 245, is Kedron Williams. Everyone seems to think he is the next big thing for the fans to gawk over because he managed to get a win over Ben Jordan. Can you tell the viewers what you think of Kedron Williams and what you expect to accomplish during your match?

BILL: Before I do that Anthony may I be allowed to give background information on my time in Asylum Wrestling Alliance along with the history I have with my half-brother, Chris Shipman, who was also a wrestler in Asylum Wrestling Alliance? I feel this information is important for people to understand how durable, dependable, tough, and why I outlast anyone in the sport.

ANTHONY: Of course.

BILL: During my eight years in Asylum Wrestling Alliance I held every championship that was available to me. There were other championships active for a time but shortly before I was to be given a match for those championships Management retired those championships and brought out a new one. I obviously was not able to earn a championship that no longer existed. I did, however, obtain Grand Slam status numerous times. I may be a newcomer to Sin City Wrestling but I am a veteran of the wrestling ring from previous Wrestling Federations.

ANTHONY: I know the history between you and your half-brother Chris Shipman. Are you sure you want to relate those things to the viewers? Do you feel they will be able to handle it?

BILL: Whether they are able to handle it or not is their problem. I want everyone to know I hide nothing and that I am transparent with them. I want them, my next opponent, and everyone else in Sin City Wrestling, to know what happened between me and Chris Shipman so they will know where I came from, what happened, what I am about, and where I am going.

ANTHONY: Since I know the history between you and Chris Shipman I would like to ask you questions, that you answer if you want to, so we can keep the conversation on a timeline. Is that okay with you?

BILL: Sure. That way the story gets told from the beginning to where it stands today.

ANTHONY: I understand you and Chris Shipman have the same mother but different fathers. Could you explain that situation?

BILL: Our Mother married Harold Shipman, from England, and he turned out to be one of the most prolific serial killers in the history of serial killers and he is the biological father of Chris Shipman. Once mother found out the truth she divorced Harold and married the man who is the biological father of me and my sister. His name was William Barnhart and he was a Retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer. Due to mother hating my half-brother Chris, due to the horrible deeds done by his father, Chris hated me. He kept complaining that mother liked me more than she liked him. I tried to get Chris to understand mother liked us the same but he would not accept that. Sorry to say this but, in reality, mother did not treat us the same. I was treated like a god sitting high on my throne whereas Chris was treated by mother as if he was a pile of dog poop.

ANTHONY: That must have made Chris angry. Why did your mother allow Chris to live in the same house with you and your sister when she knew how he was?

BILL: She is our mother and she gave birth to Chris so she gave him a chance to live with us and behave. I mean, come on, it was not his fault his father was a serial murderer.

ANTHONY: Chris Shipman blamed you for the death of your sister but he ended up the one convicted of her murder but was later excused of the crime by the Judge who sentenced him to prison. Even though Chris was cleared of the crime he still blamed you. Do you mind giving details on that part of the story?

BILL: Our sister did die in our home. The story is that me and my sister wanted to play a certain game and she asked Chris to join us in the game. He refused and demanded to play a different game that we did not want to play. When I stood up and told Chris to stop demanding me and our sister play that game he shoved me so hard in the chest all I remember is going unconscious and I do not remember hitting the floor. When I regained consciousness I looked over to see Chris standing over the lifeless body of our sister. He gave me an evil look and hissed at me YOU KILLED OUR SISTER AND I AM GOING TO KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO HER!

ANTHONY: What happened next?

BILL: There was a criminal investigation and the two of us ended up in Court before a Judge. I told the Judge when Chris shoved me in the chest I fell backward and went unconscious before hitting the floor and when I regained consciousness I saw Shipman standing over our dead sister. The Judge decided I did nothing wrong but he sentenced Chris to prison for ten years. Before Chris was led out of the Courtroom he looked at me and said YOU KILLED OUR SISTER AND YOU PINNED HER DEATH ON ME! I WILL NEVER STOP ATTACKING YOU AND HURTING YOU UNTIL I HAVE DESTROYED YOUR WRESTLING CAREER AND HAVE TAKEN YOUR LIFE! I figure the Judge was not happy to hear Chris issue a death threat to me so Chris is fortunate he did not increase his prison time.

ANTHONY: It appears the serial murderer genes got passed on to Chris from his father. But there is good news that came out about a year later. Please explain that to the viewers.

BILL: About a year later I received a package in the mail. When I opened it I saw a VHS tape. There was a note from our babysitter from that time saying the video is from the surveillance camera that was watching us in the living room at the time of our sister died. She said when I watch the video it will clear everything up. I watched the video and I saw when Chris slammed me in the chest I really went unconscious and fell backward. However before I hit the floor I slammed into my sister and she fell to the floor and when her head hit the hardwood floor she died. I later regained consciousness and looked at them to see Chris standing over her body.

ANTHONY: The surveillance video fully cleared you but I think it shows Chris was aggressive and that he was the cause of the death of your sister. What did you do next?

BILL: I contacted the Judge who sentenced Chris and told him I had a video he needed to watch. When the Judge reviewed the video he said I was fully cleared. He said although Shipman acted violently toward me he did not directly cause the death of our sister and the Judge determined her death was an accident. He called to have Shipman released from prison. When Chris arrived at the Courtroom the Judge told him he is cleared of all wrongdoing in the death of our sister and he was free to go. Before Shipman left the Courtroom he again told me he would viciously attack me, beat me, torture me, and try to destroy my wrestling career and kill me, either for the rest of my life or until I am dead. After he told me that he stormed out of the Courtroom.

ANTHONY: So that brings us to both of you being wrestlers in Asylum Wrestling Alliance. I remember you and Chris having some of the most dangerous, vile, dangerous, and demonic, matches ever known to the sport of wrestling. Could you go over that for us?

BILL: I ask the viewers to think of the most violent, evil, disgusting, twisted, and life-threatening matches you have seen in the sport of wrestling. I assure you those matches were tame in comparison to the twisted, demented, and evil, matches me and Chris Shipman had against each other in Asylum Wrestling Alliance. We had matches that would have killed other wrestlers. We had matches that should have ended my career or my life but I overcame in those matches. The key fact here is that I am still here active in the sport of wrestling and Chris Shipman is nowhere to be found. In the end I guess Shipman gave up trying to kill me as he suddenly disappeared from Asylum Wrestling Alliance and I never heard from him again.

ANTHONY: Do you think he retired from wrestling?

BILL: I do not care if he just retired or he died. The world is a better place without that vile excuse for a human being in it. All I know is Chris Shipman vowed to destroy my wrestling career, and to take my life, but I am still here and still active in wrestling and Chris is not. I am sure there is a special place in Hell for Chris Shipman.

ANTHONY: You said your reason for relating your experience with your half-brother Chris Shipman, both in your personal life and wrestling career, was to send a message to the other wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling is that correct?

BILL: Without mentioning names, as mentioning names of other wrestlers makes them feel they mean something in the sport, I will use general terms. Most wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling think they are the best, the greatest, and the favorite of the fans. They feel they are rough and tough and can defeat everyone. I have news for these wimpy, soft, slow, and ignorant punks in Sin City Wrestling. I endured years of abuse, threats, attacks, beat downs, threats on my wife Bea and my English Bulldog Iris, and had some of the most brutal matches ever in the history of wrestling, to the point that some of those matches have been banned by every wrestling federation on the planet. I mention again that I am still here and Chris Shipman, the man who attacked, abused, and threatened me, is gone and has never been heard of again. With all that I endured, and overcame, what the hell makes you wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling think you can take me out?

ANTHONY: Does that apply to Kedron Williams, who is your your opponent for Climax Control 245, also?

BILL: Sure it applies to Kedron Williams. Out of all the wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling there are probably two or three who are not over-blown, arrogant, wannabe superstars, but the rest of them need to be taught to be humble and I am the wrestler to humble them.

ANTHONY: Are you claiming Kedron Williams is an over-blown, arrogant, wannabe just because he managed to get a win over Ben Jordan?

BILL: Yeah that is exactly what I am implying.

ANTHONY: How can you say that about Kedron? He defeated Ben Jordan so that should count for something.

BILL: That counts for nothing! Even a blind Rat finds cheese by accident once in awhile. Kedron Williams has been in Sin City Wrestling for five months and although he has defeated a few wrestlers he has yet to hold a Championship. That goes back to my earlier comments about having several wins and then you go after a Championship and fail to win. Better to take several losses then win the Championship match. And you want to know something else Anthony?


BILL: I do not give a *bleep* if Kedron Williams just came off a handicap match against Godzilla and King Kong and defeated them. The fact remains that my half-brother Chris Shipman and I had the most vile, brutal, demonic matches ever in the history of the sport of wrestling and I still came out ahead. As bad as King Kong and Godzilla were they are only one-forth as bad, mean, evil, and demonic, as my half-brother Chris Shipman was. If anyone, including Kedron Williams, thinks I am afraid of them then they are not thinking as I do not fear anything or anyone.

ANTHONY: I do not mean to take your attention to another subject but I wanted to ask a question about Iris your English Bulldog.

BILL: Seriously? I am on a roll telling people what I am about, and why I fear nothing, and you want to ask a question concerning Iris? I guess answering your question for a few minutes will not hurt anything. What do you want to know about Iris?

ANTHONY: College football season is upon us and the big team in our area is the University of Georgia, also known as UGA, located in Athens, Georgia. Everyone knows the mascot for the University of Georgia is Uga the English Bulldog. I have heard Iris has a crush on Uga the Bulldog and I am wondering if you are planning on arranging a date for her with him?

BILL: What? You interrupted my presentation about wrestling to ask if I plan on arranging a date for Iris with Uga the English Bulldog from the University of Georgia? No I am not going to help Iris get a date with Uga. First off all Iris is fixed so she does not have the sexual urges unfixed dogs have. Second is that Uga the English Bulldog Mascot is prohibited from interactions with other dogs while he is on official duty as Mascot during the College Football Season. Can we return to taking about me and my upcoming match against Kedron Williams?

ANTHONY: Sorry Bill. That question on Iris was stuck in my head but it is no longer stuck as it came out. Okay so now you face Kedron Williams who, it appears, has only his win over Ben Jordan, as an accomplishment worth mentioning. Your thoughts?

BILL: How in the hell does someone work for five months in a wrestling federation and they have yet to hold a championship? I have researched all the Champions, current and former, in Sin City Wrestling, and many obtained their first Championship in less than three months. Five months and no Championship yet screams out PERMANENT LOW-CARD WRESTLER in my opinion.

ANTHONY: But Kedron Williams is facing you at Climax Control 245 so that means they must feel he is a worthy opponent for you.

BILL: And yet still he is in a low-card match. I am not a low-card wrestler but since I am assigned to wrestle against a low-card wrestler that is the only reason I am in a low-card match. These low-card weak wrestlers are just happy to get a match so that they can get a few minutes in the spotlight by sucking off my talent and popularity. I am not here for lame wrestlers to bask in my shine.

ANTHONY: How do you see you two matching up physically?

BILL: I am six feet four inches and two hundred forty pounds while Kedron is five feet eleven inches and one hundred seventy-nine pounds. He is giving up five inches in height and 61 pounds of weight to me. With that height and weight advantage it will be easy for me to muscle Harris around the ring and wear him down with my weight pressing on him. When you consider when I lean my weight on Kedron, and the weight advantage I have is equivalent of one-third of his entire weight, you see he does not stand a chance against me.

ANTHONY: Would you comment on the list of holds, maneuvers, moves, etc., listed on the information sheet of Kedron Williams?

BILL: Not much to comment on except that there are a lot of high-risk, high-flying, low-percentage, desperation moves on his list. The problem with is they are often ineffective, result in misses, often results in injury to the person attempting them, and they carry a success rate of 50 percent or less. For a wrestler like me, who is talented, has great ring presence, and flawlessly executes moves, holds, and maneuvers, that carry success rates of 80 percent and higher, it becomes extremely amusing to watch my opponent self-destruct during the match. Then again by the looks of Kedron Williams I would say he self-destructed a long time ago.

ANTHONY: How would you sum up this match in a one-liner?

BILL: An easy and decisive win for me and an easy and decisive loss for Kedron Williams.

ANTHONY: We have several minutes of air time remaining. I will turn that air time over to you for any final comments you want to make.

BILL: Ah, Kedron, I get several minutes to tell you how lame you are and how awesome I am. That is a fun thing for me to do. In my eyes you are a geek, a skinny short geek, who is trying to impress people with the way they look, dress, and act. Here is a revelation for you Williams. Being short, a short geek, who looks odd, dresses odd, and acts odd, does not win wrestling matches over exceptionally talented and efficient wrestlers like me. Yes, Kedron, you can stand there and talk about how many big wrestlers that once in awhile some smaller wrestlers were able to defeat but you know damn well that happens ten percent of the time. In the other ninety percent the larger, and more experienced, wrestler wins. I will take the ninety percent success rate and put it up against your ten percent success rate. I will not only call your Raise I will Raise you back double and you either fold your hand or get severely beaten in your loss to me. I do not need to have a Poker face when I hold all the Aces and Trump cards. I know you are thinking you might get lucky because you think I am over-confident and careless. Think whatever you want to think because I am not over-confident but I am confident as I have a long and successful wrestling career and that does not change against you just because you had one lucky match where you got a win you should not have gotten. I will even make you an offer. If you get hurt during our match, I mean when you get hurt during our match, I will offer to pay all your medical bills since I was the one who hurt you during the match. Now, Kedron, where else but with me can you find a complete package as a wrestler, an all-around exceptional wrestler, an intelligent wrestler with a genius I.Q., and a good natured guy who will offer to pay medical bills for the damage he inflicts upon you? No, Kedron, do not turn around and look at the other wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling because I am not referring to them. Continue to look at me because I am the subject of my comments. Please enjoy your freedom and good health leading up to our match at Climax Control 245 because I assure you after our match you will not feel free or healthy. Have a nice day Williams. I will.

ANTHONY: Thanks for granting me this interview with you. I know our viewers in the Atlanta Metro area enjoyed it. Remember any time you are back in the Atlanta Metro area give me a call and we can get on the air again.

BILL: Thanks Anthony.

The Network puts the camera in the Sports Broadcast Studio into a fade out. Once the shot fades to black the Network cuts to regularly scheduled programming on WSB TV Channel 2 in Atlanta.
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