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> We Are Not Your Kind
Seleana Zdunich
Posted: August 02, 2019 09:41 pm

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Thursday, August 1, 2019
Los Angeles, California
Hollywood Hills
The Home of Christina and Seleana Zdunich
8:07 PM PDT

Seleana Zdunich stands in the foyer of the home with her stepdaughter, Brittany Williams-Annis, and Brittany’s wife, SCU Underground Champion Haylie Jo “Halo Williams” Annis.

Seleana Zdunich: Are you coming back here, tonight?

Brittany and Halo both nod in unison, both looking as if this was an obvious forgone conclusion of an answer.

Brittany Williams-Annis: Of course, this is still home…

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: I’m still sort of… gettin’ used to that idea…

She pauses, looking around the whole of this area of the house.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: I been here over a year and I’m still…

Trailing off, Halo just shrugs.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: I don’t know, I just can’t see any other place yet.

Brittany is quick to nod her agreement.

Brittany Williams-Annis: Mom needs me, especially right now. I know I talk a big game out there. I have to, it’s part of that whole job thing but here, behind closed doors?

She shrugs almost apologetically.

Brittany Williams-Annis: I can’t just…

Seleana nods happily, smiling as she hugs her stepdaughter tightly.

Seleana Zdunich: You are a good girl, Brit.

Brittany hugs Seleana back, Seleana motioning for Halo to get in on the embrace as well. Brittany waves her wife over and Halo joins the fold.

Seleana Zdunich: You are a good girl as well, HayJo. I am happy to have you in the family!

Halo smiles, her eyes moistening.

Haylie Jo "Halo" Annis: I love you, Mama Sel!

Seleana Zdunich: Your match go well, ja?

Brittany can’t help but smile with pride.

Brittany Williams-Annis: You know it! HayJo got her first defense under her belt now!

Seleana nods happily.

Seleana Zdunich: Enjoy your celebration night!

Brittany and Halo smile, hugging Seleana again before taking their leave. As the door closes behind them, Seleana stares at it and bobs her head affirmatively.

Seleana Zdunich: They are good girls…

She turns and walks through the doorway into the large living room where she unexpectedly finds her wife, Christina “Crystal Hilton” Zdunich standing with her arms crossed angrily in front of her chest.

Christina Zdunich: So, is that my fault too?

Seleana stops in her tracks, taken aback by her wife’s words.

Seleana Zdunich: I… do not…

Christina simply glares back at the doorway through which Seleana has just come.

Christina Zdunich: Is that my fault too?

Seleana starts to shakes her head and Christina cuts her off, pointing forcefully.

Christina Zdunich: You were just talking to them, I could hear you! Is that my fault too?

Staring at her wife, Seleana tries to find the words to ask what Christina is talking about but too many questions crash through her mind at once.

Seleana Zdunich: I…

Christina whirls and storms away, only making it a couple of steps before she stops and turns back to face Seleana again.

Christina Zdunich: Is them still being here, is them not getting their own place, their own life, is that my fault too?

Still confused, Seleana shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not understand what you are saying. Why would…

Christina throws her hands up.

Christina Zdunich: SEE!!! I can’t even do this right! I should just…

She pounds her fists down against her own thighs, her eyes closed and her face pointed to the sky.

Christina Zdunich: Dammit!!!

Seleana frowns in total confusion.

Seleana Zdunich: What is wrong, Estrellita?

Christina’s head snaps forward, her eyes opening in the same rapidfire pace.

Christina Zdunich: What isn’t wrong? I have a title shot coming that no one thinks I deserve! My daughter went to SCU to make a stable with her whole family except and instead of me! We lost the last football game because I made mistakes! Everybody seems to think the idea of me being a star of any kind is a joke! You even got new theme music made and had everyone related to you who sings appear on it but me! I don’t know what I am doing anymore and now I hear it’s my fault brit and HayJo got married but can’t go out and be happy too! I’ve been a fuck-up my whole life and now I’m fucking everything else up too and it’s why nobody has ever really wanted me!

Seleana stares at Christina, wide-eyed, unable to believe the words she just heard come out of her wife’s mouth.

Seleana Zdunich: Stjärna…

Christina looks up and glares menacingly at Seleana.

Christina Zdunich: Oh, stop it! You only call me that to patronize me and kiss my ass!

Seleana shakes her head ferociously.

Seleana Zdunich: Det gör jag inte!

Christina throws her hands up again.

Christina Zdunich: Oh great, now you’re gonna show off and show me I’m no good at that by talking in a way I won’t understand too!

Seleana takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out as she gathers herself.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not just say that. It is who you are.

Christina crosses her arms again.

Christina Zdunich: Is it?

She nods almost sarcastically.

Christina Zdunich: Is it really?

Seleana cocks her head to the left.

Seleana Zdunich: Why are you doing this?

Christina’s eyes flare as she points accusingly again.

Christina Zdunich: See!!! It IS my fault!!!

Before Christina can really get going again, Seleana stomps her foot hard on the floor.

Seleana Zdunich: Stop!

She starts to move forward, Christina seemingly unmoved.

Seleana Zdunich: I know your father telling you the truth was devastating…

Christina shakes her head as she points accusingly at her wife all over again.

Christina Zdunich: How could you? Your parents love you!

Seleana nods emphatically.

Seleana Zdunich: Your father does!

Christina waves her hand dismissively, chopping through the air with it like a razor.

Christina Zdunich: He’s not my father!

Seleana nods emphatically again.

Seleana Zdunich: El es tu papi! He might not have been there to make you, but he was there to make you after the fact! He chose you! He had no obligation and he did anyway! He has always been more of a father than his brother could ever dream of! You who you are because of him and do not tell me that is bad! Fourteen times world champion, four times Hall of Fame! You own your own production company and a football team! You are a current number one contender to a world championship with a shot you earned fair and square! And, most important, you are the mother of a wonderful daughter that is so determined to follow in your footsteps she is basically your double! She loves you fiercely, wants to be you as a wrestler! She wants to be you as a mogul and she even went out and found her own tall blonde wife as well!

Seleana walks over and takes Christina into her arms.

Seleana Zdunich: We do want you, Christina! We always have! Brittany cares so much for you that she wants to be here for you!

She pauses and nods to the doorway.

Seleana Zdunich: So does HayJo! You are not holding them back from anything. They are here because they want to be here, not because you force them to be.

Christina stares at Seleana, unsure of what to say now.

Seleana Zdunich: I had every opportunity to leave earlier this year. I had an offer to just move in with Kate and Eavan, I had so many people telling me what I should do then, it was not even funny! There were many in Sin City Wrestling that wish me to stay gone from you and I am certain many have called me things in private that were worse than what they said in public and I do not care! I am married to you, I love you and I chose to stay because I want you!

She gently places her hand under Christina’s chin and lifts it so their eyes meet.

Seleana Zdunich: Do you hear me?

Christina just looks back into her wife’s eyes.

Christina Zdunich: You… you do?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: I do.

Christina smiles and the two kiss lovingly, passionately.

Christina Zdunich: I love you!

Seleana smiles and kisses her wife again.

Seleana Zdunich: Jag älskar dig.

Christina stares at her wife, tears starting to well up in her eyes. Seleana nods to emphasize the point.

Seleana Zdunich: I love you, too, Estrellita.


Friday, August 1, 2019
Los Angeles, California
Hollywood Hills
The Home of Christina and Seleana Zdunich
8:01 PM PDT

The camera opens upon Seleana Zdunich standing in the driveway of her home having just arrived from the airport and a flight from Mexico City. She nods as the camera catches sight of her ensemble of tight blue jeans, black American Murder Log t-shirt and beat-up Chuck Taylors, her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Seleana Zdunich: I wish I could say I looked forward to this match the way many others would have. The way I would if it was somebody I knew well or otherwise thought very highly of but I can neither of those things about you, Valentina.

Seleana shrugs apologetically.

Seleana Zdunich: It is sad considering that is also part of my name and why my Twitter handle is what it is. You would think that with both of us being European, both of us being named Valentina and both of being able to speak common languages, we would have much in common and yet…

She shrugs again, this time almost seemingly in disgust.

Seleana Zdunich: It would seem we do not aside from the fact that we have both been dismissed at times as someone who has no talent. You get told you get by on your looks and I get told I only have a job because of who I married. Both of us retain this criticism in some circles despite having won championships that should demonstrate the opposite is true. You have won tag team gold and that should tell everyone not to put you off as simply a pretty face and yet, it happens, ja?

She nods, clearly expecting an affirmative answer in response.

Seleana Zdunich: And I am one of a select few who can say they have pinned Alicia Lukas for the World Championship and I can say I did it here, in Sin City Wrestling. I can even say I did it this calendar year and yet…

She starts to say something only to shake her head.

Seleana Zdunich: Well, you understand, do you not?

She nods again in the same manner as earlier.

Seleana Zdunich: But I look at you and I can see why you catch such criticism despite your obvious abilities. Whether you mean to or not, you come off as an arrogant woman who believes you are born better and thus entitled to things regardless of whether you put the work in and you show very little of the world that you may or may not put in. I would say since you have won a championship before that you have obviously put in work, so that means it comes down…

She pauses to nod solemnly to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: To you.

Once again, Seleana shrugs apologetically.

Seleana Zdunich: I am sorry to say, but as long as you give off that air of superiority, it will not matter what brand, what team, what accomplishments you can boast of, they will all be dismissed as inconsequential because they will always be able to come back to you got in the door because of how you look.

She motions at the camera to square u and zoom in slightly.

Seleana Zdunich: Now I ask if you have the stuff inside of you to come to Climax Control and prove them all wrong?

She cocks her head to the right and nods pointedly.

Seleana Zdunich: Do you, Valentina?

She straightens up and the camera zooms in to frame her face.

Seleana Zdunich: Do you have what it takes to come to Climax Control, climb into the ring with a former World Bombshell Champion and put everything you have on display to prove that you are not the sköka they say you are?

Seleana nods grimly.

Seleana Zdunich: I know I do and I know I will bring everything I have and I will lay it all on the line against you! I will show you why I am on that level, now I climbed that mountain before and how I will scale it all over again!

The camera pulls back a little and Seleana points into it.

Seleana Zdunich: This is your chance, Valentina. This is your chance to show everyone that you belong! Do not disappoint me. Do not disappoint yourself but, please, by all means, disappoint all of them! Let us go out there, put on a show for the ages and disappoint everyone that would tell us we are not their kind! Let us have the match that shows everyone who tells us we do not belong that they can all go get drunk on their own tears of realization! Let us show them that we will take those ideas and jam them in places they were never meant to go!

She pauses one last time to nod to the camera before picking up her travel bag.

Seleana Zdunich: I will see you at Climax Control, Valentina, do not prove them all right!

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