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> The Legend of Vinnie
Posted: August 02, 2019 07:06 pm

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July 31st, 2019

Senor Vinnie can be seen sitting in a restaurant with his fiancé Valora West, the woman that he has proposed to marry a few shows ago and they have decided to tie the knot at the Summer XXXTreme PPV. The same night that he shall challenge Austin James Mercer for the SCW world championship. Having earned the right to challenge the champion at any given moment of his choosing, he had decided to challenge him at that given show instead of cashing it in after or during a match. The two are chit chatting fondly with each other, he is holding her left hand in his right as they both hold a glass o champagne in their hands and enjoy each others company over a nice dinner.

Valora: Thank you for bringing me to this wonderful restaurant Vinnie, you sure know how to treat a lady don’t you??

He smiles, not answering as heh as put the glass of champagne to his lips. Opening his lips as he allows the liquid to flow down his mouth and ultimately down to his body. He slowly places the glass down as he stares at it for a few moments before turning his gaze back to the woman that he loves.

Senor Vinnie: Dear Senorita Valora, I only have the desire to treat one woman like a queen. And that my dear, is you.

She smiles as she turns shy because of the compliment he has given her, he slowly lifts her hand to his mouth as he gently kisses it. Admiring the engagement ring that he has given her a few weeks ago, smiling as he realizes that no price is too high for her.

Seno Vinnie: I am sometimes still pinching myself, wondering if I would wake up from a wonderful dream. But every time I gaze into your eyes, I realize that this is far more than just a mere dream.

Valora: Oh Vinnie….,

Senor Vinnie kisses her hand once again before turning his attention to the waiter that psses them. He snaps his fingers and the waiter approaches them as he orders the best bottle of wine that the restaurant has in stock

Valora: Vinnie!! that’s too much, you shouldn’t.

Senor Vinnie: Why not?? We are engaged to be married mi amor, these should be the happiest moments of your life as they leading up to the greatest moment of our lives. The moment that I will raise your vail from your face and stare into your eyes as the most happiest man alive. What more could you possibly ask??

Valora: Vinnie, I do have a concern.

He looks at her with a puzzled look on his face.

Valora: What if your championship match leads into Austin beating you?? And having that match perhaps prior to our wedding?? Would that….

Senor Vinnie puts his finger to her mouth as he cuts her off, shaking his head while smiling. He lets his hand run towards her face and lets the back of his hand caress her cheek, causing her to close her eyes and enjoy the moment.

Senor Vinnie: First of all, this match is indeed very important to me. Maybe the most important match of my career and yet, when I walk down the aisle as still not the champion… I will still be victorious because I have you.

Valora: Oh Vinnie.., I…

Senor Vinnie: Secondly, our wedding should be the final moments of the Summer XXXTreme, I realize that it would not be a romantic idea to stand in front of the man that you love after he had a grueling match. Where he is sweating bullets, where he is not wearing his suit that until that moment comes remains a secret. Where a championship belt will be draped either around my shoulder or across my waist, yet the only thing that matters to me is to stare into your eyes and tell the world… that I do.

A tear emerges from her eyes as she grabs a napkin to wipe it off, but Vinnie’s hand beats her to it. He runs his finger towards the tear and scoops it up, he guides the finger to his face and admires it with pride before wrapping it in the napkin in his jacket and places it back into his jacket where it came from

Senor Vinnie: I a going to keep on to this tear, this is going to be my lucky charm that will make our night the best night of our lives.

Valora’s smile widens even more, glowing of love for the man that has stolen her heart as the two toast their glasses

Valora: I cannot believe that in just mere weeks we will be husband and wife Vinnie, being wed on the most beautiful cruise ship imaginable and share it with the entire world to witness.

Senor Vinnie nods his head as he suddenly sighs.

Valora: What’s wrong Vinnie??

Senor Vinnie: I just wished….

He suddenly stops, he looks down towards the plate that he is eating from before turning his gaze back to the woman he loves. Who is looking on with a concerned look on her face.

Valora: Tell me sweetie…,

Senor Vinnie: I wished I could have turned back the time and undo the wrong that I have done to two very important people in your life. I…

Valora: I am sure that they will be there Vinnie.

Senor Vinnie sighs.

Senor Vinnie: I was stupid mi amor, me and Ty were the best of friends and I broke his trust. And….

Valora: And…???

He looks at her with a sad look on his face

Senor Vinnie: I cannot blame him for hating me…

Valora: Oh Vinnie.., hate is a big word. He is just…

Senor Vinnie: No senorita, I was wrong. I was wrong. I had my pride allow myself to believe that I could get away with anything, being unpunished for all the terrible things that I have done or could have done if I had not changed.

Valora: We shouldn’t talk about this during this wonderful date?? Besides.. I know T… he…

Senor Vinnie: You are right Senorita, this night is about us. I will not let worries control me tonight, tonight it is just you and me.

The two toast glasses as the shot slowly fades.

The night we all became legends..... well at least some of us....

August 2, 2019

Senor Vinnie is preparing himself for an interview with Pussy Willow for the up and coming Climax Control as well for his title mach at Summer XXXTreme and his wedding with Valora. He is sporting a blue polo and across his shoulders is a white sweater. He is wearing blue jeans and brown shoes. Across his forehead is his sunglasses as the lights are apparently too bright for him in the studio. Next to him is cactus Pete, who is wearing a miniature version of his outfit including the sunglasses.

Pussy Willow: Are you idiots prepared??

Willow is clearly annoyed, hating the interviews that she has to do with Senor Vinnie because of his rude remarks he has made towards her in the past. But despite her relentless pleads to change his mind, she was ordered to interview the number one contender by Christian Underwood. After a few moments she finally gets the green light to start the interview, causing her to change her demeanor into a happy one as soon as the camera's started to roll.

Willow: Hello everyone, this is Pussy Willow. I am joined today by none other than Senor Vinnie. How are you doing Vinnie??

Senor Vinnie: I am doing quite well Senorita Willow, thank you for having me here today

Willow: You are welcome, these past few weeks have been quite a roller coaster for you haven't they??

Senor Vinnie nods his head as he slowly takes off his sunglasses and stares at the lovely lady that sits in front of him before winking at the caemra crew.

Senor Vinnie: Si, it sure was indeed. I mean, from having the most wonderful day in my life by having Valora accepting my offer to be my wife to the sad moment where Pete's pot was broken over the head of Senor Mercer.

Willow: Talking about the Pete.... “Incident” as you wish to refer it to.. I...,

Senor Vinnie: How would you refer it to my dear?? It was sure as hell a deliberate move from that el campione is it not??

Willow sighs as she hates it when Vinnie dileberately changes the truth to his own benefit

Willow: Well Vinnie, everyone that watched that moment on tv or in the arena, clearly saw you hit the champ across the head with the pot with Pete in it.

Senor Vinnie: Names!!!

Willow: Excuse me??

Senor Vinnie: I want to hear names of those who have allegedly seen me hit Mercer with Pete's pot. Because that's quite ridiculous!!

Willow: Berlinda Simone for instance...,

Senor Vinnie: She is a Pete stalker, she sends him messages every single day. But when he wants to get an explenation then she is so mean to him.

Willow: Err.., right... Jasmine St. John. The official of the main event last week actually saw you hit Mercer.

Senor Vinnie: She is lying.

Willow: WHAT???!!

Her eyes widen over the blatant accusation that Senor Vinnie has made that one of the most respected officials was lying.

Senor Vinnie: You sound like I am making everything up, as if I am a bonified liar!!!

He turns his head away from Willow, tapping his fingers across his arm as he has his arms crossed.

Willow: But...,

Senor Vinnie: Humpf!!

He turns his head away even more, clearly insinuating that he is been insulted by the lack of trust of Willow.

Willow: What?? You were even filmed while doing so!!!

We see a clip of the incident where Vinnie breaks the plant pot over the head of the champion, but Vinnie does not have anything of it.

Senor Vinnie: That?!! That was clearly.... errr... photoshopped. that's right! Someone of your video department has messed up with the video where I tried to save my brave Pete from utter destruction.

Willow: Destruction?? You are joking right???

With that Vinnie takes off his microphone and grabs Pete, whom by now somehow has a band aid around it's head and is sporting mini crutches. Vinnie stares at the plant before turning his attention towards Willow.

Senor Vinnie: You are just like Senor Mercer, a bully. The onloy difference is that you do it by verbal punishment, while he is a classical vicious bully. Well after Summer XXXTreme, he will be bullied b the both of us. Goodbye!!!

With that Senor Vinnie storms off the set as Willow is in shock.

Willow: What the????

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the commercial break,k where we see Senor Vinnie at a local hospital where a young nurse is putting some tubes to the cactus that is attached to a life support.

Senor Vinnie: Will he make it nurse???

Nurse: We re going to do our best Mr....

Senor Vinnie: Senor..., Senor Vinnie

Nurse: Whatever, he needs to have some time on his own. You can come back after I have given him some CPR sir... errr Senor.

Senor Vinnie nods his head and walks out of the room, there he notices the camera crew and turns his attention to them with an angry look on his face.

Senor Vinnie: You see that senor Mercer?? You did that!! YOU!! And it's so cool on your part to neglect the fact that it was YOUR head that smashed into Pete's seemingly now lifeless body. Clearly having no brain is extra damaging for a plant that's at the peak of its life, and you have not even showed any sign of remorse. Not even a get better post card!!! What kind of human being are you??!! I tell you what you are!! You are a bully!!!

But instead of throwing a anger rage upon the camera crew, spewing saliva out of my mouth as an uncontrollable baboon that is on too many crack addictions. I am instead of just focusing on the job at hand. And what a hand it's been dealt by SCW??? I am facing the legend that is …. err... uhm.... who is senor Jones again???

He looks on his Iphone, searching for the name of Alex Jones and he looks at it puzzled.

Senor Vinnie: Uhm, I looked up at

He looks at the camera and rolls his eyes.

Senor Vinnie: That is Google the Mexican version of course!! It's quite handy, you can even turn on the Mariachi option and have all the best Mariachi songs being played. That is if you are a novice of course. Because if you know anything of Mariachi music, or even music in general. Then you will be surprised why you aren't hearing any of my music. And that's quite easy to explain, Microsoft did not pay me enough money to have access to my musical library to begin with!! But I am always to be found on Apple Music where money isn't a problem for the biggest phone distributer in the history o this planet. Besides, I like Siri's sexy voice when she says that she has no idea what I am talking about.

He grins from ear to ear before turning into his semi “serious” look concerning his injured friend Pete.

Senor Vinnie: But seeing that you have told me that fond story that you are such a vetean, such a great wrestler. Such a better opponent that I have faced and beaten. Just curious on how you could have missed out on the fact that during that tournament. You know, the one where I earned this golden suitcase.... That you missed out on me beating my amigo, my soon to be family member. Ty West. A former Roulette champion, a man that I to this very day hold dear to me as still my amigo and one of the best wrestlers in this company. It's quite easy to look down a list and take a few names that I would have beaten with just my pinky alone and question my ability to be the champion after the XXXTreme cruise of the summer has ended by merely naming a few names that have been rejected to play Alvin on the Chipmunks isn't it???

And then to belittle the fact that I know Senora Amanda Cortez, to question my still double title reign in that company.. Please senor, is that where you draw the line from being out of material of being cocky and cool?? Or did you just realize that you were way past your bedtime and noticed already a few sheep that started to run that you had to count before you could fall asleep?? Because there are some pills for that to help your problems. They are being named Sleeping Pills okay???

He huffs as he is pacing the hallway of the hospital before turning is attention back to the camera crew.

Senor Vinnie: Come to think of it, i've never heard of you Senor Alex..., not even the Mexican Version of Mexican Google could find more of you besides you being Austin's little perro.

that's right, his dog!! Oh I am sorry, I know that these words may sound childish, but I am way beyond being able to sound like I care when I come face to face to a man that is the little lap dog of a bully. But I guess that's how you make it in the world of pro wrestling isn't it?? Hiding in the shadows of someone else... to support your friend by brownnosing him to greater heights isn't it?? You are asking me what I could possibly do to a man that has beaten the names that I could not??

Senor, before you start to question my ability and my intensity of what I can do and will or will not do inside that six sided ring against Senor Mercer at Summer XXXTreme. Let us focus upon you instead of me, a man that would not go up against the man that holds the belt. I guess that's what we call being amigo's eh?? I guess that's what people call others being on the supporting role of someone else's career that is sky rocketing to greater heights. While your legendary career is just being levelled and explained as a pure waist. At least I take risks senor, I dare to take that step if it gets me a step further to my goal in life and that's to be champion.

Where were you in that Golden Briefcase tournanemnt?? Where were you when the Blast from the Past began?? Were you bringing tea for Austin?? Were you giving massages? Or were you just simply too scared to step in the ring as it would be a tainted mark on your legacy by defeat?? Because that's te only logical conclusion that I could find... and I hope you aren't too upset as I quoted the legend that is Spock... Because logic is the only thing that is missing from your great wrestling run.

Go ahead, spill some more F bombs for all I care, it's not like I have heard it all before. Too bad for you that a man like Fenris at least makes it worthwhile listening too as he at least makes it meaningful to listen. I had to stop for a break at least ten times during the first five seconds of your promo. I’m sorry, what are you trying to imply?? That I am going to lose to Austin and you are educated to tell me so??? Good boy, here's a bone and go sit in the corner and try to chew on it before you start to choke on it.

It's quite obvious that you are hoping for a mistake,being too focused on Mercer and the opportunity to regain my belt... or perhaps hoping on me wanting to be with my senorita too much that you could earn a roll up victory out of nowhere!!! But tell me senor..., what would the odds be that you are just another overrated wannabe? There's always the chance of one out of two isn't it?? It's real simple, you are nothing more than a tag team wrestler that realizes that you are being stuck in limbo as a tag team wrestler. The Jim Neidhart to Bret Hart, the Jannetty to Michaels... the Jones to the Mercer. See the similarities senor?? It sure as hell is fitting to tell a loud mouthed punk ass bleep the truth for a change isn't it?? It sounded so amazing that seemingly hours and hours of taunting rants that in reality only lasted five minutes. I hope your in ring stamina is far more superior than your vocabulary and oxygen support to your brain for you to speak has done. Because legends aren't the ones that are created over night by merely stating the obvious. Legends are being made by hard work and dedication and the will to do anything to get somewhere. Because lets face it, like I have questioned you a few moments ago... why is it that you hide behind Austin?? Loyalty is the first reason that comes in mind isn't it?? Well I just call it stupidity.

Even though I am not proud what I have done, but I am a wrestler that wants to wear the gold. And if I have to, I would not let anyone stand in my way... not even the one that is my friend..... I should have done it differently, I have to live with it for the rest of my life. But at least I am not here to play second fiddle to anyone else amigo. And if that's wat makes you a legend?? Then by all means, go ahead and be alegend... while by a few weeks... I will be called El Campione....

See you at Climax Control....little dog....

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