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> Lukas v Weston v C. Zdunich v S. Zdunich, Bombshell World Championship
Mark Ward
Posted: February 24, 2019 04:05 pm

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Alicia Lukas
Posted: February 25, 2019 10:07 pm

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Scene One-The broken…
Off Camera
Walter Pyramid, Los Angeles, California
Last Week.

“Alicia! Wait!.” The noise didn’t matter. The voices of all the backstage staff, road agents and producers. The sound of the music out in the arena, the fans adulation for Seleana. None of it was getting through, the celebration could go on all night for all she cared. She stomped through the backstage area, her head with a dull ache as she ,pved and reached the locker room, her foot met the wooden door as it swung open. There was no one else in there, all the other bombshells had either left already or were out in the ring. As she moved in she stopped looking at her bag. It all his her. Again, for the second time in two months she was going to be leaving with a lighter bag than when she came in.

Her teeth ground together as she lashed out, her hand balling into a fist as it slammed into the metal locker door leaving a large dent and a spray of blood from her knuckles. The pit of her stomach boiled and felt warm, her brain, still aching after getting hit with the title sparked as every single synapses popped and crackled trying to register the pain through the anger. A pain that should of told her to stop. Instead she punched the door again, this time harder, over and over again forcing the thin metal to arch inward. Alicia stepped back and let out a scream kicking it, this time the door pushed all the way in and Alicia stood silent.

The moment replayed over and over in her head. Crystal hitting her with the title. A championship she won fair and square. A title she won after walking through fire. This wasn’t meant to happen. This wasn’t meant to be it. This was meant to be her time, her moment, her triumph. Alicia Lukas was not someone who was supposed to get fucked over and pushed around. She was meant to be above that. An ideal of the perfect female professional wrestler. Someone who dedicated herself to the art, someone who was determined to always be the best. But in one moment. One stupid moment. It had been taken away again.

Her hands shook as her heart beat fast, her body started to cool down as she was still coated in sweat, her long blond hair stuck to her body as she started to feel cold. Her right hand bleeding as it dropped to the concrete floor below.

She zoned out again, every win going through her mind. Every title she’d won, every moment of happiness. Every accomplishment. A career many people could be proud of. But maybe this was it?. Maybe it was time she walked away. Maybe she wasn’t the women everyone thought she was. The unbeatable beast. The woman who could learn from every loss and come back stronger. She could feel herself becoming unhinged. She could hear her breath entering her chest and being absorbed by her lungs. She could feel her blood moving through her veins. Everything became so much more real in that moment.


The word burned out of her mouth and lingered in the air, it seemed to echo despite the fact the soundwaves had no room to bounce off the walls with the lockers and equipment in the room. It moved around in her mind, bouncing off the walls of her head as if a punishment for even thinking about it. The one word slowly turning into others. And New. Alicia shook her head. She ran her hands through her hair turning her long blond hair a shade of blood red as the liquid transferred, she packed her back fast taking the bag into the bathroom, she emerged moments later, dressed in street clothes. She stormed from the room, past everyone else who0 still stared at her, blood still dripped from her unbandaged hand, more of it rubbed on her face, in her hair. The backstage staff all stared, a girl even gasped and went to reach for Alicia’s hand.

Her anger stayed, her frustration boiled. But underneath all that was a disappointment. Nt in the match, not in herself in that match or even what Crystal did. No, this disappointment was directed at herself. She let it get to her. She let the thoughts seap in. The word. retirement. It came through her mind, into her heart and out her lips. For a moment, however fleeting it was what she wanted, needed, considered. And that scared her more than anything else. And angered her more than the loss of a championship. Because this was different…

This was a loss of pride….

It was something she hadn’t felt in almost ten years. Something she promised to never feel again. Not since Ronnie, not since that fucking bathroom and the blade. The pride he had taken, the pride she had EARNED back in the last decade. For a moment that had been taken from her. For a moment she had lost it. That wasn’t going to happen again.

She couldn’t let it, wouldn’t let it. All the eyes on her right now, the pity she saw in them. Pity. Her teeth ground together harder as her bright blue eyes seemed to dart away from their gaze. She didn’t want or need to see it. It would just make her more angry. The backdoor opened. She went right past Alex and Austin, her friends, her training partners, her stablemates. She opened the door of her rental car, sitting down and kicking over the ignition before taking off into the night, the music blaring, drowning out the voices and emotions.

Here to stay
Even when I'm gone
When I close my eyes
Through the passage of time
Queens never die

Scene Two: The failure and the princess…
On Camera
Wolfslair Training Facility, New York, New York
Present Day.

Alicia’s hands were taped up, training wraps over the top, she stood in the center of the training ring in the “elite” room of Wolfslair. Where only the best of the best trained. It was Alex, Austin, Herself, Aiden Reynolds and Johanna Krieger. Some of the best wrestlers on the planet. And for a moment last week, Alicia didn’t believe she belonged there. But not that moment of weakness was gone. Standing before a camera in the empty gym was a different beast.

”There’s very few things in this industry that really piss me off. People who take wrestling as a joke are one of them. People who spit on everything we do, people who don’t belong in the ring, who want to use wrestling to get a name for themselves to go do something else. That kind of thing. But what happened to me at Climax Control 230 was robbery. It's something that happens in wrestling. Something that I have always hated. My anger at that moment ended up becoming a feeling I was scared of. One I hated. One that shook me to the core. See….when I walked backstage and I was standing there….i felt..numb…”


“I want to explain something to every single one of you. Before I rip each and every one of the women in this match apart verbally I need to get this off my chest. I love professional wrestling. When I was a little girl and my mother told me that my father did this, I wanted to be involved, She pushed me away from it over and over again and I rebelled and rebelled and rebelled until she forced me to give up those dreams. And even then, this fire I had burned…”

“Even as my ex tried to beat every inch of individuality out of me I still fought everything to do this. I gave up my entire fucking life to become a professional wrestler. So as much as Dani, Crystal and Seleana say they love this?. I’m sorry, but you do not, cannot and will not love this business more than me….”

Alicia shakes her head. Her hair tied up into a ponytail as a few strands at the front flow down the sides. She wears a pair of black workout pants, black and red sneakers and a red training top, her hands reaching out to touch the ring ropes

”Seleana wanted to work with animals, far away from this world. She got drawn into it and has done well, for now, I guess. Crystal, Christina, whatever the hell this piece of shit wants to call herself is a failed pop star and actress. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Crystal doesn’t chase titles or accolades she chases the fucking spotlight. And trust me, I’ll get to those two, but first I have to address everyone’s favorite bartending cheerleader. Dani Weston.”

Alicia smirks and shakes her head leaning forward across the top rope, her hair moving down over her shoulder.

”In my short time here, no one has been a bigger thorn in my side than you Danielle. And I mean that in the most respectful way possible. See I thought when I came here that it would be Mercedes Vargas. Due to her history with me and the history she has in SCW I thought it would be her and I jousting verbally and physically back and forth. See, she was my greatest rival in Honor. But she wasn’t the most worthy. Mercedes Vargas is a legend in SCW, she was an Honor champion, she is successful, a veteran and all around annoying, like a more talented version of Crystal…”

“But she wasn’t worthy. Same as all the other members of Mercedes group, Winter and Tatsu haven’t done shit and Delia Darling disappeared…”

“So, I looked around and when we first met, when I knew that I would be facing you to unify our titles I completely wrote you off. I underestimated you, I verbally beat you down over and over again. Even when you and your partner beat me and Jesse Salco I still wrote you off, cause I rightfully blamed Jesse’s dumb ass for the loss but I still was blind to it. See I look at you and I see this 24 year old kid. A young girl who didn’t have that same passion I did. And trust me, you may love it now, but as I said you don’t have the same love. But I looked at you and thought there was no way in hell you could beat me or be an equal…”

“Then… happened…”

She chuckles to herself and pushes off the ropes folding her arms over her chest with a cocky head tilt.

”You beat me. Inception three we got in the ring and you walked out with both titles and did what I couldn’t. The loss was humbling for me and made me want to be better. And for that I thank you. You reignited a fire in me that I needed to have. So did my “loss” to Seleana but in a different way. And I honestly believe we should be having a third one on one match. We’re currently one to one in these and I would love to have that chance, Lukas vs Weston three. It would be epic and amazing and...everything that SCW doesn’t seem to want. See we don’t get that now. In the space of a month and a half you and I have gone from both being champions, to having an on fire rivalry that put everyone else to shame to both being on the outside looking in and everything between you and I was REAL…”

“It was equal, it was fair. My loss to you was just that. Fair. You earned that win over me, you earned the right to hold the title and be called the first unified champion, you earned it Dani and you are my equal, you are someone who belongs in a title match….”

“Now you and I role into Blaze of glory in this situation where we both have a right to be angry and pissed off. You don’t get that one on one shot against me, I don’t get that shot against you, I’m no longer the champion and the titles that we held, the Honor and SCW titles both are now in the hands of someone who didn’t earn it. Given to her by her stupid, vindictive wife who has the least amount of right to be in this match. I’ll be happy to see you out there Dani….and you know the hell I’ll bring….but just know that I do respect you…”

She slowly nods and looks down and away, the anger building again as she goes back to that locker room, back to that anger, an anger that carried all the way through to her home life….

Tryin' to be hot, but you flop
Wanna be shot to the top but you not DWAMN!!!
I ain't never seen so much green
Than when I seen when my team hit the scene
It must be a dream, hit the stage, everybody holler
Gettin' throwed, rippin' shows for a bigger dollar
Father, I don’t wanna leave nobody toothless
Cause they greedy in the middle of what I do best

Scene Three: When all you know is pain
Off Camera
Ronald and Alicia’s home, Atlanta Georgia
9 Years ago.

“Fuck, no no no…”

Alicia’s voice shook with laboured breaths. Her bare feet felt cold on the tiled floor of the bathroom. She sat on the edge of the bath, her arms wrapped around her stomach squeezing hard, she rocked back and forth, her eyes fixated on the floor as she felt the object in her hand poke against her ribs.

Her eyes stayed on the floor, they blurred as they filled with tears. The defined black lines in between the eggshell tiles fazed out and mixed together. She let out a small whimper, and kept her eyes shut as the tears rolled down her cheeks. The first few got to her chin and slowly dropped off and hit the floor.

Alicia tried to calm herself down as she continued rocking back and forth and shaking, her breaths slowed her heart rate followed. Her hands moved and she looked down at the object in her hands, hoping and pleading for it to be different, for it to have changed, her eyes begging it to be different. She threw it onto the bathroom counter and buried her face in her hands.

She shook her head mumbling under her breath. Before looking over and finding his straight razor. Her hands trembled as she reached for it. It was heavy, old, but sharp. Alicia flicked it open and stared at the blade almost mesmerised by it. She got to her feet and looked down at her bare wrists and then down at the bathtub. She seemed to stare and stand still for hours but it would have only been minutes.

Alicia snapped out of it and turned catching a glimpse of the object on the bench. A pregnancy test. A positive pregnancy test. Her jaw clenched as did her hand around the old wooden handle of the straight razor. She looked up into the mirror seeing herself. Her eyes red and puffy from crying, Her make up a mess.

Alicia pressed the cold steel against her skin, a trickle of blood dripping to the floor. She took a deep breath in and suddenly dropped the razor with a wail. She fell to the floor and cried, weeping openly. She heard the footsteps, she knew he was coming. Ronnie had heard her. She grabbed the razor and threw it up near the sink getting to her feet as she frantically moved things. The door opened.

“Violet what the fuck is this?...why the fuck are you crying?” She adjusted her dress and smiled wide, bright and completely fake. Her hand holding out the test. Ronnie’s eyes trailed down to it, he studied it and the look on his face didn’t change. “Oh...father will be happy…” Alicia’s jaw trembled, he showed no emotion, no happiness...nothing..just a monotone voice and a cold stare.

“But darling aren’t you happy?’re going to be a fath-” A loud sickening thud caused Alicia to double over. Ronnie’s fist buried itself into her midsection, Alicia dropped to her knees and coughed and sputtered managing only a few words. “Th-the ba-bay…” He stared down at her and shook his head. “Watch your mouth if you want to keep it...if you lose it...well...we’ll just have to make another….”

6 Years Later.
Lukas family home.
Atlanta, Georgia.

Daisie and Alicia sat on a couch in the parlour of Alicia’s mothers home. Daisie was dressed in a lovely purple dress with black accents, Alicia on the other hand much to Daisie’s dismay was wearing a pair of jeans and a singlet top with pink cupcakes over her...assets.

Daisie sat like a proper woman, her back straight, her legs crossed under the chair and her hands sitting on her lead leg. Alicia slumped in the chair, her legs spread, and her arms folded. Daisie looked over and rolled her eyes as Alicia and Daisie’s mothers sat opposite them. Both dressed similar to Daisie and sitting the same.

-color=pink]“Well this is fun…..”[/color] Alicia spat with more than a hint of sarcasm. Daisie turned and shook her head. “Oh Alicia you’re so funny..mama Mrs Lukas, we just had to come home and see you.” Daisie’s mother gave her a small smile and a nod as Alicia’s mother mumbled under her breath. Alicia raised an eyebrow and looked up.

She clears her throat and sits up straight with a shake of her head ignoring Alicia and instead speaking to Daisie:[color=mediumorchid]”Daisie my dear I would of much rather you brought that dashing young man of yours...Austin wasn’t it?’”

Alicia rolls her eyes and sits forward, Daisie is quick to act as she slides forward again. “Alic-” “Violet...her name is Violet.” They both go silent, this time Alicia can’t stand it getting to her feet throwing her hands in the air. “D, this is shit, I’m sorry but fuck y’all i’m out…” She turns and heads towards the door, her mother gets to her feet and yells in anger startling the help and Daisie and her own mother.

“That’s right Violet, walk away like you did to Ronald and your sons….how are Rory and Ryan? you care?....”

Alicia stopped in her tracks and sneered before turning around, Daisie had gotten to her feet and stood in front of her. “Nah boo...calm….she tryin ta git a rise…” She winks and nods, Alicia nods back understanding before looking over at her mother with a wild grin. “My boys are fine...mother. They’re with their violent, abusive father who beat me everyday, but he won’t hurt them...they’re his boys…”

There was an air in the room of shock and awe. Daisie’s eyebrows raised as Alicia just smirked and shook her head. “Oh and another thing bitch. I hope you enjoyed selling my pride for your comfort....” She smiles and grabs Daisie’s hand as the two make their way out of the room and the door.

When you’re born in the dirt the only way to grow is up
So we reach for the sun but it seems
Every rung that you climb is another crooked line
That you cross off the tally of your dreams
Don’t step out of line kid, you learn it pretty fast
Every face has its place in the crowd
They’ll give you all the answers, so you don’t ask any questions
Then they’ll march you with a smile into the ground

Scene Four: The failure and the sycophant…
On Camera
Wolfslair Training Facility, New York, New York
Present Day

”I was robbed…”

Alicia sits indian style on the training mats, her legs crossed over, her hands together in her lap as she tilts her head with a smirk.

”I’m angry, don’t get me wrong, I am fucking furious. But the last few days I gone through all these stages. From blinding white heat anger where I hit the heavy bag so hard I thought I would either break my fingers, or break through the covering of the bag. To crying, and shaking from being so incredibly upset. See I can handle going out to the ring and getting beaten by someone who on that night was better. Dani Weston did that. Seleana Zdunich. You didn’t. But before I get to the “new” champion. Let me just remind everyone about the least important person in this match and the one person who should not only not be in the fourway, but she’s someone who needs to pack her shit, get out of SCW and get out of professional wrestling because she makes what we do and everything we stand for a fucking joke.”

“Christina, Crystal, Whatever you want to call yourself. You are everything that is wrong with professional wrestling.”

“You look at someone like me and you can see that I’m an athlete, I’m a monster when I step between those ropes, I’m a fighter, I’m a beast, I’m a champion. I east, sleep and breathe wrestling. I came to Sin City because with Honor and this company merging it was going to have a great collection of talent and give me a challenge. And there was a time when I thought maybe, JUST MAYBE you would be one of those people. See you have a win over me in LAW, you had that time when I looked at you with a certain amount of respect but then as I sat there and watched your actions and listened to your words that tiny amount of respect just burned and turned to ash…”

“You have this fucking victim complex Crystal.”

Alicia pushes up to her feet off the mat and the sitting position, she paces back and forth looking angry.

”You think there’s some grand conspiracy holding you back from the championship. You put in barely any effort unless it suits you or the match means something, that isn’t what a champion does, that isn’t what a real wrestler does. You spend more time off in twitter lesbian fantasy land than you do in the gym or talking about wrestling, the job you’re supposed to love and everyone...EVERYONE can see and smell your bullshit. Everyone can see that you are not real like me, everyone can see you’re a fake ass lazy bitch who tries to take the easiest and cheapest route. You’re a fake friend, fake wrestler, fake popstar, fake actress, fake wife with fake hair, fake gold and I’m pretty sure, fake teeth.”

“A few weeks ago you talked about how I can run my mouth all I want because you were just defending yourself in all this and everyone was making you out to be “the bad guy”. You know what makes you out to be a bad person?. Stabbing loved ones in the back. Getting involved in title matches and making said loves ones look pathetic. If Seleana had lost to me, she could of held her head high and come into this match with pride If she went on to beat me, which let’s face it..if that match kept going...would have been an outside chance at best...she could of celebrated and felt true adulation….”

“But now, she can’t. You robbed her of that Crystal...YOU one else…”

“You came out to the ring and got involved when you had no right to. You hit me in the face with MY title and in doing so robbed both of us of a definitive ending. Seleanas title reign is now forever tarnished by you and the stupid decisions you’ve made. But, I should really go a little easier on you shouldn’t I Crystal?. You’re under a lot of stress, what with you getting this match by backstabbing your wife in the first place because you weren’t good enough to actually earn it properly.”

“And now the added stress of fear. See, if you’re not scared of what I’ll do to you, then you’re an ignorant moron whose arrogance I really misjudged. You should be scared of me Crystal, yo0u broke a rule that is punishable by death. But, I won’t go that far, no, instead I’m going to get in the ring at Blaze of Glory, I’m going to put you on my shoulders, lift you in the air and bring my knee up to crash against your face and watch as your face caves in and your lights turn out. And in doing so, I will be taking back MY SCW Bombshells World championship….”

Alicia takes a deep breath and looks up at the wall of championships, various replicas of titles that members of the elite nenbers of Wolfslair have won, she looks over all of her world titles, all of Austins and Alexs, she can’t help but smile as she shakes her head.

”And that brings me to the current Bombshells champion Seleana Zdunich. This is hard for me Seleana because I stood there before our match and I told you how much you deserved a shot at me. At the title. One on one. And you did, I wasn’t lying, I wasn’t just paying lip service, I meant it. And I do believe that you have grown to love this business, that wrestling has become your calling. And, I also want to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that you didn’t want Crystal to interfere in our business. And who knows, if she didn’t get involved you may have still gone on to beat me, but do you really believe it?”

“You got in the ring with me, you saw what I can do and you know I got robbed and you are not a real champion…”

“But hey, good news Seleana, you have a chance to get in the ring and prove you belong here, to prove that title belongs on your shoulder. Only, it really doesn’t. You have to step into a match where you don’t even have to be pinned to lose that, you’re an inexperienced champion who didn’t even win the title outright in a match with one of the best to ever hold that championship in Dani Weston, your deceitful cunt of a wife who will manipulate you and myself. A pissed off, destructive frce of nature and one of the best professional wrestlers on the planet.”

“A fact that didn’t seem to escape you did it?”

Alicia tilts her head and growls under her breath.

”You said it before we faced by comparing the Boardwalk angels little tag team streak in LAW to what I did in Honor. But what you need to realise Seleana is that it wasn’t just a “streak” in Honor. I decimated Honor and I did the same in WWH and Liberty and LAW. I was building up to a match with Gabby Camacho and being shot to the main event when LAW shut down and I was going to take over there and eclipse anything Crystal did and what you were capable of.”

“I dominate everywhere I go and I started to do it here even after a loss to Dani Weston. And I respect Dani, I already told the world that and I mean it, cause she beat me one on one with no help in a great match, and I came back a few weeks later, angry and determined and beat her to take back what was mine. Now I don’t respect you, I don’t respect Crystal and I am more angry and focused now than I have ever been…”

“So I want you to go home, look in the mirror with that SCW championship and I want you to tell yourself that you are an honorable champion, you are a great wrestler and you can do this and defend that title.”

“And then, when you’re done lying to yourself, realise that because of your wife, because of the women that backstabbed you, attacked you, underestimated you, devalued you and does not love you, I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to hurt you, I’m going to hurt Dani, I’m going to hurt Crystal and Blaze of glory, in the main event it will become a warning to the entire division. One bright shining neon light with a simple message…”

“Don’t. Fuck. With. Alicia.”

She laughs to herself turning back to the camera straight on, her blue eyes burning as she cracks her knuckles and smirks, the scene fading out

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Last Ever Legacy Wrestling Women's Champion
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Most Honor Wrestling Legacy Women's Championship Defences-7
Only Double Champion in Honor History Holding both the Legacy and Honor Wrestling titles
Longest Running Honor Wrestling Women's Champion Ever-255 Days
Had held a Championship in some form for 718 Days
SCW World "Bombshells" champion x2
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Crystal Zdunich
Posted: March 01, 2019 11:52 pm

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Hollywood Hills, California
February 25th, 2019
Off Camera

Ever since Crystal and Seleana got into a fight over Crystal betraying her for a title shot, Crystal’s house had been empty. Brittany and Halo were always out and about, Seleana had been doing her best to stay from the house and stay away from Crystal’s money as she spent most of her nights at the Zdunich Zoological Gardens. Crystal’s other tenants were busy with their wrestling schedule that for the most of the time it was just Crystal and nobody else. Crystal sat down by herself in the living room. She had a video game controller in her hand as she was playing Resident Evil 2. It wasn’t long before she heard the door to the home being opened up and as soon as she did Crystal pauses her game as she quickly turned her attention to the door. Coming through the door was Brittany’s girlfriend Haylie Jo. Crystal really didn’t communicate with that many people since turning on Seleana she needed to say something. She walked over to Halo as she started to speak to her.

“Welcome home Halo… I….”

Crystal really didn’t know what to say as she gazed into the eyes of the taller blonde. Crystal took a long deep breath as she looked away before glancing back at her.

“Anyway I am glad you decided to come home…”

Halo just shrugged her shoulders as she looked back at her future mother in law. The entire situation was uneasy. Being in the Zdunich household felt to be tense especially considering Seleana and Crystal weren’t speaking with one another. Halo didn’t want to be rude but she didn’t want to feel homeless either as a fight with Crystal would probably result in her having no place to go. She ran her fingers through her hair as she looked back into her.

“Hey… I just came back here to pick up some of Brittany’s things…”

Crystal quickly cut her off with a wicked grin as she hugged her tightly.

“Oh that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. Look I have been so alone and I think I need someone to talk to Hayjo. I… I’m sorry for everything for being the reason our family isn’t as tight knitted as we are supposed to be.”

Halo just stands there nodding her head as she looks back at her future mother in law.

“It’s okay we all make mistakes. I just want everyone to get back together and for you and mama Sel to come back even stronger than how you were when you first started dating…”

Crystal can only nod her head in agreement as she looks back at her smiling.

“Of course we will and to be honest I love Seleana so much. I really don’t know what came over me. Don’t get me wrong I really love wrestling. It’s my livelihood but I love Seleana even more. She is everything to me and I would be nothing if it wasn’t for her. I just want her back. I just want her to come home. I want to go out of my way to prove my love for her and that is why I came out there to the ring and I helped her win the World Championship. She means that much to me…”

Halo stands here as she slowly nods her head in agreement. She lets a small smile escape her lips as she looks back at her

“Well you do realize that you aren’t just going to win her over in a span of one night. These things take time and you will need to build your trust with her again. Don’t rush it. Rushing tings could cause Seleana not to want to be your wife anymore.”

“You don’t understand though. I need Seleana. “

Crystal shakes her head as she looks away just sighing in return.

“Without her I feel so empty. I feel like I am nothing…”

Halo just sighs as Crystal begins to cry. She can sense that there is some inner turmoil going on within the Latina wrestler. Halo slowly looks down into Crystal’s eyes as she forms a slight smile and replies back to her.

“I am sure you will figure this all out. Like I said just take time and things will be back to normal in no time…”

Crystal could only nod her head in return. A few moments goes by and it is at that moment when Crystal’s cell phone begins to ring. She looks at the caller id as it reads Mark Ward. Crystal shrugs her shoulders as she glares at Halo before she answers the phone.


“Christina… Is that you?!”

Christina looks back at Halo before she looks back at her cell phone.

“Yes it’s me what’s going on Mark?! What can I do for you…”

“Look I have been getting a lot of complaints from everyone in SCW. It’s hard to even figure who you are even more. You really need to get help and this really pains you but I am mandating you to get some serious psychiatric help. You really have a lot going on and I just want you to be stable. I don’t trust you in the office let alone inside of a ring with my top bombshells.”

“No! I don’t need help Mark… I am fine…”

“No you really aren’t Christina. You need this more than you could imagine. Just get the help and be the best person that I know you can be. You don’t have any option in the manner because if you refuse the help I will have no choice but to pull you out of the main event at Blaze of Glory.”


“Actually I can I am the boss… I just want the Christina I know and love to be back. Is it really worth losing everything to be wrapped up in being psychotic?!”

Christina shrugs her shoulders who looks over at Halo who just crosses her arms. Christina thinks about it for a few moments before she turns her attention back to phone.

“Fine… I will do it but please don’t lose faith in me Mark… I lost so much already and…”

There is silence on the other end of the phone before Mark starts to speak back in return.

“Who am I speaking to exactly? Crystal or Christina…”


“Good… I want to keep it that way. I always enjoy Christina’s company. You are so much nicer than Crystal. Anyway I have some stuff that needs to get done. If you need me you know where to reach me and most importantly just take care of yourself. Everybody wants you to be healthy Christina. That is what we are really concerned about…”

With that being said Crystal hangs up the phone as she turns her attention back over to her future daughter in law. Halo can only just smile back in return as she gazes back into Crystal’s eyes.

“Don’t worry about the therapy session. It is there to help you. You did promise Mama Seleana that you would go so just make the most of it. Everybody loves you just make sure you take it seriously and I am sure everything else will fall into place. Anyway like I said I really need to go Brittany is expecting me and…”

Before Halo could say anything else Christina grabs her and embraces her into a tight passionate hug. Christina can only cry some more as her tears begin to drip onto Halo. Halo doesn’t know what to do as she continues to look at Crystal. Crystal looks up.

“Thank you for everything Halo. Take good care of my daughter. I hope you guys are able to be successful more so than I have ever been in any of my relationships and…”

“Mama Crystal don’t say that! You and Mama Sel are going to overcome this. Just take it slow and everything you want will be yours…”

With that Christina can only keep hugging Halo as the tall blonde finally breaks free. Once she does that she walks into Brittany’s room to get the stuff that Brittany had told her to get. Crystal can only just stand there as she watches the woman leave the house. Christina slowly offered a sigh as she sat down at the edge of the sofa. She glared at her video game system just sighing as she continues to shake her head. The house was completely empty for the first time in a very long time she felt alone. It was a feeling she hated. Her household was usually occupied by at least 8 people but nobody was in sight. Crystal knew at that moment she needed to get the help. She needed to do it for her own sanity. She couldn’t lose sight of what she was really after. She needed to win Seleana back and if that meant getting help so be it. There was only one thing left to do, and that was go get the help she needed.

With that Christina slowly gets off of the couch as she grabbed her keys and headed for her car. There was no denying it at this point. She needed to do something about the situation…

Los Angeles, California
Off Camera
Psychiatric Help

Christina found herself in what looked to be a doctor’s office. She looked around as she could spot others sitting down in the waiting room hoping their name would be called. Crystal could only shrug her shoulders in return as she walked up to the counter with a smile on her lips. A pretty receptionist looked back at her as Crystal could only offer a small smile in return.

“Hello there welcome to Dr. Kelley’s office do you have a referral?!”

Christina slowly nodded her head as she spoke back to the woman.

“Not on me no but the company I work for should have sent something over, I believe it should be under the name of Mark Ward, and my name is Christina Zdunich…”

The woman could only smile in return as she glanced back at Crystal.

“Oh yes Mrs. Zdunich we have been expecting you. I just needed you to fill out some paperwork and as soon as you are done Dr. Kelley will see you. Do you know if you were sent here for an individual or a group session?”

Christina just stand there dumbfounded as she really doesn’t know how to answer that question but the receptionist just smiles in return as she begins to type something on the computer screen.

“I will just mark you down for an individual session to start. Like I said fill out the packet and the Doctor will see you as soon as possible.”

Crystal nodded her head in agreement as she went back to her seat. She looked around at everybody else and shook her head as she felt out of place, but instead she focused on her packet. She takes her pen out as she begins to read the questions.

“Hmmm date of birth?! PFFT always lie about my age…. Name?! Seriously… Do you suffer from depression?!”

Crystal just continues to read each question as she decides to answer them in her own unique way and after going through the entire packet she finds herself handing it back to the receptionist. A few moments goby and she is immediately called into the doctor’s office. Christina is led to a room where she is left alone. She spots a sofa in the room and decides to lay across it as her eyes gaze up at the ceiling. Five moments go by and a middle age man walks into the room. Christina begins to sit up but the voice speaks back to her.

“No you don’t have to move. Please make yourself comfortable, my name is Dr. Kelley and you must be Christina…”

Christina just shakes her head as she crosses her arms.

“Obviously… Anyway can we get this over with?! I personally rather not be here longer than I have to be…”

Christina is very uneasy as the doctor just shakes his head in return.

“Well I have you for a two hour session, can I offer you a drink of water? I have Evian and sparkling…”

“Evian is fine…”

The Doctor smiles as he pours the glass in front of Crystal as he sits down in a chair across from her. He twiddles his thumbs as he can’t help but look through her file as he glares back at her.

“So what brings you in here today let me see?!”

He continues to flick through her file until he leans closer and looks at his subject. His eyes open wide up as he leans forward in his chair to reach his patient.

“Oh so you are the woman that betrayed her wife all because you stated that the voices in your head told you to do so…May I ask you an honest question Christina…”

Christina seems uneasy as she just sighs in return. She keeps looking up at the ceiling as she replies back.

“Can you not say it like that please… Like I know what I ultimately did was wrong but you just don’t understand me. I live for wrestling. I always want to be the best and I told everyone that I would do whatever it took to get what I want. I wanted a chance at being the best and when an owner came up to me and told me that I would have that chance at being the best. I just knew I had to take it. I don’t care if I had to hurt my wife in the process, I just needed to have that chance! At least that’s what the voice in my head keeps telling me over and over again…”

“I see…”

The Dr. says as he continues to look at Crystal’s file. He takes a long glance through the pages before he slowly looks back at her.

“So based on what I am reading you have been diagnosed with the Dissociative Identity Disorder in the past… How have you been treating it?!”

“To be honest mostly with antidepressants but I feel as if it doesn’t do anything. Sometimes there are these urges where the different personalities are fighting for position and the one that wins is the one that takes surface…”

“I see… So when all of this stuff happened with your wife who was the one pulling the strings?! Were you the one that wanted to betray your wife?!”

Christina quickly shakes her head.

“NOOOOOO I would never do anything like that to Seleana! I love her way too much to hurt her and to be honest as important as this match might be for Crystal I don’t feel the same. I rather just have my wife in my life. The entire situation seems to be weird. My wife is the best wrestler in the world! She’s the World Champion and…”

Christina can’t even find the right words to say at this point as the doctor once again just nods his head in agreement. He looks back at Crystal and continues to grin as he speaks some more.

“And I know it must be a weird situation for you to be in especially considering the very thing that you want is held by the woman that you love…”

“I told you it’s not me! Look being a World Champion does sound amazing but my wife is champion and that’s okay with me. I just want to prove that I am not a failure. I have been involved in four different marriages and none of them have ended well. What I have with Seleana feels so real and authentic and I don’t want to lose that. I can’t lose her… You hear me doctor?!”

The doctor just nods his head as he continues to keep his eyes on Christina.

“Christina I am going to ask for a favor from you but the being that has been causing all of this trouble lately. You think you could bring her out?!”

Christina looks at the doctor as she begins to shake.

“Are you sure that you know what you are asking for?! Once she comes out I won’t be able to control her. She’s sleeping peacefully and I think it’s best for the both of us if she remains as such…That is unless you rather me bring out Rose Witch…”

The doctor nods his head.

“No… I want you to bring out the person responsible for everything that happened in the last couple of weeks… You think you can do that for me?”

Christina slowly nods her head as she looks back at the doctor.

“I can but don’t say I didn’t warn you about it. You asked for it…”

Christina closes her eyes and after a few moments she sits upright in the chair. She adjusts her clothes as she glares at the doctor with a look of disgust on her face. She looks at her finger nails as she cracks a grin.

“What the fuck do you want?! My time is valuable and all of Hollywood wishes they could be me…”

“And who exactly am I speaking to?!”

Crystal shakes her head in utter disgust as she looks back at the Doctor.

“Seriously?! You should know me. I am the best female wrestler of all time. I am the Multi Media Queen CRYSTAL HILTON! Now don’t you ever forget that! Now what is it that you want I promised I wouldn’t find myself ever in a shrink’s office. So if you don’t mind why don’t we get this shit over with! Mark can shove his little mandate up his ass. I have a World Championship to win…”

The Doctor can only smile and nod his head in agreement as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a voice recorder. He places it on the table as he looks back at Crystal smiling.

“I hope you don’t mind if I record our session. This is Dr. Kelley and we are here for Crystal Hilton’s first session…”

“Whatever you can record whatever you want it’s not like it will make a difference on the matter. At the end of the day I always get what I want and that’s because Christina is just too weak…”

The doctor takes all of this information in as he looks back at his patient and just sighs in return.

“Right… Listen I just want to talk to you and so far it seems like you and Christina have very different goals. Christina is really worried that you are becoming too powerful and I don’t want to tell you to go away but I just want to figure out what’s going on with you and you how you came to exist within Christina…”

“I told you I don’t need a fucking shrink! I don’t have to tell you my life story or how I came to be. The only thing you need to know is that I am here to stay and I am not going anywhere. I am helping Christina. I am doing what’s best for her and that’s all that matters in the end!”

“Are you sure about that though?! Christina said she’s worried about losing Seleana and she doesn’t want to be a failure to her wife…”

“And do you think I give a flying fuck about what Christina wants?! No it’s all about me and what I want, and after I have my way I am going to take that World Championship away from her and put it around my waist, and there is nothing or anything that anyone can do to stop me… “

The doctor just sighs as he shakes his head in disgust.

“Surely you don’t really mean that. Seleana is everything to her and just from talking to Christina she seems that she would sacrifice everything for her wife…”

“Well that’s Christina that’s not me! I stabbed Seleana in the back once already and the thing is I would do it again and again. I can’t let people get too close to me. The closer people get to me, the more I open myself to being vulnerable and I would rather cut every single tie with those who claim to be close to Christina off than to allow her to be hurt…”

Crystal continues to vent as the doctor just nods his head as he looks deeper into her eyes.

“Wait so you were hurt in the past before?”

“Of course I was… The entire reason for me existing is because Christina got hurt… I just couldn’t stand back and let the world shit on her so I had to appear to stop everybody from picking on her. If I didn’t she would have been stuck in the endless loop of people taking advantage of her over and over again.”

The doctor writes something on a pad as he glares closer at Crystal nodding his head in agreement.

“And is you being overprotective really worth it if Christina loses the one that she loves. As she told me she has been involved in so many different relationships and she really loves Seleana. She doesn’t want things to end with her. She wants to keep their relationship going strong or at least repair what was broken.”

“Like I said I am only doing what’s necessary to protect her and I will continue to do so until I see fit. She has needed me for the past 18 years and I don’t ever see a reason for me to just stop being her protector. Whether she wants to believe in me or not I don’t even care but I refuse to let anybody get too close. I refuse to have her be a victim anymore…”

The doctor finally decides to get up as he actually sits down next to Crystal. He smiles as he rubs her back but Crystal snaps back as she growls in return.


The doctor however is very gentle as he just continues to rub her back. He lets a smile escape his lips as he begins to speak some more.

“Like I said relax I am not trying to hurt you Crystal. I just want to get to the bottom of your thoughts and feelings. I think I understand Christina but it is you that I wish to figure out. I want all of Christina to be happy but in order to gain a full of understanding of what’s happening with you. I want to talk to you. I want for you to open up to me. Consider me your biggest fan. I own all of your movies and have bought all of our albums…

Crystal’s eyes light up as she runs her fingers through her hair. The smile escapes her lips as she looks at the doctor and plants a passionate kiss on his cheek. The doctor is taken back as she leaves a bright red lipstick stain on his face.

“You should have said that in the first place. I would always do my best to help out my adoring public. So what is it that you want to know exactly?!”

“Your background… I want to know how you came into existence… When were you born within Christina? When is the first time you decided to appear within Christina? It’s hard to understand you if I don’t really know you. Please just open up. You can trust me as I told you before I am a major fan and I only want to help you in the end…”

Crystal smiles as she decides to lay down on the sofa. The starlet was all smiles as she gazed up at the ceiling.

“Fine I will tell you what I know or at least what you want to hear. Sit back Doc this is going to be a long one… But it all started 18 years ago when I was pregnant with Brittany… Back in high school when everybody picked on me…”

The doctor just sits there listening as Crystal begins to tell her story.

On Camera
Roll The Red Carpet Out
It’s Showtime

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are treated to the sight of Crystal Hilton. She is all smiles as she is seated on the same throne that we have seen her sitting on in the past. Crystal can’t help but chuckle as a smile escapes her lips. She is wearing a crown on her head and is also wearing a long robe. She slowly stands up as she raises her scepter high into the air. The cameras catch her eyes and she has a look of seriousness on her lips as she begins to speak.

“Hello to all of my loyal subjects out there, hopefully you haven’t forgotten me by now but if you have I will be happy to tell you exactly who I am. I am the Queen of all wrestling. I am the woman who rules all aspects of the media and in a little over a week I will stand here proudly as the one and only four time World Bombshell Champion in all of this company. I am Queen Crystal Hilton and I am the best fucking bombshell to have ever stepped foot inside of a ring. That’s right I am the best women’s wrestler to have ever wrestled in SCW and I deserve and demand all of the respect that I get. Now everything from the beginning has been perfectly executed. My plan to get to having a World Championship match couldn’t have been any clearer than it was the day that I was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Christian Underwood himself. You see ever since I got to this company the world has only known that Christian and I really don’t care for one another. We supposedly hate each other with a passion, and that’s what we want you to think…”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders as she actually begins to grin.

“Well to be brutally honest I don’t think Christian ever had a problem with me. We both have an issue with that of Christina. The bubbly loser that dwells within this vessel! You all can call me psychotic as much as you want but the fact that it is getting a little cramped within this body. Christian and I view Christina as an annoying little nuisance. He never liked Christina ever since she tried to play secretary for that of Mark Ward. Finding herself to the office and just annoying the living daylights out of Christian every single day. I hated the fact that I tried to take a stand to that of Mark a year ago. I told everyone I was going to walk out of this company and yet Christina begged for Mark to let her in. she begged for his friendship. One thing led to another she became his friend was able to win the Internet Championship and she somehow took that momentum and found a way to beat Mikah and it was a big celebration as she unified both the Internet and World Championships. She stood tall among as the best in the company and everyone seemed to be happy about it. Yet my biggest issue is she just didn’t take it seriously…”

Crystal forms a wicked grin as she continues to speak.

“As soon as she won the fucking championship she dropped it two weeks later, and proceeded to lose to the likes of Mikah over and over again. It was embarrassing for someone like me to watch. I didn’t bust my ass through all of these years of being here to just watch my glory get burnt out in a puff of smoke. I have busted my ass I had beaten the best of the best. I had ascended to the top and proved myself as a worthy wrestler and that image was just flat out gone. I truly hate Christina and instead of focusing on aggression and wrestling ability. She rather focus on everybody else’s problems with her role as Mark’s assistant, and she spent way more time into planning her wedding with Seleana then she did plotting her rise back to the top of the food chain…

I couldn’t deal with it and I wasn’t going to have it. Out of nowhere Kate Steele tries to rise back up and Christina doesn’t do anything. She just stands there and watches her daughter get annihilated and she watches her closest friends get decimated by the likes of sorry ass Kate. I knew at that very moment that I just couldn’t sit back any longer. Despite Christina’s pleas to step away from wrestling and perhaps retire I had other thoughts in mind. I was going to get even and that’s when I decided to strike. That is when I embarrassed Kate with her own finishing move and I wasn’t done there. I decided to kick it up a notch and I decided to put that little cunt waffle Cat Riley in her place as well. I beat the unbeatable and I proved to the world that Crystal Hilton still had it in her.

I knew it was at that very moment that I had to be the savior of this company. I had to be the person that everybody could depend on. Everybody that meant a damn was gone. Melody was too busy giving birth to a kid. Mikah was gone having a baby. Evie Baang rather dwell in mixed tag team action or holding a Roulette Championship and who knows about the other legendary names. This company was now going to be in the hands of Dani Weston and the new wave of these Honor idiots?!”

Crystal just shakes her head in utter disgust as she looks back at the cameras.

“Fuck that noise… I couldn’t let it happen. I needed to bring wrestling back to the glory that it was meant to be at. I needed to be the villain that this company needed and I knew my rise back to the top was imminent. Yet at the same time my… AHEM Christina’s wife started to get too popular for her own good. She struck the man that I knew was going to be my meal ticket, so as I watched her destroy that of the Metal Maniacs and that of Delia Darling I knew she had to be stopped. She had become the most recognized figure on the bombshell roster and just like Christina before her she had become a puppet of Mark Ward. So I decided to strike! I decided to beat the unholy hell out of Seleana. Her blood was on my hands and it is something that I am quite proud of…”

Crystal laughs again as she begins to share her heart.

“I got her blood on my bands but more importantly than that it got me my World Bombshell Championship match and that is why I am standing here right now. I know I should be upset because Mark decided to make this a four way match and try ruin what I worked so hard to do but to be honest I don’t really give a shit. That title is coming to where it rightfully belongs and I am going to do it style. As a matter of fact I am going to do it in a Blaze of Glory…. No pun intended….

On top of that I have gotten Seleana to stoop to my level. I love you so much dear I just want you to know that. After all because of me you are now the World Bombshell Champion. Because of me you actually get to have your two weeks of fame and it should be an amazing feeling. You have been wrestling for less than a year now and I remember all of the time spent training with you. I was toughening you up. Christina may have feel for the pretty girl with the funny accent who was all into animals but I was building you up to be something different. You might not realize it or not but when you decided to strike me a few weeks ago I enjoyed feeling that passion. You did make me cry in the middle of the ring. Yet I was molding you from being the over the top nice woman to being an actual warrior. I was establishing you as a legit threat and now you have the gold. You are the best of the best, and now if you really want to be a good little wife you would lay down before me…”

Crystal laughs as she continues to speak.

“You would lay down and make sure that the championship goes to its rightful owner and that of course being me. You do have some talent I won’t deny that. You did manage to beat Jessie Salco even though Jessie still finds ways to run her fucking mouth all of the time. Hell you even beat Alicia Lukas granted you might have had some assistance but it still doesn’t change the fact that you managed to beat her. You put the bitch squarely in her place, and all of your wonderful dreams were made possible because you have such a wonderful wife…”

Crystal runs her fingers through her hair as the grin escapes her lips as she begins to speak some more.

“Doesn’t that just sound so amazing?! I expect a major thank you but all I got in return was a shove to the ground. You really shouldn’t do that babe. I love you sooooooooo much. So much that you should be thrilled that I am going to be the one to take that title from you. It’s nothing personal and I believe I told you that multiple times. It’s strictly business but still you should be thanking me. With my help people are fully behind you. People are supporting you and you have emerged into a huge star. That’s absolutely amazing but now it’s time to get back to reality. A reality where you aren’t as good as me in the ring, a reality where you respect me as being the absolute best and I think I would like that…”

Crystal chuckles as she nods her head as speaks some more.

“Every queen needs a princess and you are my princess babe. So let’s work out these problems and go back to how things were. The sooner we do that the sooner we can move on with our lives and patch things up. After all I am sure Sarabi is going to keep you amazing company right?!”

Crystal blows a kiss to the camera as her smile turns to that of a wicked grin as she begins to speak some more.

“And now that we got my wife out of the way let’s get to the serious task at hand and that’s on the likes of the other two that are involved in this match, and of course I am talking about Alicia Lukas and Dani Weston…But I guess we should start with the likes of Dani shouldn’t we?!”

Crystal just shakes her head in utter disgust as she continues to share her heart to that of the camera.

“How’s it going Dani? I know I am not the one you wanted to be in a wrestling match with. You only have been saying it since day fucking one. The truth of the matter is I actually have some respect for you because you managed to do the very thing that I just couldn’t seem to do. You somehow managed to beat the likes of Mikah Green and that alone deserves all of the praise. You had a nice little title reign and you made it to 140 days… That is a major accomplishments if I do say so myself. It’s nowhere near the reign I hand during the summer of Crystal when I was damn near beating everybody on the entire roster. It doesn’t come anywhere close to what I established during my first reign with the championship but hey you at least was a champion for at least some time right?!

Your reign started by beating the likes of Mikah which is an awesome accomplishment but then it just became fucking weak. You would go on to defend against people like Amy Marshall, Apple Coren, and Alicia Lukas. I mean it’s okay but on paper it just sounds fucking pathetic if you asked me. yet while you rose to greatness by beating the hell out of nobodies I was busting my ass beating those that were undefeated. I was taking down opponents who felt they were much better than what they actually were. I took down Kate and she went on to hold the briefcase and of course I took out your precious little friend in Cat Riley. Beating Cat Riley who had been undefeated who had taken down every single opponent in front of her should be more than enough to make me the rightful number one contender to the title.

Yet in your eyes that just never seemed to be enough for you. You always found a way to join with the masses and tell everyone that I don’t deserve a title shot. You listed opponents who you felt were worthy of getting a championship match. You mentioned Apple Coren who hadn’t done a single fucking thing. You mentioned Alicia Lukas who you had just beaten. I believe you even went on to mention to Cat Riley who I had beaten and yet through all of it you had never mentioned me at all. It’s such a shame when I had beaten Cat Riley so badly she still hasn’t returned yet. That’s the type of power that I have when I go out there and wrestle, and yet all I ever wanted from you was just a little respect. I just wanted to be acknowledged or at least told that I deserve to be in the midst and yet I have been disrespected by you over and over again.

I will not be disrespected by you! You are going to pay for writing me off like I don’t belong here. I do belong here and I deserve to be in this match. If anybody doesn’t deserve to be here it definitely is you because you are the one that ended up dropping the ball. You somehow allowed Alicia to beat you in a rematch and that is just absolutely stupid. As a matter of fact this whole situation has been stupid within the last month or so. We have gone through a total of three different champions. The championship wasn’t meant to be passed around like it was involved in a game of hot potato! It was meant to be stabilized and I know of one woman who has the power to bring that balance…”

Crystal points at herself as a smile escapes her lips.

“I am that woman and at Blaze of Glory you will see exactly what I am talking about. I am that balance and come Next Sunday, Dani you will be the one that’s merely an afterthought. Your biggest mistake was writing me off like I didn’t matter or wasn’t worthy. You will see that isn’t the case and it won’t be long before this lost puts you out of the title picture…”

Crystal can’t help but chuckle as she shakes her head in disgust as she continues to speak.

“I guess with Dani out of the way that brings me to the last woman in this match. A woman I definitely have nothing but hate for. A woman who can’t find it to show me at least a little of respect, she always finds a way to disrespect me and that’s the type of shit that just won’t be tolerated. Of course I am talking about the Georgia Peach herself Alicia Lukas… How’s it going Alicia? First and foremost I do believe this is going to be our first meeting within SCW Alicia I know we have had our share of battles in the past and for the most part I will actually go on record and state that you have beaten me…

Yet what really sucks in the matter is your fucking attitude. You love to talk yourself up like you are the most awesome thing since sliced bread. You are quick to always bury your opponents and you go about life like everything revolves around you. When things don’t you cry like a little bitch until you perhaps find your way or get what you want I know it doesn’t matter at this point. There are some glimpses of hope within you. After all you and I are alike in some ways. We both have wrestling in our blood. You are a daughter of a former wrestler just like I am. You spent your time perfecting your craft in Japan where my talent is that of Mexico. Through all of the bullshit anybody would be a fool to see that you don’t possess talent. You do have it and I admire that about you.

What sucks however is that you just haven’t faced anybody in this company! You are so fucking quit to cry like a little bitch over Twitter after losing one match. You cried how you should be a one fed girl, you cried that you need to wear better lipstick after getting fucked, and you even went on record to say that things in another company make more sense. What really doesn’t make sense is the fact that you should have seen it coming quite sooner. The moment that the card read that Crystal would be pissed about her wife getting a title shot. The moment that somebody else got a shot before I did was the moment you should have realized I was gunning for you.”

Crystal shakes her head in utter disgust as she continues to vent.

“Everybody knew I was going to do something and I made sure to plant that title squarely in your face. Just like that your precious title reign came to an end and after losing you want to act like a little bitch. After losing one match you were even questioning why you were on the card among just acting like a little cry baby. Grow the fuck up this is professional wrestling if you don’t know how to have eyes in the back of your head perhaps you are in the wrong profession. I am going to beat that ass because you are now in my territory. The same way you came into LAW hoping you were going to take me down. I had to showcase to you why I was the Marquee Champion and I stomped you the fuck out…

Now here we are in my home of SCW. The home where I am a Hall of Famer and you are nothing, and I am going to slap you silly once again. Besides you asked to be screwed. You had it coming the moment you talked shit about my daughter when everybody knows she won that fatal four way match and should have been the Honor Champion. Yet she didn’t get a rematch. She didn’t get anything and you rubbed it in her face. Now you get to deal with me and I am not going to take that. I get even I strike harder, and I flat out will just fuck you up.

You shouldn’t be bitching though because this is your big moment. After all you are the woman that was all over the Blaze of Glory poster. It was your face and figure that was mostly highlighted. If you couldn’t handle being the focal point of the division and a show then you might as well get the fuck out. You were always a placeholder anyway, simply sitting there until I came back and took my rightful spot on top. Ever since you came here you have been disrespecting this company. You tried to rename the brand of bombshell to women. You think you might be doing the company justice but I will not have you try to rewrite something I helped establish. In order for you to do so you need to get through me…”

Crystal chuckles once again as she smiles.

“And if you feel you have what it takes you have one simple thing to do. You need to get through me. you need to get through the woman who has been on quite the roll since losing her championship. Finally we will be in the ring with one another. You don’t have to worry about me helping Seleana in this match for myself. I am going to do whatever it takes to get what belongs to me…”

Crystal claps her hands as she stands on the top of her throne.

“I know the odds are stacked against me. In the way that Climax Control ended it would seem like the world is against me. it would seem my road to becoming the champion has never been as hard as it is next Sunday but I love to defy the odds and there is one thing that everyone seems to be forgetting. It’s the fact that Blaze of Glory is in Anaheim… That’s basically right in my backyard. In the California that has adopted me as their own. I am not going to lose in front of my people in perhaps in front of the crowd that will cheer for me. I will beat the hell out of the three of you. I will show all of you why I am the Queen of this division and why I am ready to ascend to my throne once again. It’s time to roll the credits on the rest of the division. Consider this the curtain call and you all might as well take a bow because once the night is over everyone will be bowing before me as I am crowned the first ever Four Time World Bombshell Champion…”

Crystal is all smiles as she whispers into the camera.

“Lights…Camera…Action…. It’s showtime… Let me go out there and steal the show because we all know it was bound to happen anyway…”

With that Crystal raises her scepter high into the air and it is on this image that we fade out on.

18 years Ago Martin Luther King High School
Detroit Michigan

We are taken back to the past to 18 years ago as Crystal is explaining the story of her existence to the Doctor. We are able to see a 13 year old Christina and her belly is bulging outwards. She is pregnant with child as she roams through the halls of her high school hallways. She is wearing a backpack as she leans against a locker and let’s some tears roll down her cheek. A few of the girls walk by her and they just shake their head in disgust as they glare at the teenage Blatina.

“Leave some lunch for the rest of us half breed…”

“I bet she doesn’t even know who her parents are let alone the dad of her child…”

“I hear she’s pretty easy… Quick to give it up to anyone and everyone…”

The insults among everything else ar enough to drive Christina to insanity, she cries some more as she slumps down against the locker. She rests her head in her hands as she doesn’t want anybody to see her face. The insults however just keep coming her way. That is until a figure walks by and hovers over her. That figure belongs to none other than Todd Williams. The sophomore that was a year older than her and also happens to be the father of the child, Todd sported a fitted cap and a pair of loose fitting jeans. He offered her a hand as he looked down at her.

T-Will: Look I know it must be really tough but don’t listen to any of them. They are all just a bunch of jerks and they don’t know you like I know you…

Christina: But… Those words hurt. Nobody likes me here and maybe they are right. I am not going to amount to anything. I am just another horrible story of a teen pregnancy, a statistic, and I doubt I will finish school…

Todd however brings the teenager to her feet as he smiles at her.

T-Will: Despite what they think you are a queen to me. I mean you don’t need them anyway and I know for a fact that your future is bright. After all you have me in your life and that’s all you really need. You know I have more money than I could count or at least I do in my future. As soon as my stupid father croaks I will have so much money and I am going to do right for you, me, and our unborn child…”

Christina just continues to cry as she vents to Todd.

Christina: You don’t understand though. What if that doesn’t work out for us. Softball is all I had and because of the pregnancy my career and scholarship is pretty much ruined. I had so many scouts looking at me and I can never get that again. Everybody thinks I am a huge joke. My biological mother didn’t want me. God knows who my actual father is. I was left on my Aunt’s doorstep and now she is raising me like one of her own. Do you know how it feels to be a baby in a family where you feel like you are an outcast because you look different?! Can you possibly fathom what goes through my head every day when my cousins or adopted siblings are all superior athletes and each have found their way to colleges and now I am the one that won’t measure up. It’s just sucks that I won’t be good at anything!

Christina continues to cry even more as Todd hugs her tightly.

T-Will: You can’t say that… You know I used to feel that way. MY father hated the sight of me because my mother had a very high risk pregnancy with me. Everybody was telling her that she shouldn’t have me because she got pregnant so soon after she had Jenny but she didn’t listen. She didn’t want to deprive me of a life and she had me anyway but in the process she didn’t make it…

Todd looks away just sighing.

T-Will: I was never really treated right by Jennifer and my father can’t stand the very sight of me because I look like mom so much. He really wanted to put a bullet through my head but he just couldn’t do it so he sent me and Jenny both to live here with my grandparents in Detroit. How do you think that makes me feel? Jenny to this day still hasn’t forgiven me and I don’t know if she will. The fact is we both have had our share of bad things but together we can get through this.

Todd looks at the rest of the school as he shakes his head.

T-Will: Besides you can’t just focus on those who hate you. You have me and you have a wonderful friend in Stephanie who is practically your sister. As long as you hold onto those things which are for you that’s all that matters right?!

Christina nods her head with a grin.

Christina: Yes I guess you do have a point.

T-Will: Of course I do… I would never steer you in the wrong direction. Now speaking about Stephanie why don’t we go meet up with her. Perhaps the three of us could go get lunch together…

Christina: That sounds like an amazing idea. Come on let’s go…

Christina and Todd walk hand in hand as they go in search of their friend Stephanie. Stephanie Sullivan was the captain of the cheerleading team. She had been worked hard in order to gain that type of status in school. The two find their way to what looks like to be a classroom where a group of girls are huddled up.

Elizabeth: Like EWWW Steph are you really friends with that loser?!

Mary: She is totes gross and like opens her legs for anymore. Please tell me she isn’t your best friend. I didn’t take you as the type to hang out with someone such as her.

Stephanie is being pressured by the likes of her classmates. Stephanie can only yawn in return as she glares back at all of them.

Stephanie: I am not her friend! I only hang out with her so I can count that as community service hours. You know I have to give back to the needy…

Christina hears that and she immediately begins to cry as she looks back at Stephanie.

Christina: So is that how you really feel about me?!”

Christina runs away a crying mess as Stephanie tries to chase after her.

Stephanie: Wait it’s not what you think… Come back here Christina!

Stephanie runs after her as we slowly shift back to present day.

Present Day
Dr. Kelley’s Office

Crystal is laying on the sofa as she shakes her head in disgust.

“So you see Doc that is where is started…”

“I see but surely there has to be more…”

“No that was only the beginning. That hatred started to burn within Christina. It was one thing for everybody in school to pick on her but to hear that from a girl who was supposedly her best friend she didn’t want to deal with it. That is where I was starting to form into her, and I didn’t fully come to surface until four years later.”

Dr. Kelley just writes some notes.

“I see and what happened then?!”

“Well I was 17 at the time. Brittany was four and obviously around this time I was training hard in Mexico with my father that I finally met for the first time. I had left Todd back in the states but he always did his own thing. So I left Brittany with Stephanie. Stephanie and I had since made up from that previous incident. She of course is Brittany’s Godmother so all she had to do was babysit Brittany while I was Mexico and…”

14 years ago
Detroit, Michigan
Stephanie’s Apartment

Stephanie was 18 years old and she had her own apartment. She was left with one task take care of Crystal’s four year old daughter. Stephanie couldn’t help but smile as the four year old little girl was sleeping peacefully in a bed. Stephanie kisses the little girl as she stands in the doorway smiling.

“Goodnight pumpkin, Auntie Stephanie loves you so much…”

As Stephanie turns the corner she is stopped by Todd Williams who can’t help but smile at the woman.

“My little princess is beautiful isn’t she?!”

“Very… She is really an angel. Despite everything that Christina went through something beautiful came from it…”

Todd smiles as he looks at Stephanie.

“Well Brittany isn’t the only beautiful thing here…”

Todd leans closer and plants a passionate kiss on Stephanie’s face. Stephanie looks up into Todd’s eyes as she is taken back.

“We shouldn’t be doing this… This isn’t fair to your wife and…”

“But do you want this Stephanie? Christina isn’t around and it’s just us…”

Stephanie thinks about it as she nods her head in agreement. One thing leads to another and the two find themselves in the next room and are having intercourse with one another. What they didn’t know however was that Christina was going to surprise them. Christina had a key to Stephanie’s apartment. After all they were closer than that of sisters. Christina walks in and finds things to be a little weird. She checks on Brittany to see her sleeping peacefully but then she opens the door to Stephanie’s bedroom and that is when she loses her shit. Christina can’t believe it. Not only was she once again hurt by her best friend but her husband the very man that said would always treasure her was sleeping with her best friend. She didn’t know how to react. The innocent being that was Christina was no longer there. Instead there were flames. Christina had formed a very wicked look at she screamed at the top of her lungs.


“Babe wait I can explain…”

“Christina I can explain…”

Christina however just shakes her head in disgust as she looks at the both of them.


In a rage Christina begins to throw stuff at both of them before she storms out and yanks her sleeping daughter out of bed. She storms out the house as she speaks out loud to herself.

“Nobody will ever hurt you again… Nobody will ever hurt you again, because now they have to deal with me…”

Christina’s eyes turn to that of hatred as she forms a look of disgust.

Present Day

“So you see Doc that’s when I was fully born. It’s one thing to have your friend say shit about you but the two of them betraying me I couldn’t let Christina deal with that shit anymore! The reason I exist is because everyone who seems to get too close to Christina always ends up betraying her in the end. I made a vow to never let anybody hurt Christina ever again. I am her confidence, I am her passion, and NOBODY WILL HURT HER ON MY WATCH!!!”

“So is that what this is about Crystal?! You are afraid to let people get too close?!”

Crystal nods her head.

“Exactly and if I have to burn bridges so be it but nobody will hurt Christina ever again…”

“And what about your wife Seleana who has done nothing but support you through everything… How do you feel about her and everything she has done for Christina…”

Crystal just sits there silently not knowing what to say. She takes a long deep breath as she just crosses her arms.

“Answer my question Crystal what are your feelings on Seleana? A woman who has done nothing wrong, who hasn’t done anything to hurt you or Christina like others have done to Christina in the past. Perhaps she is the one that genuinely loves Christina for who she is and will always have her back…”

Crystal thinks about it as she slowly unfolds her arms.

“…I fucking love her….. I LOVE HER OKAY…. I … Look….I….”

“No take all the time you need… This is what I am here for. I want to understand you and I want you to open up about yourself. I want you to be honest about your feelings for your wife. I know how Christina feels but what about you. Once I can understand you I think we can work on you helping Christina live a healthy life and perhaps your relationship won’t be in as much turmoil as it currently is…”

Crystal slowly continues to open up as she begins to express herself.

“Fine as far as Seleana goes I feel that….”

To Be Continued…

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Monday, February 25, 2019
Los Angeles, California
Zdunich Zoological Gardens
7: 45 AM PST

Seleana Zdunich glances at her bag to make sure she has enough packed for an overnight trip. She glances through her stuff and nods in succession as she goes down her list until she comes to the thing sitting on the very top of the pile in this bag.

The Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship Belt.

Three months ago this shiny symbol of excellence sitting here in her bag would have been unthinkable. She was a rookie nearing the end of her first year competing in a sport that before that had been the domain of only her young sister, Zenna, and her older cousin, Alexi. Both had told her stories of how things would be and the sport had only been a distant thing, something she talked about with those who did but not that she actually partook in herself while she was in Christchurch. New Zealand was not exactly thought of as a hotbed for the sport, especially not after the earthquakes had started in the area in September, 2010. There had been two more major earthquakes in 2011 and countless other small ones in the following years and while several small groups made the attempt, most of the companies did not last simply because a lot of the venues were either damaged or already taken by other events that had required moving following the natural disasters.

Seleana stares at the belt and runs her right hand along the strap, tracing it all the way to the plate in the middle, looking almost as if she is trying to make sure the belt before her is real and not some cruel prank played on her by a well-meaning employee.

This was not something either Zenna or Alexi had achieved in their careers. Alexi had retired without achieving a singles world championship. She had achieved a tag team championship with her partner, Raevyn Lilja, but a solo championship reign was not in the cards for her career before it had come to an end so she could start her family and Alexi had never looked back. Five children later, not having a championship like this one in her trophy case did not seem to eat at her simply because her children were more important and her husband, Robbie Priest, had won six of them himself and thus she considered the household fulfilled by his reigns.

Zenna’s career had been put on hold for five and half years as she battled drug and alcohol addictions brought on by injuries and other traumas suffered as a rookie in 2011. Her comeback near Christmas 2017 in Hybrid Wrestling had thus far produced no championships but she had also contained herself in tag team competition with their younger cousin, Maja Lindström, a woman with far more training that Seleana, but just as much of a rookie when it comes to actual competition inside the ring.

Seleana nods to the belt and then zips up the bag. Tonight there would be no celebration for ehr championship victory. She was not going home to her loving wife and family. She was not going to see her sisters or cousins or parents or anyone else like that. The night before had been spent sleeping here in her cot, hoping the mixed feelings of what had transpired at Climax Control in Long Beach would somehow dissipate and allow her to be proud of her achievement. That hope had been dashed when she’d awoken to the same feelings mixing together in her head. She knew Alicia Lukas would not be taking this loss well, if she could even bring herself to call it a loss at all. She looks at the bag on the desk and shakes her head as she leans forward, her hands landing on the cold wood on either side of the bag.

Seleana Zdunich: Skit också!

She stands up and shakes her head slowly, sadly and yet somehow still angry as well. She needed to pull herself together. She had promised to come over to the home of her friends and “sisters” Kate Storm and Eavan Maloney to help watch over the order to bedrest Kate while Eavan was out of town for a match. Kate was very pregnant, her pregnancy had always been considered dangerous and high risk and now the doctors had order her to almost continual bedrest, something that would put a serious hitch in her life especially with toddler to care for in little twenty-month old Trinity. Having Eavan move in with the soon-to-be single mother was a major help with things except for the days Eavan had to go out and keep her scheduled commitments and that was where Seleana was to come in. though she’d never cared for people in this way, she had cared for animals large and small while at Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch and again here at the Zdunich Zoological Gardens in Los Angeles.

Seleana Zdunich: För fan i helvete!

Seleana knew she needed to have her head on straight in order to go help the woman who was once set to be her sister-in-law, especially while the woman who had actually been her sister-in-law was in Miami for a match tonight. Seleana sighs, was it Miami?

Seleana Zdunich: Seleana, din jävla idiot! Tänk rätt!

As she glances across her desk, she hears footfalls behind her in the hallway. Seleana turns to see an assistant in the quarantine area here at the zoo, Dr. Michelle Chavez, a small dark-haired, bespectacled woman of Mexican descent.

Seleana Zdunich: Chavy?

Dr. Chavez smiles, it had taken her two months to get Seleana to call her the nickname everyone else used and to hear it now when she knew her boss was not in the best of moods made her almost float.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: Hello, Mrs. Zdunich.

Seleana glances at the woman and nods at her black dress slacks paired with a white blouse and her lab coat. The black non-slip shoes and glasses just seemed to finish off the ensemble perfectly and say to the world, “I’m ready for business today.” Seleana stood in direct contrast in her black workout pants and tank top that almost looked like onesie if you caught ti at the right angle. Dr. Chavez looked like she was at work, Seleana looked like she was about to either go workout or spend the day with a latte in her hand on Rodeo Drive.

Seleana Zdunich: How are things progressing?

Dr. Chavez nods, happy to get to business so as not to take up too much of her boss’s time.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: The three chinchillas are almost ready for their habitat. They need another week before they can be given their last check-up. The lion area is being prepped for Mufasa. He’ll get his check-up on Wednesday and be ready for his habitat. We have couple of others that will enter quarantine in the next two weeks assuming the paperwork I saw earlier goes through and becomes finalized. We have a line on a few tigers being explored. One already has paperwork being set-up. The three bears are taking to their habitat nicely. Bonzo looked like he was gonna be trouble but since they’ve had a few days together, he’s settled down.

Seleana nods happily. This was all good news, especially Bonzo.

Seleana Zdunich: So no fights between Bonzo and Beorn?

Dr. Chavez shakes her head.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: Beorn never showed an inclination for that and once Bonzo found his own space, that trouble seemed to disappear. Baloo is doing well too so we seem to be covered on that front.

Seleana can’t smile broadly enough.

Seleana Zdunich: I am glad for this. You will keep me updated in case of problem?

Dr. Chavez nods.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: Of course.

Seleana nods and hugs her.

Seleana Zdunich: Thank you, Chavy.

Dr. Chavez smiles and takes her leave. Seleana grabs her bag and her phone, sticking the phone quickly into the side pocket of her pants. She nods as she takes one more look around the room and then moves to turn off the light. She steps out, locks the door to the office and then heads out to her 2019 jet black Maserati Quattroporte. She tosses the back onto the passenger seat and sits down, strapping herself in. As she goes to start the car, her hands suddenly don’t want to cooperate and she lowers her head, almost laying her forehead onto the steering wheel. Within seconds, she starts screaming, tears rolling down her face as she starts slapping the wheel.

Seleana Zdunich: För fan i helvete!

She sits back against her seat and screams again.

Seleana Zdunich: Din jävla...

Her right hand smacks the wheel again.

Seleana Zdunich: Varför gjorde du det här mot mig?

She shakes her head, catching a glimpse of herself in the side mirror.

Seleana Zdunich: Seleana, sluta vara en jävla idiot! Du är bättre än det här och du vet det. Låt inte vad som hände igår kväll få dig att fråga dig själv.

Taking a deep breath, Seleana starts to compose herself. She wipes the tears from her eyes and then glances at herself in the mirror. She nods and starts the car.

Seleana Zdunich: Okej…

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Laguna Beach, California
Home of Kate Bass and Eavan Maloney
9: 45 AM PST

Seleana sits on the couch, scanning her phone to check for messages from either the zoo or her family. The previous day and evening had gone better than she thought it would playing nursemaid to the more or less bedridden Kate and her small toddler, Trinity. Seleana had never cared for a small child before and the idea had both excited and worried her. Trinity had been wary at first but had eventually allowed Seleana to handle her well enough. Eavan had made it back home after her match and was now hobbled as well by a knee injury that was causing her mobility problems that were supposed to resolve themselves within a day or two. Everyone involved hoped this was how it played out since Eavan was a self-proclaimed terrible patient and Seleana did not relish the idea of dealing with three unhappy girls at once. As she comes across a message from the zoo, Eavan staggers in and sits down next to her on the couch.

Eavan Maloney: Thanks again for helping out, Sel…

Seleana looks up and manages a sad smile.

Seleana Zdunich: It was my pleasure. It helped me get my mind off what is happening at home.

Eavan sighs heavily. She knew all too well about relationship troubles at home and especially in marriages having gone through a few in recent years including a marriage to Seleana’s youngest sister, Katra. Eavan ponders what to say and then nods to the phone.

Eavan Maloney: Did you get good news?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: A giraffe had a check-up today. She came through healthy. Dr. Chavez was worried Cami was ill but it turned out to be nothing. She was just getting used to new habitat.

Eavan nods, managing her own sad smile to cover the pain in her leg.

Eavan Maloney: Does that help too?

Seleana nods and sets the phone down next to her.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, lets me focus on their habitat instead of my own and I can work however late I want to so…

Eavan cocks her head slightly, the question flying out of her mouth before she has a chance to stop it.

Eavan Maloney: Crystal doesn’t mind if you come home late?

Seleana shrugs as if there is nothing to the question.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not know what she thinks, I have not returned to the house since she attacked me.

Eavan stares, doing some quick math in her head.

Eavan Maloney: You haven’t gone home in a month?

Seleana shakes her head slightly, again, looking as if there is nothing to either the question or her answer to it.

Seleana Zdunich: Nej…

She trails off, thinking over the answer as if she’s just now doing the math for herself as well.

Seleana Zdunich: The first week I was in New York for Kattunge’s birthday, so it did not matter. Then I returned to California for work.

Eavan continues to just stare, unsure if she’s liking where this is going.

Eavan Maloney: So, hotel?

Seleana shakes her head quickly, as if the very idea is repugnant to her.

Seleana Zdunich: I no spend money like that. Is silly…

Confused and worried, Eavan’s mouth starts to fall open.

Eavan Maloney: So you’ve got nothing?

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: Oh, you know, I have the zoo… and my cot…

Eavan raises a hand to stop Selean from continuing.

Eavan Maloney: Did… you say… cot?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, it is in my office at the zoo. As I said, I no go “home” since the attack. I have crashed at Shay and Lena’s two or three times but mostly, my cot…

Eavan’s entire body just seems to fall at this statement.

Eavan Maloney: Oh, Honey…

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: It is not bad. I feel like I am back in Christchurch some days. I wander around and see all the animals and I lose myself amongst them, forgetting the outside world until it intrude again. Some days it work and then some days I walk out and am reminded when I go to car and I…

She trails up, tears starting to well up in her eyes.

Seleana Zdunich: I…

Seleana looks away in shame and embarrassment, the guilt for pushing this onto Eavan rising up inside her and seemingly boiling over.

Seleana Zdunich: Ursäkta mig!

Eavan moves over and hugs her.

Eavan Maloney: It’s not your fault…

The two women embrace for a minute and then Eavan stands up, her leg causing it to take an extra few seconds.

Eavan Maloney: I’m gonna go check on Kate, can you check on Trinity for me?

Seleana nods, rubbing her eyes.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, I do…

Fifteen minutes later, Eavan walks up to Seleana as the Swedish woman watches the toddler playing with her blocks. Eavan can’t help but smile at the sight of Trinity enjoying herself.

Eavan Maloney: She’s a doll, isn’t she?

Seleana nods in agreement.

Seleana Zdunich: Förtjusande…

Eavan nods and the two stand there in silence for a second watching the little girl playing, seemingly off in her own little world of imagination that the outside world has yet to interrupt and impede with its rules and reality.

Eavan Maloney: Kate and I think you should move in with us for right now…

Seleana turns to Eavan, shock registering on the Swede’s face. Eavan raises a hand to slow down the panic arriving in Seleana’s eyes.

Eavan Maloney: We need the help between Kate’s pregnancy, Trinity and my out of town schedule and current level of mobility. You know us, you’re family and you need a place until you figure out what is going on with your marriage.

Seleana’s mouth falls open in shock. Could she really argue with anything Eavan had just said? Unsure of whether she should rejoice or burst into tears again, Seleana hugs the much smaller woman.

Seleana Zdunich: Tack, Eavan…

Eavan hugs her back.

Eavan Maloney: Systrar alltid.

Seleana smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: You know what will happen now if it get out I stay here with you and Kate?

Eavan snickers, nodding playfully.

Eavan Maloney: Or if I made a crack about you seeing me naked earlier because i forgot when i went in the shower and just walked around for a minute?

Seleana laughs, nodding.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja… that too.

Eavan shrugs.

Eavan Maloney: Sorry about that, by the way…

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: It is your home, Chickie, how I am mad that you feel comfortable in your home?

Eavan snickers and hugs Seleana again.

Eavan Maloney: Are you going to need to get anything?

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: If I go to work tomorrow, I can get some more clothes. I brought most other with already.

Eavan nods.

Eavan Maloney: Okej.

The two turnt back to watching Trinity, both enjoying watching the little girl having the time of her life in her own little sphere, seemingly not a care in the world at the moment, both wishing they were that care free again as well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Laguna Beach, California
Home of Kate Bass and Eavan Maloney
11: 45 AM PST

Seleana sits on the couch, Eavan seated next to her as the two try to find something to keep them occupied while Trinity and Kate enjoy much-needed naptime. With both women scanning their messages and certain websites, Seleana gets a chime on her device to say there is an incoming video camm. She tps the screen and smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: Shenzi calls…

Eavan glances over, a smile coming on her face as Seleana taps the button to answer the call.

Zenna Zdunich: Hej!

Seleana and Eavan both grin at the smiling redhead on the screen.

Eavan Maloney: Hej, Z!

Seleana Zdunich: Hej, Shenzi!

Zenna smiles even wider than usual at the sight of Eavan sitting there as well.

Zenna Zdunich: Hej, Ev! How are you?

Eavan shrugs.

Eavan Maloney: Bad wheel but otherwise, I’m doing great. How are you?

Zenna shrugs on her end.

Zenna Zdunich: Waiting for Sarabi to talk about the lion at her zoo just to see me…

Seleana grins, interrupting her sister.

Seleana Zdunich: You mean…

She pauses, grinning knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: Mufasa?!!?

Zenna shudders playfully, laughing hyena-like as she does so.

Zenna Zdunich: Oooh… do it again!

This time, Eavan leans in, grinning just like the Zdunich Sisters.

Eavan Maloney: Mufasa!

Zenna starts laughing harder and both Seleana and Eavan laugh with her.

Seleana Zdunich: Mufasa!

Eavan Maloney: Mufasa!

Seleana Zdunich: Mufasa!

Zenna almost falls to the floor in her home in New Orleans and both Seleana and Eavan can’t help but laugh along with her even as they both try to stifle the volume.

Seleana Zdunich: Gud välsigne dig, Shenzi!

Eavan nods her agreement.

Eavan Maloney: Yeah, God bless you, Shenzi!

Zenna shrugs playfully, cheerfully.

Zenna Zdunich: What are sisters for, ja?

Seleana and Eavan both nod, both look like they might answer when Zenna smirks wickedly.

Zenna Zdunich: Ah, så jag är den enda som inte ser Eavan naken nu, ja?

Eavan’s mouth falls open in shock as Seleana laughs again.

Seleana Zdunich: Du säger det här som det är en dålig sak, Shenzi."

Zenna snickers at her sister’s answer to this.

Zenna Zdunich: And you say it as if it is not, Sarabi…

Seleana shakes her head as Eavan looks at the screen, the wheels obviously turning in the small blonde woman’s head.

Seleana Zdunich: You naughty thing!

Zenna nods knowingly.

Zenna Zdunich: You laughed…

Seleana nods in acknowledgement.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, Jag gjorde.

The smirk on Zenna’s face is suddenly matched by the one on Eavan’s.

Eavan Maloney: Maybe I need to go find some pics to send over to remedy this problem?

Now it’s Seleana’s turn to have her mouth drop open in surprise while Zenna’s smirk seems to deepen.

Zenna Zdunich: Why, Miss Eavan…

Zenna bats her eyes, putting on a bad fake New Orleans accent that doesn’t quite mask her own natural Swedish one.

Zenna Zdunich: Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs Robinson?

Eavan snickers.

Eavan Maloney: Hey now, I’m the younger one here, you’re older than me… Mrs. Robinson!

Zenna shrugs.

Z: You’re the one offering pics…

Eavan smirks, looking playfully bashful.

Eavan Maloney: Am I?

She bats her eyes back at Zenna the same way the middle Zdunich sister had earlier and Seleana almost starts laughing again right there.

Seleana Zdunich: You two incorrigible!

Eavan snickers yet again.

Eavan Maloney: She says as if she doesn’t love it!

Zenna nods, snickering as well.

Zenna Zdunich: She has you there, Sarabi!

Shrugging, Seleana nods slowly.

Seleana Zdunich: Did you two plan or just luck?

Zenna cocks her head, looking at her sister as if Seleana has just said the single craziest thing any of them have ever said in their collective lives.

Zenna Zdunich: Have I ever struck you as the type with a real plan, Sarabi?

Seleana stares back for a second, caught off-guard and pondering the question.

Seleana Zdunich: Well, there was Japan…

Zenna nods slowly, visibly taken down a peg.

Zenna Zdunich: And how well did that plan work out for me?

Seleana’s head droops in shame.

Seleana Zdunich: I…

Gritting her teeth, she forces herself to look at her sister again.

Seleana Zdunich: Jag är ledsen, Shenzi. Jag menade inte att säga det.

Zenna smiles sadly.

Zenna Zdunich: I know, I love you, Sarabi.

She pauses and nods.

Zenna Zdunich: Ev… I’ll let you go now.

The call ends and Seleana stares at the phone for a second, setting it down and leaning forward, her head in her hands. Eavan leans over, her hand landing on Seleana’s back.

Eavan Maloney: Sel?

Seleana starts to cry and just shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: Jag är en dålig syster.

Eavan can’t believe her ears.

Eavan Maloney: You are NOT a bad sister, Sel!

Seleana nods slowly, rocking slightly, tears flowing now full force.

Seleana Zdunich: I am…

Eavan shakes her head and leans over, trying to get the larger woman to look up at her. Seleana lest it happen and Eavan looks her dead in the eyes.

Eavan Maloney: You are not bad, you hear me? Zenna knows you didn’t mean to go there like that. She loves you as does Nala. Kate and I love you, you’re a great sister!

Seleana looks down again.

Seleana Zdunich: Why things go so badly, Eavan?

She tries to reach out and finds herself unable to make her body function properly.

Seleana Zdunich: I try, Eavan… I try… I…

She manages to look up to Eavan, tears streaming down her face, her entire body trembling.

Seleana Zdunich: Why I no good enough for her?

Eavan hugs Seleana immediately.

Eavan Maloney: I don’t know, Baby Girl…

Seleana’s arms wake up enough to latch onto Eavan and she starts sobbing into the smaller woman’s shoulder.

Seleana Zdunich: Why… no… make…

The words cho0ek themselves off and fresh sobs take over.

Seleana Zdunich: What I do wrong? Why she hit me?

Eavan hugs her tightly.

Eavan Maloney: Ssssh…. You did nothing wrong, Sweetie… you did nothing wrong…

Seleana tries to respond but the words will not come. She sobs into Eavan’s shoulder searching herself for answers that will not come, Eavan holding her and trying to keep her from falling apart completely.

Eavan Maloney: It’s gonna be alright, Sel… it’s gonna be alright.


Saturday, March 2, 2019
Los Angeles, California
Zdunich Zoological Gardens
7: 45 AM PST

The camera opens on Seleana Zdunich in her office at the Zdunich Zoological Gardens sitting at her desk. The shot comes from behind her, swinging around to the right to show both what she’s doing, the relative emptiness of her office and the small cot sitting near the wall on the other side of her as Seleana passes sheets of paper from one pile to another, her eyes scanning over the contents of each sheet before she makes the transfer.

Seleana Zdunich: I will be with you in just…

The scanning seems to pick up speed on the last few sheets, though the camera shows it’s not because she’s hurrying but because the sheets themselves have less content for ehr to try and take in printed on them.

Seleana Zdunich: One…

The final three sheets go through her process and swap from the now non-existent pile on her left to the much larger pile on her right. Seleana pushes back from the desk, the chair she sits in rolling just enough to allow her to stand up. She nods to her now completed work and slowly turns to face the camera’s lens, allowing it to take in the full picture before them. The camera pans down, getting a shot that starts at Seleana’s beat-up looking Chuck Taylors to her black track pants and then up to her grey sleeveless workout top, a sports bra visible under the shirt. The camera finishes panning back up, pulling out for a full body shot of Seleana in front of the desk, a look of world-weariness on her face.

Seleana Zdunich: I am sorry to keep you waiting, but I have a lioness to prepare the zoo to receive next week from Ohana Wildlife Park in Christchurch and that will not take care of itself any more than some of the attitudes that get thrown out on a daily basis on Twitter.

Seleana nods, a slight smile coming to her face as she sits against the edge of the desk, folding her hands in front of her as she does so.

Seleana Zdunich: So, Blaze of Glory VII, Anaheim, California…

Nodding to the southeast, Seleana almost looks ready to give directions to the building from here as if she’s suddenly become a tour guide in addition to everything else.

Seleana Zdunich: Half an hour’s drive from here on a good day, forty-five sometimes, an hour on a busy one, and it will be my first time in the main event of such a show. Everyone else in the match, Alicia Lukas, Dani Weston, Crystal Hilton…

She nods slightly, considering how that last name will be taken and decides not to take it back even knowing how it will probably be both perceived and received in certain circles.

Seleana Zdunich: They have all been in this situation before, tasted victory in this situation before. In Crystal and especially Alicia’s cases, they have tasted this many times over. As a matter of fact…

She stands up and nods to the camera, her hand coming up to allow her right index finger to points slightly at the camera for a quick moment.

Seleana Zdunich: Alicia Lukas was the main event in a show that was the biggest in my own family’s careers for a time before Linnéa found herself defending a championship like this herself. It was an Honor Wrestling show, August 13, 2017, Camp Ripley, Minnesota, called Zero Hour. I had been in this country for a month or so but I was watching that show because my sisters’ band was playing the National Anthem and it was their first time doing such a thing. I had been told this was a big deal for a band especially an all female one such as American Murder Log. They started that show and then another woman I know now closed it.

She nods slowly, knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: The main event that night was a Champion versus Champion thirty minute iron woman match between The Honor Champion Samantha Tolson and the Legacy Champion Alicia Lukas and it was a great fight that ended in a draw with neither woman able to continue because of the beating they endured.

Her eyes close and her hands move to land on her chest as Seleana allows herself to bask in the memory, replaying the images over in her mind. Finally, she nods and opens her eyes again, looking dead into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: It was a great night, one that was started by women and ended by women and one that I found inspiring. It was a night I thought of four months later when Crystal asked me to try my hand at the family business as it were. I had seen women do things I had never thought possible and thought, if they can do such things, why can I not at least try. They deserve such respect.

Seleana nods as she turns and picks up a duffel bag from under the desk. She places the bag on the desk and opens it to show the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship belt.

Seleana Zdunich: Now, nineteen months later, it is my turn to step into that position with one of the women from that night in August of 2017 that helped introduce me to the opportunities that America held. The woman who main evented that night, the woman I took this belt from and the woman I pinned last Sunday to do it, Alicia Lukas.

She nods and stares at the belt.

Seleana Zdunich: I would be lying to you if I said I had expected that to happen when I was first watching you fight, Alicia. I would be lying if I said I expected that to happen when you first came here to Sin City Wrestling. You were somebody to be put on a pedestal, something to aspire to become. As you said, you have done this in many places and you have shown your talent and dedication. It’s what you do, ja?

She nods and turns back to the camera, looking over her right shoulder at it.

Seleana Zdunich: You win championships. That is what you said, ja?

She nods and turns back to the championship sitting in her bag on top of her desk and nods firmly to it.

Seleana Zdunich: When this match was first set up, I looked at the line-up and had to blink multiple times to make sure I was not seeing things. I had heard Mark Ward say my name, but it was not real until I saw it in writing, until I saw my face on a posted promoting the show next to yours, next to Dani Weston’s, next to Crystal Hilton’s. It was not real until that poster.

She bows her head, closing her eyes as the camera zooms in to focus on the championship gleaming under the office lights.

Seleana Zdunich: I know none of you see me as being worthy to be on that poster and certainly not worthy of being in the position I am in where I come in as the SCW World Bombshell Champion. When that poster was made, I was the plucky underdog that was lucky to be getting her Rocky-esque shot at the title amidst a sea of champions. I was the only one on that poster who had never so much as challenged for the championship, much less won it. I was the only one who had not yet won the championship and the only one who had not been the champion in the last year.

Nodding slightly, she looks up, opening her eyes and fixing her gaze on the championship.

Seleana Zdunich: Now I am the one you all see as the undeserving champion that will walk into Anaheim and go down in a Blaze of Glory as one of you takes your rightful place back on your throne and I go back to pretending I know what I’m doing the way I was before I punched Christian Underwood in the face and apparently punched the button for the bullet train ride to the main event by getting myself fired.

She nods slowly as she stares at the championships, reaching out her hand but stopping short of actually making physical contact with the belt itself. Her hand hovers for a second and then pulls back and falls back to her side leaving the championship alone.

Seleana Zdunich: Now I stand in that pantheon of champions. “The Lioness” that kicks people and wins championships. All she does is win, takes names and stand tall…

She nods as if ticking off a list.

Seleana Zdunich: Now I stand with the sweet bartender that was the plucky underdog before me. Dani Weston, I know you don’t think much of me. I know you think I do not deserve to be here, I do not deserve to have that championship in my possession and I do not deserve to be defending against but i also know that by being in this match I did not take anything from you and I do not take anything from you. You had one on one matches with Alicia Lukas already and I have no doubt you will have another, if for no other reason than, as Alicia said, you and one and one and she will not be able to stand it if your record with each other stands at a draw. She will need to have that tiebreaker match and you deserve that match as well. I have been in the ring with you before and I know what you are capable of. You pinned me when we faced before and there was no question you were better than me then. You are also worthy of standing in your place in this pantheon of great champions. You have earned everything you have ever gotten and you will earn anything else you ever get. I am proud and honored to be on that poster with both of you no matter what you say about me.

She nods a second time in ticking off her list.

Seleana Zdunich: Crystal Hilton…

Her eyes close again, her entire body starting to tremble.

Seleana Zdunich: I know you do not believe in me or you would not have done what you have done over the last month. You would not have attacked me to get this shot under orders from Christian Underwood after I punched him for you. You would not have gotten involved last Sunday when I was receiving my first championship opportunity against Alicia and you would not be constantly changing your mind about whether that was a good decision or not. You would not be looking at everything and saying you did this so you could find an easier path to the throne you so desperately crave like an addict who has gone too long without a fix. I know you do not believe in me because you do not believe in yourself. Alicia knows it, Dani knows it, Christian knows it, I know it and you know it…

She slowly turns to face the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: We know you don’t believe in yourself because of how often you change personas when one does not work anymore. We know because of what you have done to me, to Alicia and what you will try to do to us all in that match. Alicia earned her way into this match through hard work, dedication and sheer fucking will to be the best! Dani earned her way into this match the same way and by doing it all without shoving it into anyone’s face along the way. She did not feel the need to trumpet because she knew her actions spoke louder than anything she could ever say. But you...

Seleana shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: I held you in the same company as them. I allowed you to bring me into this sport, train me. I allowed you to lie to me, manipulate me, string me along and you repaid me by making me bleed so you could have one more chance to have the world tell you what you never tell yourself…

Seleana nods knowingly, angrily.

Seleana Zdunich: I know none of you think I belong and before December, I would have agreed with you. However, in the last four months I have survived Christian Underwood taking my job, the Metal Maniacs trying to set me on fire, a former legend crawling out of her retirement hole, Jessie Salco trying to get herself back into the championship picture, my wife attacking me and making me bleed in front of the world, Alicia Lukas defending a championship and telling me I would blow that chance too and my wife stealing the spotlight and the respect I should have earned that night! You can say I do not deserve to be here, but I am the one walking into Blaze of Gory as the Champion and I am the one who has pinned two of the three of you in the last month and watched both of you nearly collapse into oblivion after I did so. You can all say this is your chance to make things right… no…

She shakes her head angrily and then points to her chest.

Seleana Zdunich: This is MY chance to make things right! This is my chance to take back the respect I deserve! This is MY chance to show you all that I not only deserve to be here, I deserve to be able to walk up to Christian Underwood and ask him his own infamous question.

She turns and grabs the championship belt from her bag, holdit aloft for the world to see.

Seleana Zdunich: Alicia Lukas, Dani Weston, Crystal Hilton, I am the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion and what are you going to do about it?

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Alicia Lukas
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Prologue: Leave the Memories alone.

Do you know what it’s like to feel worthless? To look in a mirror and not see a human being? But a thing to be used up n thrown away?. I felt that way once. I felt it every fuckin day. When I was five I told my father I wanted to be a fighter. A boxer, I wanted to just fight…

He laughed.

I know I was five but fuck, you don’t forget dreams bein crushed an stepped on. you never forget your own daddy looking you in the eyes and saying “No little will just be a good wife and mother” That’s all I was supposed to be right?...A fuckin dinner cooking baby making machine.

But life doesn’t work that way does it?

I tried that way, it was bullshit

So when I woke up to what my life was and where it could be I walked away. I changed myself and became a fighter, a warrior, a beast in a ring or a cage. I went from a chubby little 16-year-old to a trim pissed off 24-year-old.

But then I fucked it all up. Cause I went and did the one thing a career woman shouldn’t fuckin do. I fell in love. Real fucking love, or so I thought. An older man, a rough-faced perverted redneck who treated me like fucking gold most of the time.

He bought me a house.

A jeep.

He took care of my boys like they were his own. But we fight. We fight like cats n dogs and it screwed us up. He walked off angry an I let him, he jumped in his truck and he did the first lil thang he found jus to spite me…. and when it all came out I was crushed but….I took him back…..but that was just the beginning.

Scene One: Rock Bottom
Off Camera
MGM Grand lower bar. Las Vegas Nevada.
3 Years Ago

The lights were disorientating as they flashed from the stage, different colors, red, purple, green crisscrossed as Alicia moved on the dance floor. The smoke machines bellowed out gust after gust of white mist. Alicia shook her head right to left, her long dirty blonde hair flailing wildly to the music, sweat poured down her body as she scanned around.

A few men gravitated to her. They moved in and out, two got in close moving against her. Alicia didn’t pay them any attention dancing in her own little world. There was no acknowledgment, no invitation. But they moved against her anyway. One of them stood behind her his hands dancing down her hips holding her in place while he rubbed himself against her. Again she seemed vacant storing off into space while occasionally moving her head.

The guy at the front seemed to back off, but his friend didn’t. He was a good looking guy, about six one, well built and muscled. Short brown hair and an olive complexion. He grabbed Alicia and whispered something in her ear. Her hair hitting him in the face as she turned her head to the side giving him a small nod. She was led through the heaving pile of people, the guys' friend followed them.

He looked around as they led her into the men's room, Alicia stood in the center of the tiny one stall room, the second guy locked the door. Alicia just stayed still, no music to lead her movements. No distractions with lights and mist to change her demeanor. She was a husk, a vacant shell.

Their hands danced and groped, she put on a smile and moaned through their clumsy attempts. It was a mask, one she used to wear quite well when she was younger. Before she knew it her back was against the wall, lips touched her tanned skin, her neck, her inner thigh. Four hands wanted her lusted for her.

She didn’t enjoy it.

She didn’t hate it.

There was nothing but the faint need to be owned. To feel like she mattered to someone. To forget the man she loved, to forget the betrayal. This wasn’t about pleasure or revenge. Alicia stood there, then was moved again and again. The laughter then faded away into nothing. She sat on the cold hard bathroom floor and straightened her dress before getting to her feet. She walked out on the floor, she brushed past them both and out into the night where the cold air hit her face as she snapped out of it and walked to a cab getting in. As it pulls away tears flow down her eyes, her body shakes and she curls up on the seat alone….

Alicia’s Home Las Vegas Nevada.
Later That Night.

The moon was out as they stop in front of one another. Alicia’s arms folded over her chest as she seemed dressed in redneck chic clothing. A white singlet top, her pink bra underneath clearly visible. A pair of denim booty shorts torn in just the right places and a pair of sneakers.

Her hair was down and waved in the night time breeze. Chris was dressed similarly in a pair of dad jeans and a shirt way to tight to be worn by someone of his age. His hair flowing down under a black and red bandana. They both looked miserable staring back and forth neither of them really willing to break the silence.

Alicia teared up as Chris stayed silent. Her breathing seemed to quake and waver as she looked down and muttered. “I uh….I have to be honest..” Alicia’s voice was low and soft, Chris shook his head and folded his arms before growling a response. “Who is he….who was it Licia?”

She looked down and away her eyes filling with tears as she couldn’t look him in the eye, her shaking hands finding one another in front of her as she stumbled over her words, before she could answer Chris yelled causing her to jump and her mind to flash back to a time with Ronnie…..the blows he laid on her feeling all too real as she forgot the man in front of her would never...could never lay a hand on her.

“TELL ME WHO” She swallowed and snapped out of it looking up at him. “T-there were a few...does it really matter?” Chris shakes his head and paces back and forth trying now to hold back his own anger and tears. “Tell me Lic….I need to know…”

She sighed and took a moment to find the courage. “Levi….and then two guys I didn’t know…”

There was silence. The Betrayal Chris felt must have been huge, Levi...his best friend, Chris stood there as shock seemed to overtake him, he turned and his fist slammed against the door panel of his truck with a loud thud that left a dent and scratches from his rings. He turned and walked off before pacing back, his look of disgust and anger causing Alicia to slink back in fear.

“Why Licia?....why?....” Alicia just stayed silent as Chris shook his head again. “It was revenge wasn’t it?..for that stupid little girl when we fought…..fuck…..” Alicia closes her eyes and looks away unable or unwilling to answer. Chris stared down at her and slowly gave a nod before jumping in his truck, Alicia looked up in a panic running to the window.

“Chris where are you going?...You’re seriously walking out on me?. ME?.…” He turned and sped off leaving her alone in the driveway, her hands running through her hair in a panic.


In this world, they are held on a pedestal for simply winning a title. For earning that right and holding a belt or winning a tournament. The champions are usually the best of the best, but sometimes they can just be people in the right place at the right time.

I never thought I’d be a champion, get a title shot.

And for the most part, I was right. I was known for having good matches. Being the workhorse and making sure the fans went home happy.

In the UK I mat wrestled the greats, I won some, I lost some but they all knew I was the legit real deal when it came to submissions and holds.

In Japan I would strike, kicks, elbows, punches, knee’s I did it all and I would just throw down.

I’d walk backstage covered in sweat and blood and I knew...I just knew those fans were walking out thinking about what I had done…

In Mexico I learned to fly, I’d throw my body around the ring with reckless abandon. I went worldwide for a reason. I learned it all for a reason. So I could come back home and I could put it all together and be a champion. And even though I know I’m capable….I still have to prove it….

Scene Two: Taking Back The Day
On Camera
South Beach, Florida
Present Day

”Here we go, final few days counting down to the main event of Blaze of glory. The main fucking event. Can you all believe it?. Well, actually I can, see Main events is what I do. Sorry, that was a little facetious of me. But still factually correct. I have a track record of performing in big matches. And this match is huge. See this match will determine the future direction of the SCW “bombshells” division.”

Alicia pauses for a moment and looks around at the beautifully clear 77-degree day. The sun shining down, the sky is blue and there isn’t a cloud around. Her feet sink into the sand as she sits with her back resting against a sand dune.

”I’m sure some are asking “Alicia why are you in Florida?. Shouldn’t you be training in New York right now?”. And yeah, that is true I should have my ass at Wolfslair right now, training with Alex and Austin as well as all the other talents we have under that umbrella. I plan on going back in a day or two, but I needed to relax a little. See all work and no play makes Alicia an overworked girl. And if I hope to regain my position as the Bombshells champion In can’t be in that kind of overexerted headspace. Especially if I’m going to be leading this division. And as we head into Blaze of glory and out the other side towards blast from the past Sin city wrestling needs a strong champion…”

“But, is that me?”

“Well, look at the alternatives. Dani Weston. A woman who held the SCW Bombshells title proudly. She was a great champion and I give Dani all the respect in the world for what she did while she was champion, she was even able to beat me one on one. She defended that championship with all the strength and courage you would want to see from a strong leader. But, what happened when Dani lost the title?. When I lost my first match with her, I got on that horse and I worked my ass off, I beat her. When I got screwed over by Crystal and Seleana I did the same thing...but what has Dani done?”

“Has she had the same attitude?”

“Is she the same person?”

“Has she worked her ass off the same way?”

“No. It’s a simple fact. As great as Dani was while champion she has done nothing. NOTHING since she lost the title. I told her straight up I’d give her a rematch. She never took it, instead, I had to face Seleana Zdunich and get fucked out of the damn title making Seleana look like shit, me look like shit and the division as a whole look like shit. Good work Crystal...fucking idiot. However, the fact remains that since losing the title Dani has not acted like a champion.”

Alicia shrugs and shakes her head. Her hair turning a shiny golden color under the Florida sun as she lets out a deep sigh of happiness and relaxation.

”See a champion realizes when mistakes happen and overcomes them, like me. A champion faces adversity and punches it in the face. Like me. A champion falls off the horse and gets right back on. Like me. And Dani failed to do that. Seleana also failed to do that, Crystal sure as shit failed to do that.

Alicia scoffs and folds her arms over her chest shaking her head. Her bright blue eyes covered with a pair of black sunglasses.

”Crystal Hilton-Zdunich. You know what I really hate?. I hate this myth that Crystal is a great wrestler. Or even a good wrestler. See Crystal has all this history in IWF, LAW, Honor, and SCW and people seem to think she’s got talent when in reality she’s just fucking lucky. She was lucky in LAW, she’s been really lucky in SCW and what’s worse is if you look at the times Crystal has been “dominant” in this division it lines up with times when the roster was at it’s weakest. But she still wants to stomp around here and act like she’s the fucking star?”

“Crystal, you’re a joke.”

“The only thing more astonishing than the size of the joke you are is the fact people take you seriously at all. You want to stand there and say you and I are similar in any way shape or form?. Why?. Because we both have fathers who are in the industry?. That’s funny, I don’t seem to remember that being a thing in IWF when I’d watch you there, or LAW. Guess that’s a new plot poi-...I mean “fact” about you...Seems like something you would have added in there at the beginning of your career or something people would have known. But what is really fun is when you start talking about how I “bury” people and “talk myself up”. You mean how I point out YOUR stupidity and then promote the match and myself?”

“That’s part of what we do you vapid walking forehead. And by the way just a little reminder, you have millions, fix your fucking teeth you horse faced cunt.”

“I’m sorry, that was very mean of me, not as mean as you were to your own wife when you attacked her. Or was that Cristina?. Oh by the way, that whole split personality bullshit has been done by much better and more convincing people than you and if you really do have split personalities I will call the mental health association of America because YOU should not be in this business because you are a danger to yourself and others. And also a fucking moron”

You think I cry about things?. Really? Did I cry when I lost to Dani?. Did I cry when I lost the tag match?. I was angry because YOU interfered in a match you had no right to and cost me a championship. And here’s the thing Crystalina Hiltonuich I’m walking into this match with two very different goals. One is the obvious one, win back the title I was fucked out of. The other? Hurt you. Not just regular hurt either like a few bruises, I mean broken bones, snapped tendons, real pain, real anguish….you took that title from me and you want to act like some big star when you barely give a shit about this?...fuck you, Crystal. You are a fucking hypocrite and the truth is no one, except for your idiot wife can stand you….”

She pushes to her feet and shakes her head walking down the beach.

”And what’s worse is Crystal you have made me hate Seleana as much as I do you. And that pains me, it really does. I like you Seleana. I said it before our match and I even said it after, you do deserve the spotlight, you do deserve to be in matches like this and if you are good enough you deserve to be champion and that’s what this match is, A chance to prove that you should be a champion. Your wife wants to pigeonhole me as some loud disrespectful bitch. But I have done nothing but give you and Dani respect. Just not her…”

“I get it though Seleana. You love Crystal. But she’s toxic for you. Do you know how I know that?. Cause I have been in toxic relationshops. Before I met Michael, my husband. I was in horrible relationships. My first boyfriend Ronnie, father of my sons, was an asshole. Jacob Cass, Chris Cane, Travis Blake, Kaden fucking Kessler, someone your friend Eavan Maloney should know. I was bounced from abusive fuck up to abusive fuck up and abusing you…”

“It’s not abuse in the technical sense but look at it. She says she can change, she apologises says you’re “working stuff out” but she hurt you, physically, need catharsis and you need to stand up to her, you need to punch her in the fucking face.”

“You deserve better…”

“But what you don’t that championship….”

“At least. Not yet. You win this match then yeah, you have earned the right to call yourself a champion. Hell, I’ll wrap the damn title around your waist myself. If you lose, then you go back to the drawing board and I’ll tell you this much. If I win the SCW title and then go on to win Blast from the past, I will choose YOU to be my opponent….Dani doesn’t deserve it after being a faded walflower, your wife doesn’t deserve it for obvious reasons but you Seleana. You do. I respect you, I like you….but….you still need to EARN that title around your waist and even though I want it back, even though being a champion is one of the things I love most...part of rooting for you...but, I know if you go down you will go down in a Blaze of glory…”

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Longest Running WWH Women's World Champion Ever-288 Days
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Most Honor Wrestling Legacy Women's Championship Defences-7
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Longest Running Honor Wrestling Women's Champion Ever-255 Days
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Dr. Kelley’s Office
Los Angeles, California
Off Camera

Crystal Hilton couldn’t help but sit upright as the Dr. just continued to glare at her. The Latina looked away as things were really getting uncomfortable at this point. She had no issues talking about the way she was created within Christina’s body, she had no problems discussing about why she was mad at the world and why she always held grudges against the one’s that she loved but as soon as the therapist brought up the name of her wife Crystal was silent. She didn’t know what to say as she slowly gazed back into the eyes of the Doctor. She let a loud sigh escape her lips as she looked back into his eyes.

“I fucking love Seleana… And that is all you really need to know about the situation…”

Crystal crossed her arms as the doctor quickly shook his head. He made himself even more comfortable as he gazed deeper into her eyes.

“Come on Crystal you know I am going to need much more than that. I need to know more about you and what’s going on the inside of you. I can’t go anywhere if you are going to hold back…”


The doctor nodded his head as a small smile escaped his lips. He slowly began to write some stuff down on his notepad as he gazed deeper into her eyes.

“Good now we are getting somewhere. You need to open up. I understand that you do love your wife and you did say it multiple times but what exactly do you love about her? This is your wife we are talking about. The one who has always been there for you! What do you see in her…”

There was no denying it. As much as she wanted to hide her feelings, no matter how much she wanted to put all of this behind her. The reality is she couldn’t get over the fact that she had betrayed her wife and it was eating up at her every single day. She took a long deep breath as she looked back at her doctor.


The doctor nodded his head in agreement as he kept gazing into Crystal’s eyes.

“Why did you go about betraying her. What did she ever do to you that warranted her getting stabbed in the back by you…”

Crystal was absolutely dumbfounded and speechless as she really didn’t know what to say. She slowly moved her eyes to that of the doctor as some tears fell from her eyes and hit the ground below. She took a long deep breath as she tried her best to explain herself.

“To be honest I really don’t know. Everybody that ends up getting close to me always finds a way to break my heart in the end. It has happened through multiple relationships. Todd was always a cheater so he went about and slept with my best friend and ended up getting her pregnant. Of course there was Steve from another wrestling company and he only used me to get a World title match. There were the likes of Johnny Blaze among that of Jonathan and each and every single one of them hurt me in ways that I couldn’t recover from. I knew it was only a matter of time before Seleana would do it to me or at least that is what I keep telling myself. Seleana was bound to stab me in the back so I needed to strike first before she even had a chance to do so!”

As much as Crystal tried to explain herself she felt hurt as she did so. She didn’t want share about things anymore. She looked back at the therapist as she let a long sigh escape her lips.

“Look why don’t we just end the session here. I think I said enough and I hate expressing my feelings! I hate having to open up and explain myself to anybody.”

“BUT WHY CRYSTAL?, why do you feel like that?!”

Crystal sighs as she stands up as she confronts the doctor and looks directly in his face as she continues to vent out loud.

“Because I don’t want people to leave me, so there I said it! Now you know my biggest weakness. I don’t like to be alone. I am scared shitless of it. I know I like to wear so many masks and use my acting skills to hide it but the truth is I am afraid of being alone. I get frightened at the very thought that nobody is going to want to do anything with me. I am afraid that the world is just going to shut itself off form me and I am going to be left with nothing!”

“But don’t you think that acting in the way that you go is going to push even more people away?! I mean you broke Seleana’s heart from what you told me before. You betrayed her trust and I know she was left heartbroken…”

Crystal begins to cry as she lets tears just fall from her eyes and hit the ground below. She shakes her head in utter disgust as she tries her best to act tough but she can’t hide it. She can’t hide the fact that she is an emotional mess. The doctor stands up as he places a single hand on her back.

“Look you don’t have to hide who you really are Crystal. I am here to help you, and the more you open up is the more that I am going to be able to do my job and be there for you. You don’t have to be afraid. You do realize eventually after pushing so many people away they won’t be mad at you but they are not going to want to have anything to deal with you Seleana included…”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders as she really didn’t think about it in this way before. She turns her attention back over to the doctor as he continues to explain himself.

“Also I know you have been hurt in the past and I can understand that it is a horrible thing to feel. Nobody should ever have to feel hurt, but for some reason you have experienced so much in your life that I feel that a part of you doesn’t feel fully committed to Seleana. There is a part that is afraid that she is going to be just like all of the others and she is going to hurt your heart…”

Crystal stands there dumbfounded. How could this doctor know her?! How could he know what she is really feeling? She takes this moment to shake her head as she couldn’t hide all of the tears that kept falling down her face. Crystal the personality who seemed the most strong willed was slowly falling down to her knees as she cried out loud.

“Ho…How could I hurt her… I love her…. I love my wife so much…”

The doctor got on the floor and sat beside Crystal. He placed her hand on her back as he kept trying his best to soothe her.

“And I am sure that she really loves you too. You are just misunderstood. I think what you really need to work on is your communication skills. You shouldn’t have to put up a façade around your wife. After all she married you for better or for worse. She is the one who can best understand you. You can’t always hide your feelings and emotions Crystal because if you keep doing that it’s going to be very unhealthy for you. There is nothing wrong with you existing and I get it that you want to protect Christina… You have had a very rough past and it grants you with having trust issues…”

The doctor takes a deep breath as he continues to speak.

“Not everybody is an enemy though. There are people who are there for you and from what I have observed your wife seems to be one of them. Now I want you to do something for me…”


Crystal says as she sobs a bit but tries her best to wipe her eyes as she begins to dust herself off.

“I want you to imagine that your wife is right here in front of you. I want you to picture her standing in the room right now. If she was right here in front of you what would you say to her? What would you try to communicate to her that you have a hard time at doing often…”

Crystal stands up as she shakes her head. She runs her fingers through her hair as she looks at the doctor.

“And where exactly do you want me to tell her?”

The doctor nods his head as he lets a grin escape his lips.

“Well you can try by talking to the mirror. I know that your boss Mark said you often talk to mirrors and thrive off of your delusions of grandeur. Why don’t you picture that Seleana is your reflection and I want you to tell her everything. Tell her how you really feel and what is going on within your body…”

Crystal slowly nods her head as she begins to walk towards the mirror. She ends up glaring at her own reflection and she gives it a long stare as she begins to speak to it.

“Look Seleana I just want to say that I am very sorry for what I did to you. I honestly didn’t mean to hurt you. To be honest I did what I did because I am very selfish and I feel that nobody truly understands or appreciates me. I didn’t want a title to come between me and my relationship with you. That’s not what I really want. In my eyes I sort of get this sense of respect when I am the champion. I feel that people would pay attention to me and that’s all that matters in the world. Yet all this time I have been going about trying to get noticed in all of the wrong ways. You are really all I need, you have always been what I needed even if I am too stubborn to show or say it at times…. I love you and I knew things were going to be better in my life the very moment that Stacy introduced me to you.”

Crystal lets more tears flow from her eyes as she continues to share her heart.

“To be honest I know I am a trouble maker and maybe your friends are right about me. Maybe I am not good enough for you because you are way out of my league. I have gone through my life depending on broken relationships, money, and even attention to find happiness but I am jealous of you. Deep down I guess I really attacked you because I am envious of everything that you are that I am not. I wish I could have as many sincere friends as you have. The type of friends that would stand up for you no matter the circumstance, I wish I had the close knit family that you have. Whenever I get in trouble you are always the one that bails me out. Whether it was fighting with Maria Salvatore you had to save the day. No matter Kate Steele or Christian you were quick to defend me even if it wasn’t the best public opinion…

You really don’t care about appearance or perception something that I strive so much just to obtain. My happiness is found in materialistic things but you are different from that. You find it in your love ones and I wish I could have what you have. I don’t understand how a woman could have so little yet have so much more than me. I want what you have. Even right now as you are staying over a friend’s house and I have to watch you and all of them having a great time I get jealous that isn’t me…

Please work with me Seleana… I am by no means perfect even though I claim to be, and I just want what you have. I want you and even though I have worked so hard and done things in such a fucked up manner to get to where I am you have done it the right way. You have worked so hard for everything and I wish to experience that… At the end of the day it’s not about the belt, it’s not about money….”

Crystal finally wipes the tears out of her eyes as she looks deeply at her own reflection.

“It’s about you, and I can’t go on without having you in my life. I want to experience that… So please take this as my apology. I love you and I promise to never hurt you again….”

Crystal begins to break down as more tears flow from her eyes and the doctor walks over to her as he grabs her and hugs her as tightly as he possibly can. He smiles as he slowly points at the mirror with a smile.

“And that Crystal is you letting our emotions out. That is you being able to express yourself. I know it is a very uncomfortable situation for you but that is what you need to do. What you just said to this mirror is what you need to say to your wife, and you really need to keep yourself in check so that all the versions of you can have a healthy relationship with Seleana. This is the end goal right?!”

Crystal nods her head in agreement as she looks back at the doctor.

“Yes… I want things to be great with my wife. I want to express to her how much I love her”

“Good that’s how you should be feeling although you don’t want to be so overbearing. You just want things to happen natural. I am sure you two will find your way back to being close again but take small steps to show Seleana that you really love her and really just pay attention to her and her needs… “

“Her needs and how small would you call small?!”

The doctor just shakes his head as he looks back at her.

“That isn’t for me to say… That’s all up for you to figure out. The only thing that really matters is how you find your way through this situation. How you and Seleana decide to come back together. I can only help you in so many ways. The next step needs to be between you and your wife. Once you have things figured out I would like to schedule a group visit between the two of you… That is if she is willing of course, and she would need to come visit me on her own as well…”

Crystal nods her head in agreement as she looks back at him.

“I understand… Look I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me. I appreciate all of it. I have learned so much about myself today and I honestly don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for you….”

“Don’t thank me just yet. Now it’s up for you to fight for your woman and to gain back the very thing that you love the most…”

“Exactly when I gain back my championship b….”

The doctor stares at Crystal as she can’t help but break out into a giggle fit as she looks back at him.

“I am just kidding of course it’s my Seleana… Anyway doctor next time I see you hopefully I will see you along with my sexy wife right by my side… Take care and thank you for everything…”

“Thank you Miss H….”

“Ahem… Mrs. Zdunich. I am a married woman after all…”

“Exactly until we meet again…”

With that being said the doctor escorts Crystal out of the room. She slowly walks out of the room with a purpose. She is all smiles as she has to think of something and she waves at the doctor before she finally makes it out of the room.

On camera
No Place Like Home

The scene comes into focus and as it does we are taken to what appears to be a gym of sorts. Crystal is clad in a pair of tight fitting yoga pants and a sports bra. She has her hair wrapped into a ponytail. She looks into the camera as she nods her head with a wicked grin as she begins to showcase her heart to that of the camera.

“Hello to all of my beautiful Blossoming roses out there. Just in case you haven’t realized it by now I am indeed Crystal Hilton and I will say that from the bottom of my heart. This past week I have had the opportunity to go to a shrink that I was mandated to go see by the likes of Mark Ward himself. At first I didn’t want to do it. I am a stubborn individual and I don’t like being told to do things. I like to do things on my terms. I like to move in the direction that I want to move in and nobody can tell me what to do. As a matter of fact I feel like I am indeed the best thing walking at times and as long as I have that attitude and my ego nobody can tell me anything…”

Crystal shakes her head as she looks back at the camera and takes a long sigh.

“But I guess in the grand scheme of things it is that very attitude of mine that often causes my own undoing. I felt very uncomfortable to be in the ring two weeks ago. I knew I was out numbered and I was laid out on my ass. There was nowhere to run and I was forced to get beaten down over and over again. It was a learning lesson and I still have so many things to learn about myself. I still need to learn about my life as a wife and I am going to do anything to show Seleana I love her and with that being said that love doesn’t come in the form of me just letting her win. But I am going into that match with the intention to win. I didn’t come this far to lose everything now.”

Crystal quickly shakes her head as she continues to speak.

“No it doesn’t work like that. I know many people don’t like the way I went about doing things. They don’t like the fact that I basically sold my soul with the devil in the form of Christian Underwood to get to this match. I basically went against the better judgment of my wife. Christian had been tormenting my wife for months and I betrayed her trust when I not only sided with Christian but I decided to strike her. I left her a bloody mess and it sounds like a really fucked up situation. No amount of apologies is ever going to fix the situation but what I can say is that I had my reasons for what I did. Now look at my wife. In some sick shape, form and fashion it caused her to elevate herself to get to the very next level.”

Crystal cracks an evil grin as she continues to speak.

“It caused her to really grow a backbone and it propelled her to eventually have the biggest moment of her entire career. She managed to win the World Championship. I am so proud of you babe. I know we don’t always see eye to eye and right now I know things aren’t really going that well between us but I just want you to know that I am proud of you. I have always been proud of you. It may not seem like it at times. I may have my mind elsewhere and quite often I am too much into myself to notice but I do notice everything about you. You have been improving so much this year. When I first gave you the thought of becoming a wrestler I know you have had some doubts about it. You were quite nice and seemed to be very gullible but you have grown since those days. You have had this ability to really stand up to Christian Underwood and more importantly you have found it in your heart to stand up to the likes of me…

That’s stunning and simply impressive. There is not one day that doesn’t go by where I don’t think about hurting you. Did I want the title?! Yes of course I want to have the belt, but I never envisioned myself turning my back on you to get it. I know I might have said it so much in the past and it almost became a rehearsed saying but what I want more than anything else in the world right now is you. I want you by my side. I want you in my life and I would do anything to have you in it… If there is one thing I have learned from visiting this doctor is that I need you…”

Crystal shakes her head.

“Fans will come in go, friends will often do the same but I was too blind by my idiocy to see you standing by my side through everything. Whether I was getting yelled at by the rest of the roster, or whether Christian Underwood was really telling me off you have had my back and deep down even though I often give you so much bullshit. I truly am thankful. I am thankful to have someone such as you in my life and by the end of the night I hope that we could leave the arena and that the two of us can hash things out. You are by far the most important thing to me. You are my treasure and you are my championship belt. Nothing else really matters when compared to you, and when we are working things out perhaps we can go to counseling together so we can work on our issues and we can save this marriage.

I love you Seleana… I have always loved you and as amazing as it is to see you standing there with the championship. As great as a feeling it is you need to understand that I am a very hard competitor. I will do whatever it takes to win a match. I don’t care if I have to put my very body on the line. I am willing to take whatever risks and go the extra mile just to prove that I belong here. You are coming into this match as the overall fan favorite. You have built yourself up over the last few months and I know it’s a feel good story but damn it I have been in wrestling since I was 17 years of age. I am 31 years old and I have managed to do so much…”

Crystal shakes her head as she continues to speak.

“My career in this company has always been defined by being compared to that of Mikah. It goes way back to me being talked about by Tommy Knox on the hotwire. The only thing I would ever hear about are the likes of Vixen and of course Mikah. How they are the best of the best. It drove me insane and no matter how much I put into my wrestling it never seemed to be enough to break away from the pack. At Blaze of Glory I have the chance to finally put that to rest Seleana… I have the chance to finally stand tall in this company as being the absolute best. A win on Sunday marks me as the only Four Time World Bombshell Champion in this company’s history… That is so insane and yet I worked hard for that…

That is my feel good moment. I would have thought my life in SCW would be satisfied by being a Hall of Famer but for some reason I still find myself begging for more. I still see myself trying to gain more and more. It’s never enough and there always seems like there is something else on the horizon for me to accomplish.”

Crystal shakes her head as she continues to speak.

“Am I disappointed?! Of course I am because I know that there is a part of you that dislikes me and you just haven’t said it. When I taught you how to wrestle I did so with the intention that you and I could become the Hollywood Angels. We would be fighting together and we would be working our way towards holding gold as a couple. Yet I brought you to SCW knowing that there wasn’t anything for us to accomplish together. To be honest that always was an afterthought to me as I always wanted to fuel my own needs. I wanted to think about my own needs and nothing else seemed to matter…

I apologize for taking you through that roller coaster and I hope you can forgive me for that. Deep down I still want us to conquer something together. Maybe just maybe you and I can put a fight on for the ages. Maybe we can battle one another not out in hatred but in the spirit of competition and the two of us could main event our very own super show. That would be amazing in itself. Rest assured though you are what stands in my way. The reason why I decided to talk about you first is because you are indeed my biggest threat. You know things about me that nobody else does which means you know all of my strengths and all of my weaknesses. I know you just got the title and it’s a feel good moment but there is just something in me that want’s it more. I need to the title. I need to gain that four time status. Maybe after achieving it I can finally move on and we can work on us afterwards or maybe that’s just the selfishness talking…”

Crystal takes a long deep breath as she continues to share her heart.

“Either way I plan to make amends when everything is all said and done but babe you better come out with the intention to fight because I am going to give you the fight of a lifetime. I won’t rest until my hand is raised. You have done so well but the story book ending comes to an end Sel. I am sorry it had to be this way but it’s time for me to tell my story. You are my hardest and biggest threat and let it be known that I am taking you very seriously…”

Crystal finds herself looking at some various gym equipment, she grins as she glares at a piece of jump rope but slowly turns her attention back over to the camera.

“I guess you are next up on the list Dani. Dani to completely be honest you seem like such a happy go lucky person. You are a woman who I have to give some respect to. You worked hard in achieving something that I had a hard time at doing. You went out there and you beat Mikah. You did what so many people including myself had tried to do. Yet you did it with success. You slayed Mikah and you had quite the nice run as a champion….

Granted most of that time was spent defending against people who didn’t deserve it. It’s not like you went out there and beat me or anything. You know what I really find sad about the entire situation? It’s the fact that I can work my ass off. I can start the year off on an absolute tear. Beating the snot out of so many different people. I can work my ass off and gain defining Super Card win after win. I can go on Climax Control and win different matches and yet as much as I do it just never seems to be enough by you people…”

Crystal shakes her head in utter disgust as she continues to share her heart with that of the camera.

“Seriously I spent my entire time in this company working absolutely hard. I did everything I possibly can. I always go all out to do what I can do and yet it always seems to go right out the window because people have their head somewhere else. I never quite understood that. I have busted my ass in this company for the past four years. I have given up so much of myself to really become something and yet it never seems to get acknowledged. The entire time you were talking up about various challengers for your championship was you basically saying that you didn’t think you could beat me. You can sit there and word it in whatever ways you wish to but the truth is all you were really saying is that you are inferior to me. You just don’t have it in you to go out there and beat me. That is what you were truly saying. You can drop so many names under the sun but it’s as if I wasn’t anything to you.

And why was that exactly?! Because you just didn’t give a damn about facing me or were you just frightened?! I know I may not be the nicest person and my social life is an absolute nightmare. My life outside of the ring is a disaster and you can just tell that from what is happening between Seleana and I but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I am a very amazing competitor and I deserve to be at the very top of the card. I deserve to be in the big matches and to be more specific I deserve to be in the main event. It’s moments like this that I get to go out there and define the business and I feel you are just overlooking me because you never wanted to face me in the first place…”

Crystal angrily grabs the jump rope as she throws it against the wall.

“Did I not go out to the ring and beat red hot Kate Steele?! Did I not have my way with Cat Riley which really sent her off the deep end?! I feel like I beat so many people here and yet I get nothing in returned. You don’t have to worry about anything else any longer because on Sunday I will get exactly what I want. You and I will be in the ring with one another and you aren’t going to like it when we are staring one another face to face inside of that ring. I plan to just put you to rest once and for all and I am going to show you why this is my spot and nobody can tell me any differently…”

Crystal begins to laugh as she continues to express herself to the cameras.

“After Sunday you will be the one that doesn’t deserve to be here, and I think you already know that fact. Well both you and Alicia Lukas both know you have no chance because out of the four people in this match you are the two who signed up for the Blast From The Past Tournament. You know that your road to being valid competitors in the main event picture will officially come to an end. Neither of you will hold onto the right for any rematch clause. You two will fade away to being swallowed up in the midst of the division, and the main focal point becomes that of Seleana and I….

There is nothing wrong with that and if I could be honest that is how it should be. It should be between my wife and I. we can carry this division. You two are indeed nothing. Sorry it has to be like this Dani but you just managed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time…”

Crystal begin to clap as she slowly turns to that of the cameras. Her eyes are very wide. She begins to clap her hands as her smile is enough to brighten up the entire room.

“Last but not least we have the other person in this match. We have the one and only Alicia Lukas. Alicia we have been at war in just about every single company that we have ever been together in. Even when we aren’t together you still find a way to take shot after shot against me on Twitter. Don’t you get tired of having to say the same shit over and over again?! I get it you have something against the way I look physically. You don’t like my appearance and to be honest you just don’t like me…

It really is a shame considering I thought you and I were two women who were cut from the same cloth. Two women who struggled to get into the business who traveled to different countries to prove our worth before we even attempted to make it in the states. I thought that is how you and I were both brought up but yet instead of finding the common ground between us you wish to stick to insults about physical appearance, and here I am thinking that I was the shallow one…”

Crystal can’t help but laugh as she continues to laugh to the cameras as she continues to speak.

“You are absolutely pathetic. When things don’t go your way you cry like a Bitch. Grow the fuck up and learn how to bounce back from being fucked. I might be the biggest cunt in the room and yeah my wife did make me cry on television when she put me in that submission move. Yet the situations I put myself in I knew they would come back to haunt me. That’s just part of the game. You might have thought you were screwed but to be honest you were the champion! That means that you have a target on your back. That means that people are always going to gun for you. You always need to be on your guard. If you couldn’t deal with the baggage that goes with being the champion then you need to get the fuck out and try another profession because you got it wrong…

Hell I got cheated so many times before but you don’t see me bitching about it. You just need to roll with the punches and learn how to pick yourself up and try again. I guess in this match you will have the chance to do exactly just that. It’s going to be you going out there trying to regain what you lost. The thing is however it’s not going to go in the way that you envision it going. I am going to beat the unholy hell out of you once and for all. I am going to send you on a one way ticket to the Blast From The Past tournament so you could earn your way to a championship match. In the words of my daughter…

You know the daughter that did beat you but was cheated and it ended up working in your favour. Learn how to get on my level NOOB!!! You are going to get your shit rocked and I am going to be standing tall as the champion. You can cry about it as much as you want but I think you should sit back and like it. It’s not like you have any choice in the matter…You care a cancer to wrestling and I am going to unleash my own form of chemotherapy. I am going to get rid of you once and for all and that’s the end of it.

I want to see how you plan to bitch after I beat that ass all over Anaheim…”

Crystal can’t help but form a wicked grin once again as she begins to speak.

“The truth is there are so many reasons for me wanting to win on Sunday but to be honest everything just seems to be perfect. We are basically in Los Angeles, backyard right in Anaheim. You are walking into Crystal country and every time I fight in Los Angeles things just seem to happen for the better. I am going to throw the biggest celebration that California has ever seen. They are just waiting to see the Queen claim her throne again and to be more precise they are ready to witness the only four time Women’s Bombshell Champion in this company’s history…”

Crystal nods her head in agreement as she continues to speak again.

“This is my time. This is my city and I am not going to let this home town feeling be swept into nothing. Not only will I be the only Four Time World Bombshell Champion in this company’s history but I will also be a fifteen time World Champion throughout my career. That is so damn nearly unheard. Not only have I been an amazing wrestler but I have been at the very top of my game. That averages to a World Championship once a year. It just doesn’t get any better than that. So bring your best bring everything you all have but nothing is going to stop history from being made. Nothing will me from claiming my place at top. ALL HAIL QUEEN CRYSTAL!!!!Lights, Camera, Action!!! This show is over… It’s all or nothing and I am giving everything I got. See you bitches on Sunday. I wish you the best of luck you definitely are going to need it…

As you can see I am working my ass off in this gym to be prepared. I am giving everything of myself to be in the forefront of this division and I just won’t be denied. Not now and certainly not ever. Welcome to the curtain call it’s time to take a bow… A bow before me… Nothing can stop me now ROLL THE CREDITS!!!”

With that Crystal finds herself getting onto an elliptical machine. She begins to move back and forth and she gives everything she has on that machine. It is on this image that we slowly fade out on.

Los Angeles, California
Zdunich Zoological Gardens
Off Cameras

Everything comes into focus and as it does we are able to see Crystal’s Pink Aston Martin pulling up into the parking lot of the Zdunich Zoo. Crystal isn’t alone as she is with her daughter Brittany. Brittany looks at her mom as she crosses her arms as they both get out of the car.

“Mom why exactly are we at the fucking zoo?! Shouldn’t you be training so you can win yet another championship?! Besides the zoo was never really your cup of tea. You know you are allergic to so many animals. It’s practically a death wish being involved in a surrounding where it could cause you to take a trip to the hospital and you wouldn’t even make it to your big match on Sunday…”

Crystal just shakes her head as she looks back at her daughter and smirks at her.

“Look it may seem like such a silly thing to do but Seleana spent so long working over in New Zealand working with animals. She likes animals but she loves animals, and I just want to be in her world. The doctor told me that I need to start making small steps and I refuse to lose Seleana. She is my World Championship Brittany…”


Crystal nods her head as she walks with Brittany as their eyes meet with that of the Zoo in front of them.

“Yes… It took me a while to acknowledge it but from visiting the doctor I have come to the realization that I love my wife and she is everything to me…”

“And who feels like that? Is it you or…”

Crystal knew exactly what Brittany was trying to say but Crystal quickly shook her head as she smiled back at her daughter.

“No it’s all of the versions of us. It doesn’t matter if it’s Rose, or Christina, or even Crystal… The fact is we love Seleana and our world cannot exist without having Seleana in it. Brittany you and I are alike in so many ways. We feel like the world revolves around us and when things don’t go our way we wish to throw temper tantrums to make sure the world knows it’s only about us, and that’s all that matters… I want you to be honest when it comes to Halo how does it feel being able to see her with Championship gold and you not have anything?!”

Brittany just sighs as she shakes her head.

“ I rather not answer this question…”

“No but the thing is you should be able to answer this question. I think I already know the answer to that question. The truth is it gets you upset. I know there are thoughts of you stabbing her in the back so you could have that moment for yourself…”

Brittany slowly sighs as she shakes her head.

“I guess so… It annoys me that she has all this glory and yet it’s not me that is in the spotlight…”

Crystal finally looks at her daughter as she shakes her head and continues to share her heart to her.

“And the thing is that’s wrong. You shouldn’t feel like that. You need to be better than that especially when Halo has done nothing but support you through everything and you should be able to support her in the same way. That is the mistake I made with Seleana. I was too wrapped up in my own selfishness to really attend to the needs of my wife. You are better than that Brittany. Don’t go down the path that I have gone because it will leave you being broken and empty. You need to be better than your mother. You need to be your own individual…”

Crystal goes back to the car as she pulls out a huge bouquet of flowers along with a big vase. She brings them with her as Brittany just opens her eyes in amazement as she looks back at her mother.

“Wow that is a huge bouquet of flowers. What do you plan to do with that?!”

Crystal smiles warmly as she looks back at her daughter.

“Just bring it to Seleana’s office and pretty the place up. I know I bought this place for her and I made it happen but I never really stepped foot here because it just wasn’t in my best interest health wise. I can’t let her slip away and I am willing to be there for her through everything. I want to be in her world Brittany and just witness what she witnesses on an everyday basis…Doesn’t it seem strange that since not coming back to home she hasn’t used any of the credit cards?! She hasn’t spent any money… I don’t mind her being away but I want her being safe…”

Brittany nods her head.

“I understand mom… Let’s just make sure she is okay or at least is living under good conditions…And OHHHH can we go look at the elephants!!!”

Crystal rolls her eyes as she looks back at her daughter.

“Sure when we are doing what I had set out to do by coming here we can do whatever you wish.”

With that Crystal and her daughter walk past the ticket booth where Crystal is acknowledged by the guard. They wave at her and she calmly waves back in return. She makes her way into the administration office and finds a huge door that reads S. Zdunich… Without hesitating she opens the door and when she walks inside she sees Seleana’s desk. Without hesitation she places the huge vase of roses right on the desk. She sat down at the desk as she glared at the photos on the table.

“These flowers should make a great decoration! Right Brittany?!”

Brittany however has her eyes on something else. Her eyes is on that of the cheap cot that seemed to be attached to the wall. Brittany shook her head in disgust as she looks over to her mom.

“Mom take a look at this I think mama S has been sleeping on the cheap piece of junk. I don’t think this is healthy for her. She is much better than this and we need to do something about it!”

Crystal looks around at the desk glaring at all of the photos in front of her. She just sighs in return before her eyes are taken to that of a photo on the right which showcases their household.

“Wow Brittany she keeps us on her desk… I would have thought that with everything that has happened between us she would have taken the picture of me down…”

“Deep down she loves you. She is just hurt mom. I mean if she didn’t love you do you think she would have acted the way that she did? If she didn’t love you she would have removed you out of her Twitter bio or removed the picture of us from her Twitter header. Yet she hasn’t done any of that because she is still holding onto help. It’s just a painful situation and we need to pull everything together. So how are we going to fix this?!”

Crystal nods her head as she remembers what the doctor had said. She needed to take small steps and maybe claiming her love all the time wasn’t the best course of action. Maybe just maybe she needed to actually showcase it by doing small things. She looked at the flowers before she looked at Brittany.

“When Seleana sees the flowers do you think she is going to know that I was here?!”

“Maybe… But what about the sleeping arrangements?! What are you going to do about it…”

Crystal thinks about it before she smiles warmly.

“Well I think we need to give Seleana a safe place to be. Maybe we can open up the walls a bit… It is a bit cramped up in here. I think we should give her a bigger office space. A place where she could maybe speak to clients who wish to bring different animals to the zoo and give her a huge spot for sleeping quarters for the event that we can’t co-exist and she needs a place to go…”

“That sounds like an amazing idea but do you think you could perhaps finish all of this in one day?!”

Crystal laughs in return.

“Obviously you don’t know who your mother is, I can do anything I wish to do. Especially considering I have the money to throw around, I think I will put money into getting a King Size bed delivered to this office. We will open these walls up and do everything we can to just give her a place she can enjoy!”

Crystal reaches into her pocket as she pulls her phone up and dials a few numbers.

“Hey this is Christina… Listen I need all of our crew to come over to the ZOO right now. I have a major project that needs to be done as soon as possible. There will be huge bonuses to go around if we can get this done today. Use the company card and make sure a king size bed with a nice bed frame gets delivered here as well. Don’t worry what it’s for just do what I say…”

Crystal hangs up the phone as she turns her attention to Brittany with a grin on her face.

“Now Brittany it’s time to get our hands dirty… Now find me a sledgehammer… It’s time to show Seleana how much I love her…”

And with that Brittany smiles as we slowly fade out on this image.

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Saturday, March 2, 2019
Laguna Beach, California
Home of Kate Bass and Eavan Maloney
9:45 PM PST

For nearly a week now, Seleana Zdunich had called this house her home away from home. Her “sisters,” Kate and Eavan, had invited her to stay here when they had found out about her rather spartan living conditions following her wife’s attack upon her at Climax Control some weeks back. The picture of her cot in her nearly empty office back at the Zdunich Zoological Gardens had almost gotten her yelled at, both Eavan and Kate staring at it in utter disbelief. How could she live like that?

Seleana had just shrugged and mumbled something quickly about the animals making her feel at home and, to an extent, that was the truth. Being amongst the animals at the zoo was soothing to her and did make her feel like she was at home in Christchurch again but it was not the whole truth. What she had not pointed out, what she had somehow managed to leave out when discussing the zoo and her office was the pair of photos sitting on her desk that had been visible in the picture she had shown Kate and Eavan. The photos that were the only real decoration in the entire office. The photos that were both sitting in cheap frames that read “Mi familia” on them.

On the right sat one that showed Seleana’s side of the family all together at her youngest sister’s wedding in December. It showed Seleana, her wife, Christina, her parents, Fredrik and Jannicke, her middle sister, Zenna, Zenna’s longtime fiancée, Linnéa Lacroix, Linnea’s younger sister, Alissa Lacroix, Alissa’s fiancée, Kelly Taylor, the bride, Katra, Katra’s wife, Adriana, Adriana’s father, Joey Nitro, her now late mother, Chloe Nitro, Seleana’s cousin, Maja Lindström, Maja’s boyfriend, Matthias Lindeman, another cousin, former wrestler Alexi Priest, Alexi’s husband, Robbie Priest, Alexi’s mother, Scarlett Zdunich, Robbie’s younger brother, Scotty Valentine and Scotty’s wife, Angelica Valentine. Down in front of the group are the children of the Priests and Valentines, seven-year-old Scarlett Priest, six-year-old Amber Priest, six-year-old Kaari Valentine and the three-year-old triplets, Jesse, Elias and Eric Priest.

On the left sat one that had only four people in it. Seleana and her wife Christina standing behind and hugging the younger couple, Christina’s daughter Brittany Williams, and Brittany’s girlfriend, Haylie Jo “Halo” Annis, Seleana with her arms around Halo, Christina’s around Brittany and all four wearing joyous smiles as if everything was perfect with the world.

The photo on the right was the only photo with everyone in it, and likely the last photo to include Chloe Nitro before her death a little over three weeks later and thus, held a special place in Seleana’s heart. The photo on the left had been from a random moment on a trip out the little family had gone out for a dinner where the original destination had been too crowded and they had ended up at Pizza Hut instead.

Now, Seleana stares at the photo of her office on her cell phone as she sits on the bed in the guestroom she had been set up in, her long black Ohana Park t-shirt covering the shorts she was sporting and nods slowly, a smile coming over her face.

Seleana Zdunich: Hemma…

Just as she starts to set the phone down, it chimes at ehr alerting her to a new message’s arrival. Moving the phone back up closer so she can better read the screen, she nods and taps for the message’s origin and sees the name of the sender staring back at her.

Christina Zdunich.

Seleana nods again and taps for the message.

“Hi hun.”

Seleana frowns. Was this going to be a random “hello” message or the start of another round of trying to get her to do something again? The phone chimes and Seleana sighs.

Seleana Zdunich: Skit också!

She nods to herself and taps for the new message.

“Its me Crystal I hate discussing feelings but I fucking love you so there I said it”

Seleana’s mouth falls open in surprise. What was this and what was her wife playing at now? Before she can ask herself another the question, the phone chimes again and Seleana taps for the new message.

“Big bad crystal loves you”

Looking down at her feet, Seleana inhales and closes her eyes. Why was this so confusing to her? Why did it seem like neither of them really understood what all was going on here? Opening her eyes, she stares at the message and finally taps out n answer.

“Jag älskar dig.”

She presses the send button and waits for the reaction. That was one phrase in Swedish that Christina should be familiar with by now given how often Seleana had said it at this point in their relationship. Almost like clockwork, the phone chimes again. Seleana nods and taps for the answer.

“I love everything about you”

The phone chimes almost immediately with yet another message and Seleana taps before she thinks better of doing so.

“And the reason i push you away is because whenever ppl get too close to me they end hurting me so i come out and push them away so they dont have a chance to do. So”

Seleana frown at the seeming cliffhanger ending only for the phoento chime again.

“Every reltaionship i have been in i have always been hurt in some shape or form”

Seleana frowns, almost glaring back at the phone as she taps back her answer.

“How you see me?”

She presses send and then glares at the phone, almost grinding her teeth as she waits for this answer, hoping beyond hope that Christina will not pick this as a time to run away without explanation. The phone chimes to assuage those fears.

“Someone im jealous of. Friends with everyone and ppl dont see me like that so it hurts and i get mad”

Seleana’s glare takes on an air of confusion as she taps back her own answer.

“How you see you?”

She presses end and the answer chimes back almost as if Christina had it ready to go before the question was even asked.

“Me im worthless”

Seleana almost wants to scream at the sight of the word “worthless.” She shakes her head and quickly types out an answer, sending it off as quickly as she can.

“Why you worthless?”

The answer comes back faster than Seleana was prepared for it to.

“I just am”

Seleana glares in stunned disbelief, shaking her head as she does so. What was this answer and what was Christina doing with it? Seleana quickly taps out her own answer and sends it off.

“That is not a reason.”

Shaking her head again, Seleana lets the phone lower to the bed. She knew the entire Crystal persona was a defense mechanism for Christina’s seemingly hardwired self-hatred but was it really that deeply ingrained in her?

And had it been passed on to Brittany as well?

Seleana closes her eyes, not really wanting to dwell on that second question even as the phone chimes at her again. She raises the phone up and looks at the new message.

“Because no matter what i do its never good enough”

Shaking her head, the phone chimes at ehr again and she taps to see the next one.

“Nobody will ever like me so i have to act tough to be something special”

Seleana snagrily types out her answer.

“You stop that! You were always good enough for me! All you ever had to do to make me happy was wake up in the morning!”

As her hands shake with anger, the phone chimes back at her.

“But this is me Crystal speaking so you know Christina is estactic about you”

Sighing heavily, sadness joining the anger, Seleana taps out her response.

“So, you hit me?”

Her eyes close, knowing no matter what the answer is, it will not stop the anger and hurt coursing through her body right now. Truth be told, she almost did not want Christina to answer this one. The chime that signals the answer’s arrival makes her shake just a little bit more. What would this answer be and how much was it going to make things worse? Opening her eyes, Seleana stares at the phone and accepts the new message.

“I...I told you when people get to close they usually betray me”

Before she can even fully take it in, the phone chimes again.

“Im sorry”

Seleana’s eyes almost bug clean out of her head. Was she seriously saying what it looked like she was saying? Resisting the urge to just throw the phone and scream, Seleana taps out an answer.

“I did not.”

She stares at the phone and looks away in anger.

Seleana Zdunich: För fan i helvete! Din jävla…

Her free hand balls into a fist and punches the mattress. The phone chimes nsd she looks at the new message.

“I know but its just a defense mechanism”

Seleana almost can’t believe her eyes.

Seleana Zdunich: Och det ska göra det bättre?

She shakes her head incredulously wishing Christina could hear her right now as she screams at her inside her head.

Seleana Zdunich: Din jävla…

She looks away and pounds the bed with her fist again.

Seleana Zdunich: Skojar du med mig?

Almost as if she actually could hear her wife screaming in anger, the phone chimes with another message from Christina.


Glaring at the phone, Seleana swallows the bile she really wants to spew and answers.


The phone chimes back at her.

“after super card win lose or draw we talk?”

Seleana gawks, gritting her teeth as the phone chimes again.

“i been alone, no one wants to be around me”

Seleana Zdunich: Och vars fel är det?

Seleana swallows her bile again and taps out an answer.

“Ja, okej.”

Not waiting for anything else, Seleana turns her phone off and sits it down. A second later, Eavan appears at the doorway.

Eavan Maloney: Whose fault is what?

Seleana looks over at the small blonde woman as she stands there in wearing a black American Murder Log t-shirt that’s so big on her that it extends to her knees.

Seleana Zdunich: I… sorry, did not mean to make noise.

Seleana bows her head in shame and Eavan nods to the phone.

Eavan Maloney: Crystal?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: She was trying to give apology, explanation.

Eavan nods slowly.

Eavan Maloney: And since you screamed out, “Are you kidding me,” at one point, I’d assume it did not go well?

Knowing that Eavan had heard everything, Seleana looks up in a panic.

Seleana Zdunich: ävla fan… did I wake little one?

Eavan shakes her head with a reassuring smile.

Eavan Maloney: No, I only heard you because I was in the hallway.

Eavan makes her way over to Seleana and sits down next to her on the bed.

Eavan Maloney: How are you?

Seleana sighs heavily.

Seleana Zdunich: Why will she not just… let have time?

Eavan leans in, embracing Seleana. After a couple of minutes, Eavan manages an answer that will not just be her piling on Crystal no matter how much she really wants to knowing that will only make things worse.

Eavan Maloney: You’ll figure it out, Sarabi. I have faith in you.

Seleana smiles and embraces Eavan back.

Seleana Zdunich: Tack…

The two blonde women separate and nod to each other.

Seleana Zdunich: Systrar alltid.

Eavan smiles.

Eavan Maloney: Systrar alltid.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Los Angeles, California
Zdunich Zoological Gardens
9:41 AM PST

This was it, this was the day Seleana had been waiting for now since Christina had told her it would happen and she had confirmed it was not just some kind of hyperbolic story that her estranged wife was spinning to try and get back into her good graces again. Sarabi the lioness from Christchurch, the lioness Seleana had raised and bottle fed as a baby was coming to the Zdunich Zoological Gardens to live permanently and Seleana couldn’t be more excited for this. There had always been a special relationship between Seleana and this lioness going back to when the poor thing had been rejected as a cub by her mother in the wild. Sarabi had been rescued when she found by activists that were working against poachers in the area and Ohana Park had agreed to take her. Seleana had made her a personal project and by the time she had left Ohana Park, Sarabi had been a thriving juvenile with no real problems integrating into captivity. As she looks over the paperwork, her assistant from the quarantine area, Dr. Michelle Chavez, better known to everyone else in the zoo as “Chavy” arrives.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: Mufasa passed his check-up and is being taken to his habitat. We are ready for Sarabi in quarantine now.

Seleana nods happily. This was very good news as no one there ahd wanted Mufasa and sarabi to meet in the quarantine area simply because they could smell each other’s pheromones.

Seleana Zdunich: Is the area being washed thoroughly?

Dr. Chavez nods.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: It’s being given it’s second treatment now to make sure if we bring in Sarabi or the tigers we might get soon into there, Mufasa’s smell will not affect them at all.

Seleana smiles broadly again.

Seleana Zdunich: You are doing wonderful work, Chavy. Thank you for everything you do.

Dr. Chavez smiles even more brightly, her eyes moistening as she blushes.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: Is it true you met this lioness as a cub?

Seleana nods excitedly.

Seleana Zdunich: She was so small, Chavy, other places had said it was worth the time and resources to transport her from where she was found. They bring her to us at Ohana Park and others could not believe she was so small. I feed her with baby bottle.

Dr. Chavez’ hands pull in to her chest.

DMZ: Awwww, that’s adorable!

Seleana nods as the chief of security, a large black man that had played football in college and then become a police officer, comes to her office door.

Security Chief Clay Jones: Mrs. Zdunich?

Seleana and Dr. Chavez turn to face him, Seleana nodding in acknowledgement.

Seleana Zdunich: Yes, Clay?

She pauses and then frowns in momentary confusion.

Seleana Zdunich: Or, should I call you Officer Jones?

The man smiles.

Security Chief Clay Jones: You’re the boss, if you wanna call me Clay, you can call me Clay.

Seleana nods, visibly touched.

Seleana Zdunich: Thank you, Clay, what is it you need?

He nods behind him.

Security Chief Clay Jones: There’s two blonde women here, one pushing the other in a wheelchair and with a small child. They said they were here to see you and are family?

Seleana smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: is the woman in the wheelchair pregnant?

The officer nods.

Security Chief Clay Jones: Yes, Ma’am, she is.

Seleana nods happily.

Seleana Zdunich: Chavy, I’ll meet you in a few minutes in quarantine for the in-take for Sarabi.

Dr. Chavez nods.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: Yes, Ma’am.

Seleana turns to face the officer as Dr. Chavez takes her leave of the room.

Seleana Zdunich: Okej, Clay, take me to these women.

The officer nod and the two walk to the side entrance to find exactly who Seleana had been expecting, Eavan Maloney, Kate Bass and little Trinity.

Seleana Zdunich: They are family, Clay, please allow them inside.

The officer nods, smiling happily.

Security Chief Clay Jones: Yes, Ma’am.

He opens the door and Eavan pushes Kate through the entryway, Clay closing the door behind them. Seleana moves and hugs all three girls.

Seleana Zdunich: It is so good to see you! Clay, do we have someone available to walk with us in case there is a problem with Kate?

The officer nods.

Security Chief Clay Jones: Yes, Ma’am, I can do that myself.

Seleana’s smile somehow manages to brighten even more than it already was.

Seleana Zdunich: Tack, Clay.

Eavan and Kate both nod gratefully to the big man and he nods back in kind.

Seleana Zdunich: So, did you see much before you come here?

Eavan shrugs.

Eavan Maloney: We saw what you can see from the path to the door?

Seleana nods and leads them further into the catacombs as it were, leading them through to her office for a second as she steps inside to gather some paperwork. As she does so, Eavan and Kate glance inside and see the cot sitting against the wall and just shake their heads. They had hoped that was an exaggeration. Seleana finds the paper she is looking for and turns to face them, smiling like a giddy child.

Seleana Zdunich: I cannot believe the day is here!

Eavan and Kate both smile, little Trinity gurgling on Eavan’s back in her babybjorn. Seleana leads the group down the hallway and around a couple of turns before they find Dr. Chavez waiting with a small crew of five or six other people.

Seleana Zdunich: Are we ready, Chavy?

Dr. Chavez nods as a truck starts to back into the slot that leads into the holding pens. The crew of six other people spring into action as Seleana, Dr. Chavez, Kate, Eavan and Clay watch through the big clear windows. The crate clearly carrying a live animal is pulled from the truck and placed so that it can only be opened into the holding pen area. Commands are called out, hands are placed on doors so they spring the animal loose into the pens and remove the crate before escape can be made.

Seleana Zdunich: They look ready.

Dr. Chavez nods in agreement.

DC: They will check to make sure this is the proper crate and everything is set…

The lead crewman nods back to Dr. Chavez.

DC: We have the everything is go signal.

Seleana nods and they all watch as the door to the crate is slid up and out of the way revealing the lioness inside. For a second, it looks like she won’t leave the crate, content to stay there and not be moved any further. Seleana walks over to the door into the holding pen and leans down to the lioness can see her.

Seleana Zdunich: Hej, Sarabi! Jag älskar dig, söt tjej!

The lioness looks up and springs from the crate, moving over and staring at Seleana in the doorway. Seleana stands up and waves to the lioness even as the crew men close the crate, slide it out of the way and close the door to the pen behind Sarabi.

Seleana Zdunich: Min vackra tjej!

Sarabi jumps up and paws at the door, looking like a child begging for its mother.

Eavan Maloney: Aw, she’s beautiful…

Kate nods her agreement as do both Clay and Dr. Chavez. Seleana nods to sarabi and places her hand against the glass of the door. Sarabi places her paw on her side directly opposite the hand.

Seleana Zdunich: Hej…

Eavan and Kate look at Seleana and both of them just star beaming.

Eavan Maloney: Look at that…

Clay and Dr. Chavez both smile at the sight as well.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: I’ve never seen her smile like that before.

Eavan nods to the big cat.

Eavan Maloney: It’s her baby…

Clay nods his agreement.

Security Chief Clay Jones: Sure looks like that to me too, Ma’am.

Dr. Chavez nods as well.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: It’s beautiful…

Sarabi paws at the glass for another second and then drops down to look at her surroundings some. Seleana takes the opportunity to step away from the door and come back around to her friends.

Seleana Zdunich: It is real… she is really here…

Eavan nods, Kate, Clay and Dr. Chavez joining.

Eavan Maloney: She’s beautiful!

Kate nods her agreement.

Kate Bass: She is…

Clay nods his own agreement.

Security Chief Clay Jones: You have a rather beautiful girl there, Mrs. Zdunich.

Seleana can’t stop smiling like a kid on Christmas morning.

Seleana Zdunich: Tack…

She turns from them and stares out at the lioness, watching her inspect her new temporary home from corner to corner.

Seleana Zdunich: I cannot believe she is here…

Dr. Chavez nods, almost crying herself.

Dr. Michelle Chavez: I promise, we will take special care with her, Mrs. Zdunich.

Seleana turns to face Dr. Chavez and hugs her.

Seleana Zdunich: Tack, Chavy. I trust you with my girl.

Separating herself from Dr. Chavez, Seleana turns back to watching Sarabi checking her place out. The lioness sens the next fifteen minutes looking around before finding what she decides is comfortable spot and laying down there. It i then that Trinity starts to register her restlessness. Seleana nods, still smiling and turn to her friends.

Seleana Zdunich: Come, I should show you more before the little one decides my zoo is the worst place on earth!

Dr. Chavez nods understandingly as Seleana leads her friends out to the zoo and spends the rest of the day showing them around.


Friday, March 8, 2019
Laguna Beach, California
Home of Kate Bass and Eavan Maloney
5:01 PM PST

The camera opens on Seleana Zdunich standing in a driveway, a black Italian sports car sitting not two feet away from her and a duffel bag sitting next to it with the SCW World Bombshell Championship belt peeking out of the bag. The car and bag both seem to match the long sleeved black leather mini dress she’s wearing as do her black heels and Seleana nods, allowing her blonde hair to cascade down her shoulders in the light. She nods to the bag and stares down at the shiny prize inside.

Seleana Zdunich: There it sits…

She walks over and gently nudges bag with ehr foot to try and show the big shiny belt sitting on top of the other stuff inside.

Seleana Zdunich: The Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship…

Seleana gently opens the bag slightly more so the camera can get a good, full view of the championship belt in question even as it gleams in the light from the outside of the house behind her.

Seleana Zdunich: That belt has not left my bag since I came into possession of it. Others have looked at it, others have seen and even touched it but it was inside my bag as they did so.

Stepping back from the bag, Seleana looks into the camera and nods again.

Seleana Zdunich: And do you know why this is? Do you know why I have not taken the belt out and held aloft? Why I haven no held it above my head in triumph and screamed to the hills? Why I have not strapped it to the top of my car and driven around the streets of Los Angeles for all to see? Why, whether I’m at the Zdunich Zoological Gardens in Los Angeles, cruising by what I should call home in the Hollywood Hills, coming back here to Laguna Beach or anywhere else i might be lately, it has remained out of view unless I am asked about it?

She nods as the camera zooms in tightly.

Seleana Zdunich: Do you?

The camera pulls back out wide and gets a shot of Seleana, the car and the bag all at once.

Seleana Zdunich: Alicia Lukas should because she said it out loud. Dani Weston should because she said similar near two weeks ago when that belt came to me and changed the dynamic of the upcoming match. Crystal Hilton should because she is who made it so…

She nods, looking mildly upset and borderline angry.

Seleana Zdunich: Why is that belt in my bag and not parading around on my shoulder or around my waist or acting as a special glossy hood ornament or as a special way to bling my ride?

She bites her bottom lip and looks to the sky for a second before shaking her head and looking back into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: I have had this conversation with several people already and I will have it again now even if I am the only one speaking! It is because this is when Christian Underwood gest to both laugh and cry at the same time! He will cry because he still has not broken and defeated me. In fact, I have not lost since I break his face and he made a point of trying to do my career harm. I should be singing that song from the hills as well. The man who runs this company and tried to terminate my contract and then took special interest in ending my career…

She ndos to the bag and the shiny gold belt now glistening in the light.

Seleana Zdunich: I stand before you, the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion and it is a place I worked a year to even get the opportunity to look at it here in SCW. I came in as Crystal Hilton’s Swedish Barbie Hood Ornament and now I am the one in possession of THE Championship, about to main event an event with a Roman numeral in the title and yet… still..

Both of her hands rise up, ball into fists and she throws her head back in exasperation.

Seleana Zdunich: I have been in the ring with the likes of Delia Darling, Cat Riley, Trinity Jones, Mercedes Vargas, Dani Weston, Aviana Faith, Portia Alexander, Apple Coren, Jessie Salco, Kate Steele, Evie Baang, Brittany Williams, Crystal Hilton, Alicia Lukas, Amy Marshal, Parand Ara and The Metal Maniacs and whether they said it or not, every one of them had that look in their eyes that I was not really invited to the party. I was not one of them…

Her head snaps back into position allowing ehr to glare into the camera, her left hand falling to her side while her right hand opens to point accusingly into the camera’s lens.

Seleana Zdunich: No, I was nothing but a tall zookeeper at best and at worst, I was nothing but Crystal Hilton’s blonde trophy, used to match the shiny belt she held last year. They all saw me as an accessory Crystal would eventually get tired of and toss aside like I was just another bracelet she had bought on some spree to make herself feel better this week when something else went badly for her. Even after we were married last June, the company we work for did not notice any changed and referred to me as her fiancée as if that was the whole of my identity in this world! I was known not as a wrestler, not as a competitor, not as a championship contender, not as a sister, wife, stepmother, cousin, daughter or even a zookeeper nicknamed Sarabi…

Her pointing hand swings out towards the car.

Seleana Zdunich: Nej, I was known only as Crystal Hilton’s armpiece and I was treated as such by everyone right up until I walked out of that building in Long Beach with that belt in MY bag!

She points down at the belt.

Seleana Zdunich: And instead of changing that perception, instead of making everyone finally look at me as my own person with actual abilities, all that did was make them look down upon me even more…

Seleana looks down at the ground, shaking her head in seeming shame.

Seleana Zdunich: Dani Weston and Alicia Lukas both looked at me as a usurper and all but called me a thief. They see me as a blight on their golden championship that needs to be cleaned off. Alicia says she likes me and thinks I worked to get here and yet, when she was done talking, I still had not earned anything! I am still nothing to her but something Crystal Hilton had imported in to make herself look good!

She looks up, her hands going to her hips as she looks off into the distance.

Seleana Zdunich: Dani Weston thinks so little of me, she cannot even bring herself to say anything towards me or much of anyone else. Alicia looked down on her for not coming off like a champion and yet she is still closer to one than I am and I am the one who has the belt!

Her hand raises up again to point into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: They both understand why the belt stays in my bag but the one who should understand better than anyone is the reason it stays there, my wonderful… beautiful…

She claps her hands and looks away, almost laughing a cold, mirthless laugh.

Seleana Zdunich: Backstabber of a wife, Crystal Hilton, because she is the one who made sure with her interference that no one would come out of Long Beach talking about Dani Weston, no one would come out talking that much about Alicia Lukas and they would not really be talking about me either, they would all come out talking about you and even if it was not good…

She shrugs angrily.

Seleana Zdunich: Even bad publicity is good publicity, ja?

Seleana moves her glare back to the camera, seemingly trying to burn through it with her eyes.

Seleana Zdunich: You made sure that all eyes and more importantly, the spotlight, was all on you. Anaheim brings a four-way match for the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship between four women who have all held the championship in the last year and yet all anyone speaks of is which of us will be the one to knock the purple out of your hair so badly that the front row of fans looks as if they were extras in a remake of Purple Rain!

She turns and faces the car.

Seleana Zdunich: And as much as you claim otherwise behind closed doors, or in text messages or whatever else, the truth is you are loving every second of this because it is what you have always really wanted! You worked for a singular goal and unlike Alicia Lukas, who wants to make this championship mean more than anything else on the planet, unlike Dani Weston who wants to prove she is the best she can be and the best SCW has to offer and unlike me, where I want to prove I am capable and worthy of the respect everyone else freely gets, you want everyone to just look at you so that you can tell yourself that everyone is jealous and wishes they were you even if they say otherwise because, come on, you are Crystal Hilton and it has to be true, ja?

She turns and nods to the camera knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: And look at where you were before I punched Christian Underwood…

Her gaze moves back to the car.

Seleana Zdunich: You were nowhere. No one was talking about you anymore. Brittany had suffered an injury and taken some time off. I was working to improve but we were all standing on the outside looking in when it came to championship standing. Alicia Lukas was coming in as a Champion of such standing none one questioned her abilities and Dani Weston was THE Champion with the spotlight on her here in SCW and you…

Seleana shrugs dismissively.

Seleana Zdunich: You were somebody who used to be that and it drove you crazy. I know because you talked about it often. Then I punch Christian Underwood and the spotlight comes to me because he fired me and Mark Ward bring me back. Christian decides he needs to give me his full attention and you…

Again, Seleana shrugs dismissively.

Seleana Zdunich: You were still nowhere. Alicia and Dani put on duels that will be talked about for years to come to prove who was the best and who should carry the banner into the future and thus rightfully claimed the spotlight and I had it thrust upon me and you could not stand it so you waited until an opportunity presented itself to get yourself back there and all you had to do was assault ME!

She turn and glares angrily into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: I am your wife, the one you pledged to love and honor above all others last year and barely six months into our marriage, attack me and leave me laying for the promise of one more trip into the spotlight!

She waves her hand dismissively to the right.

Seleana Zdunich: Let’s not pretend this is really about a championship for you because it was never about that. The only reason you want that championship is because it means everyone has to pay homage to you as the ne sitting on the throne until somebody else comes and knocks you off of it! You want the attention that comes with the belt, not the belt itself. It is a useless trinket to you and that is why Alicia and Dani are so offended by your presence in this match and why they will do everything in their power to make sure Jessie Salco has not talked her way into never challenging for it ever again!

She pauses, shaking her right hand and index finger as she turns away from the camera and faces the car again.

Seleana Zdunich: But that was not good enough for you, was it?

She shakes her head some more, almost pointing accusingly at the car as if it was her wife made metal.

Seleana Zdunich: No, you are Crystal Hilton and the spotlight was not bright enough just being in the match that would main event Blaze of Glory VII, you needed more and that was why you came down and robbed me of something all over again at Climax Control!

She nods to herself and then turns to face the camera, her index finger still extended, still pointing in an accusatory manner.

Seleana Zdunich: And it is what that represents to me that hurts the most, Estrellita. It means you did not trust me to get us there on my own. You did not trust me to bring the championship home where you could walk around and act like one of those mothers with the “My child is an honor student at” bumper stickers as if their child’s achievement is really their achievement and claim my championship standing as yours because you trained and married me. You had no faith in me…

Her hand drops and then sweeps to the right as if brushing a load of peprs off a desk that isn’t there.

Seleana Zdunich: And that means that just like everyone else I mentioned earlier, you STILL do not see me as one of you yet!

She points angrily into the camera again.

Seleana Zdunich: YOU still do not see me as somebody worthy of respect! You, MY own wife, do not see me as somebody who is worthy of burning in your light even as you speak to me of things we were supposed to do like the Hollywood Angels!

Looking back down to the bag, she stares at the championship and then nods firmly.

Seleana Zdunich: On Sunday in Anaheim, that belt will finally leave my bag. It will walk to that ring at Blaze of Glory VII and it will then sit ringside as Alicia, Dani and I take turns playing let’s shatter the Crystal and, as you mentioned, this is the perfect place to do that because it is YOUR town. You claim Los Angeles as your town even though you are no more from here than the rest of us are. Dani is from Florida, Alicia is from Georgia and I am from another country and we all come to where this daughter of Detroit became just as plastic and overly shiny and calculated for attention as everything else that comes from the Hollywood area! On Sunday, Alicia, Dani and you all get your chance to take that away from me and get what you want…

She nods knowingly and then points to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: But I also get the chance at what I want and what I want is to knock you all off of your high horses, knock you out of the spotlight you so crave, and knock the respect out of Alicia and Dani and finally take my place as my own and prove I deserved to not just be in the ring with all of you, but I deserved my place on that poster, in this match and on that list of champions that my name is on now! I get my chance to prove that belt sitting down there is mine and I have the right to call myself Champion!

She nods and points to herself one more time.

Seleana Zdunich: This is my chance and none of you are taking that away from me!
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