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> Legendary Failures
Ella Singleton
Posted: February 13, 2019 05:47 am

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To Whom It My Concern,

Ever since my quest to rid Sin City Wrestling of its spotlight hogs, I have become the sole martyr for my own cause. Amy Santino was so excited that she needed Apple's help to beat me. It was so obvious that she couldn't beat me on her own. I don't blame her for wanting extra help because of the humiliation that would follow had I beat her senseless.

Before facing that ugly fish egg, I once again had to defend myself against the total miscarriage of justice that was Mercedes Vargas claiming that she had beaten me in a triple threat match. I just love how she misconstrued facts just to make herself seem important. Mercedes forgot that she had to kick me in the back of my head which means she found me more of threat then Sierra.

Now I have to earn a match with the biggest bitch on the roster. I will play your game Mercedes for now. You just might want to keep your words soft and sweet. I hope you are watching carefully Mercedes because what I do at Climax Control will pale in comparison to what I do to you at Blaze of Glory.

Ella Singleton

Off Camera

The sound of an old typewriter dings as Ella rips off a small piece of paper. She glances over the contents before folding three ways. She picks up an envelope and slips the note inside.

Singleton: Carter!

Ella shouts while sliding her chair across her marble floor. She had been home in Ocala since her last outing against Amy Santino. She was fuming after another screw job. She couldn't believe that management would even allow that kind of thing to stand.

Singleton: Carter!

Ella screams again as the door knob twists and the door is pushed open. A man in his late thirties pokes his head into the room while keeping his torso in the hallway.

Carter: What do you need Ella?

He asks as Ella holds up the envelope which is holding a letter inside.

Singleton: I need you to mail that for me.

Carter steps into the room and grabs the letter out of her hand. Ella pushes herself up as a beautiful woman appears in the doorway.

Rose: Baby, are you ready to go?

Hannah Rose, Ella Singleton's girlfriend and training partner, is leaning against the door frame with her shiny red hair draped over her right shoulder. Ella looks over Carter's shoulder with a smile.

Singleton: I will be in a minute darling. I just need to fix my makeup.

Hannah smiles as Carter steps out of the room. Ella glides across the floor as Hannah watches.

This Sunday is my time to finally turn my losing streak around. I am so sick of people judging me and telling me that I'm not good enough. When you playback all of the matches I have competed in, I have proven that I am more than capable of being the best wrestler on the bombshell wrestler. Losses will happen. I don't have to like them but I will accept them if there is merit to them. My previous outings, there is no merit behind them. One ended with disqualification. The other ended with me not getting pinned. So explain to me how I am supposed to be this loser when I have more talent in my pinky finger than Mercedes Vargas has in her entire body.

Rose: Whatcha doing babe?

Hannah asks while laying across Ella's back. Ella taps her girl on the hands. Hannah softly kisses Ella on her cheek.

Singleton: You better be careful with that before you atart something you can't finish.

Ella jokes as Hannah pokes out her lip. Ella shakes her head as Hannah notices a picture of Crystal posted on Ella's dartboard.

Rose: Who the hell is this ugly bitch?

Ella laughs as she glances over at her dartboard. She sees Hannah pointing at it as Ella just shrugs her shoulder.

Singleton: That is Crystal insert last name here. She is one of the spotlight hogs I look to send to the cleaners. I'm facing her cow face this Sunday.

Hannah shutters while sitting on the bed.

Rose: I am not sure if it's her hair or her face but she is hideous.

You know it's a good day when my girlfriend is talking bad about your opponent. She isn't wrong when you think about it. Crystal is the second ugliest person on the roster. She is hideous with how she treated her wife all because she wanted another shot at a championship she doesn't deserve. Crystal has been known to stab people in the back when it comes to championship gold. The fact that she can't even settle on a name kind of tells you what her mindset is when you think about it.

I have watched her compete and it's horrid. Crystal has no charisma. She has no true skill. She is just a wannabe actress who turned out to be a never was wrestler. Or is it a has been wrestler who turned out to be a never was actress. I don't care to be honest. I came here with money than Jerry Springer and I aim to continue to make money. Like they keep saying, I am a potential threat to any champion in this company.

Now Crystal, I'm sure you are that I have to bust your head open. This is just about a victory any more. Oh no. It's about me sending a message to that large snake who hides from true competition. If you think for a second I am intimidated by an over hyped wrestler then think again. Crystal couldn't intimidate a goat. So what makes you think she could intimidate me. I will overpower her. I will out run her. I will out wrestler her. I will make her sorry ass look ten times better because that's what I do. Jessie Salco ought to be thanking me for providing her with cheap heat.

Crystal, I will snap you in half. I don't give two ducks about you. You will find out the hard way that I don't play games. I will prove that you and Mercedes are nothing more than Legendary Failures.

After Sunday, your failures will be more than you bargained for. It's time for the Duchess of Florida too blast you into next week.

Duchess of Florida

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