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> Ace Hart
Posted: July 01, 2019 04:17 pm

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</div><div align="center"><b><font color="#f9f9fa" face="trebuchet ms" size="6">ACE HART</font></b><hr><b><font color="#f9f9fa" face="trebuchet ms" size="6"><div align="left"><div align="left">
PERSONAL INFORMATION</div></div></font></b><div align="left"><font face="trebuchet ms"><font color="#f9f9fa">

Birth Name:&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Ace Hart</font>
Wrestling Name:&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Ace Hart</font>
Nicknames:&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">The Mega Heel</font>
Picture Base:&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Triple H</font>
Date of Birth:&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Jan. 21st 1971</font>
Height: <font color="#a10000">6',4”</font>
Weight: <font color="#a10000">255 Lbs</font>
Place of Birth:&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Calgary, Alberta, Canada</font>
Now Resides:&nbsp; </font><font color="#a10000">Las Vegas, Nevada
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</div><hr><font color="#f9f9fa" face="trebuchet ms">

<b><font size="6">CHARACTER INFORMATION</font></b>

Character Disposition / Alignment: <font color="#a10000">Heel</font>

Brief Character Overview:&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Ace is the Mega Heel for a good reason. He's an absolute bastard straight to his core. His obsession with being feared and respected as the best wrestler in the business is the only thing he ever has on his mind. He's cerebral, sadistic, and forward thinking. He never does or says anything without a means to an end in mind. He's a chess player among wrestlers, he's calculating and he has been doing it in this business for three decades.</font>

Ring Psychology / Strategy: <font color="#a10000">Ace is cerebral and tactical. He picks opponents apart, usually focusing on a single body part depending on his opponent. His opponent is a high flyer or incredibly athletic? He'll attack his legs to ground him and slow him down. His opponent is a big powerhouse? Ace will attack the lower back, taking away the center of all that power. His opponent is a brawler or striker? Ace will ground him with catch wrestling, keeping ahold of him and smothering his striking offense. A greater submission opponent will be hard to find but in that case Ace will brawl, he'll turn it into a street fight, and he'll make it dirty.</font>

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</div><font face="trebuchet ms"><font color="#f9f9fa">

<b><font size="6">PERFORMANCE INFORMATION</font></b>

Theme Music: <font color="#a10000">'Hail to the King' – Avenged Sevenfold</font>

<b>Special Entrance <Optional>:</b> Your Character's special entrance. Write it exactly how you want it to be posted, preferably in present tense to fit the show format. If their entrance doesn’t change or you don’t want to write one, feel free to skip this. If you do not have an entrance we will just have you come out to your theme song

<b>Tendency to Cheat:</b>
- <x> <font color="#a10000">Always</font>

<b>Motivation to Compete:</b>
- <x> <font color="#a10000">Glory; obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat.</font>
- <x> <font color="#a10000">Going for Gold; all he cares about are title belts and winning them. He wants to be the best.</font>

Favorite Match Types:&nbsp;<font color="#a10000"> Hell in a Cell</font>
Least Favorite Match Types:&nbsp;<font color="#a10000"> Ladder</font>
<OPTIONAL> Favorite Weapon:&nbsp; </font><font color="#a10000">Chair / Sledgehammer of course.
<div align="center"><hr><font color="#f9f9fa"></font><font face="trebuchet ms"></font>
</div><font face="trebuchet ms"><font color="#f9f9fa">

<b><font size="6">WRESTLING INFORMATION</font></b>

<b>Signature Moves:</b>
1. <font color="#a10000">Face buster to knee, usually off the whip.</font>
<i>You've watched a Triple H match right?</i>

2. <font color="#a10000">Flying knee</font>
<i>That Harley Race/Triple H high knee

</i>3. <font color="#a10000">Oversell off Irish-Whip</font>
<i>Hitting the corner or ropes hard and going over.</i>

4. <font color="#a10000">Step behind neck breaker</font>
<i>Usually off the counter, ducking under a punch or close line.</i>

5. P<font color="#a10000">ancake slam/spinebuster</font>
<i>Pretty self explanatory</i>


<b>Finishing Moves:&nbsp;</b>
1. <font color="#a10000">Deus Ex Machina</font>

2.<font color="#a10000"> Valar Morghulis</font>
<i>Inverted Indian Deathlock</i>


Common Moves&nbsp;
1.&nbsp;<font color="#a10000"> Pendulum variations. (Backbreaker &amp; shoulder breaker)</font>

2.&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Tilt-a-whirl variations. (Backbreaker &amp; slam)</font>

3.&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Suplex variations. (German/Belly to Belly/Stalling/Snap)</font>

4.&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Shoulder &amp; Wrist Lock variations</font>

5.&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Drop toe hold variations. (Half crab/onto folded chair/onto unfolded chair)
6.&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">DDT variations.</font>

7.&nbsp;<font color="#a10000"> Running chop block.</font>

8.&nbsp;<font color="#a10000"> Sleeper hold and headlock variations.</font>

9.&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Stomping on downed opponents isolated body parts. Whatever he's targeting for that match.</font>

10.&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Swinging neck breaker
In-Ring Strengths:&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">Ruthless. Cerebral. Ace picks his opponents apart. He is methodical, and he wears them down, gunning for either a weak spot, or a body part that will take away the style of wrestling they find most preferable. He isn't against playing dirty when the ref isn't looking, or waiting until the final count for rope breaks, or tossing in an extra shot before he breaks. Anything to gain an edge.
In-Ring Flaws:&nbsp;</font><font color="#a10000"> He's arrogant. He gets cocky. He likes to embarrass opponents. He could become over confident in deconstructing an opponent and leave an opening for them to counter or swing the momentum. This is more prevalent in matches against hated rivals.
<div align="center"><hr><font color="#f9f9fa"></font><font face="trebuchet ms"></font>
</div><font face="trebuchet ms"><font color="#f9f9fa">

<b><font size="6">MINI BIOGRAPHY</font></b>
</font><font color="#a10000">Ace Hart was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada into the famous Hart family. He grew up with wrestling, more so than the average kid watching at home. Since he was old enough to walk, Ace was on a wrestling mat. Trained in the infamous Hart dungeon, Ace cut his teeth as a teenager with some of the best pure wrestlers in the world, and began his professional wrestling career at the age of 17. A year later he would leave his family production and move to the United States as an adult to begin traveling the territories wrestling. He came across and won titles in countless federations that have long been lost to history, but the ones that stand out are listed below. His first brush with wrestling was in the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana area where he would also father two children at a very young age. Not wanting this to stall his career, Ace continued life on the road, his two children, eventually growing into wrestling legends of their own, and although they would all work together decades later, they mostly resent their absent father.

Ace's first real brush with success was in XDDWF (Xtreme Death Defying Wrestling Federation) a more hardcore/backyard style of company, Ace worked his way up the ranks until eventually winning the XDDWF Championship. Upon gaining the title, the company reformed, was bought by corporate sponsors and changed to XDDWE, given a more 'professional and corporate' look. While they kept the name 'Xtreme Death Defying' it was a much more toned down and sponsor friendly version with Ace at it's helm. He would lose and regain the title another 3 times while under this banner with memorable rivalries against men like James Lightning and the his first true rival, Triple X. Eventually the corporate money pulled out of the company and left it defunct and Ace Hart moved on to his first stint with Wrestling 2000 in Defiance, Ohio. He would become it's first ever W2K Champion, but a young upstart wrestler by the name of Superstar Nic E. Dangerously (his first born son) would cause too many differences both in the ring and behind the scenes and Ace would depart the company, and Nic vowed he would make sure he never return.

Ace moved on from the territorial Wrestling 2000 to his first main stream company out of Philadelphia named SmackFest Wrestling. Again Ace built his way up through the ranks, truly shaping and laying the foundation for the wrestler he would be known as today. Here he would meet his fiance' at the time Cassidy Dawn McPherson, and fell in love. Cassidy had grown tired of the wrestling life and wanted to settle down and have children, step away from wrestling, but Ace Hart was still on a mission to become the greatest of all time. He built his way to the top with outstanding matches against rivals like Damien Destruction and Christian Michaels, eventually becoming SmackFest Wrestling Champion. However, the company would eventually close and Ace would go back on the road, leaving Cassidy and shacking up with her best friend Alia Starr, who would go on the road with him. Alia and Ace would eventually have two children together (Seth and Brittney Starr) years later that would force Alia to step away from wrestling to raise the children. Ace continued to put his career first.

Almost a decade had gone by when Ace Hart returned to indy-fed W2K (Wrestling 2000) and by now both his first born son (Nic E. Dangerously) and first born daughter (Terri LaMin Dangerously) but the scenery had changed. He was virtually unrecognizable as the original champion, his son had won the title 8 times by now and ran the company both on screen and off through creative control with an iron fist. Ace fought his way back in, the actually owners and backers of W2K&nbsp; wanting the exposure Ace's name brought to the company. Ace Hart would spend the next 15 years in San Antonio with Wrestling 2000 making it his life. He would win almost every title available to him, have countless feuds with names like Scott Blaze, and then his son Ryan Blaze, Damien Destruction from SFW, Triple X would meet him again from XDDWF/E, PowerTrip, Ryan Cain, Nevyrmorr, JT Kash, Sef Kinsley, Cross, and Drew Stevenson. Ace and Dangerously would have a love hated relationship over the years but came to respect one another, even going to a sister brand of W2K (AWA) and winning the Tag Team Championship together. W2K would fight through the years but eventually kept losing funding and the downed economy hurt the small wrestling company with big stars. It eventually would collapse, seemingly for the final time, in 2016/2017.

Ace Hart hasn't been heard from since...
<div align="center"><hr><font color="#f9f9fa"></font><font face="trebuchet ms"></font>
</div><font face="trebuchet ms"><font color="#f9f9fa">

</font></b><i>Any Championships, tournaments, winning streaks, or notable achievements go here.</i>

</font><font color="#a10000">• W2K Champion (x2), W2K Attitude Champion, W2K Overdrive Champion, W2K Tag Team Champion (x2)&nbsp;
• XDDWF Champion, XDDWE Champion (x3), SmackFest Wrestling Champion, Total Championship Wrestling Champion&nbsp;
• AWA Tag Team Champion

<div align="center"><hr><font color="#f9f9fa"></font><font face="trebuchet ms"></font>
</div><font face="trebuchet ms"><font color="#f9f9fa">

<b><font size="6">ABOUT YOU THE HANDLER</font></b>

Your First Name:&nbsp;<font color="#a10000"> Ty</font>
Age:&nbsp;<font color="#a10000"> Old</font>
e-Fed Experience:&nbsp; <font color="#a10000">A very long time.</font>
Twitter: </font><font color="#a10000">@themegaheel</font></font>

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