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> A open gauntlet challenge at High Stakes IX
Jake Raab
Posted: September 11, 2019 06:42 pm

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Opening up a gauntlet challenge at High Stakes IX Supershow Jake's camera.

Jake Raab: "In the past few days, I had an idea that I think wrestlers and staff would like and not seen much in SCW. Instead of a one on one open challenge, I want to do an open gauntlet challenge match at High Stakes IX Supershow event. It will be open to any SCW and SCU wrestlers where I will be in the ring, wrestling against anyone who accepts the challenge. Wrestlers will come out one by one to face me. I know a all of you will do everything possible to beat the hell out of me.

The challenge is whoever eliminates me by pinfall or submission is the winner and the gauntlet will be over. If I pin or submit a wrestler, then another wrestler will come out and fight me until there's no more wrestlers left to beat me. I wanted to say that before the next show of Climax Control."

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Mark Ward
Posted: September 13, 2019 04:02 am

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Hot Stuff Mark Ward sits looking at his phone as he sit by a pool in St. Barthélemy. He browses the SCW site to see something airing that he didn't see earlier, the promo of Jake Raab and his talks about a gauntlet match. Hot Stuff runs his hand over his head, rolling his eyes.

HS: The one damn time Christian and I book a supercard before the first Climax Control of the cycle and something like this happens. I mean I mentioned it on social media and everythign and to come to me for plans, but...

Hot Stuff clicks his fingers.

HS: Ah yeah, Jake is probably the only SCW star not on social media! Ok, let's sort this before some wally replies and really messes with my plans.

Hot Stuff presses a few buttons on his phone, bringing up the camera and hitting record.

HS: SCW World, your boss here Mark Ward. I'm recording this poolside at a lovely hotel here in St. Bart's. The weather is lovely and I planned on taking a few hours off but I saw something on the SCW site and thought I'd record a response for to air today in response to Jake Raab.

Hot Stuff waves at the camera phone.

HS: Fair play to you Jake, you tried to show a little initiative and create something for yourself. First off, never in a million years would I book a gauntlet match, I fucking hate them, Christian has a huge hardon for them, but gauntlet matches, battle royals, all that shit, I can not stand at all. Any of those booked, Christian's fingerprints are all over them. I'm aware you don't have social media but I announced the card for High Stakes IX has already been booked, we'll be rolling out the matches over the coming weeks and that includes you too. I won't do a gauntlet match, not a chance in hell I would book one, and I would do whatever it took to stop Christian booking one, but seems like you wanna take on a lot of opponents...

Hot Stuff taps his chin.

HS: Will three at least do for you?

Hot Stuff smiles.

HS: It won't be a gauntlet match and it won't be open challenge, but I will have three opponents for you. I'll announce two for you on Sunday at Climax Control, the third, I'll let him introduce himself. Should none of the three become a champion between now and High Stakes IX, those will be your opponents.

Hot Stuff nods.

HS: I hope that clears things up for you. Like any other superstar on my roster, welcome to come to me to find out who their opponents are gonna be at High Stakes IX. You Jake, will find out on Sunday.

Hot Stuff hits the stop button as the camera fades.

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