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Posted: August 10, 2018 07:47 am

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Directly in front of the camera, was a close up shot of a television monitor. On the screen was an on-demand replay from the most recent Sin City Wrestling Supercard show; Summer XXXXTreme VI. And on the screen? The match for the newest championship to contend for, the World Mixed Tag Team Championship.

Woman #1: "Oo! Get her! GET HER!!! Rip her face off!"

Woman #2: "This would have been over a long time ago if they woulda brought some toys to play with!"

Man: "No fun! They're no fun! What's the point of a play date if you don't bring toys to play with?"

It was the Grand Slam Championship tandem of Kain and Mercedes Vargas competing in the match as the challengers, wrestling against the undefeated London Underground, who were using the Freebirds rule to their own distinct advantage, and have done so since they first started competing in the mixed tag division, becoming the first champions in May of this year. And like their regular tag team competition, they had been unbeaten since. They retired the men's and women's tag team titles, having never lost the prestigious championships.

So was it any wonder why few, if any, took the challenge of Kain and Mercedes Vargas seriously enough to think the impossible would be -- possible? Certainly the champions didn't think that they had anything to be seriously concerned about. That is until the final bell rang, and the members of London Underground sat there -- stunned -- as 'their' championship belts were passed to the hands of the new champions, who raised them high above their heads as the announcement made it official!

Justin Decent: "The winners and NEW SCW Mixed Tag Team Champions of the World -- Kain and Mercedes Vargas!"

Tandem: "**screams!!!**"

And a hail of popcorn and candy rained down on the television monitor as a trio set of legs kicked fiendishly away at nothing in spasms of excitement!

Man #2: "Really? After all this time?"

Man #3: "Certainly. I think it's an appropriate time. Certainly an appropriate amount of time was wasted in waiting."

Man #2: "And all this time I thought you had given up and called it quits where this was all concerned. Or at least, I had hoped that this was the case."

Man 3: "My good man! Why on earth would you assume that? When Sin City Wrestling had temporarily closed down their operations, I thought perhaps it a sign. A time to change things, change the scenery so to speak."

Man #2: "Yes, you told me that you went in search of greener pastures and nobody took the bait."

Man #3: ***scoffs** "Bloody cowards if you ask me. They see a taste of what's happened in the past and have little in their heads for excitement."

Man #2: "Excitement he calls it...."

Man #3: "I knew it was only a matter of time, so I bided my own. I knew someone would come calling. And even if it's only occasional appearances, it will be quite enough for them to have fun with and work out their aggressions."

Man #2: "But the World Mixed Tag Team Champions? How the hell did you manage that?"

Man #3: "I would love to say that it was my negotiating talent, but that would be a lie my dear friend. It was a simple matter of being in the right place at the right time. The champions were due for a match, and the former champions were unable to make the show due to a scheduling conflict for their rematch. I was in the offices negotiating and one thing led to another..."

Man #2: "And your team has a match against world champions. Very nice spot to find yourself in, even if the match isn't for the championship."

Man #3: "For now. But once my team emerges as the winners, the higher ups will have little choice but to give them a chance at the championships."

Man #2: "It's been over half a year. You think your team really does stand a chance. Even I know that Mercedes and Kain are two world class athletes."

Man #3: "That they are indeed! But in this case, they have everything working against them. They do not know who their opposition is, and even were they to know, I learned something from the former champions as far as this 'Freebird Rule' goes. So they wouldn't even know which two they would be facing."

Man #2: "Well, Kain would. Mercedes...."

Man #3: "Yes, she will be the one that has no idea, but it all runs downhill. And if one member of the team falls, then both will end up in the same position. At a loss. The champions have no idea who their opponents are. They know not which combination. And when I turn my team loose upon them? Kain and Mercedes Vargas will have no idea what hit them."

A hand cloaked in a white sleeved shirt reached forward and picked up a TV universal remote and clicked the power button...

Man #1: "HEY!!"

Women Together: "Boooooo!!! Hiss!!"

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