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> EIGHT MAN WARRIOR'S BRAWL, Roulette Championship
Christian Underwood
Posted: October 28, 2018 06:45 pm

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Post all RPs here!

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“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
? Mae West
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Posted: November 02, 2018 09:58 pm

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"I don't know how I'm going to win. I just know, I'm not going to lose." ~ Gokham Saki

Garden Grove Estates
Las Vega, NV
November 1st, 2018
Off Camera

("So, as you can see, the two-bedroom floor plan has a lot of room. You've seen the swimming pool, which is private for residence only. Next, I can show you the onsite restaurant, and then the gym." These words came from the lips of a bubbly blonde who was showing Shinjiro around the apartment. The lovely women didn't look back as she spoke and drifted into the main room ready to exit, but Shinjiro did not follow. Instead, he stood in the small dinning of the third-floor apartment and looked out of the window that overlooked a small courtyard.

Shinjiro's mind wasn't on the apartment as he looked at the beautifully manicured grass, no, his mind was pondering his upcoming match and the fact that he was relocating to Las Vegas. Several times he had considered moving to Las Vegas while in Honor Wrestling to be closer to the main office, but found the Asian communities in and around San Francisco too welcoming to leave.

The decision to move to Vegas was easy to make now that he had transitioned to Sin City Wrestling. He was going to completely immerse himself into the company, and had already found a new gym to train in. He had found that before he even began looking for a new apartment, because training was more important than a place to rest.

"Um, Mr. Yamamoto, are you ready Sir?" the hostess says. Her voice snaps Shinjiro out of his trance. He turns and looks at her and notices how beautiful she is. Her green eyes sparkle around her golden blonde hair. The two lock eyes for a moment and Shinjiro smiles before it becomes to awkward. "Yes, sorry, was just admiring the view." Shinjiro says before heading for the door with the woman.

The two continue to walks the grounds of the complex. The four-star rated restaurant, the gym that rivaled a Gold's and included a steam room and sauna. Eventually the tour wraps up at the main office, more specifically in the woman’s office.

Her name is Hayley Green, but Shinjiro has been referring to her as Ms. Green to remain professional. Her dress clung to her legs tightly, just as her blouse and jacket were also very form fitting. Shinjiro could tell she was an athlete, and when he saw a picture of her in the office from a mud run he knew she was a cross fit fanatic. More then her looks, he was impressed by her confidence of knowledge of her business.)

Ms. Green: So, what do you think of the Garden Grove?

Shinjiro: I love it. It's beautiful, very clean, and the gym is top notch.

Ms. Green: Well, should we proceed with the paper work to finalize your rent?

(Shinjiro, glances at her hands and does not notice a wedding band.)

Shinjiro: Well first I have a couple questions.

Ms. Green: Oh yes, certainly, how can I help you.

Shinjiro: Would it be considered unethical for a staff member of Garden Grove to date a tenant?

Ms. Green: Why, yes of course. It could certainly be considered a conflict of interest.

Shinjiro: Are you single?

Ms. Green: Excuse me?

Shinjiro: I must be honest. As impressed as I am with the apartments here, I am even more impressed with you. The beauty of this place pales in comparison with your beauty. Not only that, but the way you carry yourself, the way you command respect and attention without having to even say it, I am very impressed.

Ms. Green: Well, thank you Mr. Yamamoto, but I don't think this would be professional since you are a perspective client.

Shinjiro: Understood. In that case, I do not want the apartment. I'd much rather take you to dinner.

(Without saying a word Hayley Green quickly stands from her chair and moves to the door of the office. She opens the door quickly and looks back at Shinjiro.)

Ms. Green: Mr. Yamamoto, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I am a professional, and wish to be treated as such. This is not the time or the place to discuss possible relationships.

(A bit surprised, Shinjiro stands up from his chair at her desk and buttons the jacket of his grey suit.)

Shinjiro: I apologize is I offended you Ms. Green. It was not my intent to dishonor you, or make you feel as though I did not respect you as a professional. I am simply more interested in you than in any property in all of Las Vegas. I have been here several times, and never have I seen anything in Las Vegas as intriguing as you.

(Hayley, tries not to smile but the edge of her mouth cracks into one. Without a word Shinjiro heads out of the office and stops in the door way.)

Shinjiro: My number is on the application, if you ever reconsider dinner please do not hesitate to call me.

Ms. Green: Thank you, but I must get back to work Mr. Yamamoto. If you ever want a top of the line, high class apartment, do not hesitate to call the rental office.

(Ms. Green then shuts the door in Shinjiro’s face.)

Fight Capital Gym
Las Vegas, NV
November 3rd, 2018
On Camera

(The scene fades in to show Shinjiro in the middle of a boxing ring. He is dressed in long black tights, with black kick pads, black MMA gloves, and red headgear. Around him are three trainers, each dressed in red headgear, body pods, and striking pads on both their hands and legs.

The three trainers circle Shinjiro, and Shiniro stands in the middle of the ring and eyeballs the trainers. Suddenly one of the trainer’s attacks from behind, and Shinjiro catches him coming in with a arm drag. Shinjiro gets to his feet quickly and the other trainers are attacking. Shinjiro hits the first one with a thrust kick to the chest, shoving the attacker away. Shinjiro then quickly catches the third one in a double leg take down, dropping him to his back.

The first trainer is up from the hip toss at this point though and attacking again. Shinjiro side steps him and hands a three-punch combo to the body and shoves him into a corner. Shinjiro then spins and lands a front round house kick to the head of another trainer. Then, without any wasted motion Shinjiro moves with cat like quickness and lands a drop kick to another trainer. The force sends the trainer flying through the ropes where he lands hard on the outside.

"STOP! STOP! STOP!" The sound of another trainer is heard, as he and a few other members rush to the man on the outside. Shinjiro quickly pulls his headgear off and hops out of the ring to check on the man as well.

"Is he ok?" Shinjiro asks with a bit of panic in his voice. "Yeah, he's fine, he can walk it off" the main trainer says, followed by "Everyone take a break, get some water".

Shinjiro lays the headgear on the edge of the ring and pulls his gloves off and lays them beside the headgear. Shinjiro is handed a water bottle from one of the trainers and replies with "thank you" and a bow of his head. Shinjiro then sits on the apron of the ring and takes a refreshing drink of the water before looking to the camera.)

Shinjiro: Once again I go to war. I go to war for gold, for glory, but most importantly I go to war to prove I am the best. The Warriors brawl match is where I made a name for myself in Honor Wrestling. Winning the first ever Warriors brawl and becoming the first ever Honor Legacy champion let everyone know that Shinjiro Yamamoto is for real, and that he is a man to be both feared and respected in this sport.

At High Stakes, I once again will win the Warriors Brawl match. I once again will win a championship, through the Warriors brawl match. And, I once again will use that win to cement my name at the top of the sport and show everyone in Sin City Wrestling that the Golden Dragon Shinjiro Yamamoto is for real and is a man to be feared and respected.

I was voted the man that people wanted to see comeback to Honor Wrestling, and those people got their wish when I returned. Well, Ben Jordan you have been asking for the top competition in the world, and just like the Honor Wrestling fans, you are getting what you wished for. There is an old saying though Ben, that isn't just used in my homeland, but is used all across the world. That saying, is you better be careful what you wish for.

You say you are a fighting champion, and that you want to face the best competition there is, but will you be saying the same thing when you are standing across the ring from me, locked inside that chamber, and starring deep into the raging inferno that burns in my eyes? You wanted the best, and now you got the best. Not just the best from Honor Wrestling, not just the best from Sin City Wrestling, but the best from anywhere in the world. You finally get what you have been asking for, but what you don't realize is that it is going to cost you the SCW Roulette championship.

I respect your fighting spirit Ben Jordan, just as I respect your skill, and your willingness to put you championship on the line in a match like this. That respect though, will not stop me from tapping you our and taking that championship. Of course, I would have much rather us faced each other in a one on one match. Champion versus champion, a true test of skills to see who the better competitor was, but that is not our fate.

I will however say this right here, and right now, and everyone can mark this down and keep note of it. When I walk out of High Stakes with both the Honor Wrestling Legacy championship and the Sin City Wrestling Roulette championship, and become the first crossover champion in the history of Honor and Sin City wrestling, well you Ben Jordan are welcome to your rematch for the Roulette championship whenever you want it.

(Shinjiro takes another drink of his water, and looks over at the trainer he had just drop kicked out of the ring. The other trainers have helped him pull his pads off and the man now sits with an ice pack on the back of his head. Shinjiro continues looking at the trainer an begins to speak without looking at the camera.)

Shinjir: Believe it or not, unlike so many others in this sport, I do not like hurting other people. I do love to test my skills against other competitors, but that isn't what the warriors brawl match is about. Warriors Brawl matches are brutal and violent. The men in this match will bleed, and face a high risk of suffering a life long injury.

One man who knows these risks, is Blasted Monk. Monk was also in the first ever Warriors Brawl match, and as much as I like and respect you Monk, your fate will be the same as it was the first go round. If you get in my way, I will drop you or tap you just like I would anyone else. You know firsthand what it is like to suffer a flaming death, and if it comes down to you and I, do not think for a second that I will hesitate in taking you out.

Another man in this match that has felt firsthand what it is like to step into the dragon's layer is Caleb Storms. Caleb, just a mere week ago you and I did battle in the ring and at the end of the night I showed you what a true Dragon Slayer was and forced you to tap you. The results at High Stakes, are going to be exactly the same. Maybe this time, don't worry about touring, don't worry about your music, worry about surviving this match.

That is your problem Caleb, you have too many irons in the fire. A man that tries his hand at too many things can never be a master at any of them. So, make a choice, wrestling or music. I will say this though, if your music is as bad as your wrestling... then find a third option.

(Shinjiro turns his face back to the camera. His eyes seem to glow with fire as he face has become more intense.)

Shinjiro: I've never stepped into the ring with anyone else in this match. I've seen footage of Ty West, and while he has solid skills, he is to concerned with looking good. Ty, until you are willing to sacrifice everything, including what some would call a pretty face, then you will never be a champion. And, as long as I am in this match, you will not be Roulette champion. Just like your acting career, your wrestling career will leave you as someone who could never break into the big time and you will be either remembered as the person who never made that big break, or even worse you won't even be remembered at all.

So, here is some free advice that obviously you have either never been told before, or have never listened to before. If you want to be successful, if you want to be a champion, if you want to make a legacy for yourself you are going to have to get your hands dirty and make sacrifices. You are going to have to be willing to stick your chin out, eat the blows of your opponent while gritting your teeth and keep coming forward. I have never stopped coming forward, I have never stopped backing down, and that is what has made me a two-time Legacy champion, and that is what will make me the next Roulette champion.

This doesn't just go for Ty West, it goes for everyone in the Warrior's brawl and everyone in Sin City Wrestling. I will never stop, I will never quit coming, and I will never give up. I don't care if I start the Warriors Brawl out locked in a chamber or if I'm the first man in the ring, honestly, I'd prefer begin the first man in the ring. I've survived the Warriors brawl before... NO! I have WON the Warriors Brawl, and walked out a champion before, and at High Stakes I will once again win the Warriors Brawl and this time walk out with two championships.

The Golden Dragon is here, Sin City. If you didn't take notice in my match with Caleb Storms, then you will be in for a huge surprise at High Stakes. At High Stakes I will stand with the Legacy Championship and the Roulette championship and I will waive my flag high and proud for all of Sin City Wrestling to see. Then, I will climb to the top of the Sin City Wrestling mountain and firmly plant that flag into the ground and dare anyone to try and take it down.

I am the best wrestler in the world and Sin City Wrestling is now my home. At High Stakes, I show everyone why I call myself the best in the world without hesitation. At High Stakes, I prove to everyone that Sin City Wrestling is now the Dragon's Layer. And, at High Stakes I will engulf everyone in the Warriors Brawl match in my burning fire. All seven of my opponents will feel that fire, and all seven of them will suffer the same fate... a flaming death.

(Shinjiro hops off the apron of the ring and the scene fades out.)

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Ben Jordan
Posted: November 03, 2018 01:03 pm

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Ah, another Ben Jordan promo, you remember how these start, right? The camera opens up in a backstage area of a building, the backdrop just a red curtain, the camera turns to see a very sweaty looking Ben Jordan in suit pants and a black buttoned down shirt. Ben has a towel around his neck and a wide smile on his face. He dabs the towel on his forehead and looks down the camera.

"Alright people." Ben says with a smile. "Hope ya all well. I'm standing here backstage at the Golden Ring casino, opened earlier and owned by Daniel J Morgan of London Underground. For weeks, things have been in motion for that fella and he came to me, asking me to do something for the opening, and I just got off stage now."

Ben points to the red curtain behind him.

"Yep, that's the stage behind me there." Ben inform the listening viewers. "Funny thing is with being from the same area, and in the line of work I used to be, you tend to know everyone, and for some reason Daniel thought I might have had an interesting life, so a while ago, he approached me away from the camera and asked me if I could put together a little show for his opening of his casino, one where I have a chat with the crowd and share some of live from back home as well as my wrestling career, and I thought sod it, might as well, could be a giggle, and that's what I decided I'll do."

A smile crosses Ben's face again.

"And that's what I did just now." Ben tells them. "Been off stage for a few minute, just giving the SCW people a chance to edit it a little and you can sit and watch it. Weeks of work went in to this, I wrote the whole thing, but went off script a little too, then threw the script away but it sure was fun to do and be able to talk about my life, especially considering the millions of new people now linked to SCW with the guys from Honor coming over and of course, SCU linking up with SCW.Be nice to let them all know who Ben Jordan the wrestler is, and how I became that guy."

Ben takes a deep breathe.

"I even got to do a little promo at the end of it for a week tomorrow." Ben says with a smile. "So anyways, put ya plates up and let's show ya what went down on stage not too long ago. Hit it"

Inside the theatre of the Golden Ring casino, the crowd take their seats, talking quietly amongst themselves as they wait for the show to start. The lights in the building start to dim a little as a lone spotlight focuses on the red curtain backdrop, causing their quiet chatter to become a little quieter.

"Ladies and gentlemen." A voiceover says, booming through the speakers. "Please welcome to the stage, Mr. Ben Jordan."

The crowd politely cheer as "Blame It On The Boom Boom." by Black Stone Cherry blast from the speakers. Ben quickly makes his way on to the stage, raising a hand to wave to the crowd, dressed in his suit pants, and buttoned black shirt, the Roulette championship sits over his shoulder. Ben moves to the center of the stage where a microphone stand is set up, next to a table with a couple of bottles of water on it. Ben takes off the Roulette championship from over his shoulder and places it on the table, facing it out to the crowd. He moves towards the microphone stand and picks up the microphone from it as the music fades out.

"Alright people." Ben says with a wink.

The crowd cheer, hearing one of Ben's few catchphrases and most common starts to speaking.

"It's amazing to be here at the Golden Ring casino. Massive thank you to Daniel J Morgan for the invite to be here tonight and have a little chat with ya." Ben says confidently. "I've known Daniel, Osbourne, Charlotte and Mackenzie for donkeys years back home, not like best mates who would be running around together but the East End of London, people seem to know a lot of pub landlords and pub landlords have heard the stories of every bugger in the area."

Ben smiles as a few of the crowd laugh.

"So when I got asked to do this, talk about the old times and stuff, I thought why not, make a blinding start to a promo for High Stakes VIII and that is why we have the cameras in." Ben states, pointing around to the cameras. "I mentioned being a pub landlord and that is exactly what I was but I think we need to go back a little further than that."

Ben paces up and down the stage.

"I know you lot have seen a lot in wrestling and wondered if it's real, if it's fake, the people we hang around with and such, and for years, I was questioned about a certain mate of mine, Mickey Carroll." Ben says with a blank face. "I met Mickey as a kid, he saved me from getting me face smashed in by well, breaking someone else's nose."

Ben mocks a horrified look on his face for a few seconds, causing the crowd to laugh.

"True story, Mickey saved me from getting me arse handed to me." Ben tells the crowd. "And I'm been friends with the paddy every since. Nothing that went out on the screens about our friendship was false. Mickey and I might not have seen eye to eye for a while, but it's an east end thing, sometimes you just don't get along, might not see each other for years, but you always fall back in to being mates again. I haven't seen much of Mickey in a while, I missed him at the last SCW shows, but it's what being from the east end is all about. It's about loyalty and that's a trait I got in spades."

Ben nods seriously before smiling.

"I ain't ever turned on anyone in me, although Jamie Dean came close to getting a kick in the knackers a few times." Ben says with a grin.

The crowd laugh once more.

"But yeah, school time Ben had a lot of the cockney trait of loyalty." Ben says. "I still do. You ever go back and miss the school days?"

A few yeahs come from the crowd.

"Those were the best times of my life, and I didn't even know it." Ben tells them. "Seriously loved every second of being in those days, but only found that out after I had to jump in to the real world and do something with meself. At school, it was easy when you look back at it, everything done for ya, people actually wanted to help ya, and now, bloody hell, the rat race ain't all it's cracked up to be. I won't lie, I was a bloody horrible student at school, spent so much time over Mudchute farm with Mickey, Emma Rose and Tessa Flanagan when I shoulda been getting me head down and learning a few things."

Ben puts his finger up, stopping himself for a second.

"Yes, Emma and Tess are real people who have known us for a long time too." Ben says with a wink. "Clearly gingers and foreigners were attracted to hanging around me."

Ben smiles to himself.

"These days, always telling kids to stay in school, and I will say that to anyone cause ya never appreciate these things until ya older and getting beat up for a living." He says with a smile. "So seriously people, do what ya can to keep those kids in school."

A round of applause comes from the crowd and Ben moves to one of the water bottles, picking it up and drinking from it before turning around and facing the crowd again.

"People thought I had it easy growing up." Ben tells them. "I mean everyone expects the sons of business owners will follow them in to the business so didn't have to do anything other than know about that business, and I fell in to that group. My dad owned pubs to the point I was born in to that business, it was pretty much the only thing I knew what to do. Not many other eleven year olds can pull a pint and change a barrel, that's for sure, but I fell in to that."

Ben takes another mouthful of water before putting the bottle back on the table.

"People think the pub game is lucrative, but let me tell you people, it's not the case." Ben tells them. "You need like seven proper busy nights out of the month to cover everything before you can make a few quid, but that was the game we was in. We had our busy times, and we had times when we could barely keep the lights on. Pubs are a whole different game to ya classy bars and nightclubs, they're hard work, especially back at those times when there was thirty boozers in a three square mile place, you had to stay on point, had to stay on ya game and try and pull people in. I wasn't rich, I struggled, most pubs did."

Ben sighs as he thinks back.

"It's actually worse now." Ben tells them. "I don't get home as much as I used to but there's now only six boozers left on the island, and with the prices, people can't afford to go out and booze it up anymore, which is a shame cause the London pub used to be a tradition, a place to be with your friends and family, bring your kids on a Sunday, roast potatoes on the bar, I used to look forward to those Sunday's as a kid, because it would bring in the crowds, but business wasn't always great to the point I had to end up working as security at arenas for a while."

Ben looks around the surprised looks.

"Yeah, while the old man ran the pub and I wasn't slinging pints behind the bar, I was the bloke showing you to ya seats at Corrs gigs and things." Ben says with a smile. "I was the fella in the dodgy mustard blazer showing people to where they parked their bums. I did that for a while then the old man decided to slow down and I was officially a pub owner."

Ben pauses for a second as he nods his head.

"Yep, owned a bar and bloody hell, getting up at 6am to get a beer delivery was a tough old thing to do every few days." Ben says shaking his head slowly. "But being so close to Canary Wharf, business picked up the more buildings were built around there, bringing in the office suits who wanted to say they've been in an east end boozer. Problem was, they ran out of space there in the wharf and started buying up all the buildings just outside the wharf and I will never forget that day some developer in a suit walked in to my pub and asked to speak to me, to put down one hell of an offer in 2008."

Ben pauses for a second.

"For thirty two million pounds." Ben says softly.

A huge collective gasp comes from the crowd.

"See, we owned the land it was on too." Ben starts "They couldn't just buy the pub, they needed the land too and had to pay it's worth. Land prices were sky high back then and before you knew it, everything my parents ever worked for to earn a crust had paid off, they were millionaires overnight, I was a millionaire overnight."

The crowd clap and cheer for Ben but Ben waves his hand towards them.

"It's not really an achievement to be that to be honest." Ben tells them. "But it set everything up nicely for my family who could have the freedom to do what they wanted, to be able to go and enjoy life. At the end of the day, it's what we all work for, to get to a point to be financially free where we don't have to grind anything out anymore."

Ben pauses again as he take another drink of water.

"Makes ya wonder why someone who just became a millionaire decided to become a wrestler and not party like it's going out of fashion." Ben says with a smile. "Well trust me people, I partied my arse off for months. I spunked away money on taking my friends to places I've never even dreamed of. Bunch of cockneys in Monaco at high rolling casinos was a highlight, but it hit me after months. I've always been a working boy, always been doing something in a pub to keep things ticking, getting up at 6am had given me direction, and instead, the money had turned me in to a reckless party boy with zero direction in his life. I needed direction before I drunk myself to death. Difference is this time, I could pick my direction, I had money to do whatever I wanted to do and I had been a fan of wrestling for a long time, and I could finally afford to pay someone to teach me how to do it."

Ben smiles thinking back.

"And I decided on Chett Hangman Hawkins to be that guy." Ben says with a beaming smile.

The crowd boo, hearing the name, Chett having been a heel a lot in his career. Ben can't help but smiles.

"I'm sure he loves you all too." Ben comments. "Hangman wasn't so keen, I think he thought I was taking the piss when I just showed up and asked him, and I think that's why he worked me hard to become who I am today and he did a bang up job doing that. If it wasn't for him, I would never have found my way to ACW and that's something I will always owe him for."

The crowd politely applaud.

"ACW, wow!" Ben says thinking back. "A place I did it all, won everything on my own and with Mickey, a place I met Emma again, a place I met Simon Jones, Drake Green and Casey Williams, a place I met a lot of people who showed me what business was like and people who I can call friends these days. I loved every second of being in Canada, loved being there, even though I froze my arse off a lot, it was home, it felt good and I couldn't help but love it there. Canada helped make me, my friends helped make me and not a lot makes me sad but when ACW became part of SCW, I was sad, I was nervous, and I got lost in the shuffle for a long time."

Ben takes a deep breath.

"Big fish in a little pond became a little fish in a big pond and it took me a while to find my feet a bit." Ben admits. "I came over with Drake Green as top stars and while Drake excelled, I didn't and it was a tough time, my personal life was having a bit of a mare, Emma had gone, but I was lucky that I was always good at making friends. Meeting Sam Marlowe and Jamie Dean sort of kept me with the motivation to kick on a bit, being able to continue working with Mickey pushed me through. What people don't realise about the wrestling business is that there's a lot of people in it for themselves, but I found little small victories to keep me going. With my personal life improving too, I started kicking on a bit and becoming the guy I knew I could be and I started doing some great work a few years ago, around the time I met Evie Baang."

Ben smiles as he looks to the first row where Evie is seen watching her husband talk.

"Evie wasn't a wrestler when I met her." Ben tells the crowd "But she fell for the business the more I was in it, she started seeing she could do what I did, and to be fair, better than I could."

Evie nods her head from the audience.

"And she became a massive part of the business." Ben says. "A huge part of SCW, and I've been asked a million times why it was all kept a secret."

Ben takes a huge deep breath.

"Well if you listen to Trinity Jones, you'll see why it was kept a secret." Ben says with a serious tone. "Trinity Jones came straight out and said what we knew everyone else would say and that Evie is where she is because of me. This is a little off the script here, but piss off Trinity, Have you ever seen me with the top title in SCW? No, have you ever seen Evie with the top title in SCW? Yes. flawed logic that she is where she is because of me, cause she is miles ahead of me. But this pretty much proves why we never told the world that we were married, because of this exact reason, this exact way of thinking from people who wasn't creative enough to come up with any thing new."

Ben walks up and down the stage.

"Work life is work life, home life is home life." Ben states. "The two should not bleed in to each other. What we do at home is no one else's business and who we are off the camera shouldn't be used in front of the camera. Evie's where she is because she put the work on, not cause she's married to someone who she's outshone. It's that simple."

Ben paces the stage.

"But things have improved a lot in SCW for me right now." Ben says with a nod. "I got this bad boy here."

Ben picks up the Roulette championship and puts it over his shoulder.

"Winning this usually sends you towards the World Championship at some point." Ben says with a nod. "Get the feeling that won't happen for me, I'm not everyone's cup of a tea and not everyone thinks my hard work, hours in the gym, hours coming up with creative ideas is good enough to allow me to get rewarded, but right now, I'm pretty happy to have this bad boy with me and being allowed to be called a champion, it might be the last time in my career it ever happens to me, but I'm proud at this point representing the division. I know what I'm up against at High Stakes VIII and I know the odds are against me, I'll talk about that in a minute, but I have one more thing to natter about before I talk High Stakes VIII."

Ben grins as he looks out at the show.

"My friend, Simon Jones." Ben says with a warm nod. "Last week, we saw Simon will be inducted in to the Hall of Fame. That he will be joining the class of famous people that have done a lot for SCW and I wanna say from me to you Simon, and I hope ya watching this, you deserve this. Everything you've done for SCW has been amazing, I'm proud to call you my friend and I can not wait to see you where you belong at High Stakes VIII. Simon is one of the great people in wrestling and I'm so happy for him. Second I heard, it was like that Moro goal at Wembley feeling all over again."

Ben grins.

"Jonesy will know what I mean by that." He says with a chuckle. "But I'm happy for ya mate, looking forward to seeing you and the family."

The crowd clap and cheer as Ben takes a minute to take it all in.

"High Stakes VIII is gonna be insane for so many reasons." Ben tells the audience. "So many names coming for my title, so many people coming for a belt in a match where no one knows what to expect, except Shinjiro really. He's the only man to have won one of these that's actually in the match and I ain't gonna lie to ya all, I dunno what to expect from him but he's a champion, he knows what to do but this ain't Honor mate, this is SCW and I am a champion, I will be doing all I can to stop you from winning your first SCW title."

Ben takes a breath.

"I also have no clue who Kadar Hasheem is." Ben admits. "But am I gonna spout the same old junk like most will and tell him he doesn't deserve to be in this match? Nope, not my style at all. Clearly the fella has something about him that ain't just about the muscles. If the SCW staff see him as a worthy challenger, who am I to argue? Debut matches are the tough ones Kadar and this sure as hell ain't gonna be easy for you in the slightest and I ain't just talking about the match type. You got the big body, I got the big heart, heart over body every time."

Ben marches along the stage.

"Blasted Monk..." Ben says with a smile. "I was so delighted to see you pop up last Sunday, show ya face and do what I've been wanting people to do for so long and just step up and have a go, and seeing you back in the ring gave me chills. You're right, you are the Elder that I haven't defeated, and although this ain't exactly the one on one thing you hoped for, you get your chance mate, but I don't think it's gonna happen this time. Maybe we'll get that one on one after Sunday, and I will stick my belt on the line, because I will be walking out with it."

Ben faces the audience, the intensity in his tone growing.

"Another shot Caleb." Ben says with a disappointed shake of his head. "Every week, different title shot, every week, still not a champion. Don't you think someone up there is trying to tell you something? Don't you think someone up there is trying to show you that you're not up to the task of being a champion? I mean come on mate, your confidence has to be ruined at this point and believe me, it's not gonna get any better for you. This is your chance for infamy, to win this match, the biggest match you could have possibly had in your life. Win this and people look at you differently. Sadly for you mate, people will be looking at you the same after this one."

Ben rubs his chin.

"Acquin..." Ben says with a smile. "I could pretty much take what I said about Caleb and just copy, paste, change the names and be done with it. You too could be looked at differently but like Caleb, it won't happen. If anyone needs this win, it will be you but sorry, won't be happening for you this time."

Ben picks up a water bottle, taking another drink before continuing.

"Casey, you're gonna be the proof that lightning will strike twice." Ben tells him in case he's listening. "I beat you last week, in another week, I will do so again. There's not a lot I can say about that, there's not a lot you can do about that."

Ben shrugs.

"And lastly, one of my fave opponent in recent times, Ty West." Ben starts with a smile. "I'm not gonna sit here and insult you Ty, I'm just gonna be honest with you. I want to win so badly, I want to keep my title, I want to go on to be the greatest Roulette champion of all time, but I get the feeling if I'm gonna lose this thing, it's gonna be to you. I wouldn't be mad at that, you're one of my fave people to be in the ring with, but the last time we fought, I brought it all and I don't want you to expect any different this time around. I will be trying to bring it all again and prove I am the best Roulette champion, I'm sorry you're in the way of this, cause friendship aside I will be busting me jacobs to walk out as champion, just like I do every other week. I expect a battle from you mate, but I expect the result to stay the same as the last time we met."

Ben picks up the water again, taking another drink before facing the crowd.

"Free promo for you guys." Ben says with a smile.

The crowd start to cheer and Ben looks around.

"Well ladies and gentlemen." Ben starts "We've come to the end of our evening here with me, but there's still plenty more you can do out there, win a fortune, lose a fortune, go meet some SCW stars. Dani Weston is behind the bar, Fenris is walking around holding trays of drinks without a shirt on, and there's bundles of other SCW people out there signing stuff. Also there's more than a few shows lined up in here that will be worth a watch. Massive thank you to Daniel J Morgan for giving me the chance to be here, and keep watching SCW. High Stakes VIII will be incredible."

Ben winks at the crowd.

"Laters people." He says with a smile.

"Blame it on the Boom Boom." starts to play as the crowd rise to their feet clapping and cheering. Ben waves his hands around to people, firing a quick thumbs up and taking a bow. Ben salutes the crowd before disappearing behind the red curtain and the scene fades.

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Casey Williams
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Casey Williams is seen outside his house in Las Vegas with his kids Noelle and Drew on Halloween night, Noelle dressed as Princess Zelda, Drew as Link, Casey is dressed as the Biggoron all from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Casey is going to take the kids trick or treating and Andrew Garcia calls him before they leave the house

Casey-Hey Andrew, what is going on my man?

Andrew-Not much, just wanted to check in with you and see how you’re feeling about your recent loss to Ben Jordan for his Roulette title.

Casey-Well, I know he is a tough competitor, and that he has been on a roll since his return, so I am not disappointed that I lost to him. The fact I got another chance to regain the Roulette title at High Stakes VIII is a blessing, but I have never been in a Warriors Brawl match before, and given my record in matches with multiple wrestlers, I don’t see myself regaining the title.

Andrew-Don’t be discouraged. I mean, look at the size of you, and that the environment you will be in from what little information I’ve heard should benefit a man of your size.

Casey-I know, it SHOULD, but I am not going to hold my breath. Either way, if I somehow win the title at High Stakes, it might ruin my plans on retiring at the next Supercard.

Andrew frowns at Casey’s negativity and before he can respond, Ivan chimes in.

Ivan-Hey Casey, its Ivan. Don’t let the possibility of winning the Roulette title deter you from your plans of retiring. Think of it this way, you could win the title and hold onto it until the next Supercard, win there and then retire as champion.

Casey-Now that you mention it, that is a possibility, but I am not going to hold my breath on that happening, as much as we may want it to.

Ivan-In a way, I can’t blame you for thinking that way, as you’ve been facing some stiff competition as of late, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Casey-Nor do I, but you know I will do everything in my power to win.

Ivan-I know, and you will do what you have to do.

Casey-Damn right I will. I will talk to you later, I am about to take the kids out to trick or treat, I’ll talk to you guys later.

Ivan-Ok, talk to you later.

Casey smiles, and hangs up the phone and returns to taking the kids trick or treating as the scene fades to black.

Casey is seen standing in Tuscan, Arizona, where Casey is planning on going to enjoy the All Souls Procession Weekend, which is based off of the Mexican Dia De Los Muertos, better known as Day of the Dead. Before he goes to celebrate the dead, Casey decides to call his first opponent for High Stakes VIII, Roulette Champion Ben Jordan, out.

Casey-Ben, Ben, Ben, my old friend. I know you got the best of me at Climax Control, and know that I will do whatever it takes to get that Roulette title off of you, even if I am not the one to win the title. As you know, you stand a 1 in 8 chance of walking away as champion, as do I, but it is more likely to see you lose, especially in a match like this. I will do what I couldn't do in the graveyard match at Climax Control and have my hand raised in victory, proving you and all the others who say the odds are against a big man like me in a match like this.

Casey smiles as he calls out his next few opponents, ones he has not faced in Shinjiro Yamamoto, Kadar Hasheem and Blasted Monk.

Casey-Shinjiro, Kadar, Blasted Monk. You three have come from Honor Wrestling in the merger, and I have no qualms with you yet, so the best thing for the three of you to do is to stay away from me, and if you dare try to get in my way, I will dominate you, no matter what. You guys stand in my way of retaining the Roulette Championship, and I will not allow you to stop me.

Casey grins as he calls out Ty West as he moves down the street.

Casey-Ty, you did get the best of me the last time we did battle, don’t think I forgot about that. It is time for me to get my revenge upon you for that, and make sure you do not obtain the Roulette Championship. If I had to choose who would be the final 3 men in this match, it would be me, you and Ben Jordan, and me defeating you both to regain the Roulette Championship, and end my title drought here in SCW.

Casey decides to call out Caleb Storm and Joshua Acquin next as he stops to watch the festivities.?

Casey-Caleb, Joshua, I know I can defeat you guys, and I have no qualms of doing it here en route to becoming a 2 time Roulette Champion, and there is nothing you guys can do to prevent me from doing so, try as you may. I will destroy you like the pathetic wrestlers you are, and when I regain the Roulette Champion, you guys will NEVER get a shot against me, because I know you guys do not deserve it, and do not warrant being in the same level as me.

Casey laughs maniacally while looking very confident in himself as he watches a guy juggle 3 skeleton heads as the scene fades to black.

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Pretty Ty
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The club has been busy for a few hours when Ty arrives. It takes no time at all to find Kristjan and his brother Aron. As far as Ty was concerned, the two brothers were by far the best looking in the place. Effie’s crush on Aron was not misguided, however Ty was not attracted to men that were similar to him. In fact, until his discovery, he hadn’t even realized he WAS attracted to other men at all.

Kristjan was already two drinks in, the empty glasses littering the sticky tabletop. Ty hated clubs but for the sake of getting the courage to hang out with the two icelandic men, he would go wherever they suggested.

He felt like shit though. Another loss meant another foot closer to deciding to hang up his boots. Even though he had formally announced in this promo last week that he was going to stick it out and not retire, he felt defeated in more ways than one. Even more so when he sees the SCW Champ throwing back a shot glass of amber liquid like it was kool-aid and not some bitter spirit that likely cost way more than it should.

Aron waves at him, not even bothering to try to yell over the thumping music. Ty thought it sounded more like street cats fighting then actual music but he wasn’t exactly winning any awards for his outdated taste in music. Without a word, Fenris shoves the last shot toward the bigger man with a head nod. Ty chews his lip, looking from the tiny glass back to Fenris.

Fenris: “Drekka það kisa þína...”

Ty was getting better at translating with his continued classes in Icelandic, but other than the word “Drink” he had no idea what he had said. It was probably an insult, knowing who Fenris was so Ty picks up the glass and closing his eyes he downs the liquid. He almost gags on how bitter it is. He was far from an alcohol connoisseur so he couldn’t even begin to guess what it was, he just forced himself to keep it down. Fenris then leans into his brother to whisper something to which Aron calls over the waitress and asks for more of the same shots.

Fenris: You drink much Ty?

Ty shakes his head. Why were his hands sweating beneath the table. Why did his pants feel so tight and uncomfortable. Why did this man across from him have him feeling like he was fifteen in biology class were the sight of cow udders had made it impossible for him to leave his seat.

Fenris: Pfft. Shame. You should.

The waitress returns. She is all eyes for Fenris, but he is oblivious to her eye batting. With a disappointed pout she takes her payment and slinks away like a two year old who didn’t get the toy she wanted. Ty can’t help but smirk. Aron catches it and nods.

Aron: It has been pretty much the same all night. That girl has wanted Kristjan to notice her so now she probably feels inadequate. Poor girl. Bad enough he has the entire roster feeling that way but that innocent girl does not deserve it.

Fenris rolls his eyes, knowing full well that Aron was talking about him but only understanding half of the words he spoke, but it is short lived as he pushes five of the ten drinks in Ty’s direction and nods while picking one up. Fenris holds it up and clinks it with Ty’s before they both down the glasses. This of course was the last sober moment Ty would have this night.

It is about two-thirty, a half hour until the club closes. The dance floor has thinned out and the music is lower. There are a tonne of people lining the back walls in the soft valour benches placed there for this specific reason. Ty and Fenris sit close on one of these benches while Aron is dozing in a nearby chair. Fenris chuckles a little, elbowing Ty with a drunken smirk. When Ty raises an eyebrow he points in the direction of Aron as he falls forward, wakes himself up with a jerk and then falls back asleep. Ty, having never been drunk before, starts laughing hysterically. He is joined by Kristjan who although has had way more to drink than Ty, is the exact same level of drunken stupidity. As this laughter dies down, Ty can’t help but stare at the beautiful man in front of him. He was going to go for it. He had to tell him what had been on his mind for weeks.

Ty: I think you’re great...

He blurts out. Fenris looks at him and raises a blonde eyebrow at the words.

Ty: Ég held að þú sért frábær...

Even though his speech was slurred and he was sure he said the wrong word but Fenris got it.

Fenris: Because I am.

He follows up with a boastful laugh. Ty sighs deeply, even while drunk the man still had an ego the size of Australia.

Ty: I mean... I like you. Like a lot...

Fenris turns toward him, almost as if he can’t believe the words he is hearing.

Ty: I have for a while now and I just didn’t have the courage to tell you because I thought you might reject me. But even if you don’t feel the same, then at least I know and I can move on....

He is talking too fast for Fenris though. He still looks confused.

Ty: Oh fuck it...

Ty leans in, grabbing Fenris by the shirt collar and pushing his lips onto his. At first, Fenris is resistant but with the alcohol moving through his system, it delays it only and before too long, he’s responding to it, even moving his own hand to the back of Ty’s head to bring him closer. Inside Ty is shocked but giddy. This was happening. For real. He had taken a chance and it had panned out, but as quickly as it began, Kristjan was pushing him away and standing abruptly. He walks to Aron’s chair and kicks out the leg as he walks past. Ty moves quickly, grabbing the man's shoulder before he is past the point of redemption and straightens it. Aron wakes with a start and seeing that his brother is almost at the exit, he offers Ty a quick head nod and runs after him.

Ty feels humiliated and leaving some bills on the table for tip, he waits until he knows that the duo are in a cab before swaying himself to get the attention of another empty taxi to take it back to his hotel. On the drive home, he kept thinking to himself that it was going to feel a helluva lot worse come morning, in more ways than one.


The first thing Ty thought when he woke on Monday Morning was, ‘Who's playing that music so loud...’ then it dawned on him that the heavy beating base was coming from his own head. The room was his, but how he got here was kinda blurry. He remembers meeting Aron and Kristjan at the club. He remembers his inhibitions quickly fading. He recalls openly flirting and...

He sits up, the comforter falling to pool at his waist. He moves to swing his legs over the bed, pulling on his discarded boxers to search the suite he had been renting. Of course he was alone. His memories were blurry at best but he did remember that he had stumbled out of a cab to the elevator all on his own.

He felt like an even bigger fool than when he had gone out. First, losing to Vinnie because he was distracted and second, actually believing that the man he was crushing on maybe had the same feelings as well. He felt stupid to believe some drug induced dream in the Arizona Desert. Ty never wanted to be the type to blurt out his feelings so openly or to just... assault people with his lips. He thought he sensed something else from Kristjan but maybe he just didn't know how to read people.

With a sigh, he moves to the mini fridge, pulling out a carton of orange juice and drinking it straight from the spout. The sensible part of his brain told him to just move on. Accept it for what it was and focus on yet another roulette title shot.

It seemed to always follow the same damn cycle. Lose a Heavyweight shot, be shifted to the consolation prize of a group match for the roulette title. He liked Ben, he was a stand up guy, but he got the impression that the reasoning behind his “fighting champion” routine was that he wanted to lose the title and retire. He was getting weaker as his mysterious illness progressed. He just didn't want to admit that he was dying. Not yet.

But he would never actually say that in front of a camera. Ben had been really good to him and match or no match he wasn't the type to throw him under the bus for a title, one that he honestly hadn't wanted since Jon slid in and stole it from him. It was his curse. He felt like winning it would only further emphasize that he had failed, yet again. Seemed to be a trend with most things in his life. When was it his turn?

He wasn't the type to bitch and moan about what he thought he deserved. As he had said before, no one really deserves anything. Shinjiro was new to SCW and here he was getting a title shot, simply because he had a title in honor. It felt like a kick in the nuts and he was sure shinjiro was not impressed being handed a title shot.

Ty debated boycotting the match. He felt like calling up Mark and Christian and telling them to just replace him in the match. In his opinion, three of the men in this match didn't deserve another shot. Caleb Storms whined about title opportunities non stop and he continues to get them, and fail. Casey williams fell to him already after he boasted about being the best man in SCW. And Joshua? Well how many times did he have to break this guy before he finally gave up?

He hated always fighting for a title, especially when it was futile to even dream of holding one. What did he do to deserve this shot? Considering that the same men he always faced -and beat- were in this match he had to wonder when the merry-go-round was going to stop.

However, despite all these lingering thoughts, his main focus was on the events of last night. Despite how much he tried to brush it off, it still hurt that he had left without a word after that kiss. Like he was embarrassed. The mixed signals were killing him. He had enough of those from Courtney, he wasn't about to let Kristjan do the same thing.

He inadvertently tightens his grip on the orange juice carton and it collapses under the pressure of his strong hand. Orange juice sprays everywhere, including his bare chest.

“Nope. No fucking way. He is not going to just act like I don't matter...”

He puts the crushed carton on the counter and walks back to the bedroom. After several minutes he finally finds his phone, although it's at 2%.

He types a quick text message to him, but his phone completely dies before it can send. It is enough to take the last ounce of courage Ty had. Mentally exhausted, he collapses on the bed, throwing a sticky arm over his throbbing head.

“What the fuck indeed...”

The West-Ward Blogicles
Season 3, Entry #4 -- “Here we go again...”

The scene opens up on the face of Ty West. He looks a little worse for wear though. His hair is messy, large bags under his eyes. He takes a sip from his mug, one that says, “I can't adult today”

After a moment of quiet he finally speaks.

Ty: “How many times does Caleb Storms need to lose before management stops giving him title shots? That is the question of the day. After losing over and over again, why am I not surprised to see once again Caleb Storms facing off with all of us? What has he done recently to deserve the horseshoe up his ass? People complain about him, yet no matter how many times he annoys the ever-loving fuck out of the entire roster, there he is again, vying for the roulette title.”

He rolls his eyes for emphasis.

Ty: “Or Joshua... I have lost count on how many times I have beat this man. The man of so few words, yet always manages to utter something about how great he is and for extra measure, says it's going to be different this time. And you can't forget the brick shithouse that is Casey Williams. The man who said he was going to mess up my pretty face but was the one begging for me to let him go as he tapped out.”

He smiles over the mug, finding it all amusing.

Ty: “And then we have Ben -Fucking- Jordan. The man who set a trend and finally secured that singles title. I don't really have anything bad to say about him. He has lived up to everything he said he would as Roulette champion. Here's the thing though, he never answered my question from before. After all the years here, all the notoriety, all the fame, why is it that after only one try at the main title, he settled for the nonsense that is the Roulette title? Doesn't feel like Ben deserves better, feels like Ben settled for second best. But he shouldn’t take this personal. He has been a world class guy to me, I am just beyond pissed off and he is unlucky enough to be my opponent.”

He sighs deeply. It is obvious that there is something else on his mind but he preservers by continuing his rant.

Ty: “But added into this hodgepodge are some new faces. Shinjiro, Blasted Monk and Hader. All guys that came with our recent merger. All guys I have a huge desire to eliminate. Shinjiro? Years ago in WWO he flipped the script on everyone. One moment he's an honorable family man and the next he is turning on his father. For what? A singles career that has been mediocre at best? Who's to say this won't happen again? A leopard doesn't change its spots. And Hader? He's no better than me. A former dancer converted to wrestling. I may have only been in direct to video movies but at least I didn't have to have people stick dirty one dollar notes down my pants just to survive. Blasted Monk has been around the block a few times but does he deserve a title opportunity? However, like I have said before, this is not about who deserves anything. The one person in this match that, without a doubt, does not deserve a title shot is of course, me.”

It is an unexpected statement from the man and definitely not a conventional approach from someone wanting to win a match and rally the fans to stand behind him.

Ty: “You heard me right. What have I done here in SCW that deserves shot after shot only to be left short. Why should I get another opportunity?”

His voice is even, it is an honest question.

Ty: “It seems to be the same trend. They give me an opportunity to go for the prestigious SCW Heavyweight title only for me to fall flat on my ass, then, to just add a bit of salt to my wounds, they throw me into the Roulette division just for good measure, which I again always manage to lose. I know this seems strange. Shouldn’t my promo be about bolstering how good I am, or how I should be the next roulette champion? Maybe. But that is what each and every one of you is going to expect and I am tired of being predictable. Maybe I don’t want the Roulette title but maybe I want to win it just to say that I could. That finally, the words I speak every week are actually true and not just some empty, hollow words that I have on autoplay. I hate sounding like a hypocrite. I get up here in front of my camera and I tell each and every one of you how I am going to be the difference. That I am going to make a change here in SCW but at the end of the match, I’m not the one with my hand raised. Let’s face it boys and girls... when it comes to matches with any kind of pressure, I just bow down to it. It’s never intentional of course. When I tell everyone these things I truly believe it. I just can’t get up the strength to make a promise to any of you that I will actually be the victor this time.”

He leans back, folding his arms over his chest, which is glad in a tight grey t-shirt. It doesn't really hide anything though, only emphasizing his impressive peck and shoulder muscles.

Ty: “I know it seems stupid. But I’ve learned recently that sometimes when you think you are following your heart, you are really just setting yourself up to be hurt. So I’m going to come into the match with a completely different perspective. I am going to go in there with no expectations. I am going to go into that ring and do what I seem to do best, fight. Not win, but fight, because no matter what the outcome of all my matches, all of my opponents have had to work their asses off to get that win against me.

He seems to be a little upset at his realization, his expression certainly doesn't show that he is happy in the least.

Ty: “Even Fenris will admit that I was not some easy victory. So although I may not come out of this as the next Roulette champion, I am going to at least come out of it knowing that I did everything in my power to make sure Ben, or whoever is the last to stand, had to work their ass off to get it. That is all I have at this point and I am going to hold onto that for the sake of my sanity and my ego. I may still technically be a rookie but every day I am learning more and more about what I need to do to succeed here. Some of it I agree with but I will never stoop to the level of cheating to get a win. Say what you will about me, that is something honest and unwavering. My mom raised me to be a halfway decent person and by god I am going to keep living up to that expectation. Win, lose or draw... I will be satisfied.”


***Off Camera***

“Tyler, well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. Don't even make time for your poor old agent living the hard life out here in the city of lost angels...”

The Facetime call had been long overdue. Chester Bannington Esquire, because he’s someone important you know... rolls his brown eyes at his client.

Ty: Sure... the hard life... is that what your girlfriend says?”

Chester raises an eyebrow.

Chester: Girlfriend? What has that hussy been saying? You know I don’t go exclusive, that’s how you end up with alimony payments.

Ty can’t help but laugh.

Chester: But I haven’t heard from you since that ridiculous and unnecessary sabbatical of yours but I see you lost another title opportunity. What is up with you? You’re killing me out here.How am I supposed to sell you to big time producers when you can’t even win the lower title!

Ty finds it harder and harder to keep his cool with the man. Maybe it was his trip. Maybe it was his vision quest. Or maybe his patience was finally running out.

Chester: Do you need extra training? I know that Gabriel guy offered his gym to you since Miss Kahlan decided to return to New York. I think you should take advantage of that. Practice makes perfect, am I right?

He gives a haughty chuckle. Chester considered himself both sexy and desirable. The words were not the same definition in Ty’s mind. One might not always desire something sexy so the two words were not interchangeable, but Chester Bannington considered him the ultimate guys guy. Even though he was rude, a bit racist and bigoted and an egomaniac that over compensated with things for his height, it seemed to attract women to him in droves and for the last ten years, Chester had not spent a night alone in his bed.

Ty: I am not really sure I am going back to acting Chester. I think when I am done with wrestling I just want to lead a normal life. Maybe start a family.

Chester has a straight face, watching his client for a few stoic moments before bursting out into condescending laughter.

Chester: That's the best joke I've heard all week.

Ty is genuinely annoyed now. He was trying to find a reason to not fire this man. It wasn't an easy task.

Ty: It's not a joke. I am twenty-six years old Chester. Work is going to become scarce for actors.

Chester waves off his client.

Chester: Harrison Ford got his first major role in his thirties and he is one of the most respected actors out there...

Ty cuts him off. He was done with this. It felt like Chester cared more about money then he did about what he wanted.

Ty: I'm done Chester. I am done with acting and better yet, I am done with you. I am not some dollar signs on a paper. I’m a human being with feelings. So when our contract is up in January, I will no longer require your services.

Chester: Ty... babe... come on...

Ty was not in the mood.

Ty: Goodbye Chester.

With that Ty hangs up the call and takes a huge sigh of relief. He hadn't realized how much of the stress and pressure he had to succeed was because of the weight Chester was on his back.

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Blasted Monk
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Coast off Hawaii
Nov. 1st 2018

Scene opens with a view of the clear sky, a few birds flying over head. We hear chatter of many people and also hear fireworks in the background. With the sky so bright it makes it hard to see the effects of the fireworks but the camera does pick up some of it.

We see a right hand appear on the right side of the screen holding a drink. The cup gets places on the table blocking the camera’s. A left hand appears on the left side to remove the cup from the camera’s view.

A few seconds go by before the camera’s view gets blocked by a pale skin flat belly of a lady wearing a two piece bikini. We see her hands as she bends down getting closer to the camera. She picks up the camera and faces the lens to her face.

We see the person holding the camera is none other than Orchid. Along with the ocean in the background behind her. We see others in the background walking by while dozens of dozens are seen looking up in the air to watch the fireworks.

Orchid: I said to record the fireworks, you had one job.

Orchid tells Blasted Monk as she turns the lens and aims the camera at him. We see Blasted Monk sitting on a beach chair, shirtless with black beach shorts.

Blasted Monk: I had the camera facing up to get the fireworks. Working smarter not harder.

Orchid: I guess, I hope you get it all.

Blasted Monk: Yes, I did, well best I could, it’s still daylight after all.

Orchid: I guess, well they are done now so I’ll save the battery on this camera.

Orchid turns off her camera then puts it back on the small table. Orchid then turns to her right.

Orchid: So Master Lilly, you enjoy yourself, I rarely ever see you drink. This is like your fourth drink.

Lin Ting Lu: I am enjoying myself just fine Orchid. This is just Iced Tea, I had one drink then Ice tea, had another drink and now back to Ice Tea again. Would you like a drink, you should be relaxing and enjoying our time here in Hawaii.

Orchid: I want to but someone needs to be on top of things. I mean, you been relaxing dealing with upper management of wrestling, Song can’t work for SCW anymore so she is looking for a new home. Jon Dough is back but his new boss has yet to book him in a match. Blasted Monk returns and lets everyone know that he wants a match with Ben Jordan, not the Roulette Champion Ben Jordan. He wants to wrestle Ben Jordan, The Elders most respected and friendly enemy.

Blasted Monk: You mean, friendly rival.

Orchid turns to her left to look at Blasted Monk.

Orchid: No I didn’t, the way I said it sounds better mister. On top of that, I have been making sure everyone is where they need to be. I’m even helping Song find a new place to wrestle for.

Lin Ting Lu: Well, it sounds like your doing my job just fine.

Orchid turns to her left again to look at Lin Ting Lu

Orchid: Yeah, I was hoping to get in the ring myself Master Lilly.

Lin Ting Lu: You always wanted to do my side of things.

Orchid: You but I do Master, but right now, I have been looking to get in the ring. I still need to learn a lot from you.

Lin Ting Lu: You are doing just fine so far.

Orchid: Well, I didn’t get Blasted Monk his one on one match with Ben Jordan.

Lin Ting Lu: Nor did I, I was in the ring the whole time. Broke Saxon had other ideas, things like that happens all the time. I think she was spot on, with the match she chose to book. Many men deserve a shot at the title. Blasted Monk just wants to wrestle the man currently behind the title, the title didn't have to be on the line. But Orchid, this is the biggest show SCW does in the year. No way would Mr. Ward and Mr. Underwood allow Broke Saxon to book Ben Jordan in a non title match.

Orchid turns to look at Blasted Monk as he looks to want to say something.

Blasted Monk: Oh, no, don’t get me wrong. I am fine taking on Ben Jordan for the Roulette title. But that is not why I want to fight Ben, I just want to get in the ring with him as I heard nothing but good things about Ben Jordan and his ring style. I mean, he has been in the ring with Eyesnsane, Jon Dough. He teamed with Song in a blast tournament and went opposite of Orchid that year. Not many Elders left for him to get in the ring with outside of me and the other two but right now we re focused on me.

Orchid: No, Master Lilly and I were talking about me now, not you.

Blasted Monk: Okay don't mind me then.

Blasted Monk gets a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and puts them on as he places his hands behind his head to how is plans on sitting back and relax. Orchid goes back to look at Lin Ting Lu.

Orchid: See Master Lilly, your son is relaxing so I can’t, someone has to be on the ball Master.

Master Lilly: Look, my son has been around long enough. He has seen Casey fight for many years. He has seen Casey retire from the ring and seen him return making the retirement mean nothing.

Blasted Monk: Just like his wrestling career, a list of nothing, okay a handful of titles and not holding any for a respectable length of time. Other then that his career is just Meh at best.

Orchid: Hey now, be nice Blasted Monk.

Master Lilly: He has seen plenty of Kader Hasheem, Caleb Storms and Shinjiro Yamamoto as the three have worked for Honor Wrestling.

Blasted Monk: Kader has the look but other then that. Nothing and I mean nothing can be said about him. I wish I can make a joke but I can’t, he hasn’t done anything yet. As for Shinjiro, the talent is there but he just got back, he lost the Legacy Title to a joke in Travis. I beat Travis like the joke he is and he gets injured to the point that when we had our nest match he wasn’t cleared so was stripped from the Legacy Title. I refuse to be handed the title so I forced a Warriors Brawl match for it. Equinox came out the winner while Kader was the 1st one taken out that match like he will this match. Shinjiro then comes back and found himself right were he left off as the Legacy Campion. He is a great wrestler but while he was at home doing god knows what, I was making Latoya Hixx a household name with her as my teammate and helped her become a two time Hardcore Tag Team Champion.

Orchid: Not nice about Kader thank you for speaking kindly of Shinjiro as I like him, he is cool! As for Caleb, you said nothing.

Blasted Monk: What’s to say? He is a rookie who just wants to hold a title. He doesn’t care which one, he think that as long as your a champion then you are important. But it’s Caleb, title or not he will never be important. Like his Roulette title run. You know he was the champion at one point right.

Orchid: Yes, I was there.

Blasted Monk: During that time, what did he do to look or seem important?

Orchid: He didn’t hold the title long enough to do anything important.

Blasted Monk: Because he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want to do anything that paints a bullseye on his back as he would rather just be a champion and nothing else. At least Casey, Ben and a few others would be fighting champions. Caleb just wants to be a champion. That’s a big difference and part of why he will never be of importance.

And before you say anything Orchid, Joshua Acquin is just like Caleb only he is not a rookie. He somehow turned into what Caleb is now over the years. Jon and Eyesnsane have beaten him at every turn. Tag team or singles matches, Joshua has com short every single time. Joshua has the talent to do it but is to lazy, he comes for a paycheck and moves on. It sucks but I can respect that as I least I know what he is about.

Master Lilly: You forgot about Ty West.

Blasted Monk: No I didn't but I soon will be. He is one more loss from “retiring” The bosses want him around. They want him around so much that he gets more title shots then that person Effie was talking about when she went on twitter to tweet about how someone loses a title match, then gets in a tournament for the title shot.

Effie made that a big deal yet no one has heard Effie say the same thing about Ty West and his bookings. Only it’s worse Dani at least was winning matches and won the tournament to face and beat the Bombshell Champion. Ty lost when going to the Roulette title so bad that he wanted no part of the title while Jon Dough was champion.

Jon then steps away so that crybaby Ty can go for the title, he lost. They put him in the same tournament they put Dani and Effie said nothing. Ty losses and right away he gets put in another title match and again Effie says nothing about that. Funny how that mouth piece has nothing to say, all while Ty talks about retiring. That is the cheapest way to get the owners to book him in high profile matches. Even if he wins the title, he lost the respect from most in this business and if he wins how would the bosses explain that to anyone wanting to join SCW that are watching the company with a fine comb to see if it’s worth joining. See Orchid, it’s not just about the paychecks or fans, it's how the bosses treat everyone not how they go about babying one person who has threatened to leave or retire just because they keep losing.

Blasted Monk starts to chuckle a bit.

Orchid: What’s so funny?

Blasted Monk: I find it funny that they can run their mouth how they do but are quick to leave when they lose. Effie lost a few matches and left and Ty who wants to stay but can’t win is now talking about leaving, for what, to buy him some victoires? Yet he had the nerve to call others a joke or a clown. Go figure.

Orchid: Your not being very nice right now Blasted Monk.

Orchid says as she crosses her arms on her chest giving Monk a mean look.

Blasted Monk: Mean? Let me ask you this Orchid. Am I wrong about anything I said? What part is not correct?

Orchid: You are 100% right but you don’t have to be so mean about it.

Blasted Monk: Don't worry, if I lose I promise not to throw out a fake retirement speech as a way to get the bosses to keep putting me in title matches. If I win I will be a fighting champion, if I lose I move on. That alone makes me better than half of the opponents in the ring.

Orchid: Okay, I need to leave. Your being mean, and Master Lilly is right, I need to relax. This stress of making sure everyone is taken care of is a lot of work. I never realized just how much work your mom puts until us. I only been doing this for a few weeks and Master Lilly has been doing this for years. I don’t know how long I can do this without a little relaxing time.

Master Lilly: So go, relax, if Monk needs anything I can handle it.

Blasted Monk: Hey, wait, you guys hungry?

Orchid: I’m always hungry.

Master Lilly: No, I’m fine. But if your both hungry then go eat, I can use time alone.

Blasted Monk gets up from his chair. He grabs his plain white t shirt that was between his back and the chair to put it on. Orchid grabs a beach towel to wrap her body around to cover it as best as possible. The two head out towards the tiki huts on the other side of the beach.

They take a sit at the bar to order food.

Orchid: So we eating here or going back to Master Lilly?

Blasted Monk: Right here. She is fine being alone. Plus I'd rather eat here then go back and take a chance of sand getting on our food.

Orchid: Yeah, you’re right.

Bartender: What would you guys like to drink?

Orchid: Can we order food here as well?

Bartender: Yes of course.

Orchid: Two beers, one rum and coke, 20 BBQ wings, 15 buffalo wings, 5 regular wings, the biggest bucket of cheese fries you have. Those green things you hand out with wings and ranch sauce please.

Bartender: You mean celery?

Orchid: JA!!! That means yes.

Bartender: Yes, it means yes in many places, like my home country of the Whales.

Orchid: Oh??? Hoi!

The bartender smiles as Orchid says hi in Dutch.

Blasted Monk: Wrong country Orchid.

Orchid: No it’s not, its all the same over there.

Bartender It’s not all the same but I understand what you said. But to say we are all the same would be like me saying all Asians are all the same. [/COLOR]

Orchid: Most people do say that all Asians are the same.

The bartender and Blasted Monk can’t help but laugh as Orchid does have a point.

Orchid: Well it’s true!

Bartender: We know, it was just funny how you said it.

Orchid: Oh.

Bartender: Okay so I have two beers, one rum and coke, 40 wings, 20 BBQ, 5 reg, 15 Buffalo, and a bucket of cheese fries.

Orchid: And the green stuff please!

Blasted Monk: Orchid, those come with the wings.

Bartender: He is right but I will make them bring you guys an extra order of them.

Orchid: Awesome Sauce... You're the bestest!!!

The bartender smiles then turns away to head to the grill to pace the food order. Blasted Monk pushes Orchid off the stool.

Orchid: Not Cool!

Orchid goes back to her stool as the bartender returns.

Bartender: Did you want those drinks right now?

Orchid: One beer right now and the rum and coke please.

Bartender: Okay, coming up.

The bartender turns around, Orchid pushes Blasted Monk off his stool. Monk hits the stool next to him causing the person in that stool to spill their drink all over the food of the person next to him.

Blasted Monk gets to his feet. as the man with the spilled drink and the women with the ruined meal look at Monk not happy.

Blasted Monk: I’m so sorry about that, I um, …

Monk looks at Orchid in the corner of his eyes as she just laughs at him. Monk goes back to look at the couple.

Blasted Monk: I slipped, I’m sorry, let me take care of things.

The bartender returns to see the mess as he hands Orchid the drinks.

Bartender: Let me get a towel to clean that up.

The bartender grabs a towel from under the bar and places on the bar to clean up the mess. Orchid hands the bartender a 100 dollar bill.

Orchid: Here take this, this should cover the food and drinks they are having.

The couple thank Orchid.

Orchid: It’s okay, that should by you guys a few more drinks as well so his way of saying sorry, right Mr. Monk!

Orchid says to Blasted Monk trying to hold back her smile

Blasted Monk: Yes, again really sorry about that.

Blasted Monk takes a seat on the stool then looks at Orchid.

Blasted Monk: So not cool Orchid.

Orchid: Mess with the Orchid one and you get it back and some.

Blasted Monk: I’d say, I was only playing.

Orchid: So was I, not my fault you fall off like a ragdoll, step up your kung fu game mister!

Blasted Monk: Whatever Orchid.

The bartender returns with a new drink and burger for the couple. He heads back to the grill to get Orchid’s order after.

Orchid: Back to business, you getting ready for this Warriors Brawl match?

Blasted Monk: How can one not get ready, for a match like that. The eight of us are all preparing for this battle. We are all getting ready for many reasons. For Ben, it’s about retaining the title, beating seven men in one match, only proving his point he was making last week.

The bartender returns with the food. Orchid listens to Blasted Monkas she starts munching on BBQ wings. Monk takes a drink from his beer for the first time. He turns to Orchid who has two wings stuff in her mouth. Orchid looks at him and waves for him to keep talking.

Blasted Monk: As for Ty West, who knows, so that he doesn't retire? Hopefully it’s to finally win a title. The truth is, he is a good wrestler, I take that back, for a rookie, he is a great wrestler. He is ahead of most rookies, the issue with Ty West is that he just doesn’t realize that.

Caleb just wants to be a champion of any kind. He just wants to win so he can walk around the locker room with a title. He reminds me of that school kid who thinks there cool because they wear a patrol belt.

Blasted Monk takes another swig of his beer. Orchid now done with the 20 BBQ wings takes a sip of her rum and coke.

Orchid: You can keep going, I'm listening.

Blasted Monk: I’m hungry to.

Orchid looks at the bartender.

Orchid: Hey, make you bring 50 wings, 25 BBQ and 25 Buffalo?

The bartender nods and makes the order. Orchid turns to look at Blasted Monk.

[COLOR=teal]Orchid: You were saying?

Orchid says as she starts to munch on some cheese fries. Blasted Monk starts to speak again.

Blasted Monk: Joshua and Casey have losing streaks that they need to turn around, more Casey then Joshua but Joshua returns to SCW hot and gets cold after his debut matches. It may be tie for Joshua to go away for a few weeks and comeback hot like he does.

Kader, ha, I can’t even keep a straight face when his name comes up. I’m shocked he even showed up to SCW.

Then we have Shinjiro Yamamoto, this guy can win it all. I faced him before, great wrestler. But he is not better then me or the other six in the match to be honest. The talent is there for everyone in this match. The mentally on the other hand, well that's a different story.

The bartender returns to Orchid and Blasted Monk with two buckets of wings.

Orchid: Thank you.

The bartender smiles and heads across the bar.

Orchid: Okay, go ahead.

Blasted Monk: Like Ben, Shinjiro comes until this match as a champion. He just beat Caleb in his debut match. He will be one that everyone will watch out for. He like Ben have the biggest bullseye.

As for me, I understand all of this. I know that I don’t have to beat all seven men, I just need to defeat the one that makes it to the final two with me. Everything else means nothing. It is all about not losing, make it to the end to take out wrestler number 7, whoever that may be.

Orchid: What else?

Blasted Monk: What else nothing Orchid, I see you eyeing my wings, back off, I’m hungry.

Blasted Monk takes a swig of his beer, the bartender returns with the second beer Orchid had ordered in the beginning for Monk. Monk grabs a wing as Orchid can’t help herself and steals a few of his. The two laugh about it as the camera zooms out and fades to black.
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Casey Williams
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Casey Williams is seen outside the Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, Arizona, wanting to check out where the old Western movies were shot, and Andrew Garcia calls him before he enters the Studio.

Casey-Hey Andrew, what is going on my man?

Andrew-Not much, just wanted to check in with you and see how things are going with the Autism and how the kids fared with Halloween.

Casey-Well, nothing has really changed with the Autism, just working on my anger and getting myself mentally prepared for retiring as a wrestler, and try to find myself a new gig after to focus my time on. In regards to the trick or treating, the kids made out really well, they got a lot of compliments on their outfits and a lot of candy, which I made sure to sort through to make sure there wasn’t anything harmful in any of the candy, as well as taking out any that I know they wouldn’t like.

Andrew-That’s cool, I am glad you are focusing on what you want to do after retiring as a wrestler and also am happy for the kids that they had a good time trick or treating.

Casey-Me too, I have some ideas on what I want to do when I retire, but I want to sit down and talk to Becky before I do anything, bounce ideas off of her.

Andrew smiles at Casey’s idea about bouncing ideas off of Becky as Casey moves inside the Old Tucson Studios and before he can respond, Ivan chimes in.

Ivan-Hey Casey, its Ivan. that is a good idea. Hopefully she can give you some good feedback and then you can go from there on your future.

Casey-I hope so too, and in the meantime, I am just gonna focus on myself and doing things with the kids.

Ivan-In a way, I can’t blame you for thinking that way, as your health and the kids are and should be your priority.

Casey-Exactly, and I know that when I get this new job lined up, that I can depend on you and Andrew to help me with the kids if need be like before.

Ivan-You know that we will be here for you, as you have been there for us.

Casey-I’ll talk to you guys later, as I am about to check out the Old Tucson Studios, where the old Western movies were shot.

Ivan-Ok, talk to you later.

Casey smiles, and hangs up the phone and takes a look around the studio as the scene fades to black.

Casey is seen standing outside the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, where Casey is planning on checking out the iconic Tucson landmark in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Before he goes to check out the different buildings in the region, Casey decides to call his opponents collectively for High Stakes VIII.

Casey-Ben, Shinjiro, Kadar, Blasted Monk, Ty, Caleb, Joshua, there is nothing any of you can say that I haven’t already heard, and there is very little you can do to hurt me, as I have been through the rigors of this profession for so long and been in so many different matches and styles of matches that very little phases me anymore. Yeah, I have not been in the Warriors Brawl match before, but I have been in many matches with multiple opponents, with weapons allowed, so I don’t see this being much different than any of those matches. The only difference is how many people I may be facing at one given time, and even then, I am willing to go to any lengths to regain the Roulette Championship, and I don’t know if any of you are willing to go as far as I am to get that championship.

Casey laughs maniacally while looking very confident in himself as he goes and looks at the different buildings as the scene fades to black.

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SCW Title's held (and reign)
1x Roulette title reign from 05/20/12 to 8/02/12
1x Tag team title reign (w/ Jordan Williams) from 3/18/12 to 4/29/12
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Pretty Ty
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The West-Ward Blogicles
Season 3, Entry #5 -- “...”

“To jealousy, nothing is more frightful than laughter.

Our scene opens with the smiling face of Ty West. He adds a shake of his head as he begins to speak.

“So out of everyone in this match, it appears that Blasted monk and Shinjiro are raving mad about me for different reasons...”

He chuckles, finding everything the two men said funny.

“Shinjiro just read my bio and made the same assumption as everyone else. That I care only about my looks based on a nickname. And Monk? Monk just showed his true colours. They are all shades of green. He spent most of his promo saying the same thing about me several different ways. And then.... talked about Effie. My best friend in the world. A woman that is not even in this match or SCW. I think Monk just wants Effie's number... good luck with that.”

He rolls his eyes at how ridiculous the whole situation is. He then leans forward, his expression changing to something deadly serious.

“Frankly, I don't have to explain myself to him or anyone else but... for the sake of making this guy look like a bigger idiot, let's do it.”

He holds up his fingers as he lists off.

“One: I have never asked for a single opportunity I have been given in SCW. Not one. My desire to retire was not a ploy to get attention from a single person in this place. Two: Effie would and has made fun of me for the constant title shots. She thinks it's hilarious. It is one of the many reasons she decided to step back. She and the owners have way different ideas about deservability. Besides, wrestling was just an outlet for her, she didn't have the same passion that I do.”

He shrugs.

“I find it both funny & frustrating. If the man had paid any attention to my words last week, he would see now that he should have made his words sweet, because now... he's gotta eat them. Hope he chokes on them.”

From the look on his face, it's clear Ty wants to be the one to shove them down Monk's throat.

“I am not ‘crying’ about anything and I dare anyone to provide proof of this. I refused title shots after Jon Dough won not because I couldn't beat the man, but because I was protesting how he just shows up and takes what wasn't his. I have more than proved my worth and Ben & Fenris are tough competitors. I have yet to see Monk or Dough or anyone in his band of merry men taking either of them out.”

He pauses, it is pretty clear that despite Ty having low self confidence, he has a new determination.

“Let me explain something to everybody now and make it very clear. I have desires and dreams and most of them do not exist in a six sided ring. My career starts and ends with SCW. When I go, I am not getting a contract with any other company. My wanting to retire was not a ploy to get title shots. Please tell me when I have ever asked for a single one.”

He holds up his hands with question.

“Bringing Effie into this was by far the cheapest move I have ever seen and the biggest example of someone who is not only jealous but scared. I have never said I agreed with Effie's opinion about Dani. In fact, I think Dani is a sweet girl who worked hard to rise to the top. She rose above the naysayers and proved them wrong. I admire that. But... this is not about Effie or Dani so talking excessively about them is not relevant.”

A smirk tilts the ends of his lips, almost on the verge of laughter.

“Much like Monk in this match. A man that jumped ship to go to honor and then trickled over with the rest of them and conveniently is placed into the title picture. What has he done here lately for him to get this opportunity? In that whole video, he spent more time trashing all of us but yet provided no proof as to why he should win? Is it because I never seem to win the big matches? But I already know this. I admitted it. But that doesn't make him the best in this match. The sad truth is that everyone other than Ben himself are all losers. I own it. I contemplate retirement because I feel like I am not good enough. I have swam in the waters of self disappointment for a long time. Feeling not good enough and every loss is hard for me. Not a ploy to get attention, it is a struggle to find my own self worth.”

His expression changes and looking closely you can see the hurt and fear in his blue eyes.

“Being arrogant has never been a word used to describe me. I do not talk about myself as if I were the best there ever was which is why it baffles me when Monk and Shinjiro get in front of a camera and talk about how I think I am better than I am because I happen to not be ugly. Should I feel bad that I have good genes? Should I feel bad that I work out and eat right to maintain a healthy body? People like that are the reason that so many have self image issues. What does my looks have to do with my skills? There are many in wrestling in general that are not exactly winning beauty contests, yet, they still do this because they have self confidence.”

He sighs, his chest physically moving to show his exhale. It is more of a symbolic one than actually needing to let out a breath so deep.

“The usual whiners didn't even bother to speak. I am especially surprised that Caleb kept quiet. He has been wanting another opportunity since his loss to Ben. And Joshua? Well to be honest, if he feels like I do, then I understand the struggle to want to try. Kader? Is he worth even mentioning? He seems to only show up when he thinks there is a benefit to him. To be honest, with his prior track record I suspect that he might feel intimidated by everyone. But that is only a hunch. I don't presume to know any of these people. Not like my opponents seem to know me, right?”

He taps his forehead.

“I love wrestling. I have loved it since I was four years old. I admit that it was never a real dream to get into this ring but a wish made by a little boy who was in love with it. So being here at all is awe inspiring to me. My need to be the best is not because I want to rub it in people's faces, it is a personal journey. I have always pushed myself to the point of wanting to be on top. To make myself feel worthy. When you fail so many times, the shininess wears off and I feel like a failure. Like I am just not good enough. I want to earn what I get. And yeah, I seem to always fall short when the pressure is high. I blame myself for my shortcomings. I don't stand up and demand chance after chance. Management gives them to me because they obviously see more in me than I see in myself. If I had been given a choice, I would not be in this match. I would have refused another opportunity so soon. And I am absolutely sure that this match was not given to me in some bid to make me stay off retirement. Ben and Fenris are the responsible parties for that decision. Two men I respect immensely and almost consider... friends.”

The words catch as he seems to struggle with the words.

“This journey I am on right now, it is far more important than what some washed up clown in a robe has to say or to prove. It is more important than a man who uses my appearance as a reason to think I am not good enough, which by the way is ironic considering that he is Asian, a culture that is often ridiculed based on appearance and stereotypes. It is more important than men than need to be dominant over others to prove a point and it is more important than a sick man looking to pass on his mantle. This is my journey to discover who I really am. Beyond my confidence issues, beyond my feelings of inadequacy in my relationships with lovers, friends and family. Beyond my getting easily dominated...”

He chokes on his words and has to take a second before continuing.

“Easily defeated. And if it works out that wrestling was another way to help me on this path then I will be grateful for it but in no way does having a title determine if I stay. It is not a threat so I get more from those that have already supported me to the very max. We are only human after all, and every human has things they struggle with. Even you, Monk. I just hope you recognize them before they destroy you from the inside out.”

He puts a hand to his chest, he turns his head to hide his face from the camera, obviously not wanting something, some expression of emotion to be caught by the camera. After a few seconds, he composes himself and looks back at the camera, offering his fans a wide, genuine smile.

“I think I have bored you all, my West-Enders, enough for one night. Just know that without every single one of you giving me your unwavering support I would not even be here. I really want to make you proud to be my fans this time. I hope win or lose, I continue to accomplish that. Goodnight my beauties.”

He blows a kiss as the scene fades out

-Off Camera-
Ty's Las Vegas Condo

Ty west stands in his bedroom. The eight am sunlight filtering in through the floor to ceiling windows, almost glowing the cream coloured sheets tangled on his king sized bed. He is now dressed in a pair of cotton pyjama pants and this trademark grey t-shirt. In his hand is a mug of tea, earl grey with more cream than actual tea. He sips it while staring. Remembering the night before. Remembering how good it was to be able to live out his own internal fantasy only to wake up and wonder if it had actually been a dream.

He tried to reason it out. Maybe Kristjan had to be somewhere and didn't want to wake him but deep down he knew the man who coined himself “The white wolf” was not a man that intune with that level of care. In fact, Kristjan would be the type to wake him to get more before leaving, possibly even risking being late just to satisfy his own carnal desires.

He tried to not let himself feel foolish. He tried not to get mad too. Mad at himself more than anything. He had put himself out there. Put so much on the line. Ty was not the type to wear his heart on his sleeve but his heart had begged him to take a chance on this man. To act on the desire that even now was still causing his body to react in ways that demanded satisfaction.

He also wasn't the type to want a one and done. He wanted more from the Icelandic man who was so classically beautiful it almost brought a tear to his eye. He wasn't ashamed to let it all go. He had felt for so long that it was important to be tough. To let his inside reflect what he looked like on the outside because many women had rejected him with the excuse that he was too sensitive and not enough like a typical asshole guy. Now he understood why he was attracted to people who had those qualities. His own best friend was more butch then he was.

His thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a key in the front door. The “butch-y” best friend in question comes in, not caring that he could still be sleeping.

“Hey... Tylerina. Get you fat ass out of bed, I bought those gay ass scones you like.”

Ty comes out of the bedroom in time to see Effie putting a greasy paper bag on the small table. She turns, giving him a once over and shrugging.

“Wow, you were actually up or out jogging. You okay?”

Despite how rough around the edges Effie was, she did care a lot about Ty. He looked at her like a sister and he assumed that she would say the same, just to potentially get a rise out of him but also because despite her tough exterior, she gave a shit about him.


His one word answer has her full attention now.

“Okay... what happened? Did that cunt Courtney finally show up? Cuz I can go break her other wrist for you if you want...”

Ty shakes his head. He can't help feeling like the lump in his chest was making him on the verge of tears. Effie, not normally someone who was overly affectionate crosses the short distance to give him what she called a ‘bro hug’ where their opposite shoulders touched followed by a pat on the back, although because of Eff's vertically challenged stature, it was more like his pectoral and her shoulder.

“What's up? You know you can tell me anything and I promise not to verbally destroy you for at least a whole minute.”

He sits, taking a deep breath he blurts out,

“Kristjan and I slept together.”

It was enough to shut the young blonde up and she had to sit in the remaining seat, staring blankly for a few uncomfortable seconds.

“I don't even know what to say to that....”

There are a few more moments of silence before Effie finally is able to put her thoughts together to form coherent sentences.

“I didn't even know you swung for both teams. I mean I know I teased you but... wow.”

Ty sighs deeply.

“I didn't know either. I don't regret it I just feel played because while I want something with deeper meaning he was all too eager to leave before I woke up.”

Effie laughs

“Who knew the big bad asshole was a coward.”

“He's not!”

Ty blurts out and Effie's eyes go wide.

“Wow West, you are smitten. Defending the guy that beat your ass, twice. Tell me, did you guys do like roleplay...”


Effie laughs as Ty's face goes red.

“You were totally the bottom weren't you? Oh man, Ty. You have never failed to amaze me at every opportunity. So... he left. Call his ass and ream him out, then be a man and do it again. Make sure you make him say your name while pulling his hair...”


His angry voice stops her short. Her smirk drops and she nods, showing remorse at her words. His own voice softens, he doesn't want to be his father.

“Eff... I'm sorry...”

She stands, nodding her head.

“I should go. I'll talk to you later Ty.”


She doesn't turn around only continues toward the door and leaves. Ty runs a hand through his hair. Life was a mess.

-Off Camera-
The West Family Home
Tucson, Az

“Tyler. What's going on?”

His mother was very astute when it came to her son. Even more so since discovering that she was pregnant. Ty was leaning over the kitchen sink, staring out the window onto the backyard he had spent his childhood playing in. He was always truthful and candid with his mother. She had been his everything and to say he was a mama's boy was vastly paraphrasing their bond as mother and son. She puts a hand on his shoulder and squeezes gently.

Ty: “I feel like a fool.”

His mom makes a cooing sound in her throat before pulling him into her arms for a hug. No matter how old he got, he never refused the comfort of his mother's embrace.

Gina: “Why do you say that? What happened?”

Ty sighs before answering, hoping that he was right about his mother being very supportive and accepting.

Ty: “I slept with someone and he left before I woke up. I could have sworn he felt the same way but I was wrong. And then I yelled at Effie because she was being Effie. My whole life is falling apart no matter what I do to try and steer the ship back on course.”

She hugs him a little tighter, adding in a soothing circle motion of her hand on his back.

Gina: “As your mother, I want to tell you that it is his loss. That he doesn't know what he's really missing by only wanting sex but I know that isn't the truth. The truth is, the guy is an asshole for hurting my baby and I'll kick his damn ass for taking advantage of my sweet boy.”

And with that acknowledgment, Ty knew his mom didn't care what gender he dated as long as he was happy, then she was also happy, but hell hath no fury like a mother whose baby boy has been hurt.

“I am just tired of always falling short.”

Gina West steps back and soothes away some of the tenseness in his face with her hands. After all these years, she still had the softest hands he knew.

“Don’t worry about Effie, She'll come around.”

Gina watches her son for a moment.

“You know, my father was a hard working man. He taught all of us kids that you had to really work at things to get them. Even though you cannot always see the end result in advance, the real prize is the journey to get there.”

He winces and his shoulders sag.

Ty: Well, this journey is killer for my self esteem.

Gina offers him a smile of reassurance.

Ty: Nothing can take your self esteem without your permission to do so. Be humble, but don't let it kill you. I know you Tyler. You are not this person. Some really shitty things happened but that that isn't a reason to lay down and die. I am going to be there for this match and I want to see my baby holding that title.

Ty laughs. His mom was probably talented enough to act but instead she had chosen two or three odd jobs to pay for all of the things he needed. When he started getting a lot of modelling jobs, she quit them to travel with him.

He would never be able to pay back his mother for all that she had sacrificed but he also knew, she had no regrets for doing it either.

Gina: So tell me about this guy that slunk away in the middle of the night. What a coward...

Ty felt his face go red.

Ty: It's Fenris, mom...

She looks up at him as her eyes go wide and her mouth drops open.

Ty: I know and I'm not exactly going to advertise it either. He already had an encounter go public once and it was a shit show. But...

Gina: You don't want just a fling. I know. You have had no luck with anyone you have tried to date. I mean look at all you did for that Pierce girl and she just skipped town without so much ss a fart.

Ty can't help it. He bursts into laughter. He knew his mom purposely said it to accomplish this goal and he loved her even more for it. They say that parents shouldn't try to be friends with their children but in reality not only was his mom his best friend, he also had a deep, immense respect for her that nothing could ever shake.

Gina: Baby, I know you are hurting. Love isn't supposed to be just rainbows and sunshine. There is work. There is sacrifice and there is a whole lot of hurt but if you really like this guy, don't let him just get away.

He contemplates this for a moment. Maybe he shouldn't let him get away with it. He himself didn't sleep with people for the sake of sleeping with people. He felt a connection with Krisjan. He swore he felt it too. Maybe it scared him to the point of being embarrassed. He knew that he wasn't as liberal with expressing how he felt unless it was anger. He was aggressive and blunt. It wasn't just the language barrier either. He remembers sharing a short conversation in Icelandic. He had been learning the beautiful language with the expectation of one day moving there. It seemed to cause him to open up more. He was learning more personal things about the man he was crushing on.

Ty: I won't. I need to hear from him, face to face, that he has no other interest in me other than a roll between my sheets. It would be way more awkward if I had won last night though.

Gina winks, a wide smile spreading over her face.

Gina: There's some lemonade for you. Just be careful squeezing those lemons.

Ty: MOM!

The reference isn't lost on him. Gina grabs a stack of dessert plates from a nearby cupboard.

Gina: Grab the cheesecake from the fridge and join us. Gus and Topher will be here soon. We haven't shared the news with them yet. We're a little nervous about how it will go.

Gus, of course was Cal's son from his previous marriage and Topher was his adopted son. Gus worked in social services and upon having trouble finding a home for the troubled pre-teen, he took him in himself. The adoption was final in a few months and he wasn't without his share of behavior problems, he was much happier living with Gus.

When they come through the swinging doors of the kitchen, the family in question had just arrived and were getting settled on the sofa. Topher was a handsome kid. Light brown skin with exceptionally light brown eyes. The eleven year old smiles at Ty with the sort of idol envy that Ty had started to grow used too. Cal is already seated on the couch.

After all had been served a piece of Gina's homemade banana cheesecake, Cal clears his throat.

Cal: “Gus... we wanted to tell you the news. Gina and I...”

Gus looks from both his father and Gina and scowls.

Gus: “You're pregnant right? Even at your age you need to get knocked up to keep a guy? How disgusting.”

Cal looks shocked at his son's words.

Cal: “Excuse me...”

Gus: “No excuse you, dad. Mom hasn't even been dead a year and you're already shacked up with some gold digging wh...”

Ty stands now. His anger flooding his body with endorphins.

Ty: “You better not finish that sentence.”

Gus laughs, wiping his face calmly with a napkin. He looks up at Ty with a smirk.

Gus: “Am I supposed to be intimidated by a guy that can't even win his matches in a fake wrestling company? Please...”

Ty loses it. He picks up Gus by his collar and the fear suddenly fills the younger man's face.

Gus: “I-if you hit me I'll sue...”

Realizing what he's doing as soon as his mom's voice floats into his ear.

Gina: “Ty... put him down honey. He's just hurting.”

The death of Gus’ mother had hit him hard and sometimes grief could make you do stupid things. He drops Gus back down on the sofa none too lightly.

Gus shakes his head.

Gus: “I can't believe you would do this to me. I was okay with Tyler as my step brother. At least he is the same age, but a half sibling that I am old enough to be a father to? Dad, you have a grandson! He will be older than his uncle or aunt. I just... don't get it...”

Ty understands the look on Gus’ face. The outburst was mostly shock and being very devoted to his mother. He couldn't possibly understand how her death must have affected both him and Cal but he knew what hurt felt like. Especially when caused by a parent.

Ty: “I was shocked too. But it isn't like they are foolish teenagers. My mom didn't even think it was possible to get pregnant. Instead of looking at it negatively, look at the possibilities. This is a miracle.”

Gina smiles, nodding her head as tears start to fill her eyes.

Ty: I think maybe, you just need some time to think, and calm down. We all do.

With that, Ty excuses himself to the spare room. A room that used to be his and now likely would belong to his new sibling.

He texts Kristjan first. Nothing to indicate his hurt, just casual. A simple, “How are you?”

Then he dials Effie. The first few rings go unanswered before she finally picks it up.

Effie: “What?”

Ty: “I'm sorry.”

There is a long pause.

Effie: “I overstepped. It's cool, West. When you back in Vegas?”

Ty was originally staying one more night but he thought maybe he should come back. Maybe keep trying to find out why Kristjan left.

Ty: “Tonight.”

Effie: “Good. I got an idea. I'll pick you up at the airport.”

With that the line went dead and Ty couldn't help but smile.

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Caleb Storms
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RP Title: “Eight men enter, one champion leaves!”

Caleb’s match for the Legacy Championship didn’t go as planned, for starters it was changed to a one on one match when Rory couldn’t make it and Shinjiro ended up retaining the title so things weren’t looking great for him heading into High Stakes but then Brooke went and booked an eight man Warrior’s Brawl match for the SCW Roulette Championship for High Stakes, obviously the reigning champion Ben Jordan was going to be in the match but who were his challengers?

Caleb, Shinjiro, former Honor Wrestling wrestler Kader Hasheem, Ty West, Casey Williams, another former Honor Wrestling wrestler in Blasted Monk and Joshua Acquin, out of the eight men competing Caleb and the other Honor Wrestling alumni had the most experience in this type of match, but will Ben Jordan retain the title? Or will a new champion finally be crowned and will that champion be Caleb Storms?

Bashful Bandit, Tucson, Arizona
Friday the 9th of November 2018, 21:00pm

Normally I would’ve spoken my mind by now, there’s a very simple reason why I haven’t.

Two words, common cold! I caught a cold last week and since I didn’t want to spread it to the other SCW wrestlers by way of camera crow I called the bosses and told them that I wouldn’t be able to do my promo until week two due to illness and once they picked up on how bad I sounded they understood and wished me a quick recovery, the cold ended up lasting until Saturday night where it came and went overnight.

But I’m better now and that’s what matters, well, that and the match I’m doing my promo for.

This week at High Stakes I’m one of the seven men challenging Ben Jordan for the SCW Roulette Championship in the Warrior’s Brawl, the other challengers being fellow Honor Wrestling Alumni Kader Hasheem, Shinjiro Yannamoto and Blasted Monk, Ty West, Casey Williams and Joshua Acquin, frankly I’m surprised that I’m getting this shot so soon considering how poorly my attempts at rebuilding my stock since Violent Conduct have gone but considering that Acquin is in the match and has had an even worse week than I have that’s saying something.

As for what I have to say about this match, stay tuned.

“Man, these local bands suck.” I commented as the third band of the night finished their set, Katie had found out about the place after we returned from Las Vegas to do our voting earlier this week and since there was four local metal bands on I figured that I may as well give them a shot, no one said that they’d be any good however and unfortunately, they aren’t very good, and that’s me being generous. “I’ve rather have a cold than listen to another song by Anal Terror.”

“I stull can’t believe they called themselves that.” Katie commented with a chuckle but admittedly it still wasn’t the worst band name we’ve ever heard, “I mean, when I think of Anal Terror I think…….”

“Let’s try not to think about that, I’d rather not be put off dinner for the next three days!” I quickly interrupted my wife. “Not to mention the fact that we are on camera.”

“True enough.” Katie nodded in agreement as we saw the members of Anal Terror mingling with some members of the crowd, most likely friends and family since it seems like we aren’t the only ones who share the sentiment of how bad they were. “I know your plan is to get your promo done before the headliner but if Kitten Blender are as bad, or worse, than Anal Terror then I vote we call it a night early.”

“You know what? I’m normally opposed to leaving in the middle of the headliner’s set but if they are that bad than I wholeheartedly agree.” I nodded in agreement before taking a sip from my drink. “Also, what is with the names of the bands tonight? Satanic Dildo? Barbed Wire Make-Up? Anal Terror? Kitten Blender? If it weren’t for the fact that these guys are clearly in their twenties I’d be assuming that they are made up off a bunch of edgy teens.”

“I think your being generous there.” Katie nodded in agreement before laughing. “At least the first two bands are clearly trying to be parody metal.”

“Yeah but, trying is the key word there.” I responded before checking the time on my iPhone. “I’ll finish my drink then go out to do my promo, if the last band is as bad as the others I guess I’ll find out when I see you leaving the bar.”

“I will say this, at least this place is a good bar.” Katie nodded in response before I finished my drink in one gulp, set it down on the table and stood up. “Knock them dead Caleb!” Katie encouraged me before I kissed her and left the bar, once I found a nice quiet spot nearby I got ready to do my promo.

“Over in Honor Wrestling my one and only title match was in a Warrior’s Brawl match and since that match I’ve been asking myself “how would I improve on my performance in that match if I was put in another Warrior’s Brawl Match? Ironically it took Honor Wrestling and SCW merging together for me to get my answer! This week at High Stakes I’m challenging Ben Jordan for the Roulette Title alongside fellow Honor Wrestling Alumni Shinjiro Yannamoto, Kadar Hasheem and Blasted Monk alongside Ty West, Casey Williams and Joshua Acquin in a Warrior’s Brawl Match!”

No prizes for guessing who I’m starting with.

“Ben, I will say this, if you come out of this match with your title in tact then you’d have finally convinced me that you are a worthy Roulette Champion, why? Because unlike you, I’ve been through this match before and I know how tough it is, that said the chances of you retaining the Roulette Title and entering the New Year as champion are slim to none because not only do you have me and my fellow Honor Wrestling Alumni to deal with you also have to deal with three men who are just as hungry for the gold as I am!”

Speaking of my fellow Honor Wrestling Alumni.

“I’m gong to lump the other wrestlers from Honor Wrestling together for one simple reason, if I addressed each man individually I’ll be here all night! Shinjiro you may have beaten me to retain the Legacy Championship two weeks ago but we both know the Warrior’s Brawl is tough and a different beast entirely to a regular wrestling, match, Kadar, we faced off in my last Warrior’s Brawl, a match that neither of us won, this week the only thing that’s repeating is you losing the match! Monk, we had our differences in Honor Wrestling but now you’re in SCW things will be different, like me beating you!”

Next up is Ty West.

“I swear if I heard the phrase “you’re only a former Roulette Champion because of Ty West” one more time I’d go back into the bar and order the strongest alcoholic drink they’ve got on tap! That said, Ty you were this close to winning the Gold Rush Tournament last week on Climax Control and you are obviously looking to make up for that by winning this title, not going to happen! Not as along as I’m in this match and if this gives you extra motivation to eliminate me early, just try it!”

Next up is Josh!

“Jessie described Ella Singleton as the Queen of Second Chances in her promo last night, well if Ella’s the queen then Josh is her king, or at the very least, the court jester! Josh to say that you haven’t had a good month is an understatement and one would need only look at your last title match for proof of that! Truth is you’re a choke artist when it comes to title matches, it just so happened that Christian stacked the deck against you in your last title match but this time the result will be the same!”

Finally, it’s Casey!

“The Freight Train of Pain, well these days he’s less of a freight train and more of a toy train because Casey Williams has been coming in and out of retirement so much that you’d think he was the star of a cheesy 80s action movie! That said even Stevie Wonder could see that your career is winding down Casey and this Warrior’s Brawl match might be your last hurrah and if it is, I’ll be happy to end it the same way most of your title matches ended, with you on your back being pinned by a smaller opponent!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up as I saw Katie leave the bar early, guess the headliners are that bad.

“As I said earlier, I’d be here all day if I listed my opponents during the promo wrap up, so I’ll just say this, in this match eight men enter, one champion leaves and the odds are not currently in the reigning champ’s favor! But come the end of the night I will be the new Roulette Champion, in the meantime the other wrestlers in this match had better brace themselves because there’s a storm brewing, otherwise they’ll be blown away by “The Metal Storm” Caleb Storm, your next Roulette Champion!”

I ran up to Katie as the scene fades.

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