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Crystal Zdunich
Posted: November 08, 2019 01:20 pm

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Christina’s life was an absolute wreck. At least in her eyes it was. Her wrestling career seemed to be in shambles considering she hasn’t won a match in ages. Her life outside the ring didn’t seem to be getting any better as the Steele family controlled her movie studio which meant they controlled her main source of income. This left Christina broken physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. She had tried everything in her power to bring more income into her life but it just didn’t seem to work. As much as she wanted to find something else to make money nobody was going to hire a highschool dropout. Christina had found one option and it was the one she never really visioned herself at doing and that was becoming a waitress. Christina had found a job with the Golden Ring Casino in her spare time away from the ring and to be closer to her new place of work Christina had decided to get an apartment in Las Vegas. Christina smirked as she held a pair of keys in her hands. She smiled as she glanced at her wife behind her.

“Ok babe you ready to see our Las Vegas apartment?! The rent isn’t that expensive compared to living in Hollywood, and I feel we really could be comfortable here. It is a luxury apartment complete with a pool among other things. Being here makes us closer to SCW headquarters and the Golden Ring casino… What do you think babe?!”

With that Christina opens the door to the apartment and smiles as they are treated to a nicely furnished 2 bedroom apartment. Christina smirks as she glances back at her wife. Seleana shrugs as she looks around.

“It is fine. Since I will be commuting at times, it will be nice to be comfortable here as well.”

Christina can’t help but smile as she looks at her wife grabbing her and hugs her as tightly as she can. She turns her attention back over to the apartment as she quickly runs inside.

“I knew you would love it. It’s not as big as the Hollywood home but there’s nothing wrong with downsizing considering we will probably have to sell that home which is a shame considering that has been my home for the past 14 years…”

Christina lets some tears flow down her cheek as she quickly wipes them and forces a smile out.

“But no worries we are going to make this work! This will be home, and home isn’t a structure or a building. It’s where the heart is and as long as I am here with you that’s all that matters right?!”

“Ja, det är sanningen.”

Christina smirks as she nods her head in agreement.

“Si...It’s us together babe…”

With that in mind she continues to look around.

“It has all of the latest amenities among other nice things. I never pictured us living in Vegas and it will be quite an adjustment but we will get through this together. I really wished my wrestling career would pick up. If I can somehow beat Bobbi and get into this World title match. There’s no telling how soon I can change our predicament and maybe get us back to living the high life!”

“We live the high life any time we are together.”

“You are always so sweet to me… I don’t deserve you…”

With that Christina finds her way to the bathroom and she closes the door behind her. She takes a long deep breath as she gazes at herself in the mirror.

“Don’t worry Christina this is going to work out. Everything is going to be just fine. I have a wonderful wife and…”

Before Christina can say anything else that is when she sees a different reflection in the mirror. One who is wearing shades and appears to have a following of paparazzi behind her. Christina seems disgusted as the woman who is identical to her flips her hair and just shakes her head in disgust. That reflection was none other than “The Rose Goddess” Crystal Hilton.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Just look at you… Are you really content with being a waitress?! I am a star… I am a Hollywood A Lister, I deserve to be in the main event on every single occasion, and yet you are settling for downsizing… Christina you are better than this… WE are better than this...If you just give in we can find a way to get out of this. I will help you get the movie studio back. I can take care of the Steeles and…”

Christina however shakes her head.

“No! All you seem to do is hurt people, and I can’t ever go back to you! The fans are starting to love me again and I can’t ever go back and do what I did to Seleana again. She is way more to me than that of my reputation or should I say yours…”

“I get it what I put Seleana through was wrong, and I know the people love you. I won’t do anything to destroy that ever again. I just want to make everything right again. Make it so you don’t lose to people like Jessie Salco ever again…”

“NO! I don’t care how miserable my life is but I can’t ever let you back in so stay away!”

Christina walks out of the bathroom as she quickly jumps onto the couch and sits down on it as she gazes up at the ceiling.

“What is wrong, Stjärna?”

Christina quickly shakes her head.

“Nothing… Why would anything be wrong?! As you would say… Everything is fine chickie… I am just a little stressed out about everything is all but nothing you need to be worried about. I guess I am just a little eager to start my job waitressing. Hopefully the tips could be good money. So no need to worry about me…”

Seleana shrugs.

“I’m your wife, it’s what I do. It’s also why I’ve been working the market some. I bought back some of the company already. Teddy and Kate do not know I’m doing it.”

“Really?! That’s awesome… Look I need to be truthful. It just seems everyday I get attacked by Crystal. It’s like I am having a war with myself and I don’t ever want to do something stupid where I hurt you. I don’t want people to think I am a fake and I can’t be stable. I want to stay true to the path and stay towards you…”

“If this is how you do that, then this is how you do that, Estrellita. I’m keen for whatever helps keep us together. I love you, Christina, and nothing will change that. As Eavan has pointed out, Zdunich Women do not give up on the ones they love. So, if I need to split time between Vegas and LA for that to happen, I will split time. I am working on giving you that moment when you can walk into your boardroom and say to Teddy and Kate, “What? Did you not get the memo?”

She pauses, shaking her head in disgust.

“Diamond makes her sound like such a Crystal wannabe. She so wants to be anything other than what she has made herself that she has desperately tried to follow your path and it is not really working for her. She cost herself dearly for something that is not real. She will find it is not worth it to have lost who she was, especially when she has really gained nothing in return.”

Christina nods her head.

“You do have a point and it really is a shame on what bobbi did too.. Like why turn on those who have only been friendly to you. It reminds me of what I did to you. It’s really not necessary. It doesn’t get you anywhere. What’s the point of gaining everything you want and not having anybody to share it with?! It’s really sad…”

Seleana shrugs.

“I do not know. They both seem to be people who had everything and then decided they needed something else and piss it all away for something that is unattainable.”

“But that won’t be me anymore… I can’t allow it to be…”

As Christina keeps her eyes locked on that of Seleana and it is at this moment that Christina’s phone begins to ring. Christina looks at the phone reading the name on the id as Dani Weston. Christina puts the phone on speaker as she sits it on the table.”

“Hey Dani!”

“Hey Christina this is Dani… I just wanted to say I won’t be at the Golden Ring Casino this week and I heard you recently got hired as one of the new waitresses there. I am the bar manager and you will be reporting to me. I hope everything goes well with your first day and I know you will be a great waitress. Just put your all into everything…”

“Thank you so much! I will do my best and I won’t let you down. I am so sorry about what Bobbi did to you, and if there is anything I can do to help you please let me know…”

“Thank you Christina. Daniel will be there to show you everything. You will be working the Drag Queen event for your first major event. It won’t be that bad I believe in you…”

The two say goodbye to one another as Christina hangs up the phone. She slowly turns her attention over to Seleana.

“Drag Queen event?! Does this mean I have to deal with Teddy and Kate on my first day?! Maybe I should quit…”


Seleana shakes her head.

“No, you should work that event. You should go, work it with a smile. Put on your actress pants and act like everything is fine. Let them think they have gotten one over on you. If they want to think they are having fun at your expense, let them. It will make fighting her in the ring and in the boardroom all the sweeter when you beat her. It is always fun to let someone run their mouth and then hang them with their own words. You can do this, Estrellita. You are the best. You do this!”

Christina smiles as she stands up and walks over to where Seleana is and kisses her.

“Thank you I needed to hear that. I hope my first day at work is a good one. I will see you later babe…”

With that Christina walks out the door as she waves goodbye to her wife and we go elsewhere.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Golden Ring Casino

Christina had found her way to the Golden Ring Casino and it is there where she went right into the office of Daniel J. Morgan. Christina smiled eagerly as she looked deeply into the eyes of the English man.

“I just want to say thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I really needed the money and I got worried when nobody else would hire me. Thank you for helping me with my life and I won’t ever let you down.”

Daniel just smiles as he looks back at Christina.

“Look don’t worry about any of that. I just have a feeling you are going to enjoy working at the Golden Ring Casino. It may not be red carpet or being in a movie like you are accustomed to but there is plenty of money to be made. The casino is hosting a major drag queen competition. One of the biggest in the United States. Drag Fest 2019 is huge and it is a pleasure to acquire that contest here. A lot of people from out of town will be visiting here to watch it unfold. This is a perfect time to earn some great tip money. I know you won’t let the casino down and who knows you might take a serious liking to being a waitress. It isn’t as bad as you think…”

Christina nods with a smirk.

“I will do it to the best of my ability. I guess I could be like Jane the Virgin. She was a latina and had no problem being a waitress…”

“Exactly now I trust you won’t have any issues working under Dani Weston considering you two have a history in wrestling?!”

Christina shakes her head.

“That won’t be an issue. I will keep things very professional especially considering that was a long time ago and I don’t want any issues. I just want to make money and call it a day…”

“Cheers… That is what I wanted to hear. Now thank you for sending us your dress size. Because we do have a uniform policy here at the casino…”

Daniel gets up as he walks to a closet and pulls out a nice dress. He hands it to Christina with a grin.

“This is the dress you will be wearing to waitress. Just keep smiling and everything will fall your way. Mark Ward tells me you were quite the amazing personal assistant and when you really put your mind to something you make sure you accomplish it to the best of your ability. That is the Christina that I want to see working at the casino. Just bring that casino and you won’t regret it.”

“I won’t… I had horrible dreams of me selling signed photos in a bingo hall and I don’t think my career has regressed to that point. This will teach me hard work and I am sure it will be a lesson I won’t forget. Thank you I won’t let you or Dani down. You can trust that…”

With that Christina takes the dress with a smirk. Moments later she finds herself changed into her waitress attire. It was a nice dress that showed off all of her beautiful curves and figure. She smiled as she worked the Drag Queen event. It felt like the who’s who of Vegas was all gathering into the Golden Ring’s ballroom. Christina did her very best as she worked as hard as she could as she brought drinks and food to various tables. She really was getting the hang of all of it. It felt natural to her and what Seleana had said was going through her head. She was giving nothing less than one hundred percent. Everything was going well until the actual event started. As the curtains to the stage pulled back and a drag queen could be seen on the stage.

“Haii all of you gorgeous people out there. My name is Harlotte Temple but you already knew that because all of you know meeeeeeeeee!!!! I am one of the best drag queens in the world but tonight it’s not about me talking about my hair, my make up, or these stellar heels. What kind of bitch do you take me for, but it’s about crowning the next Drag Fest Queen of 2019 in this huge competition that will wrap up by the beginning of the new year…”

Christina smirked as she crossed her arms looking at the stage. Everything was great until she found herself being shoved to the ground by a woman walking right by her. Christina landed on the ground and she was holding a ray of glasses in her hand. Each of the glasses shattering on the ground. Christina sighed as she looked at the woman who bumped her.

“A simple excuse me would have been okay…”

The woman held a microphone in her hands and had blue hair that cascaded down her back. That woman was none other than that of Diamond Steele. She smirked as she looked at Christina.

“Feel free to put that on my tab. Also remember a Diamond is way more valuable than that of a Crystal… See you later loser. I have to help my husband win a contest.”

With that in mind Christina stood up. The day couldn’t have gotten any worse… Well that is until Harlotte Temple continued to talk.

“Coming to the stage first a new addition to the Drag Fest… Give it up for newcomer Lady Steele and his Gem Stones!!!!”

With that in mind we are able to see Teddy Steele or should I say “Lady” Steele walking onto the stage. She is all grins as she is wearing a rainbow colored dress along with some stellar Louboutins red bottom heels. She smiles with a microphone in her hand as she raises the microphone to her lips.

“Hey BITCHES!!!”

She talks in a very high pitched voice.

“My name is Lady Steele and all of you look so FABTACULOUR tonight. Ladies I am all taken but keep your eyes on me because I know one of you fine men in this room might take me. Anyway I would like to perform a song that’s dear to my heart. It’s actually the former theme song of SCW hasbeen three time World Champion Crystal Hilton…. Gemstones let’s do this shall we… this is my Coming Out tour!”

Diamond smiles as she looks at her band.


With that the drums begin playing, Emerald and Ruby both begin playing their guitars as it’s a familiar tone. It is at that moment where a huge rainbow backdrop falls from the ceiling, and Teddy could be seen throwing glitter into the audience as he does a sultry dance. Diamond sings loudly.


Lady Steele smiles as she does a twist followed by a perfect split.


Christina seems completely embarrassed as she watches Diamond dance all around the stage as Lady Steele just shakes “her” ass for the people in the audience. They get cat calls, cheers, and even underwear thrown at them along with some bras. Lady Steele smiles as she points at Christina who seems to be in shock. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe that the duo who ruined her life were embarrassing her on her first day at working at the casino. Christina shook her head as she glanced at the likes of Lady Steele and Diamond on the stage. She took a long breath as they finished wrapping up their number as there was a loud round of applause in the entire room. Harlotte Temple got back on the microphone.

“Wasn’t that so awesome?! That performance is surely going to be one that is hard to top. We have a lot more for tonight but that is just the start of something awesome. Anyway consider this the beginning of Drag Queen Fest 2019!!!”

The audience begins to cheer even louder than before. Christina had enough however. She couldn’t deal with it anymore. It was one thing for the Steele family to ruin her life but it was another to play her former entrance theme and to make a mockery out of the entire thing. It was a mockery at what Lady Steele was doing and Christina couldn’t stand for it. She started to head for the exit door and that was when she was stopped right in her tracks by a man who grabbed her violently by the arm.

“Now wait a minute sweet thang where do you think you are going?!”

The man’s grip was very tough as he held her arm as tightly as he could. Christina wanted to slap him but she was too nice for that.

“Please get your hands off of me!”

The man couldn’t help but smile as he looked right into her eyes.

“A pretty broad like you shouldn’t be so quick to leave. You are the best looking waitress here and you have talents that could be used elsewhere especially without your clothes on… Ever considered stripping for me?! I own the Rusty nail down the road. Especially a girl with your looks and body. You could bring in quite a fortune and…”

The Crystal in Christina wanted to slap this guy’s head off but Christina was overpowering as even she wouldn’t stoop to that. Crystal appeared right before Christina’s eyes.

“Please just let me slap the shit out of him! How dare he talk to us like that!”

Christina however just gulped as she wasn’t one to think straight. She could only think dollar signs and after the embarrassment that felt tonight by the hands of the Steeles she considered it.

“Please let go of me… You are hurting me…”

“I am not going to take no for an answer you will strip at my club and…”

Crystal screamed a little louder and it was at that moment where a fist collided against the head of the man. That fist belonged to that of Daniel J. Morgan. He shook his head at him.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you how to treat a lady?! Get him out of here…”

Before the man has a chance to react some of the casino’s security grabs the man as they escort him out of the building. Daniel looks over at Christina.

“Are you okay, I couldn’t just sit back and let somebody like him harass a woman…”

“I’m okay… Although to be honest I am feeling a little down in the dumps considering the stunt that the Steeles pulled tonight…”

Daniel shakes his head as he keeps his eyes fixated on that of Christina.

“I can imagine especially what they have been putting you through these past few months. You need to understand something though Christina especially with the stunt which that jerk from the club up the street tried to pull. We take care of our own at the casino. We got your back and you shouldn’t focus on the Steele family. They seem to have a death wish considering they made demands and tried to write checks that they certainly can’t cash. Let London Underground take care of them in the ring. We will handle it like we always do and you don’t need to be concerned with them. What you should be concerned with is just continuing to work hard. Show people that you can be consistent and you aren’t the bat shit crazy woman that everybody thinks you are. You know nobody will be able to take you seriously so you need to show them differently… Show them that all of this is for real…”

Chrisitna nods her head as she glances right back at Daniel with a grin.

“You are right… Sorry I lost my cool. I’s just what the Steeles did is a little overwhelming and seeing them tonight really got to me… I don’t want you to think I am an underperforming waitress…”

Daniel raises his eyes.

“Underperforming?! You are by far the best waitress of the night. A lot of our customers have been asking for you to wait on their tables especially if they could get an autograph or two out of the deal. A lot of people are asking to keep the bill that you signed your name on as an autograph…”

“Wow… I didn’t think of it like that. I guess that is pretty cool..”

Daniel nods his head.

“But you did well.. Why don’t you take the rest of the night off. You definitely earned it. The real reason I stopped you is because I wanted to give you this…”

Christina seems befuddled as Daniel hands her five hundred dollars and Christina’s eyes open wide up.

“What is this exactly?!”

“Your tip money… You had a really great first night which is good considering it was a big event. Just wait until some of our biggest customers come here to spend their money among the different events we run here. You will like it here…”

Christina takes the money and she has a huge smile on her face as she hugs Daniel.

“Thank you so much!”

“Don’t thank me… You earned that… That was all of your doing now get out of here and enjoy the rest of your night…”

Christina felt ecstatic. She couldn’t believe she had earned so much money in such a short day but maybe waitressing had its perks. Maybe life at the casino wasn’t going to be as bad as she thought it was. She was here for the long haul and she couldn’t wait to tell her wife about it. All things considered it was definitely shaping out to be a great new beginning and she was excited to finally be a part of the Las Vegas lifestyle…

On Camera

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are treated to the sight of Christina Zdunich. Her long blue hair is wrapped into a tight pony tail. She shakes her head as she gazes out of the window of her newly acquired Las Vegas apartment and stares out at the skyline of the city. Christina can’t help but shake her head as her eyes meet with that of the cameras and she takes a long deep breath as she finally begins to speak.

“What is happening SCW Faithful, of course it is me the blossoming rose herself Christina Rose and I just want to say from the bottom of my hear that it feels really good to be talking to all of you right now. Recently it just seems as if my life is going through a major change right now. I would have never imagined in a million years that I would go through the drastic change of not having the movie studio under my management anymore. I have always lived the high life. My life was always consumed with that of greed, money, fashion, and just having the paparazzi at my beck and call. That is who Crystal Hilton could be best described as and I really didn’t a darn if people hated me for it. I didn’t care if I was the world’s biggest enemy or if the people cherished me. At the end of the day as long as I went home to my fantasy world and lived in a world where I could do whatever I want whenever I wanted that is really the only thing that mattered. Yet as much as I lived my life people just pointed me out on being selfish…”

Christina takes a long deep breath as she continues to speak.

“People pointed out how selfish I was because I didn’t do things by the norm. Things were always drastic. Things were always done to feed my over egotistical attitude and my own desires and at the end of the day that really didn't get me anywhere. It wasn’t that long ago when my wife was building herself to be the next biggest thing in the wrestling world. I should have been proud because I helped trained her. I should have been a proud wife who celebrated her accomplishments because after all when you are in a marriage you are basically a team. What one spouse accomplishes is truly an accomplishment for the other but I never saw it like that. My ego got in the way of that. I was one big spoiled brat and it was that selfish attitude that caused me to drive the knife deeply in my wife’s back. I made sure to twist and turn it. I did what I could because I wanted that attention. I wanted to be the World Champion and if I couldn’t have it nobody could. Yet the more I stabbed her in the back the most I lost credibility with all of those around me. I lost all faith from Mark because he was quick to fire me as his personal assistant. I lost Christian’s approval as despite me turning on Seleana it disgusted him that a spouse could do that to another. I lost the approval of the locker room and of course the entire SCW faithful, and now here I am months later trying to put all of the pieces back together…”

Christina shakes her head with a loud sigh.

“Here I am trying to undo everything that went wrong, and trying to reestablish myself as a credible wrestler, as a decent human being, and just as a superior athlete. At least I mended the relationship with my wife but that is only the first step. I still have much more to achieve and I know it’s a long road to get there. As much as I can cry about losing my movie studio among everything else the only one I have to blame in all of this is me. I got myself into this situation and I need to get myself out. The Steeles took everything from me but my focus was on elsewhere which allowed them to come right in and take what I loved from beneath me. My wrestling career hasn’t been the best. I have practically lost everywhere I competed at. Everything in SCW seems to be on the decline for me as I lost to Salco in such a big match up. Yet as bad as things are I just need to keep my head held up high. I just need to press on because a brighter day is coming.”

Christina shakes her head as she speaks some more.

“I Money is already coming in and I have to think the likes of Dani Weston and Daniel J Morgan for letting me work at the casino. It’s an honest start and it helps bring some extra income. It honestly makes me wonder how someone like Sam Marlowe could have balanced going to college and wrestling at the same time. That really is impressive considering I never even got a high school diploma but that is a story for another day. I know I have been talking up my personal life a bit but that brings me to the likes of my opponent this week and she comes in the form of Bobbie Dahl. Bobbie the reason I took some time to share about change is because what you did this past week on Climax Control is absolutely asinine. Seriously what the hell gives?!”

Christina shrugs her shoulders as she continues to speak her mind.

“That isn’t you by any means and this isn’t a case of the pot calling the kettle black. This is more of a case of I have been through what you are going through right now. It isn’t too late for you to apologize and do what you did. Granted if I tried to go back on something it would be a case of people calling me out for being the same old Crystal Hilton. It would be one big ball of jokes of people claiming Crystal’s turned again and all of that jazz, but you haven’t built up that type of reputation yet. People still believe in you and if you think doing what you did is going to get you any more respect you are sadly mistaken. It’s not going to bring you the happiness you seek. I get it though. You are absolutely pissed because you didn’t win the Roulette title. You somehow dropped the ball and now you feel going through some drastic means is going to get you the peace you are looking for but deep down it won’t…”

Christina shakes her head.

“I pulled the same stunt to my wife and you know what it got me?! People hating me because she won the World Championship and yet nobody could respect her for doing so. It ruined her reputation because everybody thinks she needed my help to win when deep down I know she is an awesome competitor and that isn’t the case. It led to people talking me down and I burned so many bridges. You know the saying don’t you? Never burn a bridge after you cross them because you might never know when you are going to need to cross that bridge again. In your fury of trying to take out one of the nicest people to return to the ring in Dani Weston you burned that bridge!”

Christina can’t help but sigh as she continues to speak.

“I know Dani and I may not be on friendly terms but I work for her at the casino. She basically helped gaive me a chance at doing something productive. It sucked having to be a waitress for my first day at the Golden Ring casino and she not being there to help me out or see my progress. That stings a little bit and I know you are better than that. A lot of people can say whatever they want about me. They can talk me down but at least when I picked a target to focus on I did it to somebody who was completely healthy and could fight back. You basically beat somebody who was down and that is really messed up. Do you really feel proud of yourself?! Do you feel accomplished that you delayed a comeback of someone wishing to come back to the roster?! That doesn’t make you amazing. That makes you a coward and that’s a shame considering you are the biggest powerhouse on the entire roster. You could decimate somebody in the ring straight up and live to tell the tale but you can’t seem to do that right.”

Christina sighs as she just shakes her head and continues to talk.

“You can talk up respect and demanding to be acknowledged but do you think you are going to get any by what you did?! You just lost credibility in your onslaught and you are crying out in the world’s biggest temper tantrum. Some might say I take shortcuts to get to where I am at. Some might say I live I get by living in the shadows of being carried to success like that of Despy but let me explain something. Everything that I have ever accomplished in this company are things I earned. I got my ass beat down in my quest to join the Roulette title hunt when I first came into this company. I can remember Natalie Mckinley beating me over and over again when I fought under a mask. I can remember getting beaten by Melanie Gabrielle and Lucy Seraphina. When I finally won the Roulette Championship I felt as if I accomplished something even if it was for a short while. I felt like it meant the world not because I had a belt but it meant everything because the road to get there was a long and hard fought one…”

Christina catches her breath as she continues to speak her heart.

“The same thing goes for the World Bombshell Championship. Before I even won the Blast From The Past with that of Despy I was denied in two separate Championship matches. When I did win the tourney and had my third opportunity I was denied again in a triple threat match. Yet when I finally had that big one on one title opportunity in that singles match on the 150th edition of Climax Control. I straight out beat the champion Sam Marlowe. I best her in the ring and I earned the title which caused the Summer of Crystal. It led to me becoming Most Improved and Woman of the Year in the same year. I felt accomplished and it’s because I earned it. Every roadblock, stumble, and hurdle pushed out the way to finally accomplish something. I felt grateful for it and it’s something that can’t be taken away. Yet you aren’t ready to accept your shortcomings instead all I hear is you complaining about everything. You are jealous because you went on a little streak and it got you a Roulette match where as some of the newer roster members can get World title opportunities. Who cares! You need to suck it up and not focus on what everybody else is doing and instead focus on you… Focus on building yourself up so that one day you can figure out what was missing so you can do the unthinkable…

Do you really think that going about it in this way is going to give you what you want?! To be honest it’s not… You aren’t going to get the answers you seek and I dreamed of the day that you and I could wrestle one another. I thought it would be honorable and yet I doubt it will be. All I see in front of me is a Crystal Hilton wannabe. I see that bad evil side of myself. A side who is throwing temper tantrums because a returning Dani might have resulted in her being shoved in a title picture, a big baby crying because she can’t overcome the Sam Marlowe hump. Quit crying and actually do something about it. It took me awhile to overcome the tough wrestlers in my career like Natalie Mckinley, Sam Marlowe, and Mikah. Yet I didn’t bitch, I didn’t complain. Even in my darkest day of being completely evil excuse my language but I stepped the fuck up. It was that spirit of competition that kept me going and eventually I overcame those hurdles and won titles at all of their expenses because I had a hunger to be the best…

And I still have that hunger and drive to be the best. You can tell the whole world you are going to squash me and you are going to prove yourself and be the next big thing but let me express something to you. This is my chance to prove that I belong. This is my chance to keep building myself up to the next level, and I have no qualms in claiming that Alicia Lukas is the woman to beat right now but just like the likes of Natalie, Sam, and even Mikah. I lost a lot of times before I finally beat them in the ring and I have a chance to do the same. I have a chance to reclaim my legacy and I have a chance to write my ticket to being in a major World Championship match. You think that any part of me would over look that fact?! It doesn’t matter if it was Crystal, Christina, or even my rookie self. If you tell me that I have a chance to write my name in history and ascend to the top of the chain by winning one match you better believe I plan to show up. You better believe I am going to give everything I got to prove my worth and that I belong….”

Christina undoes her ponytail as she lets her hair free flow. She cracks a wide grin as she continues to speak.

“I need to be in the ring with Alicia Lukas again. I need to have that fight with her so I can be the first ever Four Time Women’s Champion. It’s that type of legacy that propels me on, and even though my 2019 was absolutely horrible there’s nothing to stop me from trying to have an amazing 2020. There’s nothing to stop me from trying to make next year my very own. People can talk junk on their Twitter accounts. Claim how they are the best and rub it in everyone’s faces but I rather just wait until the Super Card to prove them wrong. I haven’t demanded a shot since I stabbed my wife in the back. I haven’t even mentioned one since I lost to Alicia but this is about me earning my right. This is about me getting right back to where I belong. This is about stability, consistently, and showcasing that when you make a change for the better and stay the course hard work does pay off. I will stay the course and I will beat you, but can you really say the same?! Sure I might be all over the place at times. I might be a home wrecker but other than having a wreck for a personal life what do you really have on me?! If there’s something wrong with being a three time World Champion, Blas From The Past Winner, former Roulette and Internet Champion please tell me how bad of a competitor that makes me. Not to mention you are stepping into the ring with a Hall of Famer…

I got a lot going for me Bobbie and you never could get over that hurdle to take you to the next level. You couldn’t beat Sam Marlowe for the Roulette Championship and that’s a woman that I beat to win my first World Championship. If you couldn’t overcome things like that what makes you think you have the confidence to beat somebody who has. What gives you the confidence to beat someone who has accomplished things that you wish you could. It is way too early in your career to make the drastic change that you have. You will pay for what you did to Dani Weston. Not that I am defending her but she is another one I would like to best in the ring. Not take her out like a coward. You lost your sense of respect and after Climax Control you will lose your pride and spot in that huge World Championship main event because there’s nothing to stop me from taking my place.

On Sunday Christina goes back to where she belongs and she gets right back in the hunt and that should be a scary thought for you. So bring whatever you have in you. Bring everything but it still wouldn’t be enough. You can carry the weight of being a powerhouse and that might give you the edge, but I carry the entire weight of people taking me seriously. The weight of proving I can beat Alicia among other things and that outweighs anything you have going for you.

So I await your challenge! Nothing and I mean nothing will ever stop this rose from blossoming. For I am the rose that refuses to wither away, for I am Christina Rose and I will be in that 6 way match. Mark my words on that… Brace yourself Bobbie because it’s showtime!”

With that being said Christina can only smile in return as her eyes meet with that of the cameras, and it is on this image that we slowly fade out on.

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