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> Grand Opening of the Golden Ring Casino
London Underground
Posted: November 03, 2018 01:01 pm

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The scene starts focused on the sign of The Golden Ring Casino, the bright neon sign lit up for the first time. A crowd of members of the public as well as the media stand before a podium and red ribbon in front of the doors. To one side of the podium, Daniel J Morgan stands with Osbourne, Mackenzie Page and Charlotte Elliot. Daniel looks calmly to the group.

"Ok, everyone in their places?" Daniel asks Charlotte.

"Everyone is ready, Fenris looks a little confused in there, but everyone is ready." Charlotte replies.

"Bar good to go?" Daniel asks Mackenzie.

"Yeah, Dani's running around behind the bar, all ready for the rush." Mackenzie replies.

Daniel turns his attention to Osbourne.

"Security sorted?" He asks the big man.

Osbourne nods his head up and down.

"Right, time for a five minute speech and open this place." He says to himself.

Daniel turns and walks in front of the podium and the crowd see him. He starts to look around as the crowd begin to hush.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out here today." Daniel says with a smooth tone. "When we came to America, it wasn't just to be wrestlers, it was to be part of what everyone wanted to be part of, the American dream."

Daniel looks away for a second, he knew that wasn't the case, but had to smooze at this point.

"We wanted to be part of a country that will unite again soon." He continues "And will grow stronger and stronger, we wanted to own something that we could turn in to a legacy that sits in this country for hundreds of years to come, we wanted to give back to a country that has taken us to their hearts. We wanted to offer a good place where you could spend some time and relax. We wanted to work hard so you didn't have to and tonight, that dream has become a reality."

Daniel raises his hand and points to the sign.

"The Golden Ring Casino is much more than a Casino." Daniel tells them. "It's a place with stores, restaurants, bars and a few places where you can win big. Tonight, the best place you will ever go in Las Vegas will open and it will not disappoint. Inside right now, we have people from the SCW world happy to talk, we have two World champions in there serving you drinks, we have a Roulette champion going to hit the stage in a little while and talk to you all about his life and times in wrestling, we have games as far as the eye can see."

Daniel waves toward Charlotte who hands him a pair of scissors.

"So I'm inviting you to join us tonight, and every night." Daniel starts. "At The Golden Ring Casino."

Daniel turns and cuts the ribbon and the doors open on cue.

"Gamble responsibly and have a great time." Daniel says stepping out of the way and pointing to the door.

The scene fades as people start to make their way in to the Golden Ring Casino.

Ok people, feel free to continue this on, drinking, winning big, losing big, hanging around fans, date nights, whatever you desire to help you push an angle or two. This Casino is open for anyone to use in roleplays at any time.

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Devin Lockyer
Posted: November 04, 2018 12:26 am

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a Black SUV pulls up and parks the passenger door opens and you see a pair of black stilettos, Gail Weston steps out in her black cleavage revealing dress she walks to the front and is joined by her boyfriend the SCU Underground champion Stewart dressed in an Armani suit, after posing for a few photos they enter the club.

Stewart: I'll go get us some drinks, while you mingle.

Gail: Okay.

Gail walks off to mingle and Stewart walks up to the bar.

Stewart: one Cosmo and one scotch on the rocks.

After receiving his drinks he turns and notices Gail talking to another couple, Stewart walks over and hands Gail her drink.

Gail: Hey babe, this is Mike and Robyn.

Stewart: Nice to meet you.

Robyn: So, Gail was telling us that you're into the swinging lifestyle, and moonlight as Bounty Hunters.

Stewart: Yeah we enjoy the company of other people, and yeah were bounty hunters, our lives are very business.

Mike: I'm sure it is, if you ever want to unwind, Robyn and I certainly wouldn't mind if you came over to our house.

Gail: We may take you up on that, sometime.

The music starts and Robyn grabs Stewart by the hand.

Robyn: Let's dance.

Stewart and Robyn head for the dance floor and Mike and Robyn sit down at the table.

Mike: So how did you and Stewart meet.

Gail: Well that an interesting story, Stewart was feuding with my brother in another fed, I came to basically get close to Stewart and obtain information for my brother, but I fell for Stewart, and actually helped him against my brother, we've been together ever since, and it took a while by my brother and have finally got back on speaking terms. So what's your story.

Mike: Well...

Suddenly one of the slots machines begins ringing.

Gail: Well it looks like somebody just hit the jackpot.

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Posted: November 04, 2018 12:26 pm

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QUOTE (Devin Lockyer @ November 03, 2018 09:26 pm)
Suddenly one of the slots machines begins ringing.

Gail: Well it looks like somebody just hit the jackpot.

Ever the astute businessman and boss, Daniel Morgan preferred not to be the sort to stow away in a private office, away from the masses. But instead he thought it more prudent to be seen, and to be out there where he could keep an eye on the goings on -- personally. Even if Osbourne, Charlotte and Mackenzie were right there to do the same, it was the little things.

The personal touch.

As Daniel sat at a table, watching with a calm smile on his face while he chatted up a patron or two, the ringing of the slot machine drew his attention and he glanced up.

Daniel: Well, and on the opening night. Someone got lucky.

Their eyes roamed a bit over in the direction where the sound was originating from.

Charlotte: I wonder who it...?

And Despayre casually walked across their path from that direction, whistling merrily as he carried in his hands a large bowl filled with his winnings, and atop the mountain of coins? Angel, clad in a bite sized tuxedo, top hat and monocle over his eye. The collective eyes of each London Underground member follows him as his head turns and he smiles brightly at Daniel.

Despayre: He has a system!

And off he (they) go with the eight eyes following in silent surprise.

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Devin Lockyer
Posted: November 06, 2018 02:14 am

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Stewart and Robyn return from the dance floor.

Stewart: what's all the commotion about.

Mike: Some dude just hit the jackpot.

Stewart: Okay.

Robyn: So how have you two been getting along.

Gail: Great.
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