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> All-Star Roxi Issue #11, "Empty"
Roxi Johnson
Posted: January 24, 2020 10:56 pm

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{Our scene opens following the end in Climax Control last Sunday. Roxi is waiting in the locker room, obviously a little bummed that her wife Keira didn’t win the fatal four-way match, but she is proud none the less. Keira slowly walks, stumbling down the hallway and into the locker room, still holding onto her neck. She walks up to Roxi, hugging her gingerly and wincing in pain.}

Roxi – … Are you okay?

Keira – No.

Roxi – Look, I’m sorry you didn’t win. I was pulling for you. You’ll have your day. I know you will. You did a heck of a job out there. And –

{Roxi stops, noticing that Keira hasn’t stopped holding her neck.}

Roxi – Seriously… are you okay?

Keira – No.

{Roxi stands up from the bench in the locker room, looking around for anyone else.}

Roxi – There’s no one around, you don’t need to –

Keira – I think… I’m actually hurt.

{Roxi bends down and comforts her wife.}

Roxi – Like… physically?

Keira – YES!

Roxi – Okay, okay, calm down. I thought you were… you know…

Keira – I’m not. Something is wrong. I have this… shooting pain down my arm.

Roxi – Well, let’s get you checked out…

Keira – Not here.

Roxi – What do you mean, not here? You need to see a doctor!

{Keira slightly turns her head in Roxi’s direction, wincing as she does so.}

Keira – Roxi, I can’t walk right now. I can barely see…I need to go home.

{Roxi looks around concerned as she can now clearly see that Keira is a mess, her arm dangles almost lifelessly and she begins to shake.}

Roxi – I’m getting you the doctor.

{Keira reaches out as Roxi stands back up.}

Keira – No. Not here. I need to see the other doctor.

{Roxi finally understands what Keira means, and gathers their bags and places them on the ground, before placing a hand on Keira and her arm around all their belongings.}

Roxi – Hold on.

{Roxi teleports them away, re-appearing in the guild HQ and assisting Keira in walking towards the medical bay. She is met by one of the doctors.}

Roxi – She needs to be checked.

Doctor – What happened?

Roxi – Not sure, but she just got finished wrestling. And.. even with that, she’s not healing like she should.

Doctor – Something has to be… perhaps blocking it.

Keira – My neck… my shoulder… It hurts.

Roxi – It’s alright, I’ll take care of it.

Doctor – It’ll be okay. We’ll run some tests.

{Roxi continues to assist Keira and leading her to a cushioned hospital bed where she is laid flat.}

Roxi – I’m going to take care of you.

Keira – I know… you will.

Doctor – She’ll be okay. But we need to figure out what happened.

Roxi – Fine, fine… I just…

Keira – Don’t worry… I’ll be back before you know it.

{Roxi gives a half-hearted smile as she slowly leaves the medical bay, Keira gives her a thumbs up, but it does very little to actually console Roxi before she takes the bag and teleports home. Once she arrives, Christine and Sasha are there to answer her door.}

Roxi – Hey guys.

{Christine and Sasha look around for Keira, who is conspicuious by her absence.}

Christine – Where’s Keira?

Sasha – Yeah, normally she’d be scarfing food by now.

{Christine and Sasha see the obvious concern in Roxi’s face and their light-hearted demeanor changes.}

Christine – What’s wrong?

Roxi – Keira… is in the hospital.

Christine – Oh no…

Sasha – Wait, what? What hospital? What happened?

Roxi – I don’t know yet. Something happened to her neck.

Christine – Is she okay?

Roxi – I don’t –

{Roxi stifles her own anger frustration, calming herself down.}
Roxi – I just don’t know.

{Christine and Sasha comfort Roxi as she begins to cry, unsure of what to do.}

Christine – I’m sure she will be okay.

Sasha – Yeah, she’s tough. She’ll be back on her feet in no time.

{Roxi looks at them both, a half-hearted smile and he wraps her arms around them both.}

Roxi – I hope you’re right. Listen, it’s late, you ladies need to go on home. Do you need any help?

Christine – We’re pregnant, but we’ll manage.

Roxi – It’s no trouble, I will help you.

{Sasha places her hands on Roxi’s face to make her turn her head and look at her.}

Sasha – Hey, hey, listen, it’s okay. We’ll be fine. Okay? We don’t want you trouble yourself. You have enough to worry about.

Roxi – It’s fine I –

Christine – Sasha’s right, it’s okay.

{Roxi finally relents.}

Roxi – How was he?

Christine – He’s fascinated by babies and our bellies. It’s kind of cute.

Roxi – No trouble though, right?

Christine – Not at all. He’s fine. He passed out about an hour ago and he’s in his bed.

Roxi – Thank you guys… It really means a lot to me, and to Keira. She may not mention it much but… seriously.

Christine – It’s no trouble. We’ll be back next weekend if you need us.

{With this, hugs are shared, and Christine and Sasha soon depart, and Roxi sits down, noticing how eerily quiet everything is without Keira in the room. She goes to sit down on the couch, but the pitter-patter of small feet tell her Nate is now up and about. He wanders out of his room and runs to the couch where Roxi has sat down and hugs him.}

Nate – Mommy!

Roxi – Hi baby, you know you’re supposed to be asleep.

Nate – I wanted to see you.

Roxi – I’m right here. Like always. But you need your rest.

Nate – I not tired.

Roxi – You may not be, but you still need to sleep.

{Nate looks around, curious as to why it’s only Roxi.}

Nate – Where’s Mama?

Roxi – Mama had to go see the doctor.

Nate – Is she sick again?

Roxi – A little bit, yeah. She’ll be okay though. I bet she’ll be here when you wake up.

Nate – But I not tired! I wanna wait for Mama!

Roxi – Nathaniel…

{Nate looks at Roxi sheepishly.}

Nate – Sorry, Mommy.

Roxi – Thank you. Mama will be just fine. She knows you love her. But she wants you to go to bed too.

{Roxi stands up from the couch and picks up Nate.}

Roxi – Let’s get you back to bed. Were you a good boy for Aunt Chris and Aunt Sasha?

Nate – Uh-huh. They have babies in their belly…

Roxi – Yes they do.

Nate – Was I in your belly?

Roxi – Not my belly, but you not in a belly anymore though, huh?
Nate – No. I am too big.

Roxi – You are too big.

{Roxi lays Nate down and tucks him back into bed, kissing his forehead.}

Roxi – Alright, go to sleep. You need to sleep so you can get bigger!

Nate – I will be really big!

Roxi – I’ll bet. Good night, Nate.

Nate – Good night Mommy.

{Roxi walks back out from Nate’s bedroom, almost appearing lost as Keira isn’t there. She sits back on the couch, turning on the TV to distract herself as the scene fades.}

{Roxi is now back at the medical bay, not being able to sleep and watching Keira lay helplessly on a medical bed as the doctors look at scans and x-rays. Roxi walks in, still very concerned about her wife.}

Roxi – How is she?

Doctor – It looks like a herniated disk and neck fracture.

Roxi – She… broke her neck?

Doctor – It’s possible, but her symptoms are all over the place. But most of them point to both happening.

Roxi – But… she should be healing. That’s one of her powers.

Doctor – We’re not sure why it hasn’t kicked in yet. We’re seeing that most everything about her scans, x-rays and results look normal outside of the breaks.

Roxi – So what does that mean?

Doctor – At this point? Until we can either find out why the healing isn’t kicking in, she’ll have to just heal naturally. We can do some surgery here, but it’s still going to take time.

Roxi – … Do what you have to do.

{Roxi continues to be frustrated as she looks over at Keira.}

Roxi – Can I at least talk to her?

Doctor – If you want, but we don’t want to delay surgery too long.

Roxi – Thank you.

{Roxi walks over to Keira, who is frustrated she has been immobilized and is unable to turn her head.}

Roxi – Hey

Keira – Hey.

Roxi – They say… you’re going to be just fine.

{Keira arches a brow.}

Keira – You’re a terrible liar. I know I’m fucked.

Roxi – It’s just going to take some time.

Keira – That’s kind of the point, it SHOULDN’T take time! Ow! Ow!

{Keira gets animated when she speaks, and agitates her neck, and she groans.}

Roxi – They’re going to fix you up. I’ll be back after the surgery. Nate is probably waking up soon.

Keira – Please don’t let him worry.

Roxi – …

Keira – He gets that from you.

Roxi – He knows you’re seeing the doctor.

Keira – GREAT.

Roxi – I don’t want to lie to him.

Keira – *Sigh* That’s not the point. The point is I shouldn’t even be he- Ow!

Roxi – Calm down, please. Look, I’ll be back to get you.

{Roxi leans down and gently kisses Keira on the lips.}

Roxi – I love you.

Keira – I love you too.

{Roxi slowly backs away, wiping a tear from her eye as she walks back to leave the medical bay, passing the doctor on the way.}

Roxi – Take care of her.

{The Doctor nods, noting the serious tone in Roxi’s voice.}

Doctor – We’ll do our best.

{Roxi departs, heading back home and trying to get a little bit of sleep, heading to bed, and noticing the empty spot that’s now there. She groans and rolls over trying to sleep as the scene fades}

{It is now morning and Roxi has made breakfast for herself and Nate, as she sits at the table.}

Roxi – Nate, come eat breakfast please.

Nate – Okay, Mommy!

{Nate shouts from the other room before he wander into the dining room, but he too curiously looks around for Keira.}

Nate – Mommy? Where’s Mama?

Roxi – Mama is at the doctor, baby.

Nate – Oh… she’s very sick?!

Roxi – The doctor just wants to make sure she’s okay. She’ll be home soon.

Nate – Okay.. will she play with me?

Roxi – I don’t know, she’s going to need to rest.

Nate – Is she tired?

Roxi – Yes, she’s going to be very tired.

Nate – Oh… I will let her sleep. Mama will play another day, right?

Roxi – Of course she will. Now, please eat your food.

Nate – Okay Mommy.

{Nate begins to eat his toast and fruit, while also noticing that Roxi is more or less picking at her food.}

Nate – Mommy?

Roxi – Yes, baby?

Nate – You need to eat too!

Roxi – I… I know, I’m just not very hungry. But you’re right, I need to eat my food too.

{Roxi begins to eat her food at more normal pace.}

Nate – Mommy?

Roxi – Yes?

Nate – You will.. uh… make Mama food too?

Roxi – I will, if she’s hungry.

Nate – Okay.

{Nate eventually finishes his food and wipes his face with his napkin and places it on the plate and gets down from the table.}

Roxi – All done?

Nate – Uh-huh *belch*

{Nate smiles and giggles.}

Roxi – I guess so.

Nate – I burped!

Roxi – I heard. Did Mama teach you that?

Nate – Uh-huh!

{Nate says with a smile. Roxi pulls him closer and hugs and kisses him.}

Roxi – I love you.

Nate – I love you too, Mommy.

Roxi – Mmmhmm. Alright, do you want to watch a movie or are you going to go play?

Nate – Uh… I will just use my tablet.

Roxi – Okay.

{Nate wanders off to his room as Roxi cleans up the dishes and washes them, putting them away before walking into her room and pulling out her wrist communicator.}

Roxi – Vision?

Vision – Oh, hey Rox.

Roxi – Is Keira out of surgery yet?

Vision – I’m not sure. I didn’t even know she was in surgery.

Roxi – Can you please find out?

Vision – Yeah, I… wait, can’t you guys heal?

Roxi – Yeah, that’s kind of the problem.

Vision – I’ll look into it, What happened?

Roxi – I don’t know. The doctor said she has a neck fracture and a herniated disk.

Vision – If they know, then they’ll at least be able to help her.

Roxi – But she should be able to do it herself.

Vision – Maybe something happened.


Vision – I didn’t mean to –

Roxi – No, I… I’m sorry. I’m just… I’m worried Vision. I’m… scared.

Vision – I’m confident she’ll be okay. You’ll make yourself sick if you worry this badly.

Roxi – I can’t help it. That’s my wife, and she’s never hurt.

Vision – I mean… you used to not have any powers, and you put yourself in far more danger than she has.

Roxi – I know my own limits Vision.

Vision – Do you? You don’t have a problem with self-sacrifice. You’d take a bullet for a lot of people. Powers or not. You were at one point, as reckless as can be. You know, eventually, that catches up with people.

Roxi – I don’t need a lecture. I need to know if my wife is okay.

Vision – They just told me, she’s out of the surgery now. Sounds successful.

Roxi – Good, I’ll be right there.

{Roxi ends the communication and quickly teleports to the medical bay.}

Roxi – Is she okay?

Doctor – It went well. She’s resting now, she’ll need some time to recover.

Roxi – Can she come home?

Doctor – No right this second, no. She’s going to need time to rest. We still need to monitor things in case we need to do anything else.

Roxi – She’s stuck here?!

Doctor – I’m sorry, but we can’t in good conscience allow her to leave.

{Roxi is still very frustrated despite the successful surgery. She runs her fingers through her hair, and sighs.}

Roxi – When can I see her?

Doctor – If she’s awake, then briefly, we’re not totally out of the woods just yet.

{Roxi quickly walks to the station where Keira is awake, but groggy and not really with it.}

Roxi – Hey.

{Keira notices the voice, but she’s still drugged heavily.}

Keira – Ro…xi…

Roxi – I’m here. I told you I’d be here.

{Roxi holds Keira’s hand and comforts her.}

Keira – I.. I am… hungry…

Roxi – I know. But you need to rest. I just need you to rest. Okay?

Keira – Okay…

Roxi – Alright, they’re going to take care of you. I’ll be back to see you again when you feel better.

{Keira doesn’t really answer but squeezes Roxi’s hand to show she understands. Roxi nods, and kisses Keira on the forehead before departing and heading back home. Once she teleports back in, Nate wanders back into the hallway.}

Nate – Mommy?

Roxi – I’m in the room baby. Are you okay?

Nate – Uh-huh, I need some juice.

Roxi – Okay. I’ll be right here.

{Roxi heads to the fridge and gets a cup of juice for Nate. She hands it to him as he takes a sip.}

Nate – Mommy?

Roxi – Yes?

Nate – Mama is really sick?

Roxi – She’s a little better now. I talked to the doctor and he said she’s feeling better, but she needs some sleep. Once she’s better, she’ll come home. But the doctor wants to make sure she’s all better first.

Nate – He will make her all better?

Roxi – Uh-huh, and then she will come home and you and me, will make her feel even better.

Nate – We will make her better too?

Roxi – Uh-huh.

Nate – Okay!

Roxi – Okay, you tell me if you need anything okay?

Nate – Okay.

Roxi – Alright, go play.

{Roxi watches Nate walk away, slightly convinced by her own words, but it does little to comfort her as she sits down at the table and massages her temples with one hand as the scene fades.}

“With great power, comes great responsibility”
- Ben Parker (Amazing Fantasty #15)

Hello SCW.

This is, obviously, a somber time for me. I didn’t expect to really ever have to give a full on medical report on my wife. She’s as tough as they come and I never in my wildest dreams imagined she would be hurt to the point where she actually needed medical help.

But sadly, here we are.

Keira actually suffered a neck injury and needed surgery. The operation happened a few days ago and as much as social media was an escape, and my drums were an escape, I really wasn’t in the mood all this week to really focus on much by my wife’s health. And thus far, it has been a success, and hopefully, she will be back at full strength very soon.

I don’t want to cast blame on anyone, because I don’t know, when and where this injury occurred. Obviously, at some point during her match last week, but, I can’t pinpoint anything. That was far more important to me than the actual outcome of the match.

But let me at least, for a few moments, take the time to congratulate Bobbi Dahl on winning the match. Now, she can finally stop talking about how she hasn’t gotten her chance, because she has it now. Good job, Bobbi. I know that now, she’s making a habit of injuring former champions. But believe me when I tell you, If I find out that Bobbi was responsible for injuring my wife, there will no place on EARTH that she will be able to hide from me. I will stop at absolutely nothing to find her, and I will give her a taste of her own medicine and put her in the hospital.

And that isn’t a threat. It’s a promise.

I am normally not a violent or malevolent person, but if you mess with my family, if you try to take from my family, I will throw all of that out the window and I will hunt you down, and I will hurt you. I take it as serious as anything in this world. There is no tweet or insult or excuse that can make me stop. Just let my words sink in, because that, is as real as it gets.

Now, I do apologize to my opponent this week, my wonderful friend Seleana who until the events of early this week, had my complete and undivided attention. I was, and I still am very excited to wrestle Seleana one on one. I just wish the circumstances were different. Obviously, the events have pushed Sel to not exactly the front of my focus, but it doesn’t mean that I am overlooking her or have forgotten about her. I am sure she understands this, and respects it, as much as our mutual respect.

Every single time that I have stepped into the ring with Seleana, it has been fun and exciting. We were part of history at December to Dismember, and just two weeks ago, we have an awesome dual wife tag match. And you know, every single time I’ve stepped into the ring with Seleana, she has gotten better. She has improved her game, and obviously, learning from Crystal and many others along the way has helped. She brings a different element each time she enters the ring. She can do almost anything athletically and never ceases to strive to get better. That’s what I love about her. Not only is she a great person, and a great wrestler, she never stops learning and honing her skills. And once she puts it all together, she will be one of the best.

So yes, I absolutely have my work cut out for me. I have to deal with one of the versatile wrestlers in SCW, and to up the ante, the Bombshell’s championship is on the line. Save for one glaring issue, everything that I have asked for and requested from the Bombshell’s division has been given back to me in spades. The competition level is through the roof. Obviously, we don’t need anything either injuring others or getting injured, but this is what it’s about. Competition.

I put myself in this situation by choice. I wanted this. And now, I am facing down my first test. And to be honest, I don’t think I could have chosen someone better for my first defense. Someone like Seleana, who sets the pace and forces everyone around her to step up. That’s a great start to this championship reign of mine. I am honored and humbled to be sharing the ring with my friend on Sunday.

But I wanted this, for a reason. Not only to make the division better, but to make myself better. I want everyone’s best, so that I can be better. So many people in my position can just rest on their laurels, float along with a cemented legacy. But the one thing I never want to become, is someone who stopped caring after the success hit them. It bugs me that I have won championships in some places I’ve been, because I wasn’t good enough. It bugged me to lose to Alicia, because on that night, I wasn’t good enough. So now, to walk out in Port Charlotte, just a 100 miles from my hometown, and defend this championship the way I want to? I have to be BETTER.

It’s not just a personal challenge to the rest of the bombshell’s, it’s a challenge for me. If I walk out there now, and I lose this championship to Seleana, it accomplishes a goal of making the division more competitive, but it would send a message to me, maybe unfairly, but still a message that I wasn’t ready for my own challenge. And that just will not do. That’s is not good enough for me. I don’t want to ever float along, or being a parody. When I can’t improve, that means it’s time to go. And that will not be my fate.

I will deal with Bobbi when the time comes, and on Sunday, this match with Sel is a more than welcome distraction. No excuses, no retreat. Sel and I will no doubt have an amazing match, and we will tear the house down and give the good people of Port Charlotte the show they deserve.

And in the end, I will walk out, still the bombshell’s champion.

I know Keira will be there in spirit, and that will have to do for now.

Roxi Johnson vs. Seleana Zdunich.

I can’t wait.

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