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> Did I forget to write a segment?
The Monstimals
Posted: April 24, 2020 09:18 pm

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I just looked at the reposted card and had no idea the deadline for segments was today. Sorry I haven't done one and I know I clearly should have double checked, but with personal issues I had, I lost track as I thought it was segments to be sent for this Sunday. Obviously it wasn't so I apologise for staff on not sending one in.

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PMEmail Poster
Posted: April 25, 2020 04:15 pm

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My apologies. I forgot to specify for Sunday, so you still have about 24 hours to do a segment. That goes for anyone wanting to do a segment.

For GRIME members, it's business as usual. For SCU folks looking to do a segment, this episode is a Purge, so segments should include that element.

For the newcomers looking to do segments, please contact me. I will have a lot of free time to work with you on these segments should you wish to do them. Otherwise, we're back to an SCU dominated show next week, and we'd love to get introduced to you four (Donovan/Bently, Cordelia, and Coby). If pointers are needed, I am available then as well.

Sorry to flood your post, Fizz. I just wanted to clarify that there's still plenty of time for a segment, and to make light of my mistake.
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