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> Shinjiro Yamamoto, The Golden Dragon
Posted: October 23, 2018 11:38 am

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Name: Shinjiro Yamamoto

Height and Weight: 6'4" 241lbs

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Alignment: Face (good guy)

Physical Appearance: kazuchika okada

Wrestlers Gimmick: pure honor / family name and tradition

Ring Attire: Gold boots, one gold elbow pad, bikes of various colors with gold, black, red, and purple

Wrestling Style: Puroresu

Finisher(s): Flaming Death (emerald Fusion) Dragon Slayer (dragon duplex, float over into a camel clutch with full Nelson still locked in)

Entrance: As the slow guitar rifts begin gold lights begin to flash slowly throughout the dark arena. As the rifts grow so does the speed of the flashing as red flashed now joins the gold flashes. As the rifts reach a climax the flashes stop and a bright golden light shines at the top of the entrance way where we now see "The Golden Dragon" Shinjiro Yamamoto standing. He poses with his arms spread out wide to the sounds of cheers form the crowd. Shinjiro then makes his way down the isle slapping hands with the fans. Once he is at ring side he makes a standing jump and lands on the ring apron and then sprints to the corner where he climbs the turnbuckle and hits his pose again as the fans continue to cheer. He then hops into the ring and goes to each corner posing for the fans to the sounds of cheering.

Favorite Moves:

1.Chained Fury (Trantula)

2.Round house head kick

3.Discus forearm

4. Lariat into corner

5. Face Wash

6. OH NO GODZILLA!!! (top rope senton)

7. Stalling neck breaker

8. Running knee strike

9. Stump Puller

10: Spring board shooting star press (normally to opponents on the outside)

11.) Shinning Wizard

12.) Top rope elbow drop

13.) Tiger Driver

14.) drop kick

15.) Exploder suplex

Brief history:
A young and very talented Japanese wrestler, who came up in the sport. His father was the legendary wrestler Hahn "The Dragon" Yommoto, and is grandfather was The Dragon. Shinjiro and his brother Hiro have followed in the family footsteps. Shinjiro appears to be the best yet, as he quickly worked his way from young boy to top contender in the largest promotion in Japan. Shinjiro has always wanted to see the world, and see the states as he is a huge movie and football fan, so that brought him to the states where he began his career in the WWO where he had success as a singles star and eventually won the tag team titles with his father Hahn. Eventually they would lose the titles and both would return to Japan as they were homesick. Hahn would retire and Shinjiro would reunite with his brother and continue wrestling with The Dragons becoming the most accomplished tag team in the country. Shinjiro still wondered “what if though” and was never satisfied with the level of success he accomplished in America and has returned state side for another run.

Upon returning to the states Shinjiro found great success in Honor Wrestling becoming the first Legacy champion. Upon the death of Hahn and losing the Legacy championship, Shinjiro returned to Japan where he took over his fathers company. The ring was always calling him though and Shinjiro returned to the states and Honor Wrestling once more. Shinjiro picked up were he left off and became a 2x Legacy champion, winning the main event of the last Honor Wrestling PPV.


Rising Sun Wrestling: Tag Team Champion w/ “The Iron Dragon” Hiro Yamamoto, Pacific Champion & Global

Champion. WWO: Tag Team Champion w/ Hahn Yamamoto

Honor Wrestling: 2x Legacy Champion

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