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> Sam Marlowe (c) Vs Candy, Bombshell Roulette Championship
Mark Ward
Posted: December 01, 2019 03:29 pm

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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 10,000 word max per character, 1 roleplay max per week.

Good luck

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Sam Marlowe
Posted: December 07, 2019 10:43 pm

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The concept behind the Bombshell Roulette title is simple. Before the match, Rocky Mountains spins a roulette wheel with match stipulations on it. Anything and everything could happen with that one spin. An inferno match that could see the loser being burned. A table match that will end with a broken table or maybe a broken body. A lingerie match that will get a ‘rise’ out of the fans.

I don’t think one can ever be ready for a match like this. It has a reputation of being gimmicky from some, others say that it is a title that really takes someone special to fight for this title. But lately, it has become something of a second thought. No one wants to challenge for the belt because it is second rate, the midcard title that isn’t even considered a stepping stone to the big title anymore. That is until the supercard…

December to Dismember is happening and I am in a match for the one thing that everyone seems to think is nothing. That’s right, the bombshell roulette title that no one wants because they all want a shot at the World Bombshell title. Sad to say however, there is someone that wants it. Someone that is driven to fight their hardest for this title in situations that are last minute which are matches that could swing either way at the drop of a hat.

That someone is…ME!

Act one Scene one:

“Sam, you around?”

Sam Marlowe looks up from the pool of the gym where she had been training. This week was just for Sam to be on her own, working out and preparing to defend the Bombshell Roulette title against Candy who had won a triple threat match to face her.

Colton Myers comes into view, dressed in a pair of dark denim jeans, cowboy boots and a white tee that begins to stick to his chest from the steam of the pool area. Moving towards the table where he spies the towel of Sam, he turns to see the redhead slowly treading water in the pool and smiles at her.

“Sami, what do y’all think you are doin’?” he drawls as he crosses his arms over his chest. Kneeling, he watches her as she floats closer.

Sam swims towards him and crosses her arms over each other on the side of the pool as she answers. “Well I figured that after the work out I had, I wanted to do some rehab on my body without stressing it. I have a big match coming up and you know I want to be in top shape.”

Colton smirks as he nods towards the water. “Yeah, that’s a good color on ya,” he begins speaking before straightening up again and reaching for the towel and then motions to the stairs of the pool. “But I wanted to talk to you about something and well, it is kinda hard with you in the pool and such a distraction.”

“I’m a distraction?” she teases as Colton nods. She sighs in a teasing way then begins to stroke towards the stairs. Colton meets her at the steps as she walks out of the pool, the water dripping from the cloth of the swimsuit. Myers holds out the towel to wrap it around Sam who smiles her thanks. She begins to rub the cloth against her hair, drying it slightly before wrapping the towel tighter around her body. “So Camo, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” she asks.

“Well,” says Colton who runs a hand through his hair as if nervous about talking about it. “Friend of mine wants to do a video for a song cover and he asked me to be in it and…” Colton’s voice drifts to silence as Sam slowly raises an eyebrow.


“It is a country love song and he said he wants me to play the lead guy in it and he wanted to know if I knew anyone that could be the female lead,” he says as Sam and him begin to walk towards the doorway. “Now I ain’t saying that you need to or anything but I think it would be perfect for you. Easy shoot and all that and you get to work with me,” he teases.

Sam spares a glance at Colton as she thinks about what he is asking. “So you want me to play the lead for this? What’s the song?” she asks.

“Beautiful Crazy or something like that,” hedges Colton who can’t catch Sam’s eyes.

Sam bites at her bottom lip as she watches Colton who smiles for her and reaches for her hand. “You don’t know how perfect you are for this Sami,” he vows and pulls her closer. “Let me tell him you will be in it with me,” he says.

“Why not,” she replies with a toss of her head that sends droplets of water spraying about before the curls bounce back along her shoulders. “When is the shoot? I do have some other stuff to do before the supercard but I do promise I will help with the video.”

Colton smiles as he pumps his fist slightly. “I will find out and call ya,” he responds as he walks backwards towards the door. Probably be next week sometime and only a day shoot from what I understand from him. Thanks Sami, I owe you one!” Leaning forward, he plants a quick kiss on Sam’s cheek then flashing her a smile, he turns and leaves the redhead standing there.

Sam watches him leave as a hand moves up to her cheek where his lips had kissed her. Shaking her head, she turns and heads towards the door of the gym before slipping through the doorway to disappear in the showers.

Candy, I want to talk to you about what is going to be happening at December to Dismember and what it means for you. I know you are a rookie here in SCW and I know that you really haven’t be in a match of this caliber in your short time here in the company but that doesn’t mean you aren’t ready for this. Now I don’t know what you know about the Bombshell Roulette title but let me give you a little bit of a lesson when it comes to this match between the two of us.

The title match for this belt isn’t a regular match at all. Some non SCW people think it is nothing more than a gimmick title, no real significance when all is said and done. A secondary title that pales in comparison to the World Bombshell title. And those people aren’t getting the nuance of just what this title means or how it really should be considered the top tier title.

Most people can’t get over the fact of it being a match that is only decided mere moments before the match itself. I have heard it said that no one can ever prepare for something that is only going to be decided before the match. And maybe that is true for some but in all honesty, I like the fact that this match is so unpredictable. Daddy says that the only things that are certain are death and taxes and even then, is it a gamble with taxes.

A gamble…how apt when it comes to the Bombshell Roulette wheel o’matches. No one can tell just what match type it could land on and if I am honest, each spin is a small shot of adrenaline for me as it clicks towards the match type.

Each click like a mini heartbeat that slows to a stop and that stop will have a match type. I have been in many matches for this title, both defending and vying for it. So if one would say that there is a person that is the true Bombshell Roulette champion, many names would be put forward but there is really only one person that personifies the title and that is the current Bombshell Roulette champion.

Candy, I hope that you are paying attention to what I am saying here. I know that you are relatively new to SCW and haven’t had a chance to understand what you are gettin’ yourself into at the supercard when you get to challenge for my belt. This title has been around my waist for a long time and I am a very storied champion. Yeah, I have lost and won this title quite a few times but that doesn’t mean I am not a threat. I am the only woman that has had multiple hundred-day title reigns and I am the wrestler to hold the record for the longest combined reign of all time. When you look at the record books when it comes to the Bombshell Roulette title, the one name you see the most is mine. Not to toot my own horn or anything but this belt and I are starting to become inseparable.

So Candy, I want to wish you good luck at December to Dismember. I know you will be looking to dethrone me and I am not cocky enough to say that you don’t stand a good chance but I also have to tell you that I am taking you as a serious threat and will act accordingly.

Act one Scene two:

Sam Marlowe can be seen walking down a hallway where the sound of children can be heard screaming in delight. Dressed in an elf costume, she moves into the room where a Christmas tree can be seen with some small ornaments hanging haphazardly as surrounding it are a bunch of kids in hospital gowns and robes.

“It’s Santa’s elf!” screams a small girl who rushes to hug the legs of Sam who smiles as she is almost bowled over. The other children move towards her as behind her, Pussy Willow and a cameraman follow her inside the room.

“Sam, what do you want to do?” asks Pussy as the cameraman is filming the redhead interacting with the kids.

“Right now, Pussy we spend the time with the kids,” answers Sam as she smiles down at the little girl and holds out her hands for the others. They take them and help her towards a table where crafts and half made ornaments can be seen. Sam joins the group and sits down to be handed a string of yarn and a small pile of pasta.

Pussy joins Sam and also has crafting items pushed her way. “But Sam I was hoping to talk to you about your match coming up at the supercard. You do have a stiff challenge where you will be facing Candy for the Bombshell Roulette title. I wonder if you are ready for it. I mean you are already more than a hundred days as champion again. Do you think that it makes you not as worried?” asks Pussy as a small boy brings his hands to Pussy’s to help her twist a brown pipe cleaner into the crooked shape of a reindeer.

Sam glues a few of the pasta pieces to the yarn and strings it up against her neck like a necklace. “I know that Candy is a really ready person to challenge for the title and she did win a triple threat match. I also know she is very excited about everything. I haven’t heard her say anything about me but I am sure that when push comes to shove, she is going to be ready for whatever I can come up with,” offers Sam. “If you ask me, she seems almost too positive. I knew people like her when I was younger…you know the cheerleader types that had too much sugar and cheer practice?”

Pussy can’t help but laugh at the picture that Sam paints. “Oh Sami, I don’t think you are taking this as seriously as you should. Candy did beat both Amelia Hogan and Bella Madison to advance to your title match. That is saying something,” states Pussy.

Sam reaches for another piece of pasta and glues it as well. Once she has it on the string, she reaches for a small paintbrush and dips it into the small cup of paint. “I am taking her seriously Pussy, trust me. I may sound cocky and I may be talking a good game but I will be honest and tell you that I am nervous for this match because when push comes to shove, Candy does have a great match record and I am not really all that strong in the last few outings I had.”

“Then you really need to get ready for this match Sam,” says Pussy as she finishes by putting googly eyes on the reindeer pipe cleaner. “Why don’t we get the interview done and then we can come back to the kids.” Pussy moves to stand only to be stopped by Sam.

“Pussy, today is for the kids,” says Sam with a smile. “This is a tradition for me and I am not going to stop just because I need to promote my match.” She looks over the kids then back to Pussy. “I promise you this. I am taking Candy seriously and I am very prepared to go out to that ring and defend my title to the best of my ability and win or lose, Candy is going to know she has been in a fight and if that means that she underestimates me, that will be the last time she does. Listen Pussy, right now I want to spend my time with Christmas crafts and hot chocolate and cookies. Tomorrow is soon enough to think about the match.”

“Did someone say hot chocolate?” demands a jolly fat man in red who had come up behind Sam. “Santa was wondering if his helper here would point him in the right direction. And also find Santa some marshmallows.”

“SANTA!!” scream all the kids as they notice him for the first time. His chuckles are drowned out by the kids as all of them try to talk at once. Sam spins and stands beside Santa trying to gain control of the situation as the pair walk towards a large “Santa throne” of a decorated waiting room chair. Pussy sighs as she watches them move off before turning to the cameraman and drawing a hand across her throat tells him to stop filming.

Suddenly, the image fades to black with one last view of Sam helping a child sit on Santa’s knee.

Candy, I want you to know that I have been studying you and I have to say that I am impressed.

You won a triple threat match to advance to challenge me. That is super tough considering your opponents. And I also have been watching your matches and I think that you will be a hard opponent to overcome.

But when it comes to my title, I have a very strong desire to retain the title. This isn’t just a title to me Candy. It is part of my raison d’être. That’s French for this belt is going nowhere. So as much as you want to take this title from me, I am going to be fighting that much harder to keep it around my waist.

Good luck Candy, you are going to need it at December to Dismember.

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Sam Marlowe
Posted: December 13, 2019 10:32 pm

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Act one Scene one:

The darkness of a room is broken by a faint light from a half open doorway which is bright enough to illuminate the body of a person that sits up with a gasp. One hand reaches towards a night stand and lamp as the other moves up to the head of the figure. As a lamp is flicked on, Sam Marlowe knuckles the sleep from her eyes before pushing her tousled red curls out of her face.

From beside her, a soft murmur of a southern accent can be heard. “Darlin’, I don’t want to get up,” drawls Colton as he turns over and drags the covers over his head to block out the light. Sam shakes her head as he continues. “Would you please turn out the light?”

Sam mutters something that gets his attention as he turns towards her. “I’m sorry Camo,” she says before a yawn makes her ear pop. Knuckling at her eyes again, she turns to slide her legs out of the bed.

Colton feels her move and turns back once more. Leaning up on one elbow, he gives Sam a sleepy smile. “Can’t sleep?” he asks as he can start to feel some shaking from the redhead.

Sam returns the smile before reaching into the bedside table and pulls out a small black device that she sets on the nightstand before reaching for a small strip that she inserts into the device. “Well Moms always said that if you can’t sleep, it means you are awake in someone else’s dream…” offers Sam as she applies a penlike item to a finger before a slight zing of pressure is heard. “And if that was a dream, I really need to stop snacking before bed.”

Colton moves up to lean against the headboard as a soft ping of a countdown is heard. “So what woke you up?” he demands as Sam joins him.

“I was dreaming of Ben,” she offers without thinking before looking at Colton who has one eyebrow raised. “Don’t worry, it was like this really weird Christmas Carol sorta thing…Ben was like the worst of the worst and I was the ghost of Christmas past.” Sam rubs her hand along her head as she continues the story. “Amy was there and Evie and Jamie Dean. And Bear was Tiny Tim…I tell you, it was the strangest dream ever.”

A soft ping is heard and Sam picks up the device to look at it. Colton peers over her shoulder then tsks before taking the glucose meter out of Sam’s hand and leans over to pull open the drawer to grab something that he hands to Sam. “I shouldn’t wonder darlin’ that you are having weird dreams…your blood sugar is running too low.”

Looking down into her hand, Sam sees some candies that she brings to her mouth. Taking them in, she chews down on the rockets and then swallows the crushed candies. “Thanks,” she says before she leans against the shoulder of Myers who puts an arm around her.

“Do you think that this is because of you training so hard for this match you got coming up?” asks Colton as he lays his head against Sam’s as she ducks hers so he can’t see the sweat that is popping out on Sam’s forehead. “You have a title defense and I have seen you working yourself hard for it. Y’all gotta take care of yourself Sami.”

“I know,” answers Sam softly. “Don’t you think that this is something that I am going to let affect me. If anything, facing Candy in this match is going to play havoc with my diabetes, her being all sweet and the like,” teases Sam as she spares a glance at Colton whose eyes roll at the joke.

“Try to be serious,” he responds with a groan. “I know you think you are ten feet tall and bulletproof but darlin’ you ain’t.”

Sam can’t help but laugh at his grousing. “I could be,” she offers with a soft blown kiss. “Seriously though, I am taking this challenge like I could lose this title. After all, she did win a triple threat match to get here.”

“Sam, you got this,” Colton says as he brushes a curl off Sam’s face. “As much as you say that you could lose, you seem to be able to pull out the wins when it counts. And at that Dismember December…”

“December to Dismember,” interrupts Sam with a smirk.

“Yeah yeah…Season’s beatings more like it,” teases Colton. “I am going to be there Sam and I am going to watch my girl get in that ring and do what she does best and that is beat her opponent and hold her title up high. I ain’t going to say that I ain’t worried but I know my worry isn’t that you will lose.”

Sam turns enough to look at Colton who leans down enough to kiss the bridge of her nose. “If it isn’t that I will lose, what could be worryin’ you?” she asks.

“Those matches for that title…I am worried the affect it has on your body,” he answers as his hand caresses along the covers over her midsection. “I have to hold back when you get hurt. Speaking of hurt, time to check the blood sugars.”

Sam sits up and nods. Taking another small strip, she inserts it into the machine and once more pricks her finger. The small droplet of blood sucks into the strip as the meter counts down from five before pinging with the result. She holds it up to show Colton before putting the meter on the table beside her before turning out the light.

“Let’s get some sleep darlin’,”offers Colton as he lays down and holds his arms open for Sam.

Crawling back into the bed by the faint light from outside the room, she snuggles close to Colton and with a sigh lets her eyes drift closed.

I have to say that I am starting to get nervous about the supercard and when I get that way, I know that I am going to be in a bad way and inside my own head.

I haven’t seen head or tail of my opponent for Sunday and that is not a good thing. Either it means that she thinks that she doesn’t have to talk about me and will let her actions speak for her. Or it means that she isn’t going to be any competition because she has already decided that she isn’t going to win and has all but forfeited the match before it starts.

I get it Candy, this is a big match for you, a chance to win your first title here in Sin City Wrestling and it is against one of the most dominant bombshells in the company. And I know, you would probably tell me that you know but that won’t matter to you because you are just as good. And I tell you now that I agree you are just as good however, when it comes to this type of match, good is all right but being ready for anything is better.

I don’t know if you have watched many Bombshell Roulette title matches but this title has the champion defending it in one of a multitude of match types. Take for instance a ladder match. I have won the title in one of those. It could end up being a submission match and I haven’t been in one of those but I do have a pretty strong submission hold in my move set that I can lock on at any time. It could be a typical match or even a match that would see us in a match that could be in lingerie or an evening gown.

What I am trying to tell you Candy is that this match isn’t going to be as straight forward as you have had before. And I am not sure that you are ready for this kind of match but you did win your number one contendership and now you will face me in the ring for my title and I am going to wish you luck for this match because you are going to need it. I am coming prepared to defend my title and when the dust settles, I will retain my title.

Act one Scene two:

Sam Marlowe can be seen walking along the hallway towards a doorway. Approaching it, she reaches for the door handle and pulls open the door to reveal a room full of children who can be seen playing different games all over the room. A camera crew films her as she moves into the room to be joined by the children.

“Hey Sam,” calls out the cameraman, “we’re ready for the announcement that you said you wanted to give about your charity for this supercard. Where would you like us to be?”

Sam looks around the room then sees the logo that she is looking for. Moving towards the words ‘Juvenile Diabetes’, she stops and turns back to look at the cameraman. “I think that we should get this in the shot.” Once in front of the logo, she takes the Bombshell Roulette title from her bag and then sets it on her shoulder.

The cameraman nods as Sam is joined by a little girl and boy who stand on either side of her. He starts to film then points at Sam for her to speak.

“I’m Sam Marlowe and I am the current reigning Bombshell Roulette champion for Sin City Wrestling and this week I will be defending my title against Candy in a Roulette rules match,” says Sam as she smiles into the camera. “I am here to talk about my match but more importantly, the superstars and bombshells of SCW are making this supercard a night of charity. Each superstar and bombshell have chosen a charity and I am here to announce that I will be supporting Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.”

Sam stops for a moment to adjust her title on her shoulder and then looks into the camera once more.

“Not that many people know that I am a diabetic and this charity is one that is close to my heart. When I was little I was diagnosed with Diabetes and since then I have to be very careful with maintaining my health and it has given me a real appreciation for fighting hard because right now there is no cure but the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation is working hard to find a cure.”

Sam’s smile widens slightly as she appears thoughtful. “You know, with diabetes, candy is a danger. And it is very ironic that my challenger at December to Dismember is named Candy,” chuckles Sam. “I don’t think that insulin is going to do much against her but I know that I am ready for controlling that Candy and keep my title.”

The camera crew begin to laugh with Sam. She looks directly into the camera lens and speaks once more.

“Candy, if you are listening, I want you to know that I am looking forward to our match. Congratulations on winning your way into the supercard and sorry that you have won your way into a match that will pit you against me with the Bombshell Roulette title on the line because I am intent on keeping it. So I will meet you at the Roulette wheel and then we will find out what kind of match you and I will be in. But I want you to know that I am bringing my A game and will not be losing at December to Dismember,” vows Sam.

“Got it,” the cameraman says after Sam motioned for him to stop recording. He watches as Sam moves off with the kids before picking his camera up again to film the redhead as she is swarmed by the kids all asking her questions. The last thing seen is Sam sitting on a chair still talking to the others.

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Posted: December 13, 2019 10:59 pm

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~SCENE ONE~ Kat and Candy

**The scene opens up to the inside of a home. It is the home of Candy and Marcus Cage in Las Vegas, Nevada. The room was absolutely decorated to the nines for Christmas. No joke, it looked like Christmas threw up in there. There was a huge, at least 8 foot tall, pink Christmas tree decorated with silver and pink ornaments, and a beautiful silver and pink star on top. Lots of sparkles and glitter everywhere. There was a fireplace with 4 stockings hung from it, and just lights and garland everywhere. There was some faint christmas music playing in the background. The camera panned the room a little bit and showed Candy sitting in a chair, curled up, reading a book to Fluffy**

CANDY: And then he exclaimed as they rode out of sight… Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

**Fluffy barked twice as Candy closed the book with a smile on her face.**

CANDY: Are you excited for Christmas, Fluffy?

**Fluffy barked in response**

CANDY: I know! I am too! I didn’t ask for much this year, all I want is for my friends and family to be safe, happy, and healthy! That’s all I really want.

**Fluffy barked once more.**

CANDY: And maybe some M&Ms! I sure do love M&Ms! But… I did ask for ONE thing as an early Christmas present. I want to win the Roulette Title in SCW. I mean, most people there have been super duper nice to me… but others have not. Meanie head Barbie Doll tried to tell me that Santa isn’t real… but I know otherwise. I know he’s real… right?

**Fluffy wagged her tail as there was a knock at the door. Candy yelled out**

CANDY: Marcus? Can you get the door?

**She heard no answer, and they knocked again. She put down the book as she walked towards the front door. She opened it and there stood … SANTA CLAUSE! Or should I say, Marcus dressed up as Santa Clause. But Candy was just too happy and excited to notice.**


**He spoke in a lower tone than normal, trying to disguise his voice.**


**Candy looked on in amazement**

CANDY: You… you know my name?

"SANTA" MARCUS: Of course I do, I know the names of every boy and girl, especially those on the nice list, like you.

**She beamed from ear to ear**

"SANTA" MARCUS: I heard that some one on the nice list was sad, and needed a Christmas Miracle. There is no one more deserving than you and your big heart, And I know that there is really and truly only one thing you want for Christmas. Your family. Now, I wasn’t able to get EVERYTHING you wanted, but I was able to get something big. But I decided to bring it early, as you really need a dose of Christmas Spirit.

**He stepped aside and behind him was standing Candy’s older sister, Kat. Candy squealed excitedly and ran and gave her sister a big hug.**



**The two shared a big hug**

CANDY: Why are you here?

KAT: I heard about what happened with mom and dad, and I’m really sorry Candy. For what it’s worth, I support you. I can’t speak for them, but you are better off not having that negativity in your life.

CANDY: Is… is that why they didn’t come to the last two shows.

KAT: I think so, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Me and Marcus won’t let them hurt you anymore.

CANDY: But… I left three tickets… why didn’t YOU come to any of the shows.

KAT: I was out of the country with work, I just got back a few days ago and mom and dad told me about what happened… so I reached out to Marcus. I really wanna come to December to Dismember and watch you win that title. More than anything.

CANDY: OF COURSE!!! I want you there too! I’m so glad that you are here… why don’t you come in and have dinner with me and Marcus? He’s in the kitchen making some super super yummy BBQ ribs.

"SANTA" MARCUS: I see you guys have some catching up to do. I need to get back to the elves and make sure I get that list checked again!

CANDY: Thank you, Santa! This is exactly what I wanted!

**She hugged him, still none the wiser that it was Marcus.**

"SANTA" MARCUS: You are very welcome, Candy. Good luck in your next match. I know you’ll just knock em dead!

**He winked at her and walked off, out of sight. Candy had Kat come inside with her. They closed the door and walked in.**


**She led Kat through the house, heading towards the kitchen. As they got near the kitchen door, Marcus came out. He seemed out of breath, and was still wearing the santa boots! But Candy didn’t notice a thing. She was still too excited that “Santa” came to visit her at her home.**

MARCUS: What? Was some one at the door? I heard voices?


**Marcus, of course, went along with it. He loved her sense of belief and wonder.**


CANDY: YES!!! And he brought my sister Kat with him. Kat wants to come see me win the title at December 2 Dismember! Can she stay in the guest bedroom for the weekend so she can come to the show? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! IT CAN BE MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!

**Marcus chuckled a little bit.**

MARCUS: Of course she can stay in the spare room. That’s what it’s for.

**Candy got excited and kissed Marcus on the cheek**


**She darted off down the hall. Marcus and Kat both chuckled a little at her excitement.**

MARCUS: I haven’t seen her THIS excited in a while. Thank you.

KAT: This was all you. The Santa thing… bringing me here… You made this happen for her.

MARCUS: And then with you at ringside watching her match, and me in the back… she can’t lose. She won’t lose. This was EXACTLY what she needed.

KAT: I agree. I know my sister, and now she can focus 100% on that match. She deserves it.

"SANTA" MARCUS: She does. She definitely does.

**The two smile as the scene fades to black.**

~SCENE TWO~ Russian Roulette!?!?!


**The scene opened up with Candy sitting in a dimly lit room. The tone was ominous, and she looked extremely serious. The camera panned around a little and you see that she was sitting in a circle with 3 other people- Marcus Cage; their good friend and Marcus’s tag team partner, Dynamite; and a random person that no one recognized, he looked like a young kid about 18 or so in age wearing a baseball cap. The camera pans back to Candy, who speaks in a serious voice.**

CANDY: Ok guys, we are here because I have to prepare for a match, and I figured this was the best way.

DYNAMITE: Are you su…

CANDY: SHHH!!! YES! This is the best way to prepare. I am going for hte Roulette title… and the best way to prepare for the Roulette title… is by playing roulette…. RUSSIAN ROULETTE…

RANDOM GUY: I was just here delivering a pizza… I really need to get back.

MARCUS: Just… go with it. There’s a really large tip in it for ya.

RANDOM GUY: I’m gonna lose my job.

MARCUS: I’ll talk to your boss. Relax.

RANDOM GUY: Ok… but I don’t wanna die.

DYNAMITE: Don’t worry. This is safe.


MARCUS: This one… Just… go with it.

**Candy looked annoyed that they were talking.**

CANDY: I’m trying to prepare for a match here! AHEM!

**She cleared her throat and then pointed to the table in the middle of them.**

CANDY: There is our arsenal. Since I’m the one going for the title… I’ll go first.

**She reaches out and grabs a gun… she holds it up and once it is within camera view you can see that it is nothing more than a harmless nerf gun… a child’s toy. She holds it up and points it directly at Marcus.**

CANDY: Ok so … now I shoot you!

**She pulled the trigger of the nerf gun, and a small dart shot out and the suction cup stuck right on Marcus’s forehead. Candy giggled and then tried her hardest to wipe the smile off her face as the dart protruded from Marcus’s forehead.**

MARCUS: Does that mean I lose?

**He took the dart off his forehead and dropped it on the table.**

CANDY: Uh… I think so? Dynamite, it’s your turn.

**She handed the nerf gun to him, and he pointed it at Candy and pulled the trigger… nothing happened.**

CANDY: YAY! I’m still in! I’m gonna be the Roulette Champion!

**Dynamite handed the gun over to the random guy. He held it up and pointed it at Dynamite, pulled the trigger, and a dart shot out and bounced right off Dynamite’s chest. He looked down at it and chuckled a little bit**

DYNAMITE: Guess I’m out too.

CANDY: It’s just you and me, Mr Pizza Guy! And only one of us can be the Roulette Champion. I want that belt soooooo bad…

**She grabbed the nerf gun, pointed it towards the random guy and pulled the trigger. A dart shot out and bounced off the brim of his hat. Candy got really excited and started jumping up and down.**


**She danced around the room as Marcus and Dynamite looked at each other.**

DYNAMITE: This… wasn’t very helpful was it?

MARCUS: Probably not… but it made her happy and SHE thinks it helped so… don’t tell her otherwise.

**He nodded in agreement. Marcus got up and grabbed Candy’s arm and raised it in the air.**


**Marcus and Dynamite cheered as she was so excited. The scene then faded to black**

~SCENE THREE~ Wrong Roulette…

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**The scene opened up inside a casino. Marcus Cage was being followed by the cameras as he was looking for some one. He stops a worker to ask**

MARCUS: Hey, have you seen a woman about… this high. Brown hair, probably wearing something extremely pink and sparkly…

WORKER:: That’s pretty vague.

MARCUS: Ok uh… She’s beautiful, with amazing eyes…

WORKER:: Describes most of the women here…

MARCUS: She probably was carrying a small, fluffy, white Pomeranian who was probably dressed to match her.


**Before he could answer, Marcus heard a crowd chanting “CANDY CANDY” coming from the other side of the room.**

MARCUS: Nevermind… I bet she’s over there. Thanks anyways.

**He followed the chanting as was led over to a roulette table in the corner of the room. It was crowded, people were just crowding around to watch. At one side of table sitting on a barstool was Candy, and next to her sat Fluffy. Just as Marcus had predicted, she was wearing a bright pink dress that was accented in glitter, her hair was pulled back in a matching pink glittery headband. And, also as predicted, Fluffy was dressed to match. He watched on for a moment as Candy was truly in her element, smiling ear to ear.**

Dealer: Place your bets!

CANDY: Candy has 6 letters in it so… put it all on black 6!!!

**She moved her stack of chips to the black 6 spot with a huge grin on her face. The crowd around her cheered excitedly. The dealer spun the wheel and dropped in the ball. It bounced as the crowd watched on in amazement. Candy had her eyes closed and both hands up with her fingers crossed. The wheel began to slow, the ball bounced a little more before settling into it’s final resting place…**

Dealer: BLACK 6!

**The crowd went WILD! Candy jumped out of her seat and began jumping up and down. Marcus fought his way through the crowd and ended up next to her. He wrapped his arms around her.**

MARCUS: Do you even KNOW how much you just won?


MARCUS: A single number on the board pays out 35 to 1… how much did you bet?


**Marcus looked at what the bet was on the table… $10,000.**

MARCUS: I’m not even going to tell you… you are hyped up enough as it is.


MARCUS: Why are you even over here playing Roulette? You don’t like to gamble?

CANDY: I have ESPN. It’s not gambling when I KNOW what the number is gonna be. I’m a psycho!

MARCUS: You mean Psychic?

CANDY: That’s what I said. I feel so lucky right now, like I could win ANYTHING.

MARCUS: So why don’t you take some of this luck, this momentum, and focus it on Sam Marlowe and the Roulette title.

**The crowd, who of course were being nosey and listening in, started to chant her name again.**

CANDY: You guys think I can beat her for the title?

MARCUS: Of course they do. Look at these people. These guys just saw you win an almost impossible game. That’s what you do, Candy. You win under insane odds. You always have. You are more than prepared for this match.


MARCUS: Yeah, you are!

CANDY: Nothing and nobody can stop me! Not even the meanie head Barbie Doll.

MARCUS: That’s exactly right. Keep that frame of mind, and you can do anything you want.

**He kissed her on the cheek as the cameras faded to black**

~SCENE FOUR~ Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good Night


**The scene opens up to show Candy dressed in a beautiful, Christmas-y outfit. She was sitting indian style on the floor in front of a roaring fireplace. The room around her looked like christmas. She smiled into the camera as soft, instrumental christmas music played in the background.**

CANDY: Sam, I don’t really know you and you don’t really know me. But that’s ok. No one here really knows me that well. Except for Bella. But that’s a totally different story. You see, one thing you don’t know about me is my history. My story. No one here really does. And that’s a good thing. Because it brings new challenges. And that’s lots and lots of fun. I’m really excited to get a chance to face you. Being the champion for as long as you have been means you must be pretty good. And I’m excited to have this chance.

**She brushed some stray hairs behind her ears**

CANDY: I know alot of people just see me as this super nice person who is kinda dumb. And that’s ok that they think that. I may not be the smartest crayon in the light bulb box… but I know more than people think I do. See, growing up the way I did, with parents who are super super smart… and a sister who is classified as a genie… you have certain expectations to live up too. Sadly, I don’t live up to the ones my parents set for me.

**She looked sad for a moment**

CANDY: But that’s ok. Because those who truly know me, and love me, know that I am dedicated. And that I don’t give up. When I want something I don’t stop at anything to get it. And that title is nothing different. See, recently I have been in and out of the ring. When my one company closed down like 7 or 8 years ago, I went into retirement for a while. But I missed being in the ring. Wrestling makes me happy, and I just wasn’t happy sitting on the sidelines cheering for Marcus every week. I wanted that spotlight again. And I got a chance in another place but… they didn’t take me seriously. They’d go weeks without booking me… even forget that I was on the roster! But here… it’s different here! After only 2 matches I was given a title contenders match, and that was the coolest thing on the planet! And then I WON that match! Which was even better!!!

**She smiled**

CANDY: So going into this match, this is the first title match I have had in a really really long time. But ya know what, Sam? I’m not nervous. I’m not scared. Because I know what I can do in that ring, and I know that you have to be good too, or you wouldn’t be champion. I don’t really know much about you, and I’m not exactly the research type. I just know that when it comes down to it… we are going to have a good match. We are going to make the fans cheer SO LOUD!!! And that’s the most important thing you need to know about me. I won’t cheat to win. Ever.

**She tilted her head to the side a little bit**

CANDY: So I promise you one thing, if nothing else, I promise that you are going to have the fight of a lifetime against me. You want to keep your belt? You gotta earn it! Marcus says I can do anything… and I believe him! Even Santa Clause said I can do it! So whatever that wheel says… whatever kind of match we are going to have… I’m ready! I wanna wish you good luck, though. Because I think you are really pretty, and I know we are going to steal the show. Even though stealing is bad! Marcus said stealing the show is ok! And that’s what we are going to do. So I hope you are ready, because I am. I know people tend to underestimate me… and I really hope you don’t. See you at December 2 Dismember!!!

**She smiled big as she waved at the camera, as it faded toblack one final time.**

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