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> Amy Marshall v Apple Coren, Singles match
Mark Ward
Posted: February 24, 2019 03:58 pm

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Post all roleplays for this match here.
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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Amy Marshall
Posted: March 02, 2019 09:17 pm

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27th January 2019
Las Vegas, NV
3hrs after Climax Control 226

Three hours earlier I got into a fight with Apple Coren as I was sick to death listening to her and her using my name to further her career, three hours earlier Joey and I had an argument over Apple Coren, which he called me a hypocrite for attacking only Apple and not everyone else who uttered my name when it comes to title’s held etc…

I had thought that Joey had learnt the in and out of wrestling in the way of psychology and getting in the mind of your opponent but it wasn’t the case, i guess in a way a long talk was needed especially when happened at climax control.

After the short drive from Henderson, i returned home to Vegas to find no lights on and seemingly no-one home as i looked in our bedroom and the spare bedroom and found Joey to be home. Ringing him a few times, his phone just rang out and i left a voicemail but to be honest if i was mad, i would ignore everyone around me and just to the nearest bar or something. Opting to give him space, i decides to do some house work, pay some bills online and then shower as i waited for him. Sitting back as i opened the laptop, i hear the keys in the lock and the door open before closing as Joey wondered in.

Joey: You are still up?

Amy: I am. I was waiting for you. We need to talk.

I suggested as I looked up at Joey.

Joey: We do.

I slide across the sofa to allow Joey to sit down, which he sits down.

Amy: What I did tonight is a part of wrestling. I thought by now that you had grown accustomed to do it and had been watching the shows and my previous matches etc...

Joey: I know... but I don’t how you can switch on and off like that with ease.

Amy: Its actually hard sometimes but It’s fun at times, although being called a hypocrite by my own husband is not but strangely amusing.

Joey: which this is what I don’t get. Why attack her and not everyone else?

Amy: It will the whole roster verses me.

I joke before continuing.

Amy: Apple is one of those people who thinks they are entitled to everything because they have a rich background and they think they are gods greatest gift, while in fact they are boring uninteresting sheep with very little braincells. Its people like her that I dislike because they think have talent and looks when they have jack shit. I hate them with a passion.

Joey: Fair enough. So what do you have planned?

Joey asked.

Amy: I have been thinking... it involves you and I want you to think very carefully.

Joey ok?

Amy: basically... people think you are angry with me still. So we will continue to play this off and I want you to side and befriend Apple... come up with some good reason. And we can go from there but we both need to delve deep into our acting skills.

I explain.

Joey: i don’t know about this.

Amy: Have a think... we have time till the next show before we can action it. Plus, all this won’t be for very long.

Joey: Sure.

Amy: but for now though I want my bed and you are coming with me. I need to work off my pent-up energy.

I pull Joey close and kiss him. Pulling away I close my laptop before standing and grabbing Joey’s hand, as the scene fades out with the lights being turned off as Joey and I disappear off to bed.

*** End of Flashback ***


24th February 2019
Long Beach, CA
Climax Control 230

*** Pre-reveal ***

The scene opens outside the Walter Pyramid about 30 minutes before show time, where we see Amy still in her regular clothes, as she takes in some air as her cell phone rings, which she looks at the caller ID before answering and putting it on loud speaker as she sits down on a planter ledge.

Amy: Hi Babe.

Joey: Hi… are you ready for tonight?

Amy: I am… but these matches are very unpredictable.
Joey: I can imagine… anyway… last match before Blaze of Glory… are we revealing?

Joey asks.

Amy: We are… my plan being is that I am going to head to the ring and then call out Apple, which you will come out from their and we can go from there.

Amy explains.

Joey: Sounds good. I’ll see you soon.

Amy: Yup. I love you.

Joey: Love you too.

Amy hangs up, as she looks around before turning and heading back into the venue. These scene fades out on Amy walking back into the building before heading to the locker room to prepare for the night ahead.

*** Post Reveal ***

The plan worked… I was expecting a hiccup or two along the way or the possibility that Apple would find out that she was played and fuck the plan up, but it didn’t happen and all the conversations with Joey in secret turned out perfect… her face was priceless as Joey and I broke the new to her that she will only have Ivy at her side and not Joey. And while it didn’t kick off… Apple gave Joey a slap across the face to show her displeasure.

Leaving the ring and up the ramp, as Apple looked pissed off… Joey blows her a kiss as we stand and look at her shocked face and a few others around, I plant a light kiss on Joey’s lips before moving off to the backstage to a few more shocked faces.

Amy: What?

I look around at some of the crew and staff as Joey and I walk away from the curtain as Scott Oliver quickly rushes in.

Scott: Amy… Amy… can I have a few words about your deception?

Amy: Why… I don’t have to explain myself and Joey doesn’t either.

Scott: But…

Amy: I have a match to prepare for.

I walk away from Scott, as Joey and I head to the locker room. The scene fades out as Scott drops his mic to his side as he seeks the net person to talk too.

*** Post Match ***

Winter and Charlotte having their own issues…. Apple and I have our own little battle… and as predicted the match was just one big mess with Winter and Charlotte taking pots shots at each other and Apple and I taking pot shots at each other… there was some wrestling in between with no-one really getting the upper hand. We had all our chance but, in the end, I just had enough and walked out. To be honest I didn’t care that Apple and I lost the match… I want to get out of that match and watch the bitch suffer and get crushed by Winter and Charlotte.

By the time the bell had rung, I was already leaving ringside and entering the backstage area, as Joey greeted me with a warm smile along with a bottle of water and a towel, as Pussy Willow comes over just as the bell rings as just goes straight into a question.

PW: Why did you leave the match?

Amy: Isn’t it expected in these type of matches… you get stuck with a partner you don’t want, and the match turns into a clusterfuck and someone leaves, and your team loses…. It’s even worse when your opponents don’t see eye to eye and it’s even a bigger clusterfuck. I left because we were getting nowhere, and I am not even sorry.

PW: Are you sorry for humiliating Apple?

Amy: Nope. Not all sorry.

Amy shrugs showing little remorse.

PW: Any words for Apple?

Amy: not right now… right now I want to prepare for our match before I consider any final words to her.

Amy says as she shrugs, as she places the towel onto her shoulder before walking away with Joey, as Pussy Willow quickly wraps up as the scene fades out on Amy and Joey heading back to the locker room.


26th February 2019
Pacific Palisades, CA
Apartment loft of Jamie Dean.

The scene opens up outside the building, where Jamie Dean lives as Amy stands at the entrance and buzzes the apartment number of Jamie, where he had answered once, and Amy introduced herself but was not let in and instead she continued to buzz and shout upwards towards Jamie’s apartment to get his attention but still nothing.

It was then another resident left the building Amy managed to grab the door and slip into the building before making her way to the Jamie’s apartment, where she knocked on his door but no answer.

Amy: Jamie left me… I know you are in there.


Amy: I stopped by the shelter and the café and I was told you were home. God damn it Jamie… answer.

Amy waited…

Amy: if this is about the Apple thing… then I am sorry I didn’t tell you.

The door to the apartment opens as Jamie stands there and glares at Amy.

Jamie: You could have confided in me… told me that it was all a ruse. I made myself look like a god damned ass for hitting Joey. I thought we were friends.

Jamie scolded Amy.

Amy: We are friends… I am sorry I didn’t talk to you, but I wanted to make this believable. I wanted to… but I felt that I needed to keep this to myself.

Amy explained the best she can and, in a hope, that Jamie would forgive her.

Jamie: You could trust me no matter your plan… I wasn’t going to tell anyone, and I doubt Joshua was going to tell anyone.

Amy: How many times can I say sorry?

Jamie: Sorry doesn’t fucking cut it Amy… I think you should go and take your grovelling apology else wear.

Amy nods.

Amy: I’ll be at Brew-Ha Ha when you have calmed down and want to talk.

Amy smiles and turns hoping that Jamie would come and they can talk, Amy then walks away as the scene fades out as she prepares to head to Brew-Ha Ha in the hopes that Jamie comes.


1st March 2019

I can guess what words are going to escape your lips… I knew this whole thing was fake… I was just playing along… and I would call bullshit. Apple Apple Apple… it was fun playing you and Joey had plenty of fun as well. I told him he could go further but he is too much of a gentleman and instead he chose to go slow and earn your trust. Isn’t he a sweetie?

So how are you feeling Apple? Embarrassed? Humiliated? Nervous? Scared? Angry? I hope to go it’s all of them… there is nothing sweeter than humiliating and embarrassing someone so much that they step up their game and are actually prepared to give it their all and not be a pussy about things. But at the same time, I want you to be nervous and scared because I can do a whole lot more inside that ring.

You see Apple there is more to wrestling than bombshell titles and stepping on people toes to get there and moaning about interferences etc… there is also getting into silly little over ambitious girls with an ego the size of the sun minds and knocking them down a few pegs.

I have fought many different battles in this company, and I can take anything that comes my way… even if it’s an angry rich bitch like you. You better get inside the gym and tone yourself and hone your skills because at Blaze of Glory I am going in hard and there is nothing you can do about it.

See you soon Apple.

1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
2x Bombshell Internet Champion
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- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco

~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
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Lady Apple
Posted: March 02, 2019 09:56 pm

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A crackling fireplace can be seen with the outline of a large wingback chair in front of it. The snap of the blaze is slowly drowned out by the sound of a slow clap from the chair. The view of the camera slowly changes to move around the chair to reveal Apple Coren sitting there, a sneer on her face as she can be seen to clap. Wearing a black lace blouse over a dark red tank top tucked into a pair of black satin pants, she looks calm as the camera moves closer before her clapping stops to have her hold up her hand.

Apple Coren: That is close enough Ivy.

Ivy, Apple’s assistant stops and continues to film the young aristocrat who has crossed her legs and steepled her fingers as her elbows rest lightly on the chair arms. Looking intently into the camera, Apple begins to speak softly.

Apple Coren: Before we begin, I want to say something to my opponent for Blaze of Glory that she isn’t ready to hear…congratulations Amy, bravo, you got one over on me…

Again, Apple begins to slow clap as Ivy looks into the viewfinder after raising her eyebrow at the comment from her boss.

Ivy the Assistant: Pardon me milady, did you happen to take one too many hits to the head in your last match? Congratulating Amy like that?

Apple smiles at that comment which only fuels another raised eyebrow. Sighing Apple realizes that she is going to have to explain to Ivy just what she is about as if Ivy were a child…or Amy Marshall.

Apple Coren: Now Ivy, one must give credit where credit is due. Amy got quite the kick by revealing that the whole scenario with Joey was planned by the pair in order to make one the butt of the joke. So one does have to give her the chance to gloat mustn’t one? After all, she did have Joey play the trick on me. Or rather, I let him think he was.

Surprise is painted across the face of Ivy as the image of Apple jiggles just slightly before Ivy can recover.

Ivy the Assistant: What are you talking about milady? You were just as surprised as everyone else in that arena I believe when Amy and Joey Santino revealed they played you.

The tinkly sound of Apple chuckling is the only answer as Ivy moves closer.

Ivy the Assistant: You were surprised were you not?

Apple Coren: Wait…what?!?

Apple gets the surprised look on her face that many fans had seen at Climax Control which breaks into laughter from Apple as she brings a hand up to cover her smile.

Apple Coren: Do you really think that I am such a mug that I could be taken in that easily Ivy? Really? One would suspect that you would have more faith than that. Of course, I could see right through the whole thing. Why do you think that out of the spotlight I dropped Joey like a bad habit only to pull him right back in the next Climax Control. And he made it so easy.

Ivy the Assistant: But ma’am, Amy Santino thinks that she has beaten you down with her husband playing with your emotions.

Apple waves her finger negatively before once more addressing the camera and her assistant.

Apple Coren: I let Amy and Joey believe they were able to best me. But did they really? I mean Joey is a talker and well one has to question how much was an act and how much was honest sentiment? I mean he told me things that would be disconcerting if they are true. I bet that he is all proud of how he acted now that he has his wife back but I am seriously certain that he wasn’t entirely truthful with Amy. It makes one think one should really talk to his wife for him. Tell her the truth so she can understand exactly who she married.

Ivy the Assistant: But that could affect their marriage?

Apple Coren: Precisely Ivy. And I would be seen as the homewrecker that everyone thought I was. Maybe I should just keep his secrets and let Amy wonder. After all, I did listen to what he said and if I were Amy, I would definitely look at him with new eyes.

Apple continues to use innuendo in an attempt to get under the skin of Amy but then a final sigh, gives her head a slight shake. Uncrossing her legs and sitting forward to address the camera with a more serious look.

Apple Coren: Now I also have to applaud Amy for living up to her nom de plume…Punk Princess. After all, in that tag match she punked out quite quickly leaving me to suffer that defeat. Running like some scared little git that doesn’t have what it takes to stand and fight. But isn’t that just like her?

Ivy the Assistant: She looked rather disgusted in you for that match. I think that if you had worked toget…

Shooting a hard look up at Ivy, Apple brings her fingers together to silence the assistant before she responds angrily.

Apple Coren: Amy left me in that ring to be victimized by Charlotte and Winter because she wanted to have me injured or worse for this match at Blaze of Glory but I didn’t get injured and it just incentivized me to make her suffer in our match.

Apple’s hand curls into a fist that she slams down onto the arm of the chair.

Apple Coren: She started this whole feud with the fact that she has no relevance anymore and was jealous of the fact that I was going places and doing things epically. So she inserted herself into my match for the Bombshells title. Do you realize that I should be main eventing this supercard as the champion but because of her, I had my shot ruined. Then of course she kissed the arse of Christian Underwood who gave her a title shot one on one that he allowed to be taken from me. And then did I get my one on one, he breached the contract that I had by taking me out of the title picture because there are so many others that he wants to push in his company like Amy Santino who is one of his golden girls.

Ivy the Assistant: But milady…

Apple gets to her feet with a growl, the stiletto heels on her feet making sharp clicking sounds on the hardwood floor as she angrily begins to pace.

Apple Coren: Sin City Wrestling has a bona fide star who is having her light hidden by hacks and no talent bombshells who have their lips firmly planted to the management of this company.

Ivy the Assistant: Who are you talking about milady?

Apple spins and lunges towards the camera and Ivy.

Apple Coren: I am talking about me Ivy! Who else has not been given her due as is her right? Who else has had obstacles thrown in her way time and again because no one would like to see me shine or wear gold? And before you say anything else, I want you to know that I am approaching the end of my tether with patience.

Apple throws her hands up in frustration before moving to stand in front of the fireplace, her body silhouetted by the flames. Ivy films her as she lets her arms drop at her side and a sigh escapes her as she tilts her head slightly to look back at her assistant and her voice once again lowers and softens.

Apple Coren: One has to realize that in this company one has to stand out rather than be like all the others. I can not get into the mindset that one must cater to those who are lower in stature and ability. I am better than all those other bombshells and if you were to ask me Ivy, I need to be given the opportunity to prove that. So perhaps this match at Blaze of Glory where I get to put my hands on Amy Santino and beat her to within an inch of her legacy falling apart, do you think it will afford me the opportunity or will it bury me because I beat one of SCW’s golden children?

Ivy the Assistant: Amy is a Hall of famer and she has quite the record in Sin City Wrestling…

Apple Coren: She does…therefore the Blazing fall from glory should be spectacular. And I suspect that it will cement me as the bad girl of SCW, undeserving of anything and forced to claw my opportunities from each and every bombshell I face. One will need to prepare…so Ivy, we will end that here and I will require you to prepare a training schedule that will have me preparing well to beat Amy Santino.

Ivy nods as she brings the camera up to look into the lens and sees Apple has turned her attention to the flames again as they gild her body with a flickering golden light as Ivy presses stop and the recording stops with the final image of Apple then fades to black.

Apple Coren: IVY! Come here and help me with this bloody mess!

Ivy the Assistant comes running into the room where Apple is sitting in front of a computer trying to record something. She looks over the shoulder of Apple who is typing something into a vlog recorder. Ivy coughs slightly as she moves Apple’s hands and then quickly logs her in and then points out the record button. Apple waves her away with a hmmpf that sends Ivy to the side with a small smile of affection for Apple’s situation crossing her face.

Addressing the camera, Apple has leaned an elbow on the desk beside the laptop and rests her chin on her hand. Dressed in SCW merchandise, she begins to speak…

Apple Coren: I figured that one needs to join the little people with this idea of a vlog where my thoughts get shared by yours truly for the edification of the masses. I suppose that one needs to explain one’s thoughts about what could be happening with their lives or how they are feeling at the moment. This verbal journaling is nothing more to me than the medium in which I am going to let Amy Santino know exactly what she is in for at Blaze of Glory.

Ivy listens as Apple talks. Picking up the camera, she focuses it on the face of Apple who is caught smirking.

Apple Coren: You know Ivy, this could be quite fun…

Ivy the Assistant: I am sure ma’am.

Ivy winks at Apple who breaks her contemptuous look for only a moment to roll her eyes at her assistant then regains her looks of seriousness.

Apple Coren: blaze of Glory is fast approaching and I get to go one on one with Amy Santino, a woman that can’t seem to avoid my spotlight no matter how I try to leave her in the dark. She is like a leech that can’t function without thinking that she is the end all and be all of whatever she is doing. We have seen her recent in tears because of her loss of her husband to someone that would treat him better than she did or seemed to. Now she will say that she got the better of me and bravo…

Apple reaches out of the camera’s view to pick up a crystal glass filled with a clear liquid that she raises in a toast to the camera, as if offering a congratulatory toast to Amy herself.

Apple Coren: Your little wish appeared to work. I do admit that my acting skills have very much improved since the last time I trod the boards in school. It still isn’t Shakespeare but beggers can’t really be choosers can they Amy?

Apple again toasts the camera before sipping at the drink then setting it to the side again.

Apple Coren: Let me take this moment to illuminate just what will be happening at Blaze of Glory because I am sure that you are listening quite intently. See I thought that beating you the numerous times that I have, you wouldn’t want to have to step in the ring with me but how wrong was I? And this is a first Amy, me admitting I am wrong. I took you as someone that is less than intelligent when it comes to facing someone like me. But what you don’t know is that I am more than the silver spooned aristocrat you are writing me off as. I want to show you just what you are stepping into the ring with. See I am not just another pretty face Amy, I decided that I would show you just who you are facing at Blaze of Glory.

Apple presses a button to add a window in window for her vlog which reveals the name of a rather famous wrestling school in Blackpool England that has a group of students posing in front of it. Among the crowd of students appears Apple Coren herself. The image moves inside where wrestlers can be seen training and Apple herself appears locking up with someone in the ring and being tossed around before doing her own tossing of an opponent or two.

Apple Coren: Amy I am ready for this match…in fact, I have decided that I am going to come down to your level and give you a fighting chance for all of oh…a minute before I will be using every bit of skill I learned to punish you for your audacity of thinking that you will get the win in our match. I am not in the mood to deal with a pathetic aging use to be for longer than I have to. So my promise to you is that I am coming filled with a desire to make you suffer complete and utter punishment before I end you in the middle of the ring. I guess that I all I can tolerate saying for now, I do have a schedule to keep and you are a gnat that I will need to ignore until Blaze of Glory where I will be able to smash you to bits legally and with pleasure.

Ivy the Assistant is surprised at how cold Apple sounds before the click of a keystroke ends the vlog and Apple looks up at Ivy with a smirk on her lips.

Apple Coren: Have you made the arrangement Ivy? I need to know what to pack to travel to Blackpool…

Ivy nods as she motions for Apple to join her as the pair read over the plans for the next week.

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Amy Marshall
Posted: March 08, 2019 06:24 pm

Punk Whore!

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Monday 4th March 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s training complex.

The scene opens outside Joshua Acquin’s training complex in Vegas, where see Amy standing by the doors with her training bag on her shoulder. Since the announcement that Joey and Amy were fine... people were pissed at the fact that she didn’t tell them about the plan but kind of got over it, including Jamie after bit of persuasion and a long talk about things. However, Amy hadn’t had a chance to speak to Joshua... as he was consumed with training as well as Amy. She could have rung but instead she took up the option to head to Vegas and training, while Joey worked this week.

Standing at the door, she was a little nervous about his reaction but had hoped that he was understanding. Pulling the door open, Amy entered the complex to see Joshua inside the ring with his trainer as they trained, as they completed the move, Joshua sat on the mat and looked to the door.

Amy: Hi...

Amy smiled warmly as Joshua frowned.

Joshua: Hey...

There was a moment of tension as Amy continued to enter further into the complex as she approached the ring as Joshua climbed to his feet. As Amy placed her bag down and leant against the apron.

Amy: I’m sorry.

Joshua: for what?

Amy: That I lied about Joey and I having issues... I hated deceiving people, but I had to get into Apples head, which sort of worked.

Amy explained.

Joshua: I thought we were friends and we are open about things.

Amy: We are…

Joshua: I get you that you had to get into Apple’s head… but the way you went about it and your emotions were just off.

Joshua says before continuing.

Joshua: Yes I was surprised but as I said your emotions and the way you were with your sister when she came by was a little suspect. I distinctly remember when you broke up with Kevin Carter and Gabriel Asar that you were distraught and upset and came close to ending it all. But with Joey… you didn’t bother fighting.

Joshua shrugged.

Amy: At least only you saw through it… Jamie was pissed off.

Joshua: He hit Joey for evidently no reason… and you and he are close and probably be expected to be included in the plan. Give him time to calm down and forgive you. Next time though… show more emotion.

Joshua turned and returned his focus to his trainer in the ring.

Amy: Again, I’m sorry….

Joshua: Stop saying sorry and just get on training since you didn’t come all this way just for a chat.

Joshua hurries Amy, as he returns to his in-ring training, as Amy moves away from the ring and across the room, where she places her bag down. Pulling out a towel and water, Amy moves to the soft padded mats and warms up a little bit before going into the first yoga pose. The scene fades out on Amy as she start her yoga while Joshua in the background works in the ring.



Oh Apple… you are predictable as Big Ben going off every bloody hour of the day. I said that you knew that this who thing was fake, and you were just playing along… and guess what… I CALL BULLSHIT!! No at all surprising… really very anti climatic. Joey was kind of very reluctant in doing this, however, I gave him a choice… but it was up to him… and he did it for me… I just fed him idea’s and feedback from conversations that you had… maybe he was a pawn in our game, but he made his choice and I was grateful and appreciate of him for doing it. Do you think you were really in control?


Just like all the conversations you had with Joey… yes, he was angry with me at first but we talked and sorted things out, but he used his “anger” and spun you a bunch of lies. Joey and I tell each other everything… he knows everything about my past and I know stuff about his past. I bet he told you about his ex-wife and how he still loves her… which is true but getting over someone who died is very hard. How about his past relationship with a man… or that he was arrested for resisting police arrest on a drunken night out. But then there is the lies… his rape conviction… drug addiction… fraud… that he didn’t really want to marry me… I could continue but it will dawn on you that you still got played no matter how much you think you got the upper hand.

But enough of that and let’s focus on the match at hand…

I already explained my actions at Climax Control 230, and I am not going to explain them again. You deserved it and you deserve what is to come at Blaze of Glory. It must be gutting that you are in a grudge match and not a title match that you expect to be in… but life is full of disappointments and you just have to suck it up and get over it.

But for you… you seem can’t seem to get over things… you are just like a dog with a bone and pleading that you were the one hard done by supposedly getting screwed over in your chance to have a shot one on one for the bombshell championship… however, you brought it all on yourself when you stuck your nose into a match that I won…. Did you forget? Or shall I refresh your memory…


Climax Control 219
21st October 2018

However just as Amy gets to her feet, she is blasted from behind by a female fan who has her face covered in a hood, Jacob starts calling for security but stops when the hooded fan hits Amy with a Cradle DDT.

Simone: Wait a minute, I've seen that move before!

Adams: It can't be.

The fan takes her good off revealing a familiar face.

Simone: Apple Coren! She must've followed the cars in one of her own!

{{End of Flashback}}

And this all stemmed from the fact that you were very bitter that you couldn’t beat me in your debut match and decided to stick your nose in a match that you had no business in and you robbed me… therefore you have no reason to bitch and moan and it makes you one big hypocrite. So do not throw stones in glass houses.

I am expecting a war now… I am expecting you to step up and bring it. I am expecting you to fight hard and I am going to fight twice as hard… this war will end at Blaze of Glory; this war will end when I have beaten you down to you are nothing more than a bloodied and beaten shell.

You will find that I am no pushover… that I am a tough opponent that doesn’t lay down easily and I will show everyone how much of a talentless whiney little fraud you are. Blaze of Glory will be the end of you Apple because I will send you back to England and back to daddy, who will make sure you never come back.

See Sunday Apple and good luck because you are going to need it.

1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
2x Bombshell Internet Champion
3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
- 1 x w/ Necra Kane
- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco

~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
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Lady Apple
Posted: March 09, 2019 12:14 am

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The loud pop of a chewing gum bubble is barely heard over the sparse traffic on a street in a town in England where a figure can be seen standing outside of a doorway with a sign that has seen better days. The figure has their hands thrust into the pockets of a black leather bomber jacket, the collar of lambswool pulled up against the neck and cheeks of the figure. Dark dress pants and knee-high boots hug the shapely legs of the figure indicating that it is a woman as a hand slings a rather fashionable red handbag over the shoulder of the woman who turns to reveal Apple Coren. She smirks at Ivy who stands behind her with a camera that is filming her ladyship. Apple begins to walk forward to the camera as Ivy backs away slowly. As she walks

Apple Coren: I am surprised that I remember just how I got here when everyone writes me off as a spoiled little princess…first of all, I am not a princess…merely Lady Apple Coren. In all actuality, I am a lowly forty second…forty third in line to the throne. I can never remember precisely, those ahead of me have started to multiply like rabbits. But never the less, I need to remind a certain bombshell who thinks that at Blaze of Glory she is going to be beating me in a match.

Apple lets her head fall backwards as a laugh escapes her. Ivy joins in nervously as she checks behind her for a moment so she doesn’t run into anything as she documents Apple walking and talking.

Apple Coren: I for one am appreciative of the good laugh you gave me Amy. Bravo, you have made me look like a lovesick fool who is the well deserving brunt of the joke right? Okay, so you fooled me. Does that mean you want a cookie for outsmarting me?

Apple raises one eyebrow in question.

Apple Coren: I suppose for one to really need to salvage ones pride, the only real thing to do is take what was done to one and use it as incentive to make the person that had tricked one suffer. But we both know Amy; just how much I have made you suffer and you can not even show me the appreciation for helping you to once more become relevant.

Apple Coren: Our first match was a double count out because you couldn’t take the fact that I was going to beat you. Then of course, I handed you the win that enabled Brooke to give you the title shot that I had against Dani Weston. I realize in hindsight, I should have let you lose that match and then I could have gotten my one on one match that I earned from Danielle. See she threw out an open challenge that I answered but I wasn’t allowed to have a drama free title shot. No, Amy you decided to make me lose because I felt you were beneath me and didn’t deserve to be in that match. Hell, even Danielle Weston admitted you shouldn’t have been in that match. But no bother, you got your shot and then begged for another one just like your former friend and partner Jessie Salco.

Apple’s reference to Salco only makes Ivy roll her eyes.

Ivy the Assistant: Milady, do you really think that is called for?

Apple Coren: Of course I do Ivy. I am nothing but truthful. Do you or do you not realize that Amy Santino is no better than Jessie Salco in her desire to try and get back into the spotlight of title shots? Besides when push comes to shove, she is on the steep slope of a rather large decline. She is the past and I myself am the future of the Bombshell division. I mean really, she is old enough to be…

Ivy stops Apple by holding up a hand.

Ivy the Assistant: Don’t say mother because we don’t really know how old she is.

Apple rolls her eyes and shakes her head at the assistant.

Apple Coren: I was going to say that she is old enough to realize that the best thing for her is to retire and leave the company. After all, she is someone that would benefit from retirement and so would all the fans of SCW. I mean she has been wrestling for years and I for one would rather watch paint dry than watch an Amy Santino match.

Apple’s boredom can clearly be heard in the comment. Ivy tries to offer her a smile and motions for her to continue her documentary like video. Apple begins to walk again as Ivy films.

Apple Coren: Now I suppose that I should talk about this coming Sunday and the fact that I will be able to get my hands on Amy Santino and deliver an arsekicking never before seen in SCW. And let me explain why that is going to happen.

Apple Coren: See my mother before she died told me when I was a little girl that hate was something that one shouldn’t have or feel. But I will admit sadly to the disappointment that my mother may have felt, that there are some things I hate. I hate being cold in winter, I hate having to explain myself more than once and I hate Amy Santino. I don’t mean that I hate that Amy Santino feels a need to try and remain in the spotlight. I mean I loathe her as a person and absolutely hate the fact that there is no avoiding her this week trying to tell the world that she put one over on me. The only bright spot I can see is the fact that I get to face her in the ring and smash her to bits, utter bloody bits if I have my way.

Apple slams a fist into her other hand in emphasis.

Apple Coren: I am so fed up with Amy Santino and her unholy look at me tour that she is flaunting in my face. Dances all over my last nerve and tickles my gag reflex, it does. And I am sure that she so appreciates that fact. Well for all the pain and suffering that I have had to do dragging her arse all over the ring, I am going to get my own back when I face her at Blaze of Glory and I put her down like the rabid bore that she is. My only worry Ivy is that it will be too easy.

Apple gets a pensive look on her face as she once more stuffs her hands into her pockets before she finalizes her thoughts.

Apple Coren: Amy, I hope that you realize that you may have won the battle to embarrass me by having your husband “trick” me but I am going to win the war when I end you in the middle of the ring. Period, end of sentence. I am done talking and you are going to be done existing when I am through.

Apple lunges towards the camera which is shaken and dropped sending the view of Lady Coren to snow.

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