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> Danger Games Part 1, Here is an old rp from me
Trenton Tigers
Posted: May 04, 2015 11:39 pm

Enter The Dragon

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Danger Games Part 1
~ Prologue ~

It is the year 2011 as we see Dustin Holt sleeping in a hotel room while staying in Tokyo, Japan. Small footsteps can be heard coming towards the door leading into Holt’s hotel room. The doorknob is slowly trying to turn as Holt’s eyes shoot open and he pulls out his Colt .45 from its hiding place. He rolls out of bed and slowly walks toward the door with his finger just to the side of the trigger well. He calls out to the door.

Dustin Holt: Who is it?

No one answers as he approaches the door. He calls out again.

Dustin Holt: Who is at the freaking door?

Still no one answers his call outs. Dustin starts getting irritated and then calls out a third time.

Dustin Holt: Who is at the god damn door? If you don’t answer, I will put a bullet in you.

Voice: Please, don’t shoot me.

Dustin can since a female voice as he opens the door slightly and peers out into the small space. He looks and sees a familiar face.

Dustin Holt: What the hell are you doing here Caroline? Don’t you know my phone works just as good?

Caroline: Sorry, I didn’t know if they bugged my phone or your phone.

Dustin Holt: They? Who are they?

Caroline: looks at Dustin you can’t be serious the guys who hired us for this mission, now they are trying to kill me.

Dustin Holt: Oh, those fucking rats. Why you worried about them for they couldn’t hit the broadside of a freaking barn?

Caroline: Can you let me in please?

Dustin slowly drops his gun to his side as he unlocks the door. He slowly opens it allowing Caroline to come into the room as he points the gun at both sides of the hallway. He goes back into the room and locks the door. He looks at Caroline while running his gun through his hair.

Dustin Holt: What do we do now?

Caroline: I don’t know, I came to you because you’re good about getting out of these kind of situations.

Dustin Holt: Of course, I’m good because I normally have to get myself out of these kinds of problems. Now were they following you or did you lose them.

Caroline: I think they were following me

Dustin Holt: What? And you led them here!

Caroline: I think I lost them somewhere around the fish market.

Dustin Holt: Damn it Caroline. I’ve been hiding for months from those clowns.

Caroline: Wait, weren’t supposed kill the prime minister.

Dustin Holt: Um, yes.

Caroline: Then why didn’t you.

Dustin Holt: Because I liked the city ok and well I wasn’t supposed to be here in Japan.

Caroline: Where were you supposed to be?

Dustin Holt walks over toward the bed as he takes out his white dress shirt and buttons it up.

Dustin Holt: I was supposed to be in Australia but I hopped onto a plane to Japan instead.

Caroline: Why did you do that, you know they will come looking for you?

Dustin Holt: Let the bastards come. They couldn’t catch me in Rome, they couldn’t catch me in Barcelona and they damn sure couldn’t catch me in London so how will they be able to catch me now.

Caroline suddenly stops talking as she looks into her purse. Dustin senses something isn’t right and pulls out his revolver in hidden in his sock. Caroline whips out her .45 Semi-auto Chief's Special has she slowly turns around. She points the gun at Dustin’s back.

Caroline: Put all your weapons down and turn around slowly Dustin.

Dustin puts his guns down as he slowly turns around. He puts his hands up in the air as he tries to speak to Caroline.

Dustin Holt: So, you’re the one they sent after me.

Caroline: What you mean?

Dustin Holt: I may not play by their rules but I still have my radio. I heard them say something about sending someone to take out Holt. Well you’re the only one who knew I was in Japan so it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

Caroline: Will you shut it? Yes I am the one who was hired by the Russians to kill you for what you did to their governor.

Dustin Holt: Like anyone is going to miss that scum. He was butchering little kids. I had to take him out.

Caroline: Radanovich wasn’t your fucking target. You were supposed to take out Pelvic. That was your mission. Radanovich wasn’t even harming us.

Dustin Holt: I took out the meanest bastard in Moscow. I saved hundreds of kids from working in the coal mines. You’re welcome.

Caroline: They said you weren’t someone we could trust. With your background as the untrustworthy assassin and bounty hunter, we should have gone with our second option.

Dustin Holt: and you would have failed because none of your pathetic marines would be able to take out Pelvic or anybody else. I’m the fucking best.

Caroline: Now you are going to die.

Dustin Holt: why are you shaking that gun?

Caroline: I’m not…where’d you hand go?

Dustin keeps looking at Caroline as he picks up a pillow and throws it at her. She pulls the trigger and shoots the pillow. As the feathers fill the room, Holt pulls out his Smith & Wesson Model 909 and shoots Caroline right between the eyes. Dustin with his weapon still drawn walks slowly over to her dead body. A small pool of blood forms underneath Caroline’s head as a huge hole is shown. Holt finishes getting dressed and packs all of his gear up. He uses leather gloves to wipe down all his finger prints off both guns, off the phone, the door and every other surface that he touched. Then he places the Model 909 in Caroline’s exposed hand and leaves her lying in a pool of blood. He pulls out his cell phone and calls his private pilot and tells him to fire up the jet. He puts sunshades on and slowly walks out of the hotel room turning the light off as he closes the door behind him.

~ Chapter 1: The Chase Begins ~

A year has gone by as the mysterious death of Caroline Johnson still hasn’t been solved. Dustin Holt is standing in front of a court house as he is getting ready to give testimony on a case that he was involved in heavily. Reporters flock to Dustin as he is dressed in all black and wearing his trademark sunshades. One of the reporters walk up to Dustin as a camera is shoved in his face.

Reporter: Excuse me, Mr. Holt. Do you mind if I ask you a couple questions?

Dustin Holt: Make it snappy. I have somewhere to be

Reporter: Mr. Holt, Do you have any idea who would kill your partner Caroline?

Dustin Holt: No. She was the best damn agent the FBI ever produced behind me of course. Whoever killed her will pay mark my words?

Reporter: You seem to be upset. What can you tell me about this current court case that is going on?

Dustin Holt: One, I’m not going to tell you because I don’t talk to media during court cases. Now as far as my partner’s deaths, you’re damn right I’m pissed off. I promised her once we laid her in her grave that I would stop at nothing to get the bastard or bitch that killed her.

Before the reporter could utter another question out, shots ring out as several people are getting popped off. Dustin looks around as he pulls out his glock and yells.

Dustin Holt: Get the fuck down.

Three FBI agents begin to return fire as they are just shooting into the air. Dustin smacks his own face and looks at his fellow agents.

Dustin Holt: What in god’s name are you shooting at Casper? Do you see anyone firing a weapon?

Agent Flowers: I thought I saw a barrel.

Dustin Holt: Did you see the whites?

Agent Flowers: Huh?

Dustin Holt: The whites of their eyes.

Agent Flowers: Oh ok. I didn’t see shit.

Dustin Holt: Then stop shooting and fucking wait till you see something or someone.

Dustin and the three agents are sitting behind a black SUV as more shots ring out and Dustin sees two masked men running across the lawn of the court house. The two masked men knock down two elderly women as Dustin leaves his position and gives chase on foot. The two masked men try to cut across the statue in front of the court house but Dustin jumps them and knocks them both down. He gets up as he notices both of them are in a karate stance.

Dustin Holt: Karate kids? Let’s see what you got then.

One of the masked men goes to throw the first punch but Dustin ducks it. He catches one of the men’s legs and drops an elbow right across the patella and then clotheslines him down onto the pavement. The other guy pulls out a knife but Dustin pistol whips him with his gun. The guy falls down as blood squirts out of his mouth. Dustin then brushes himself off as he hears more gunfire. Dustin takes off towards the court house as he sees a pile of dead bodies lying in front of the courthouse. He sees a giant black van pull away as three guys are shooting machine guns. Dustin picks up an AK 47 off one of the dead shooters and fires in their direction. However the van is too far out of range as Dustin looks around the parking lot. He notices his car and Bo Duke slides across the hood of the car. He gets into the car and drives off as he goes into a high pursuit of the gunmen. The gunmen see him following them as they open fire on him. They shoot his windshield out as he returns fire. He manages to graze one of the shooters as the other two guys shot the engine. Dustin pulls his car off to the side of the road as he gets out seeing the buckshot holes left in the hood. He looks back at the now out of sight van as he kicks the dust.

Dustin Holt: Damn it. I had those fuckers in my sights too. Now what am I going to do

~ Chapter 2: A Blast from the Past ~

Has Dustin is shouting at the top of his lungs, a nice red Sudan pulls up beside him as it stops. The engine kicks off as the driver’s door opens and a woman steps out of the car. Dustin slowly turns around as the woman walks around the car and stands in front of Dustin. Dustin’s cheery face gets a stern look as he sees who it is.

Dustin Holt: What the fuck are you doing here?

Laura Cole: Is that anyway to greet your sister n law?

Dustin Holt: Ex Sister n law, you forgot the ex.

Laura Cole: No, I’m sure I said it right. I’m still your sister n law.

Dustin Holt: No, you are not. I strictly remember your sister throwing that damn clothing iron at my head when she told me to get the hell out.

Laura Cole: That’s only because she thought you were running around on her. Hell, I tried to tell her that you are some government spy that gets into some sticky situations.

Laura looks at Dustin’s shot up car as she looks back at him.

Laura Cole: What in the hell happened to your car?

Dustin Holt: Ummm

Dustin sees another van slowly pull up as he notices a man loading a shotgun.

Dustin Holt: I’ll tell you later right now; let’s get the hell out of here.

Dustin throws Laura into her car as he gets into the driver’s seat. Her eyes get big as she yells at him.

Laura Cole: What in the hell do you think you’re doing? This is my car. You can’t just drive it, because you’re not on my insurance.

Dustin Holt: Will you shut up? My car is obviously not road ready and your car was the closest thing I could get my hands on so chill.

Laura Cole: Why are we running anyway?

Dustin Holt: Laura the less you know the better.

Laura Cole: I want to know now. I don’t want my car shot up.

Dustin turns the key and presses the gas pedal to the floor as he speeds off down the highway. He takes a sharp turn as the tires squeal. Laura gets a scared ass look on her face as Dustin does another U-turn as he leaves the black van going into a dead end. Laura speaks up again.

Laura Cole: Who the hell are you?

Dustin Holt: I’m your former brother n law Dustin Holt.

Laura Cole: What’s with all this cryptic bullshit? Who are those guys and why are the following you?

Dustin Holt: You know I could have sworn that I told you to shut your freaking mouth.

Laura Cole: Not until you tell me what I want to know.

Dustin Holt: Fine you want to know what I do for a living. I kill people.

Laura Cole gulps and sits upright in her seat as she looks over at Dustin.

Laura Cole: What you mean you kill people? Is this the business trips you kept taking while you were with my sister?

Dustin Holt: Sadly yes, I’m an international assassin with bounty hunter skills. I hunt down the elusive criminals that the FBI, CIA and the other lame ass government officials stop going after.

Laura Cole: People actually pay you to kill people.

Dustin Holt: Yes. I get paid once the job is complete; however I’m not allowed to contact anyone about my whereabouts due to the risks involved.

Laura Cole: You know Carly wants to talk to you.

Dustin Holt: What else is new?

Laura Cole: Can you blame her? You drop off the freaking map and we don’t get any word from you for months or years.

Dustin Holt: That’s because I was protecting her and plus she stopped taking my phone calls.

Laura Cole: Oh

Laura stops talking as she bites her lips. Dustin goes to speak but looks in the rear view mirror as he shouts.

Dustin Holt: Shit!

Laura Cole: What?

Dustin Holt: Take the wheel Laura.

Laura Cole: Say what? We’re still moving.

Dustin Holt: I know just grab the damn wheel and when I tell you to shift your weight over into this seat and keep going.

Laura Cole: Wait, what are you going to do?

Dustin Holt: I know that van. Their hired killers paid to kill me.

Laura Cole: I thought you worked alone.

Dustin Holt: No, I said I get phone calls from unknown people. Sometimes I get partners and sometimes I don’t but I do have several enemies out there Laura. Now enough talking and just do what I say.

Dustin pulls out his desert eagle from his shoulder holster as Laura takes the wheel.

Dustin Holt: Now!

Dustin opens the car door and rolls off the street as Laura continues driving. The van stops as both sliding doors open. Several guys step out holding different weapons as one of them calls out.

Thomas Gibson: Did you think we wouldn’t find you Dustin?

Dustin Holt: No, Thomas, I hoped you would have stopped looking for me and started looking for a damn weight watchers clinic.

Thomas Gibson: Funny. You won’t be laughing once I plug a couple rounds in that torso of yours.

Dustin Holt: You can try you fat tub of lard. We both know you couldn’t hit a target even if it was marked in a big red letters.

Thomas signals his men to go around the car Dustin is hiding behind. Dustin sees this as he lies on the ground. He sits up and shoots one of the men in the foot. Dustin then rolls out from under the car and kicks the other in the sternum as he drops the gun. Dustin wraps the guy up in a rear naked choke as the guy passes out. Dustin rolls him down the ditch as he kips up to his feet. The guy dancing around with a hole in his foot sees Dustin and gets punched in the jaw followed by a sleeper hold. Thomas shoots his shotgun as he blows off a mirror.

Thomas Gibson: We can do this the easy way or the hard way Dustin.

Dustin Holt: What’s the easy way?

Thomas Gibson: That I shoot you and it would be painless.

Dustin Holt: Nah, I’d rather go the hard way.

Thomas Gibson: Have it your way.

Thomas opens fire as he peppers the side of the car closes to him. He tries to shoot again but he’s gun malfunctions as he tries to check it. Dustin pops up from his hiding place as he points his desert eagle at Thomas.

Thomas Gibson: Hey buddy, can’t we talk about this

Dustin Holt: Tell me who sent you after me.

Thomas Gibson: I don’t know their name. All they did was give me 500 dollars and your picture in a photograph. They didn’t tell me why, all they said was to get it done.

Dustin Holt: They? Who are they?

Thomas Gibson: I don’t know. You know I’m just a hired gun. I don’t ask questions.

Dustin Holt: Well you tell them or whoever hired you that Dustin Holt won’t go down without a fight. Tell them if they really want to kill me that they should do it themselves.

Thomas Gibson: You’re letting me go.

Dustin Holt: How else am I going to get that message to them? However, I will do this

Dustin shoots Thomas’s belt buckle off as his pants fall down around his ankles. Dustin walks around Thomas and gets in the black van. Dustin closes the door and rolls the windows down as he laughs.

Dustin Holt: Holy shit, I can’t believe you wear Betty Boop boxers. Damn, you just entered the loser category.

Thomas flicks Dustin off as Dustin drives off down the road. He cruises into the nearest town as he pulls into a parking lot. He steps out as he walks into a café as he sees Laura Cole sitting at a corner booth. Dustin walks up to the counter and orders a tall sweet tea as he walks over to the table Laura is sitting at when a voice rings out.

Voice: you don’t say hi to me anymore

Dustin pauses as he looks around to see where that voice came from when a woman looks up. Dustin takes a step back as he notices the face.

Dustin Holt: What in the hell are you doing here?

Carly Manning: Is that anyway to greet your wife?

Dustin Holt: Ex-wife

Carly Manning: Not according to the law here in the United States, we are still legally married. Now why haven’t you been returning any of my phone calls?

Dustin sits down at the table Carly is sitting at as they continue their discussion.

Dustin Holt: Probably because I changed my number

Carly Manning: What have you been up to these days?

Dustin Holt: None of your damn business, now if you excuse me I have to go get a hotel room.

Carly Manning: Have you been wrestling again?

Dustin looks at Carly with a confused look on her face.

Dustin Holt: You came all this way to ask me if I was wrestling.

Carly Manning: Yes. You know damn well that you don’t wrestle without me in your corner.

Dustin Holt: I don’t know what you been smoking lately but I didn’t need you at the beginning of my career. So I damn sure don’t need you now.

Dustin tries to hold back his temper as he looks through the window and sees three suited guys walking around the black van. He gets up to his feet and leaves Carly his new number. She looks at Dustin and then takes the number. Dustin slips out the back door of the café as he hails a cab and takes off.

~ Chapter 3: Carly helps Dustin out unexpectedly ~

The three suited guys enter the café as Carly is still trying to figure out why Dustin left in such a hurry. They walk over and flash their badges at her. One of them speaks up.

Agent Fowler: Excuse me, Ms. Manning; we would like to ask you if you have seen Dustin Holt?

Carly Manning: I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.

Agent Fowler: It’s Agent Fowler with the FBI. We are looking for your husband Dustin Holt. He’s been looked out for by Interpol for crimes he may have or haven’t committed in different countries.

Carly Manning: You must have the wrong person. Dustin wouldn’t do anything illegal.

Agent Fowler: Well your husband is also a fellow FBI Agent and we want to protect him. We just need to find him.

Carly Manning: If he’s a fellow agent then shouldn’t have some kind of tracking system or something on him.

Agent Fowler: Well we did but somehow he jammed it or something. He’s very intelligent and it’s getting hard to tell what his motives are these days.

Carly Manning: I’m telling you I haven’t seen him.

Just then Laura stands up and walks over to them and blurts out.

Laura Cole: I know where Dustin is

Carly looks up at Laura with a shocked look on her face as Agent Smith looks at her and starts to question her.

Agent Smith: Where is he?

Laura Cole: He went out the back and I believe down the alley.

Agent Smith: Thank you.

The three agents take off out the back as they run down the alley. Laura pulls Carly up to her feet as they run out the front door. Laura shoves Carly into her car and drives off. Carly blankly stares at Laura as she tries to grasp what is going on.

Carly Manning: What the hell was that about?

Laura Cole: Whoever those clowns are they weren’t FBI agents.

Carly Manning: how do you know?

Laura Cole: Because I saw the fake badges that they had. Also Dustin’s badge says secret agent plus he told me that he’s an international bounty hunter.

Carly Manning: Can you tell me what is going on?

Laura Cole: I don’t even know…I just know where Dustin is that’s all. It won’t take those bozos long to figure out that the alley is a dead end.

Carly Manning: Ok let’s go.

Laura continues to drive as the come across a long stretch of highway as she veers off onto a side road. Carly takes a look around as they pull up into a hard with an old shack sitting on it. They step out of the car as Carly asks first.

Carly Manning: Who lives here?

Before Laura could answer, Dustin comes walking out dressed in regular clothes as he ushers them into his hide away. They enter the shack as the TV is showing Danny Richmond and Vanessa Richmond fending off a slew of terrorists at the nation’s capital. Dustin pops a bottle of coors light as he looks at Carly.

Dustin Holt: They didn’t follow you did they.

Carly Manning: No, but will you tell me what in the hell is going on with you lately.

Dustin Holt: I’ll tell you later ok.

Carly Manning: No you will tell me now.

Dustin Holt: I said later. Right now I have to get to London.

Carly Manning: For what?

Dustin Holt: Now that is none of your damn business.

Carly Manning: Like hell it isn’t. I nearly got grilled because of you now you will tell me what you are doing in London.

Dustin Holt: I’m meeting some friends in London if you must know.

Carly Manning: Like who

Dustin Holt: George Snow, Victor Rampage and Charles E. O’Roberts, damn what is this 21 questions?

Carly Manning: I’m coming with you.

Dustin Holt: No you are not

Carly Manning: Yes I am

Dustin Holt: Like hell you are

Carly Manning: You don’t think I know what you are up to. You have a match coming up and you don’t want me to be there because your ex-girlfriend is going to be at ringside.

Dustin Holt looks at Carly Manning

Dustin Holt: How the hell do you know that?

Carly Manning: I’ve been watching TNA for several weeks Dustin. I saw how that tramp was treating you. I know you thought we were divorced but hell I still have feelings for you Dustin. Watching that slut do what she did to you makes me boiling mad. I just want to rip out those nasty extensions and claw her freaking eyes out.

Dustin Holt: Damn, Carly, I haven’t heard you say that shit in years.

Carly Manning: Well, that’s only the first part of my resentment towards that fucked up blonde. She didn’t have the balls to tell you to your face that she was sleeping with that fucktard. So she decides to play it off like nothing happened. I blame her for you losing that hardcore title. If you had me in your corner, you wouldn’t have lost any of those belts.

Dustin Holt: Carly, you know what will happen if I bring you back as a manager.

Carly Manning: Yes, I do. You’d fall for me again.

Dustin Holt: that and you tend to get involved in my matches.

Carly Manning: That’s what a good manager does, now stop complaining. I’m coming with you to London and that’s final.

Laura is looking out the window of the shack as two unmarked black Sudans pull up in the driveway. She looks at Dustin.

Laura Cole: I really hate to come between this blooming love fest but I think we might want to get the hell out of here.

Dustin Holt: Why’s that Laura?

Laura Cole: Oh maybe because 6 guys and 2 females are standing right outside with guns pointed at the shack.

Dustin Holt: Shit. Ok, Laura look under the bench in front of you.

Laura looks under the bench as she sees a fully loaded AK 47 and pulls it out. Dustin pulls out the pantry and hands Carly an M4 as he pulls out a M16 with an ACOG Scope attached to it. Laura looks at Dustin with a blank look on her face.

Laura Cole: Just what am I supposed to do with this?

Dustin Holt: Point it outside at one of the people and pull the trigger.

Laura Cole: Did I tell you that I hate guns?

Dustin Holt: I don’t give a damn. Just start firing.

Dustin runs into the door as he opens it a little. He calls out to the 8 people.

Dustin Holt: I see Thomas sent my message.

Freddie Polar: Yes and he sends his regard to your ass. They want you Dustin and we aim to deliver you either in one piece or in a pine box. Either way we get paid or you get well dead.

Dustin Holt: As I told that scumbag Thomas, if they want me. Then they should come get me otherwise I start billing them for my property damage. What you think of that Fred?

Ashley Benson: Dustin, stop trying to be a hero. We know you’re looking for the person who killed Caroline. We know you will stop at nothing to finish your mission in killing that prime minister in London. We just can’t let you do that.

Dustin Holt: Awe Ashley, you seem so certain that you are going to kill me.

Dustin brings his weapon up to his eye as he places his cheek right up against the butt stock. He aims the weapon and squeezes the trigger. The bullet goes right through Ashley Benson’s skull as everyone ducks behind cars. Dustin then closes the door a little more as he can hear more gunfire. Dustin looks toward Carly as he mouths to her.

Dustin Holt: Go to the back of the shack.

Carly Manning: No.

Dustin keeps firing back as both Laura and Carly don’t even think twice as they run to the back of the shack. Dustin sets charges at all the entry points as he sees everyone walking up towards the house. He calls out.

Dustin Holt: Bring it on fuckers.

Before they reach the shack, Dustin jumps through the window leading towards the back of the shack. He and the girls run to the side of the house as they get into his Chevy Silverado. He pulls into the front of the shack as the gunmen are looking on the porch at the truck. Dustin pulls out his shotgun, cocks it and aims at the gas tank. He smirks as he pulls the trigger and blows up the shack and everyone in it.

Carly Manning: Who were those people?

Dustin Holt: Someone hired them to kill me.

Carly Manning: How do you know?

Dustin Holt: Because they kept saying they. My ex-partner Caroline kept saying they.

Carly Manning: What happened to her?

Dustin Holt: I killed her.

Carly hesitates as she gasps a little as Laura asks first

Laura Cole: Why did you kill her?

Dustin Holt: One, she said “they” paid her to eliminate me and second she was going to kill me.

Carly Manning: So whoever is behind all this won’t stop till you are killed?

Dustin Holt: Pretty much

Carly Manning: That is just great.

Dustin’s cell phone goes off as he answers it.

Dustin Holt: Hello

Stormy: Hey Dustin

Dustin Holt: Oh, hey Stormy what’s up.

Carly’s ears perk up as she eavesdrops on the conversation.

Stormy: When are you going to get to London?

Dustin Holt: I should be there soon.

Stormy: Ok great. I know you and Candi didn’t work out. I don’t know what came over her. She was so in love with you but El had something over her.

Dustin Holt: It’s cool Stormy. She made her bed and now she must lie in it. You know The Florida Icon will still survive.

Stormy: Yes, I do know you are one of the top stars on Danger Zone.

Carly takes the phone from Dustin as she decides to talk to Stormy.

Carly: hello

Stormy: Hello, who is this?

Carly Manning: Name’s Manning, Carly Manning. I’m Dustin’s ex-wife and I will hurt that little bitch for playing games with Dustin’s heart.

Stormy: Okay. Are you Dustin’s new manager?

Carly Manning: Yes. Why do you ask that idiotic question?

Dustin palms his face as he can’t believe his ex-wife is calling herself his new manager.

Stormy: I’m just asking. Don’t get that attitude with me or I can find someone new for Dustin.

Carly Manning: Oh really. Like whom…another sex crazed bimbo. Let me tell you this there is no one other there for Dustin. You hear me no one.

Dustin yanks the phone out of Carly’s hand as he covers the mouth piece and looks at her.

Dustin Holt: You have no right to say that. You lost all rights when we divorced. So just sit there and shut the hell up.

Dustin gets back on the phone.

Dustin Holt: I’m sorry Stormy. My ex-wife is a little psycho.

Stormy: She better know who she is talking too real fast. Because I can find someone better for you Dustin and she will be ten times better then Candi Blade.

Dustin Holt: Well, I’m sure whoever you have in mind would be good. I’ll be in London in a few days.

Stormy: Ok, I’ll see you then. Oh, could you come alone?

Dustin Holt: Sure, I was coming alone anyway.

Stormy: Sweet. I’ll see and talk to you later.

Dustin Holt: Okay bye.

Dustin hangs up as he looks at Carly. He drives by a hotel in Washington, D.C. and checks her in it. She yells at him.

Carly Manning: Dustin Holt, I’m going to kick your ass. You let me come with you NOW!

Dustin Holt: Listen here, I’m going to get back my hardcore title and I don’t need a drama queen at ringside. So stay the fuck here. Besides, I have some enemies in London that know about you. Now stay here and go sightseeing. I have to go.

Carly Manning: You are not leaving me behin…..

Dustin shuts the door as Carly was trying to finish berating him. He walks down to his Silverado and pulls out his wrestling gear. He walks over to his private jet.

~ Chapter 4: London bound and ready to rip off a head or two ~

His pilot talks to Dustin before he boards the aircraft.

Sean: Where to boss?

Dustin Holt: London, England.

Sean: Are you sure boss? Isn’t the Frankfurt family still looking for you?

Dustin Holt: I’m not going to the palace or that part of town. I’m going to the Oz Centre.

Sean: Ok boss. I just don’t to fly into a warzone.

Dustin Holt: If you don’t want to fly Sean. I can call Brad to fly me. He’s not afraid to take me to London.

Sean: No, that’s ok. I can fly you.

Dustin boards the aircraft as his cell phone goes off. He picks it up as Stormy is on the other end of the line.

Stormy: Hi Dustin

Dustin Holt: Oh hi Stormy

Stormy: Are you on your way?

Dustin Holt: Yes. I left my ex-wife at a hotel. Now I’ll be able to focus on ripping El Elegido’s head completely off his shoulders.

Stormy: Wow, I didn’t know you had that kind of fire in you.

Dustin Holt: Look he took Candi away from me but she didn’t do anything to stop him. It’s because of her I lost my hardcore title. Now that I don’t have that kind of burden. I’ll be going back to what I do best and that is kicking ass and taking names.

Stormy: Well, I hope you kick this son of a bitch’s ass. He deserves it.

Dustin Holt: I know he does he’s got something that belongs to me.

Stormy: So you are fighting for Candi then.

Dustin Holt: Nope, I’m coming for the title that El’s going to disgrace; I’m getting back my hardcore championship.

Stormy: Ok, I’ll see you when you get here

Dustin Holt: You got it.

Dustin hangs up his phone as his plane flies over the Atlantic. He sips on some root beer and pops some nuts into his mouth. His pilot speaks through the speaker.

Sean: Dustin, we will be landing in London in T-Minus 20 minutes.

Dustin Holt: Okay…just be sure to not be seen.

Sean: Yes sir.

Dustin unzips his bag, pulls out his leather jacket and black timbaland boots. He changes his clothes as the plane slowly descends to the ground. Plane comes to an easy stop as they have touched ground. Dustin tosses his other clothes into the small compartment. The door pops open as the steps slowly go down. He steps out onto the steps has he places the trademark sunglasses on his face. A limo pulls up as Dustin gets in it. Once inside the limo, Stormy hands him a copy of Danger Zone’s PPV match card. He smirks as he doesn’t even say a word at the moment.

~ Chapter 5: Reality comes to El Elegido by way of Dustin Holt ~

Stormy can tell the smirk on Dustin’s face as she gives a small smile on her face as well.

Stormy: I take it you like the card.

Dustin Holt laughs

Dustin Holt: I don’t just like the card. I love the card. I mean you have me in a London Town Massacre match against the guy who knows nothing about being an ultraviolence messiah. However that’s what I do for a freaking living. I’m going to regain the hardcore title. That’s going to happen.

Stormy: What you going to do about Candi? What you going to do if she gets involved in the match?

Dustin Holt: One, she’s no longer my problem so whatever she does well El best be ready to get beat. Second if Candi knows what’s best for her new “man” she wouldn’t stick her nose in this match.

Stormy: I like your attitude. It seems you found your fire again.

Dustin Holt: I’m not going to tell that not being with Candi is the best thing that’s ever happened to me because well it’s not. Candi was good to me up until she decided to kiss another guy behind my back. Now, I hope we can still be friends but if she thinks I’m going to trust her again. She’s out of her damn mind. My ex-wife doesn’t even have my trust.

Stormy: Speaking of your ex-wife, where is she?

Dustin Holt: Hopefully still in D.C., I left her there before I left because I didn’t want to risk her getting too emotional in the match. Also this match is too damn personal for me. One because El is the reason Candi left me and two he’s got something that belongs to me.

Stormy: What happened between you two anyway?

Dustin Holt: I figured you would ask that question. This was a while back when I was part of the NWA. I was also a government agent who did special missions at certain points of the year. Well while I was away on a mission, she decided to have an affair with my tag team partner at the time. This was going for the entire time I was away on business. One night I had come back into the states and went home. She didn’t know I was home because I hardly called her when I was on these business trips. I knew where the spare key was hidden so I let myself in so I wouldn’t disturb her. I heard sounds coming from my bedroom; I walked up the stairs and saw her on top of my tag team partner so I kick my bedroom door wide open. She immediately jumps onto her feet trying to cover herself up. My tag partner wasn’t the smartest light bulb in the pack as he walks up to me thinking I was going to forgive him. He stuck his hand out for a handshake but instead I punched him right in his jaw. Then I picked him up and threw him out of my bedroom. He gets up trying to talk me down but I kicked him down the stairs. I walk down the stairs as he continues to get to his feet. Right has he gets to his feet; I punch him again as he falls to the ground hard. Needless to say he had a massive headache in the morning. As for Carly, well I tossed her ass out that next morning and told her to stay away from me.

Stormy: Wow, that is some story. I can see why you don’t get along with Carly.

Dustin Holt: That’s not all, if I did that to my tag partner. Just imagine what I will be able to do to El Elegido this Thursday night. He’s going to come to the ring thinking he’s facing some mediocre guy but once that bell sounds. He’ll be facing the animalistic beast that is me. He doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

The limo finally cranks up as it starts rolling towards the arena. Stormy is looking through a book of people.

Dustin Holt: What’s that?

Stormy: Oh just some girls that might fit your newfound attitude.

Dustin Holt: Cool, if I can trust them then I’ll work with them but don’t expect me to be so trusting.

Stormy: I understand.

Dustin Holt: Besides, I’m focusing on regaining my hardcore title.

Stormy: I know you are Dustin.

Dustin Holt: I wonder what bullshit El’s going to spew this week. No matter what, I’ll stick my fist so far down his throat that I’ll crush his larynx without even trying.

Stormy: Dustin that is so violent.

Dustin Holt: Stormy, I didn’t say I was the most rated g wrestler in the world. Cause when I wrestle it’s rated X for excruciating pain and suffering. El Elegido, you best prepare yourself for the beating of your life. It’s time for you to know your reality. That reality is that I’m going to rip your fucking head off and stuff it straight up your own ass.

Stormy just smiles

Dustin Holt: For it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to say I killed you for shore. Now El, let me leave you with this all important advice. Please be sure to take all your vitamins, eat all your wheaties, and kiss all those Mexican whores you have stashed away in your little cubicle. Because come Danger Zone, you will need every ounce of fiber and strength that you have to not only withstand the onslaught that I’m going to rain down on you but to be able to survive the beating that is going to follow. As Tazz always said….”Win if you can, SURVIVE if I let you” well El, all you have to do is survive but that might not be an option. You see, I’m coming with a mission. As far as I’m concerned, you are now the hunted while I’m the hunter. As the hunter, I smell blood and come Danger Zone your blood will be spilt. And that is the final line because THE FLORIDA ICON SAID SO….

Dustin looks at Stormy then back at the camera hidden in the little seat in front of him.

Dustin Holt: Knuck if ya buck!!!!

The limo pulls up to the Oz Center as Stormy and Dustin get out and walk into the building as the scene slowly fades out.

Trenton Tigers

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