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> (Women Pt 2), NeWA World Heavyweight Title: Steel Cage
Posted: February 15, 2013 04:15 pm


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”Some of the critics have said I barely escaped my match against Blade Alexander with my championship still in my possession. What do they know? I did exactly what I always do. I put a punk in his place like I did the last time I called his ass out and challenged him for the championship. Why do the feel the need to discount the fact that I beat the prick twice? Fucking critics… My point is that I am still the champion and no one is going to take that away from me. I am in my forth month as the champion and there are no signs of slowing down any time soon. As a matter of fact, I have the fullest confidence in myself that I will walk out of WrestleClassic as a double champion. I defeated Blade Alexander, and as hard as it is for me to say, he is a much more technically sound wrestler than our “champion” Chris Xtreme. Plus, people don’t seem to remember that I did get my start in a hardcore environment, so adding a cage to the equation only works more in my favor. It is almost as if they want me to walk away as the champion, because they know I will restore the integrity that the belt used to hold. If you are waiting for a savior, that savior has arrived…


Outside of the red brick home, sporting black shutters and trim, the wind blows lightly through the rose bushes lining the front of the Staggs residence. The dead flowers crumble with each wisp of wind that beats viciously at them. The bright sunlight gives us false hopes of a beautiful day as the blustery air sends a wintery chill down our spines. The crisp sound of stepping on the hibernating lawn starts us on our journey up toward the front porch where a black cat greets us. We lean down and pet the cat gently before it hisses at us and goes on about its business. After taking a moment to deliberate, a pale white hand reaches up and knocks on the door with authority. The hand is slender and lady like, adorned with red nails and a couple silver rings with various designs on them. There is a moment of silence as the wind dies down temporarily. The hand fades from view as he stand there, admiring the “Welcome” sign hanging on the black door. After a moment of waiting, we look down at a ladies wrist watch before finally hearing footsteps from inside. A light murmuring voice is heard from within as the door swings open.

Spike: Ohhh, somebody is going to get a show when…

Spike’s jaw clinches as he takes a deep breath through his nostrils. He is standing there in nothing but a pair of tight black leather novelty underwear, a chain necklace, and steel toe work boots. His eyes flare with an intensity of a different kind as he starts to close the door. The hand reaches out and stops him from doing so. We turn to the side to see a red-headed Amazon of a woman standing there in a black mini skirt and tank top, covered with a long black fur coat. Her green eyes sizzle with intensity as she clutches the door, clicking her stiletto heels against the concrete porch. After a moment of asserting herself, Spike finally speaks again.

Spike: It’s bad enough you taught Misty how to be a crazy fucking stalker, but now you are returning to those games too… Can’t you two just leave me alone after kicking me to the curb instead of putting this mindfuck on me?

Roxanne purses her lips, flicking her long lashes in the direction of the crack of the door. She lets up on her grip of the door and waits for Spike to open the door back up. When he finally does, he is covered in a black trench coat. He stares at her for a moment as if to ask if she had a reason for being there. Given their past, she picks up on this and offers her explanation.

Roxanne: I wanted to come by and wish you luck on your big NWA Heavyweight title match. You really deserve it.

Spike folds his arms across his chest and raises a curious eyebrow to Roxanne. As easy as it was for her to get the hint that he was waiting for an answer, he could see right through her lies.

Spike: That’s great. Where were you when I had my first match against Jack Kraven? Oh, or the second one where I won the title? Or what about my SCW Heavyweight title shot?

Roxanne: No offense, but there was never a match I was more confident that you would win than the match against Chris Xtreme.

Spike: Among many reasons for us not working out, you suck at flattery.

Roxanne shrugs her shoulders and gently nudges her way past Spike. He stands there for a second in shock as she comes inside without any qualms. He slowly turns around as she sheds the thick fur coat, laying it neatly on the arm of the couch. As intoxicating and familiar as her perfume is, Spike has to fight back with all of his might so that he doesn’t vomit. Roxanne takes a slow lap around the living room, admiring the pictures of Spike and his two children, namely the red-headed teen boy, the fruit o her own loin. She runs a finger over his smooth ivory cheek before Spike rips the picture out of her hand. He places it back where it belongs as a flicker of a pained expression flashes across her face. Spike sits down on a reclining rocker in the corner of the room, just staring at her. He is doing everything he can to keep his hate in check as they maintain eye contact for a solid minute. Finally, she breaks it and walks over to the couch, sitting down seductively.

Roxanne: Despite the lonely feeling of the house, you have maintained a beautiful home. How is Eden, it has been a long time since I’ve seen…

Spike: You have five seconds to explain why the hell you are here before I kick you out. 4… 3… 2…

Roxanne: I told you already. I wanted to wish you luck on your match. Does that make me a bitch all of the sudden?

Spike tilts his head back, offering her a laugh in response, as if to say “There is nothing sudden about it, honey.” She bites on her bottom lip so not to say something too cross toward Spike. He rolls his eyes as he sits there, just shaking his head.

Roxanne: I understand that our past is sorted, Spike. We had a lot of downs, but you seem to forget that we had a lot of upside in our relationship as well. We fought to make it work for a long time.

Spike: If you are trying to win me back, that ship set sail nearly a decade ago when you stuck your ass out to other men and humiliated me by hiding it from me. It seems like I was the one who did all of the fighting while you pissed it away like it was nothing, so how fucking dare you come into MY home and try to appeal to my emotions with this garbage! How dare you, Roxie? Especially because I am in a happy relationship with Vixen.

Roxanne: I don’t want… *sigh* I am not asking you to forget that, or even forgive me for that matter. All I am asking is that you hear me out. I am genuinely sorry for everything I have done to you, Spike. Everything… Everything…

Roxanne’s eyes lower to the ground. If she was capable of feeling full emotions outside of anger, she would most likely be crying at this point. It is almost as if her brain had somehow learned to feel guilt and regret, but it could not communicate it to the rest of her body. Her jaw clinches as she tries her best to look back into Spike’s eyes. His diamond eyes seem to block out any of these signs, and they reject her attempt at eye contact.

Spike: That’s nice. Does sorry take back all of the men? Does it take back all of the hell you put me through because I told you I had enough? Does it bring back the two years of a relationship that might have lasted if you didn’t put us through the ringer?

Roxanne: Oh please! You love making me out to be the asshole. I am, I admit it, but you rubbing it in makes you one also. And a stupid one at that. Misty stuck with you because of me. I had gold, she wanted it, and what better way to appeal to the bookers than to be the girlfriend of the champion’s obsession? Every time I said I loved you, I meant it. I can’t say the same for Misty or Vixen. When you had gold, it was only a bonus. To them, if you didn’t have it, you wouldn’t have them as Misty proved…

Spike: You don’t know the first thing about Vixen, Roxie. If you aren’t going to say something worth my time, you can leave now.

Roxanne’s cheeks are flushed with anger that overtakes her previously sullen look. She clinches her eyes together as she takes a deep breath. She slowly exhales and nods her head. She slowly raises herself off of the couch and picks up her coat. After unfolding it, she slides it over her shoulders.

Roxanne: Just so you know, I didn’t want you back, Spike. I only wanted to ask for a favor, but now I realize you are incapable of doing the smart thing. Instead, you are going to watch as you and everyone around you falls to the darkness. I tried appealing to your heart, but you don’t seem to have one anymore.

Spike: And you are surprised by that?

Roxanne: When you ask the Wizard for a heart, you might want to ask him for a brain too.

Roxanne gives him one last look of attitude before walking toward his kitchen, which strikes Spike as odd. He gets up from the chair and follows after her. Her heels click against the tile flooring as she rushes over to the back door in a huff. Spike seems curious about this as he opens his mouth to speak. He doesn’t make it in time as Roxanne walks through the back door. She slams the door behind her and makes her way across the long back yard. She stops at the small tombstone at the edge of the yard, stopping to give it a nod before she climbs over the fence and starts on her journey across Misty’s yard, leaving Spike even more bewildered as we fade.


”As I said before, every woman that has been placed in my life has impacted my life in a major way, whether it be through shaping me into being the man I am today, or simply just by being there for me. They have motivated me to straighten up my life, or they have momentarily wrecked it. Even if I am not pleased with them, I have to give them thanks, because without them, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. I wouldn’t be headed down the path I am, walking onto the grandest stage of them all at WrestleClassic with the top prize in the industry on the line. I simply would not be the man who stands in front of you right now. I owe this to every tear I have shed. I owe this to every time my heart was broken. For every warm embrace, for every kiss, for every reassuring glance, for every precious moment that you have given me, I thank you…

I can tell she is hiding it from me. I just know it. As I walked into the hotel room, I could sense the many tears of sadness and anger that had been left on the ground, leading over to the bed, on the pillow, and it tore at me. Anyone with eyes could see that she needed someone to act like they care, even just a little bit. As my eyes rest on the Australian Bombshell, Odette Ryder, I could tell that pearly white smile was as fake as my uncle Erik. I stared at her and just waited as I saw the tears being sucked back in for the sake of appeasing me. What was only about thirty seconds seemed like hours as I watched her cheek twitch slightly. Those emerald green eyes were shining like the dews of a warm summer morning, giving off the false impression of her normal warm demeanor. She didn’t think that I would notice the ever so slight pout in her lips as she slowly waved her arm in the direction of her couch.

Odette: Where are my manners? Please, come in Spike.

I nodded my head as I walked through the doorway. I looked around at the massive interior of this signature Luxor Suite, admiring the spacious design for the slightest of seconds. There was even a private hot tub in front of a window overlooking the beautiful Vegas skyline. You could see for miles and miles, lit up like a Christmas tree, all from the comfort of 110 degree waters. I broke from that for a moment and walked over to the couch as she offered me a drink. Why not? I nodded my head as she poured a small glass of Gentlemen’s Jack over four filtered ice cubes that sparkled like diamonds. She brought it over to me and then resumed her place at the other end of the couch. She tossed a blanket over her feet as she looked back over to me.

Odette: I am never unhappy to see you Spike, but to what do I owe the pleasure? Do you need a sitter for Eden?

I broke my gaze off of the warm fireplace to look over to Odette. Her eyes were starting to show off her true feelings as she blinked them. The faintest of tears got caught in her eyelashes, but most would not notice this, so she didn’t worry about it much. As I inspected the bombshell, noticing the ruffled tissues on the end table, I reach over and wipe the tear away.

Spike: I wanted to come by just to check up on you. It seems like you have had a lot going on lately, and could use a friend. Lord knows you have helped me out in that aspect more times than I can count…

A smile tries creeping onto her face, despite the fact that I had caught onto her game. This one was genuine, struggling as much as it could to spread from the corner of her mouth, but it fails. She slowly shakes her head from side to side.

Odette: If you mean babysitting, it is never a problem. I love spending time with the kids, Spike. They are wonderful.

Spike: Thank you, but that isn’t what I am talking about. You and I have a deeper friendship than that. It transcends teacher-student, even. You are like a sister to me, O. Family doesn’t abandon each other when times get rough. That is when they step up and help each other

Odette: I am just going through a few minor changes. It isn’t anything I haven’t dealt with before.

I watched as her eyes screamed out “I AM LYING!!!” In a sort of goofy display, I raise an eyebrow at her and move my head from side to side with a snap of the fingers. She bursts out with a laugh as I give my signature half grin back at her. After a light roll of the eyes, she looks away and wipes at her eye, getting the remainder of a tear. I took one respectful scoot closer to her, placing my hands on my knees as I turn my ear to her.

Spike: See this ear? Do you see it? Here, look at it…

Odette: God, yes I see it, Spike!

She slaps my shoulder playfully before adjusting herself to look at me. I turn to look into her eyes to emphasize my point.

Spike: It is there so that I can listen. If you need to talk, I am here for you, Odette. Don’t be afraid to talk to me, because I am more than meets the eye. Sometimes, I give pretty good advice even. I don’t like this distance, but I will respect it because I understand it.

Odette: Sometimes, I just need a minute to collect my thoughts. It isn’t anything personal.

Spike: I understand that. We all need to get away sometimes. We all need our space, but it doesn’t help when no one seems to notice we’re gone. My point is that I notice. I am giving you space, as a friend, so that you can collect your thoughts, but when you need to talk, come to me.

Odette reaches over and gives me a gentle hug and nods her head. This time, the smile on her face works its way half way across her lips before she leans backwards. She sighs, and looks into the fireplace. I watch as the flames dance in her eyes and I can see the light in her has been tainted by Misty. I can see her fighting it off with every ounce of her being, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still there. We sit there in silence for a good ten minutes. The relaxing flames dance against the glass of the fire guard. There is nothing that she wants to volunteer to get off of her chest, and I respect that but after the ten minutes, I turn back to face her.

Spike: You know…? Once upon a time, I was the most miserable bastard that ever graced God’s given Earth. I was so miserable, and I refused to say a word about it to anyone. I plastered a fake smile on my face. I cracked jokes in front of the camera. I played practical jokes with Jamie. I went out in front of those fans, and I played to them with every fiber of my being. I played this happy fan favorite who was so full of cheer. On the inside, I was no better than I was when I was cracking chairs over guys like me, brooding over those who were getting ahead of me. Especially after the date of March 25th, 2012, I wanted nothing more than to shout at everybody and break things and hurt people. Sometimes that asshole showed, but overall I choked it down with all I had.

She nods her head, completely understanding where I am coming from. I can tell she relates to me at this very moment, as she is hanging on with a thread. As if I were a tailor, I begin stitching the proverbial tears, slowly and precisely.

Spike: I had my entire world crumble down around me five times in my life. This last one nearly destroyed me, O. It almost killed me literally. I was trapped inside of this dark place with no hope of escaping it. The woman I was bat shit crazy over, the woman I planned on spending the rest of my life with, kicked me in the balls and told me she detested me, in front of thousands of people, then broadcasted over the internet, in front of friends, and our closest family members, including our daughter. Can you imagine how dark I felt after that? I could have crawled under a rock and disappeared. If I didn’t have children, I probably would have. I looked around me, and all I saw was the next failure. I was all but destroyed when all of a sudden, I saw this light… It was a light that shined brighter than anything I had seen in a long time. This light just made me see thing more clearly than I ever had.

Odette listened intensely to every word as she folded her arms over her legs, sitting Indian style on the couch as she is turned completely toward me. It almost seemed like a child listening to a telling of their favorite story. She lowered her head, and I couldn’t help but crack a smile as I paused for a second. I picked up my drink and took a small sip of the remainder before continuing.

Spike: This light gave me hope. It made me realize that things could get better. It made me see that I had a dream even grander than anything I ever expected. I saw that light, and it illuminated truths I had been hiding from in this darkness, and I knew I needed that light in my life.

Odette: I get it, Vixen is your light, and the story is meant to make me realize that…

I shook my head from side to side and Odette seemed surprised by that. Instead of following my little story, she just throws her hands up in the air in a sort of frustration and turns away for a second. When she turns back, I give her a smile in return.

Odette: Alright, then what is this Hallmark story supposed to mean?

Spike: This light guided me to where I am now. I am the leader of the New X-Tremes, a very successful stable within SCW. We have had many champions within our stable, so no matter what others say, they can suck it… Anyway, I am leading the next generation of wrestlers to glory. I am the Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. I am competing for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in just a few short weeks. I own a wrestling school. I am a wonderful father, I am a wonderful lover, not to toot my own horn.


Odette laughs as I make the motion and whistle. I see the first true glimmer of happiness come from her as she sits there, curious for the ending of the story.

Spike: I have accomplished a lot ever since that light entered my life. I thank it for everything I have gotten, and I owe a lot to that light. That light needs to understand how… how awesome it is. And if that light ever needs to talk to me about anything, it is the least I can do for it. I would hate to see that light go out… And in case you hadn’t picked up on it yet, you are the light I am referring to, Odette.

With every ounce of fight she has in her, she held back the tears until there was no doubt in her mind that I was speaking of her. She clinched her eyes, and the tears flowed out like two rivers. Her warm red cheeks became drenched, causing my eyes to lower for just a moment out of respect. I had a comforting smile on my face as she leaned over and buried her head into my chest. I reached around and gently patted at her back, nodding my head in reassurance. She might not be sure of what is going on around her, but she can be sure that there is a true friend who is there to listen to her, to help her in her time of need. She has someone who can offer her perspective, who knows what it is like to fight the darkness. I will be the one man of honor who would never betray trust, or cross boundaries. I have respect for Gabriel, he is another man of honor who is trying to be in her life, but it is not my place to tell her that. While Gabriel is a friend of mine, Odette is family. I have to respect and support her decisions regardless of how blind some of them may or may not seem to me, because they are hers to make. All I can do is support the way she supported me in my time of need…”

Spike’s irises slowly expand in diameter as he shakes off the daydream. He looks around to see his daughter running around in front of him. One of the females in his life that has impacted his life the most had no clue what a blessing she was to him. He watches her with a proud smile spread across his face as his son Tim runs behind, chasing her. Once she reaches the window overlooking the airport runway, she stops and sinks to the ground chuckling. Tim scoops her up in his arms and spins around with her, playing the way a big brother should. She squeals excitedly as he lifts her up into the air and over his shoulders. He sits down with her in a chair and takes a picture book from under his arm and she snuggles in close on his lap as he begins reading to her. She looks up at Tim, hanging on every word, and Spike knows he must have done something right. He takes a deep breath as reality slowly starts to sink back in. He turns his attention to Ms Rocky Mountains who is sitting next to him with a microphone in her hand. She adjusts her glasses as she reads his expression and smiles herself.

MRM: Those are some inspiring stories, Mr. Staggs. Tell me, does any of this have to do with Valentine’s Day? The whole idea of love…?

Spike: Not necessarily. Last week, I was sitting back and thinking about how I have dealt with some seriously screwed up things in my life, and believe me when I say these cameras have only witnessed the tip of the iceberg. I thought about the two main culprits of this, Roxanne and Misty. I started wishing I could take it all back, and never have had them in my life at all. I truly meant it until I realized what that would mean.

Spike’s eyes wander back over to his two children sitting across the lobby, passing time until boarding would begin for their flight. He nods his head slowly as if to hear something that the rest of us are not.

Spike: I realized that they couldn’t be one hundred percent evil, or else they never would have given me my angels. I owe them thanks for that at the very least. I thought about all of the other women in my life that I have taken for granted, and never thanked, such as my family, such as my mother, Vixen, Jessie, and Odette, and even you Ms. Mountains. I request you by name for my interviews. I can trust that you won’t make a mockery of me, or stray off topic.

MRM: Why thank you, Spike. It means a lot to know that I am not being taken for granted once in a while. Since you mentioned that I don’t stray off topic, let’s try to stay on this one, shall we? What does all of this have to do with your match?

Spike stops and thinks about it carefully for a moment. He formulates his explanation in his head before taking a deep breath.

Spike: These women have shaped me in so many ways. They are my friends, my parent, my lovers, my joy, my misery, my motivation… They all pushed me in one way or another to get ready for this opportunity. I was more than happy putting all of my focus on Sin City Wrestling because it is the region I feel I helped shape. I was willing to avoid the grand stage to help build up the region that gave me the opportunity in the first place. It was Vixen who encouraged me to do something for myself. She let me know that if I worked hard enough, I could not only lead the New X-Tremes. I could still lead SCW as their champion, and I could go on and lead the NWA as well. I am a natural leader, and a born champion with wrestling deep in my bloodline. Had it not been for Vixen, I would probably have turned this opportunity down, and focused strictly on my region. I felt I owed a major thank you to the women that push me to keep myself in order…

MRM: Very nice. So, you are on your way to Puerto Rico, and I see you are proudly carrying the SCW Heavyweight belt. How do you feel about your chances to return with the gold?

Spike: I am fully confident in my chances. Within reason, I am ninety percent sure I will return with that belt. I am not a lazy champion. I fight with every ounce, and I carry SCW pride on my shoulder when I walk down that ramp and into that cage. The days of a lazy champion are over…

Spike nods his head confidently as he adjusts the SCW title on his shoulder. He leans forward just a bit, puffing his chest out confidently as he listens to the vague announcement over the intercom. He quickly pulls his attention back as Ms Rocky Mountains who brings the microphone back to her lips, brushing one of her dark, curly locks of hair behind her ear.

MRM: I can only assume that you are talking about Chris Xtreme. Do you have any last official words for Xtreme before you head off to San Juan?

Spike looks directly into the camera with a serious look on his face. His eyes are full of that fire as he silently stalks his imaginary prey, presumably thinking of it as Chris Xtreme. He makes sure to get the Sin City title belt in the shot as he rolls his shoulders and cracks his neck.

Spike: Chris Xtreme… you had better spend these last few days with that title belt. You better cherish it for as long as you can. Shine it up really pretty for me. Show it off at every chance you can, because those days are numbered. Sleep with it, eat with it, shower with it, treat it like it will be dead tomorrow, because once they lock those cage doors, I will be hell-bent on destroying you to the point where I can just walk out of that cage with not one, but two championships held up high in the air. I will spare nothing to make sure of that, Chris. I have nothing for you, the way you have nothing for me, so I have absolutely no qualms about destroying you in that ring and making the world praise my name for ending your short title reign. I will resume my place at the top where I always belonged. You will go back to nipping at my heels where you belong, son.

Spike takes a deep breath, his eyes shooting around for just a moment before returning his icy glare to the camera. He hears an announcement over the speakers, but he doesn’t stop just yet.

Spike: I was meant for this, Chris. You were meant to be but a mere placeholder champion for me until I was ready to come back. That time has come, so at WrestleClassic, be prepared to grieve for your loss, because it will be the most devastating loss you have ever encountered. When you feel the Spikey Plummet, you will know it is D-Day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Chris…

With that, Spike gets up from his seat, beginning to gather his belongings to board his flight. The camera turns to focus in on Ms Rocky Mountains as a big smile spreads over her face.

MRM: Some powerful words from our SCW Heavyweight Champion going into his match. You can tune in to see this and a lot more on Pay Per View on February 28th, 2013 when NWA’s WrestleClassic is delivered straight to your living room. Who knows, Sin City Wrestling might be home to 4 NWA Championship belts with Sinful Obsession and Vixen also competing for gold. Contact your local cable or satellite provider for ordering details! What is in store for us at WrestleClassic? There is only one way to find out… Tune in LIVE!

With that, Rocky puts the microphone down in her lap, maintaining her smile as the scene fades… TO BLACK!
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