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> TY WEST vs BLASTED MONK, Roulette v Legacy title
Christian Underwood
Posted: December 30, 2018 07:42 am

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Post all RPs here!

Word limit: 10k per character per RP period

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Pretty Ty
Posted: January 04, 2019 08:40 pm

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"The Talk/Market Value"

Sunday afternoon (early)...

Most people don't know this, but Las Vegas had a lake. Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada. It is there, that Ty West had decided to take the gold urn containing the ashes of his deceased father. He sits on the shore, his pants rolled up to just below his knees. He has his feet dug into the dirt. He was quite a ways from the resorts and squints as he looks across the water at them. He reaches behind him and from a small cooler, pulls out a brown bottle of beer. Flipping the cap off. He nods at the urn, raising the bottle and clinking it against the metal. The sound is like a tiny gong. Ty takes a long swig before wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

Ty: Well Dad, we finally got here. You always said one day we would come out to henderson and have a beer, and here we are.

The tone of his voice is slightly sarcastic mixed with an undertone of hurt.

Ty: And I have news. I met somebody. Someone I really care about. Beneath all his bravado he really is sweet and I know he cares about me too.

He glances down at the urn, and shakes his head.

Ty: I know what you would say, you would ask me why I was doing this, why be with a man when with my looks I could have the pick of women. You would tease and eventually ask me if I liked being a...

He stops short of saying the defamatory term. He shakes his head, giving a little chuckle before taking another drink of the bottle.

Ty: No. You can't say any of that can you? Not now. I'm happy. I am happy to have someone who cares, who isn't concerned about my bank account or my good looks. He likes me for me and to hell with you and your judgement.

His voice wavers as he continues.

Ty: And you know what... Dad... I never wanted much from you, you know? I just wanted you to be around. For you to give a shit. Call me just to ask how I am without asking me to loan you large sums of money. Other kids, well most of them, had a father. Instead I just got a sicilian jackass who squandered his money on gambling. I didn't deserve that! I wanted so badly to impress you. For you to accept me but you never did, did you? You didn't want a son, especially one that modelled and acted. I don't miss you...

He chugs the rest and instantly reaches back for another bottle, flipping off that cap just as easily as the one before

Ty: Nope. Nothing to miss. I miss what we could have... no... should have had. You should have been around. You should have been a decent person. But you never were...

He finishes that beer rather quickly as well.

Ty: But it's your loss you know... you lost me. I'm great you know...

He's starting to feel the effects of drinking the alcohol rather quickly, being a lightweight, it really didn't take much. His vision twists, causing the area around him to rock violently from side to side like an unstable canoe. When the spinning stops though, his hand reaches for another of the six pack he brought.

Ty: And you were a dick to my mom. She deserved better than to be knocked up by you. She lost her whole life because of you and you being the jerk that couldn't wrap it up. My mom should have had a husband that loved her. Her kids shoulda had a devoted father. You screwed us both... Dad.

He laughs sardonically as he takes a huge gulp and then coughs as he chokes on it a little. A sadness now comes over him. Replacing the bitter anger he was just ranting with. He chokes again, only this is more figurative as he keeps himself from crying. Crying! Over a man that never cared. But why the bank account in Ty's name? Why keep the 5 acres in California. None of it made any sense.

Ty: Why couldn't you just stop. Stop gambling. Stop pissing people off. First you lost a pinky and then your life. Over what? A lousy bet? A scheme to get more money? I don't get it. I never got you. We are so different yet you are my father...

He shakes his head, the beer in his hand sloshes over the mouth of the bottle and all over the front of his dress shirt. He rolls his eyes and rips open the shirt, causing the buttons to pop and fly in all directions in the sand. One pings off the urn and he giggles

Ty: Gong! It is a gong show. Life is a gong show. Constantly having to impress people. Having to get approval.

His mind flashes through his memories.

Fenris: He's MINE!

Then watching as his eyes got wide and if Ty didn't know better, he swore he saw fear there. But when questioned about if he truly belonged to him, it had been an unfaltering ‘Yes’

He smiles as another memory floats into his frazzled brain.

Elin: He's cute, how did he ever end up with Kristjan?

Before the sisters had known about Ty’s nearly perfect understanding of the Icelandic language he had listened in curiosity. K wasn't an unattractive man, why wouldn't someone like Ty be with him? And then the realization that it had more to do with K's personality. Ty knew it wouldn't be easy but he hadn't given up yet and come hell or high water he wasn't giving up any time soon.

Despite everything, family was important and he knew he had won over K & Aron's family.

Bliss: I haven't seen you this happy in ages, Ty.

An impromptu skype call from his beautiful, Blonde mentor. She was exceptionally good at reading people and could tell right away that something was going on. He'd told her about K and then his father's death. Just like K and Effie, neither had known quite what to say. They all knew of the issues. Knew that he wasn't mourning the man's passing.

Then he falls face forward into the sand and the memories fade off into the bleak, black nothingless of drunken slumber.

Sunday afternoon (late)...

“I need you.”

They were not words he ever expected to hear from the mouth of the buxom blonde standing in his doorway. Effie Bingham had only been at the home of the Brothers Balta once or twice and it was usually for the help of the younger brother, the heterosexual brother. So Fenris is surprised to hear those words but steps back allowing her to enter, more curious to know what exactly she needed him for.

Fen: What for?

Effie bites her lip because she knows that as soon. as fills Fen in on the situation he might take out some anger on her, not that she was a stranger to anger given her own IED diagnosis, but there was a big part of this having to do with not wanting to fuck anything up for Ty.

Effie: Well... you see... Ty kinda lied about where he was going tonight and...

Fenris instantly thinks of the sly cocksucker that was Sebastian Phillips.

Fen: I told that Motherfu....

Effie's eyes go wide, mostly because the only words she recognized were the obscenities. And that was only because she'd asked Aron what they were. From a scholarly inquiring mind, of course.

Effie: Hold up. He ain't cheating. He took his father's urn to Henderson. He was supposed to be back by now but he's not answering his phone. I'm just worried. So I need you to come with me to look for him.

Fenris only partially understood why Ty would be upset over his father's death. From what he had learned from Ty himself, he was an asshole that only popped up when he needed money. Why mourn this man? It was a simple solution to Fen. Flush the man's carcass down the toilet and be done with it. But Ty was sweeter. A trait he was attracted to. A trait that Ty held in common with his beloved Jokull. He shakes himself of his memories and sees a wide eyed Effie.

Effie: Thought I lost you there, Space Cadet Barbie. You wanna come or not?

He ignores her insult, the thing he was starting to learn about the spitfire of a woman was that as insulting as her nicknames tended to come off, she only seemed to bestow them on people who were significant to her in some way. Calling him a “Barbie Doll” was not new and now that he thought about it, ever since the flirting had started between him and Ty, she had dared utter the words. But he quickly shook the thought away because now that Effie had brought it up, there was a part of him that was concerned. Another part was angry that Ty didn't think he could trust him enough with the truth either.

Fen: Yes. Go.

He pushes the woman back toward the door. He might never admit it outloud but part of him was thankful for this girl, trolly as she may be, he could tell she actually cared about Ty. As long as that remained, he would allow her to be around. He heard a rumour she was sleeping with the new guy claiming to be a monk in SCW. Which he also liked because it meant her claws were not firmly stuck in his brother.

The car ride doesn't take long, but the searching was starting to agitate the champion. If Ty had managed not to get himself killed, he'd kill him himself.

Somewhere around the hour mark, Effie calls out ahead of him and waves him over. When he gets there and looks to where she points, Fen rolls his eyes at the sight of his significant other, nude and spread eagle. His clothes are scattered around the private beach in quite a big distance. As well as six brown bottles and a gold urn, stuck on an angle in what appears to be a lopsided sandcastle.

Fen: Did he drink the six?

He fans his hand along the beach. Effie shakes her head.

Effie: He really shouldn't drink that much, he's such a lush.

If Fen were alone with Ty, he may be tempted to wake him in a more provocative way but with Effie here, he wasn't willing to share the experience. Instead, he walks over, pulling Ty up and then with minimal struggle hoists the unconscious man over his shoulders. She immediately notices the oval shaped bruise on the back of Ty's shoulder. It was yellowish, meaning it was older and healing. She rolls her eyes and grabs the cooler, Ty's discarded clothing and reluctantly the urn of his father. Following behind Fen, they make it back to the car. Not seeing Ty's bike anywhere, Fen asked;

Fen: How he get out here?

Effie shrugs as Fen opens the door and slides Ty into the backseat before closing the it and getting back in the passenger seat.

Effie: Uber.

Effie looks over her shoulder and then back at K.

Effie: You marked him, didn't you? Like a dog.

Kristjan laughs loudly.

Fen: Heat of the moment and the right position to do so. He did not complain.

Effie's face twists into one of disgust. Causing Fen to laugh more.

Fen: The unmovable troll has been moved. Are you against two men together?

Effie: I'm fucking Bi. So no. I just don't want to think about two guys I consider family doing the nasty.

Fen's eyebrows go up. Family? So his assumption had been right. She had started to collect them into her circle. He wasn't exactly sure how to digest that right now though.

Effie: Let's just get him home and rehydrated. I'm sure he probably has a touch of heat stroke too.

With that, the subject was dropped but the idea that Effie considered him part of her exclusive circle was still a lingering thought. He was still getting used to the fact that he had claimed Tyler publicly, but he supposed he could do worse than Effie as a friend.

After some arguing back and forth, Effie relents and allows Fen to bring Ty back to his place. Effie drives away just as Fen enters the building. A few neighbors give him questionable looks but he catches a few of them admiring the perfect shape of his lovers exposed backside. Being careful to make sure his ass was all that could be seen. Much to the horror of his neighbour, he slaps Ty's ass and the little old lady rushes out of the building with more speed then he'd ever seen with a walker. Telling Ty about this later would be the highlight of his day. It also served the man right for getting himself into trouble.

Aron doesn't even question it when Fen enters and goes straight to his room. The jostling has Ty wake up, retching. Fen is quick to put a garbage can in front of Ty's face until he is sure he had filled the bucket.

Fen: Sorry that I missed a drunk Ty West.

Ty looks at him weakly, so instead of busting his balls, Fen just pats Ty's hand in reassurance. Ty is embarrassed as he groans, running a hand over his face.

Fen resorts to icelandic now. He wants to know what happened and why he lied.

Fen: Why did you lie about where you were going?

Ty removes his hand, looking at his new ‘boyfriend’ in the fading light of the day. He knows the look on his face pretty well. It is the one he has right before he goes into a tirade over something. Ty doesn't have the mental strength to reply in the man's native tongue.

Ty: I didn't think you would approve

Fen laughs but it is more of a, “I’m right” then true humour.

Ty: I needed to sort out my feelings. I suppressed it all over Christmas, for the sake of having a pleasant holiday. You know?

Fen was not someone to really comment on suppressed feelings given he had suppressed feelings in his own past, but he appreciated that Ty wanted to make a good impression for his family.

Fen: You...

He clears his throat, not used to having to be any form of emotional support for anyone.

Fen: ...Can tell me. Anything. Can not promise not to be mad though.

Ty: I will. Just... not right now. I just want to sleep.

Fenris nods and walks to the door. Ty looks disappointed. It was a look that Ty never wanted to see on his face again. It stung a little and it was yet another confusing feeling to add to the growing pile.

Ty: Are you not staying? Are you really that mad?

Fen wasn't sure if it was the request itself or the tone it was asked in but he turns back, climbing in behind Ty to be the “big spoon.” It was all it took to set the drunken man into a deep, snoring slumber. Fen can't resist brushing his hand across his lover’s cheek. Deep down, he worried that something may happen to this man who had been slowly integrating his way into Fen's heart. He couldn't handle it a second time. It would break him completely.

The West-Ward Blogicles
Season 3, Entry #8 -- “Fair Market Value”

This particular entry starts without any fancy setup or props. It is just Ty. His growing, shaggy hair pulled back from his face in a short ponytail. His demeanor is serious.

Ty: I grew up constantly feeling like there was always room to be better. Not because I was told I needed to be but because I put that impossible expectation on myself. I wanted to do whatever I could to impress my birth father. But now, my chance has passed. He got himself into a bad situation that there was no escape from, yet this feeling inside me to still try to get his acceptance still lingers inside my brain like a ghost in an attic. Rattling and haunting me into partial insanity.

He grimaces at the thought of it, looking skyward for a moment before putting his attention back on the camera.

Ty: I have been this way for so long now that I think it will forever be ingrained into my DNA. I know what you are all thinking, “But Ty, you say, you were ready to hang up your boots and walk away...”

He shakes his head, his lips turning up in a bit of a frown.

Ty: Yes, no denying that. I was. I was tired. I felt like I was running in a hamster wheel, always seeing the prize but running faster still didn't move me any closer to that carrot I wanted so bad. People like Jon Dough keep bringing it up like a broken record. That I'm not good enough because I still could retire at any point.

This actually gets a sardonic chuckle from the big man. He continues in a sarcastic tone.

Ty: I find it amusing that not only does he know me so intimately that he can know exactly what I am doing but thinks he is also a mind reader.

Ty scoffs and the laughs at the ridiculousness of that.

Ty: Until Jon has been in my shoes, he can only make up stories to explain who I am. What makes me tick. In one breath he says I will run if I lose, and the other says I did it for sympathy to somehow get title shots.

He holds up his hands, looking back and forth between them.

Ty: So which is it? Apparently he knows the bosses even better than he claims to know me. Do they usually give shots to keep people in their employ? Seems to me it's a little fanatical of him. A little jealous. A little hypocritical. But the most important thing is that I made him tap out. You think that would give him a change of heart. But no, he still has my name on his lips. Please sir, kindly get my c#&k out of your mouth, I have no interest in your attention. I think all of it is a deeply seeded attraction to me, while I'm flattered to be part of your secret fantasies, There is no desire on my part to be your experimental situation. I am the Roulette champion, you need to accept that I beat you and so it puts an end to that chapter.

He wipes his hands together in a symbolic gesture of wiping his hands of the situation.

Ty: However, if you want a rematch, anytime anyplace.

He gives the camera a wink.

Ty: Now, Blasted Monk. A curious fellow to say the least. A man that in one breath is jumping on Dough's wagon of assumptions and then suddenly telling me it is just a game. Like chess. The analogy was not lost on me, Monk. Yes, wrestling is just as much a psychological game as it is a physical one. However, in any game, you never reveal your strategy before you play.

He puts a white king piece down in front of him.

Ty: I am not a stranger to people putting me on blast. It has happened since the day I was born. There was always someone with something to say. People constantly trying to put me down. Let me clear something up. In the small percentage that I lose, I am not quitting. I am not retiring. So if you chose to keep repeating that, you will look like a fool. A fool without a title.

With a flick of his fingers, he knocks the piece over. He then looks back to the camera, lacing his fingers together in front of him.

Ty: Look, It is hard to get my respect but it is just as hard to lose it once you have it, but I am not into this wishy washy back and forth. I will give you your due. You pinned Shinjiro to capture the honor championship. That is great, however you couldn't get the ultimate prize in that match. That was me.

Hand on his chest it is obvious how passionate Ty is about his journey.

Ty: Maybe I am overconfident, but I am not going down without a fight. If you look back, I haven't mentioned quitting since I came back from my vacation. I did some soul searching. Then I was lucky enough to have the advice of Ben Jordan. He was instrumental in giving me a new viewpoint. And of course Kristjan has been a beacon as well. But other than that, I know now that I am Valuable. Maybe Jon and a slew of other guys here don't agree.

He shakes his head lightly.

Ty: Despite everything I have done to get here, I am still called out on my looks. I've never been an arrogant, narcissistic guy. I have never relied on my looks. Modelling was fun but it was just a start. Acting was where I was headed. I tried. I tried for a long time but just like a few months ago, I had that same feeling like maybe I had expected too much of myself. I was my own worst enemy.

He reaches in front of him, out of the view of the camera to bring the Roulette title out and place it in front of him.

Ty: There is no one that is sitting there watching this that can say they have never entertained negative thoughts about themselves. Everyone has. It is what you do from there that makes the difference. Just because I failed to make it beyond a few B movies and commercials doesn't mean it is an indication of my future in wrestling. I proved my fair market value and I will continue to prove it, regardless of if I am Roulette Champion or not.

He throws the title over his shoulder.

Ty: But I plan on staying the Roulette champ after this match and the many more to come.

He pats the face plate as the camera fades to black.

Monday Afternoon...

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?”

Kristjan watches as Ty clears a spot on his TV stand for the gold urn. Kristjan seems a little disturbed at the thought of a dead man being able to watch them on the couch.

Ty turns and winces. Truth be told, He wasn't sure what he wanted to do with his father's ashes, but in the meantime, he couldn't in good conscience hide them in a closet.

K: You don't think this morbid?

He points at the urn with a turn of his lips.

K: This man does not deserve your respect.

Ty agreed but his heart was too big to do as Fen had suggested before and flush them.

Ty: I dunno K, I just... I wanted so much to have him respect me. To love me. Anything. I feel like I have been robbed of something.

Kristjan felt awkward, not knowing what to say to comfort his partner.

K: But he does not deserve your love.

Ty gives him a little half smile.

Ty: You are probably right

K rolls his eyes. There was no probably with the strong Icelandic man. He was right. In his mind, always. Ty laughs, not needing any translation for the look.

Ty: Until I am confident in what I am going to do, I will leave him there.

K grumbles about it, but decides not to discuss the topic further. Instead he leans in, kissing Ty softly. Ty knew that this was new to him. It had been a long time since he had been in a serious relationship. He felt guilty not telling K that he knew about Joküll, but he wasn't willing to betray Aron's confidence either. He was just as much a brother to him as to K.

K: So you said you would explain. So explain why you were naked in the sand.

Ty blushes. He had never drank so much that he blacked out. He remembers taking off his shirt. After that it was a blur of memories. He wasn't sure which were real and which were products of his drunken stupor.

Ty: Just me being stupid and letting my emotions get away from me. My dad's death has hit me harder than I wanted to admit.

K: No more. Okay? If you're getting drunk, let me see so I can laugh and make fun.

A smile crosses his face and Ty chuckles with a shake of his head.

Ty: Or so you can take advantage of me...

K shrugs his shoulders.

K: That too.

Ty loved how K was honest to a fault on most things. He wasn't shy about speaking his mind at any point and it was refreshing to Ty. He knew that his past love was subject non grata presently but he hoped, in time, K would be more willing to talk. Ty was secretly jealous of the dead man but in the same respect, he felt like he came as part of the package. To love K, you had to love that part of Joküll that lived in K's heart and always would. Ty cared so much about Kristjan that he was willing to accept that. As long as K was willing to give him back what he gave, in this time. The asian man wasn't here anymore, but Ty was.

K: Where is Lora again?

He looks around, feeling the emptiness that the sweet woman had left in the apartment.

Ty: Japan, to visit my Aunt Vanessa.

K's eyes go wide.

K: Another auntie? When can I meet her?

Ty shrugs.

Ty: Van is more like my mom and less like Lora. She is not as doting, or homey, or sweet. She's pretty rough around the edges actually.

K: So she is a bitch? Like Elin?

Ty thinks about it and then nods in agreement.

Ty: That's a safe comparison. She fits in better in Japan were a disciplinarian attitude will make you a good teacher. To be honest, I hardly know her.

But somehow, both Gina and Van adored Lora fiercely. Ty knew that Van cared about him but much like K and his sisters, had a hard time expressing it.

Out of the bedroom, the white haired, Heterochromian cat named Wilson came into the living room. He immediately jumped up onto the back of Ty's couch to sit directly in front of K, staring intently as if to ask what his intentions were with his human. K stared back. There was a moment of intensity before K barked at the cat. Wilson meows loudly before hissing. He jumped down, disappearing into the galley kitchen.

Fen: The feline does not like me being here.

Ty laughs, hugging K tightly. K resists before relaxing and putting his own arms around him.

Ty: Wilson is protective. I doubt you two will be best friends but you will come to a mutual understanding.

K: As long as he does not sit and stare while we are....

He trails off.

Ty: That was one time, plus you threw a pillow at him. You can't expect him to like you after that.

Fen shrugs before taking Ty's hand and pulling him back toward the bedroom. When the door closes, the white haired cat peaks around the corner and sits. If one didn't know better you would think the cat was smirking.

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Blasted Monk
Posted: January 06, 2019 12:48 am

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January 3, 2019

Hong Kong, China
Queen Elizabeth Stadium
Gymnastics Olympic tryouts for the Republic of China team 2020

The scene opens up in a room packed with 3,800 in the crowd. They surround an open 30 by 30 open floor gymnastics mat. Among those at attendance is Blasted Monk and his mother Lin Ting Lu. The two wear there black Hangfu robe. They have two of Blasted Monk’s Wushu students trying to make the team. This is the first time students from the dojo have been invited for a tryout.

They watch many of the gymnasts stretches and warm up. Monk turns to his mother.

Blasted Monk: You know, even if they don’t advance to the next round of tryouts. The exposure for the dojo to be looked at as possibles Olympians could generate more future students.

Master Lilly: And just think if one or both can advance to the next round.

Lin Ting Lu says tilting her head looking at her son with a smile.

Blasted Monk: Well, yes, each round puts more light on the dojo.

Master Lilly: The dojo has another way of being in the public's eye to generate more students.

Blasted Monk: Oh?

Lin Ting Lu straightens her body up to sit properly in her seat.

Master Lilly: Yes son, like merging the Legacy and Roulette titles together.

Blasted Monk nods as he agrees with his mother.

Master Lilly: I’m sure you’re looking forward to that.

Blasted Monk: Of course mother, a hardcore style of a match. Something I know very well.I haven’t had a match like this since I lost the Harcore Tag Team title. This is Inception 3, so it will be interesting to see what match types actually make it to the roulette wheel.

Master Lilly: Hmm, this is true my son, interesting indeed.

The gymnasts that are warming up for the preliminary rounds all start leaving the mat as it seems that tonight's event will be starting in a few minutes.

Master Lilly: Looks like it’s starting soon.

Blasted Monk: Yes, and I our students will be among the first group to perform.

Master Lilly: That’s good because I wish not to have to take a cab back to Foshan. The last train to leave Hong Kong to take us back to Foshan is in one hour.

Blasted Monk: No taxi will be a needed mother, if we reason we do not make it to the Train on time we will just Rent-A-Car.

Master Lilly: We are in luck as it looks like our senior student will be the first participant in the tryouts.

Blasted Monk turns to look at the entrance that the gymnast is using to get in and out of the competition floor.

Blasted Monk: each routine is 3 minutes long, our students have been working hard on their routines. He will be setting the bar for the rest of the competition.

Master Lilly: Well the bar has been set high enough already seen what is at stake here. Every one of these competitors would love nothing more than to represent our beautiful nation of China.

Blasted Monk strokes his chin as he nods agreeing with his mother.

Blasted Monk: It looks like the judges are going over some last-minute rules. No matter what happens, however, I am already proud of these two students.

Blasted Monk leans a bit for his chair as if he is trying to get a better view. The student gets to the middle I'm the mat. A whistle sounds alert the competitor to start his routine. The student bows at the judges and then takes a deep breath. Lin Ting Lu and Blasted Monk watch every movement, step by step as the student continues to hit his routine flawlessly.

The routine lasts for a total of 45 seconds before another whistle goes off. The student takes a deep breath and walks towards a corner of the mat. A whistle goes off again to indicate the beginning of his second routine. Student takes Ted steps as he runs towards the center before jumping doing a flipping 360 front flip. As he jumps again in mid-air he turns his body to turn it into a backflip.

Monk Nas as he feels that his students have a great Advantage with the flexibility and balance that they learn every day during there Kung Fu training. After another 45 seconds, the whistle blows yet again to indicate the end of time for the routine. Student takes his final pose as he lands perfectly then bows to the judges yet again.

The 3800 attendance starts clapping for the competitor, out of respect and possibly for the fact that zero mistakes were made during both routines. Lin Ting Lu shows a facial look of extreme approval. She turns and pokes for her son's shoulder to get his attention.

Master Lilly: So what did you think son?

Blasted Monk: I think both sets went very well, every competitor it comes out here tonight it's going to do just as well so the judges will have their hands full. I can understand why it's going to take them a few days to get all of the scores calculated and figure out which 25 out of the 50 competitors today will make it to the second round.

Master Lilly: Well after seeing the routine we just saw it will be hard for our first student not to make it past the first round.

Their student exits the floor area and heads back towards the back as another competitor is seen walking up two the stage so they can start their routine.

Blasted Monk: After a perfect routine like that it will be hard, I do agree with that. However, this would be a great learning experience even if he were not to advance.

Master Lilly: Right, looks like it's time for the second competitor.

The two turn away to face just a gesture of each other as the second competitor begins his routine.

The two of them watch the next 8 competitors before their second student is next to begin his routine. Just like their first student all a competitor's put on a perfect display. However, that is to be expected by almost every competitor that has been invited to tonight's tryouts. The 3800 attendance have been enjoying themselves throughout the entire event.

Blasted Monk: Okay, looks like he's next, he looks a bit nervous I just hope that doesn't interfere with his performance.

Master Lilly: I'm sure it won't, sometimes a bit of pressure is what an individual needs to take it to that next level to outperform the rest of the competition.

Blasted Monk: Like Wrestling.

Master Lilly: Correct son exactly like wrestling. Take Ty West for example.

Blasted Monk: Hold that thought mother, our student is about to begin his routine.

The to go back to focusing on the stage as their second student begins his first 45-second routine. Like the first student, the first routine goes off without a hitch. Lin Ting Lu keeps her excitement to herself as a student takes a quick second to look at them. The student gets ready for the second part of his routine, Blasted Monk leans a bit forward from his chair.

After two successful routines, the student takes a bow to the judges before exiting the mat. Blasted Monk goes back to sitting correctly as he places his back on the back with a chair.

Blasted Monk: Too perfect routines by both of our students, no matter what happens the entire Dojo won't be proud of them. However, mother as you were saying.

Master Lilly: Ty West was given opportunities to be crowned the world champion but have failed. Not even a month later more like the next following week or two, he would find out that he will be going for the roulette title yet again. After filling the first time while Jon Dough was champion, the pressure for Ty West to become Champion was even greater.

A competitor in a match to determine the Roulette Champion, a match in which he won. Given the list of competitors that were in that match, for example, Ben Jordan and yourself son. Just to name a few that he had to go through. The same match you showed everybody that you had what It takes as you would end up any Shinjiro to become the Legacy champion.

I would love to believe that you could have won and would have won the entire match head you started in the same position that Mr. West has started in.

Blasted Monk: it would not have mattered in which position I would have started. One could argue that the better man won that night. If I had to do it all over again I still would have wanted to start the match with Ben Jordan as what I had really wanted was a one-on-one match. The ability to start the match with Ben Jordan did at least allow us to tease the fans a quick 5-minute one-on-one match before other competitors started entering the ring.

Ty was in front of his hometown, it was his night to win as it would make the best Cinderella Story Time moment. Is native hometown would have lost their shits if I would have walked out of there with both titles.

Master Lilly: The hometown hero winning may make for a good story but it doesn't always make the best story. A good example of that son could have been you winning both titles and then everyone hating this “ Foreigner” for walking into the match and dominating to the point where you would walk out with both titles. All that would have happened was it would have created a situation in which all of the fans would want to see Ty, Caleb, Casey, Ben the list can go on and on but with want to see any of them come and challenge you for those titles. Well, maybe not so much better than if we went with the Foreigner angle seeing how Ben is not American but he is loved so I can see how most Americans well overlooked the fact that he is foreign.

Blasted Monk: Mother you say this as if the fans don't love me.

Master Lilly: We all know how this goes son, yes the fans do love you... When you're fighting someone in the ring that they absolutely despise. As soon as you get in the ring with someone that people in the wrestling industry will consider a fan favorite, you sent to be the villain in the match.

Blasted Monk: To beat on his mother I wouldn't want it any other way. I love the flexibility that I have what the crowd. I also like to believe that they loved it as well. They loved knowing that at any given week they can either cheer for me or they can boo me and it doesn't go against my persona, towards my approach in the ring, backstage with the other competitors, or my interaction with the fans outside of the ring. I am allowed to be myself 100% of the time while others, not so much.

Master Lilly: Son, I would love to be inclined into believing what you are saying 100% but the reality of it is that one can also say that when you're able to be yourself 100% of the time compared to somebody who may have to portray a certain persona. You have more of a chance to start getting complacent vs anybody else.

Ty West wants to portray this boy scout goody-goody type of person. I am not saying that that is not who he is outside of the Ring. What I am saying is that when you have a nonchalant approach like you tend to do, complacency is something that will factor in and can play an unfavorable part and your career. If you are not careful this can put significant damage into the career you are trying to build for yourself.

Just think from the very first day you've ever entered the square circle as they call it. You've had a nonchalant approach since day one and wow little by little you have shown a bit more of maturity, you cannot help but continue it doesn't matter approach. You have been successful in your career however your career by now could have been at a whole different level if the nonchalant was more of an act as Ty West boy scout is.

Blasted Monk: That’s just it because this is not an act I am perfectly fine with how my career is going. Me asking for a title shot is never going to happen, sure I might ask to allow myself to get in the ring with certain individuals at particular times in my career. But that is me letting those in charge know that I feel at that particular time between that particular opponent that individual and myself can put on a performance like no other. A performance that the audience deserves to see rather I am being viewed as the villain or the good guy.

Some say winning titles doesn't matter, most to say that are individuals who can't win a title. But even somebody who's nonchalant like me understands how important it is to be a champion even if that Championship reign is not one that is looked at as a memorable long lasting reign. There is just a certain amount of credibility that comes to an individual when they were able to say that they've held this title or that title. Take my upcoming match with Mr. West. Yes, it is two titles that will be merged together, that in itself is a big deal.

However I like to assume that what makes it just a little bit more of a bigger deal is the fact that on top of my current Legacy Championship reign knowing that I am also a two-time hardcore tag team champion a title that is very unique and is industry what bring a little bit more clout until the importance of the two individuals that are in this match. And I am not trying to take anything away from Mr. West because at the end of the day this is also a gentleman who was looked at as the number one Contender for the world heavyweight title. He is currently the Roulette Champion which one can argue is always a number one Contender for that world title. If he wasn't as talented as he is, then the company wouldn't keep putting him and these particular spots as they have been.

The two students send Blasted Monk a text letting him know that they are ready to go.

Blasted Monk: well it looks like we will be catching that last train back to Foshan after all.

Master Lilly: great and looking at the time we should have plenty of time to get a bite to eat first. I figured while we're out of the dojo maybe we can treat the students to some McDonalds?

Blasted Monk: I I think that would be a great idea. I'm sure They loved some greasy fast food, something different than the everyday rice they're used to at the dojo.

The two of them wait for the current competitor to finish the routine before getting up to leave their seats. While the two students are ready to go and waiting for them by the door it will be a sign of disrespect to get up and leave during one of the competitor's performance.

Like everybody else, the two of them start to clap as the current competitor has reached the end of their routine. Could you quietly get up and excuse themselves as they leave their seats passing 7 members in the crowd to get to an aisle to walk towards one of the exit doors. Once there they see their two fellow students, the four take a bow.

Master Lilly: you both did very well today, you both have made the dojo very proud. I'm sure the other students and Masters at the dojo will be looking forward to seeing your tryouts once this airs on TV tomorrow.

If we leave now we'll have enough time to get a bite to eat before the last trade back to the dojo. There is a McDonald's across the street from the train station, we will go there and get a bite to eat first.

the two students show an extreme level of excitement as it is not every day that they are treated 2 junk food. They know this is a rare occasion and appreciate something as small as a Big Mac and some fries.

The train ride back to Foshan, China

Lin Ting Lu had arranged for the four of them to get a private room for the two-and-a-half-hour ride back home. She knew that the two students would be tired and wanted them to relax instead of buying a general ticket to stand in the crowded train like sardines in a can with everybody else. Pay the extra $20 per ticket for the four of them to share a four-person room is well worth it.

About 35 minutes into the train ride monk notices his mom staring out the window. At first, he thinks nothing of it, Intel he starts to pay attention then realizes that she isn't blinking her eyes. Whenever he sees this, he knows she must be having a vision of some sort. He looks at the two students who have knocked out after a long day preparing for their tryouts. Their body's not used to eating fast food probably didn't help them any.

Monk turns back to look at his mother. He watches her for about 2 to 3 minutes before she blinks. She turns and looks at her son with a worried face.

Master Lilly: Song's in trouble. I am sensing that she is planning I'm doing something utterly stupid.

Monks facial expression stays as normal as it always does, he remains silent as he continues to listen to his mother. She continues to speak in a worried voice.

Master Lilly: once we arrived at the dojo, pack a bag we will be taking a helicopter out to the hanger. I believe one of the smaller planes currently is sitting there on standby. Monq gets in contact with the hanger and has them refuel the plane if they haven't already.

Monk Doesn't say a word to his mother. He immediately takes his phone out of his pocket, he Scrolls through his contacts to get to the number for the hanger. Still, with a come look on his face, he makes the phone call and lets them know that they will be using the play tonight. They inform monk today I just added gas to the plane so it is ready to go when he arrives.

Monk hangs up the phone and places it back in his pocket. She doesn't say a single word to his mother, she as well remains silent. Monk is aware that something is wrong, however, that matter in hand is not something that will be spoken about in front of the students as they can awake at any given moment.

Once the four of them arrived at the dojo monk heads immediately to his room. He grabs a small duffel bag and packs one day worth of needed Essentials. He then uses the bathroom before heading back to the main gate 2 meet up with his mother.

Monk waits for his mother for 20 minutes, she arrives to the main gate have you showered now wearing more modern Street attire has she has on a pair of jeans with a light blue color sweater on. Holding nothing more then her phone she and her son walk out of the dojo and take a path heading towards the back where the helipad is at.

the to get in the helicopter along with the pilot who will be flying them 45 minutes to get to the private Hangar that's owned by the dojo. Once there feel bored what are the smaller private jets that are waiting for them. Normally they will take a bigger jet to Hawaii where they were in stop to get gas however with the smaller jet they will have to land in a small island 100 miles away from Hawaii. So that they can pick up the extra fuel needed to arrive in Los Angeles.

Once they are on board the plane and take off Lin Ting Lu explains the situation.

Master Lilly: Song might be having one of her episodes.

Blasted Monk: How bad is it?

Master Lilly: I I am getting this strong feeling that she is going to try and commit suicide.

Blasted Monk: How much time do you think we have?

Master Lilly: A few hours at most once we land and Los Angeles.

Monk doesn't ask any more questions. His mother doesn't speak another word about it. This is not the first time his mother has Vision such a situation. Each time she had one of these visions we always got to song on time. Only once did his mother not visualized one of her attempts. They were lucky that it was a failed attempt.

Now that monk is aware of the situation, he knows he will be spending some time in Los Angeles with her. Songs troubled past Hunter almost on a nightly basis. She is however usually able 2 maintain her sanity. However, there are times where it gets the better of her if monks mother vision is correct this will be the fourth attempt.

All monk can do now is wait, he knows he has nothing but 15 hours of a plane ride to think how he will address the situation. All he knows is that for the next week and a half he will be on lockdown as he will be staying with some in her house brother she likes it or not.

Knowing what's ahead of him Karma monk uses this time to get some sleep.

To be continued…
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~Glorious Return~
Off Camera

Ty hadn't really seen his mentor in months, but now that Kahlan had returned to the city of sin, it was like she had never left. She was busy, ordering around her staff, making sure appointments were scheduled properly. Overseeing the other trainers. He had to admit he missed her. He goes to approach her when a bubbly brunette enters the picture, winks at Kahlan before walking away. That must have been her friend Ashley. Was there something going on there?

He shakes his head, it wasn't his business who she dated. What was his business was letting her help him prepare to face Blasted Monk.

He finally walks over and Kahlan looks him over.

Kahlan: What's with the hair?

She nods at his longer blond strands held back in a short pony. Ty shrugs.

Ty: K likes it.

In fact, his new ponytail had been something of a new “toy” to the man he cared for. Kahlan scrunches her nose and holds up her hand in surrender.

Kahlan: I don't wanna know any more. So, this guy you're facing is a cocky asshole, am I right?

Ty: You are correct, Ma'am.

She narrows her eyes, the last thing Kah liked was being reminded that she was aging.

Kah: Don't push it blondie... so what's this guy's specialty?

Ty: He's all over the board. But his finishers are both submissions.

Kah taps her chin.

Kah: Truth be told, big guys like you are prone to be a victim of little guys with powerful submission moves. The trick is not to let yourself get in a position where he can use it. You are bigger and surprisingly fast. Honestly, I think your martial art reversals are going to be your best option in that case. I can't help with those, but we can get in there and start sparring at least. Will feel good to not have to sub in someone.

Ty smiles widely.

Ty: Congrats on the medical clearance. Was a long time coming.

Kah looks down at her knees. Although both are in special support braces it doesn't hinder her ability to move in behind the ropes.

Kah: Yeah it has. I dealt with months of Drake pestering me about not being able to do anything about dealing with him myself. Won’t he be surprised next time he opens his mouth.

She smiles wickedly. Ty had only really heard stories about the infamous Drake Hunter. It was a love-hate relationship between him and his trainer. He quickly changes the subject before she digresses and gets angry.

Ty: So his promo... he doesn’t even address me directly. Talks to his mom who just accuses me of not only being an act or gimmick but also that the only reason I won was because of the position I entered the ring. It’s insulting. Although Monk didn’t agree with her, it was still a massive hit. The fact that anyone thinks I am disingenuous... well..

Kah puts a hand on his shoulder.

Kah: Don’t let him get to you. Don’t let her get to you. Anyone that can’t tell you shit directly to your face has no place to say anything. Just remember that. I own up to anything I saw whether it’s on camera or from a ‘friend of a friend’. Be the same. Tell that fucker just what’s up and don’t let up. Take him to the limit and prove that it doesn’t matter who’s in the ring or what time they got in, you would have won regardless.

It gives Ty the confidence boost he needs.

Ty: Mind if I use your place to film my promo?

Kahlan extends her hand.

Kah: Of course not. Mi casa es su casa...

The West-Ward Blogicles
Season 3, Entry #9 -- “What’s Right”

Ty has taken a seat on the apron of the practice ring at Olympia Wrestling School in Las Vegas, run and owned by Kahlan Bliss Fischer. It was where he trained and where he still continued to do so. Behind him in the ring, is his best friend Effie and her live in... friend... St.John Cross. They are practising together with Bliss standing off in the corner coaching them. Ty however is looking directly into the camera facing him. He sighs deeply before speaking.

Ty: At this point, I find it hard to come up with any words that will not be considered a broken record. I said my piece on my feelings regarding Jon Dough. I have nothing left to say. I won. End of story.

With that, he has created closure about the man he beat two weeks ago, proving that he was in fact the worthy man to hold the roulette title.

Ty: Now Blasted Monk. He's always been an interesting character. He seems to enjoy confusing people. Playing games and in his words, “busting balls” but that is not me. True, I have not been in SCW all that long, Less than a year, but I know that I plan on keeping the Roulette title so long that I have to relinquish it and get another shot at the SCW championship. That is my goal. I have been called so many things by so many people and frankly, I am none of those things. And the thing that everyone should know that unlike Monk, I never plan on abandoning SCW for “greener pastures” like he did.

He finds the whole thing a little amusing, giving the camera a lopsided smile.

Ty: Unifying these titles is a significant endeavor to me. Other than winning the Roulette title itself, being the one to carry both and make them one means a lot. And I'm not sure that Monk feels that this match is as momentous as it actually is. Maybe he thinks this will be a walk in the park, that somehow he's going to breeze through me.

At this point, Effie dives off the turnbuckle, landing on Sin. She tries to take him down but he easily tosses her to the mat. The mysterious monk smirks at the seething blonde.

Ty: Hey if he and his mother are going to underestimate me, they can go ahead. It is just going to make me put even more into this match. I have a deep need to impress. That need makes me a formidable opponent. And oddly enough, Monk wasn’t even concerned about winning. He was more interested in talking about how he got to face Ben Jordan for five minutes. If he wants to face Ben so badly, then he can be my guest.

This thought causes his voice to raise in agitation. The camera notices that Kahlan has started moving toward the corner where Ty is sitting.

Ty: I refuse to have this be the match I lose, after I worked hard to get this. Monk has been here how long? He shows back up only because of the merger and gets put into a match to win the Roulette title whereas I have been fighting for this since I joined months ago. Whether I entered 1st or Last I was still not going to leave that ring empty handed. I'm not saying that I deserve the title per say, but if the fans want someone devoted to this company, devoted to them, well that is me.

A well manicured hand sneaks down to grip his shoulder, giving it a comforting and grounding squeeze. Ty smiles, taking a deep, calming breath before continuing.

Ty: I am going to be the victor in this match because I want this. I earned this. My desire is to make the Roulette title something a person has to fight to earn, not some consolation prize that changes hands so often that it is seen as a joke. Monk couldn’t even directly talk about our match or about me. His whole little thing was about his mother scolding him like a child for not being more aggressive.

Back in the ring, the Monk gets Effie into an arm bar and she growls at him with a few words that are bleeped out. Ty shakes his head.

Ty: I am not a joke and the sooner the rest of the roster realizes that, the better off they will be.

He gives a little half smirk of satisfaction before he waves at the camera and it fades to black.

~House Hunting~
Off Camera

The condo was larger than his current apartment. The large windows looked onto a quiet street rather than down on the hustle and bustle of Sin City lights and sounds. He had gotten so used to the smell, a seedy musk that screamed lust, but this neighborhood had him thinking of little happy families and suburban fanfair.

Lora: I really like the open windows!

Ty shook himself free of the flashback of the fight that had been plaguing him for days.

Ty: Yeah, it's nice... quiet...

Lora puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder. She doesn't say anything but Ty had been able to connect with his aunt on a molecular level since birth. The real estate agent smiles. A frosty fake smile of a salesman wanting to make a quick closure on an empty condo that had gone stale on the market.

Agent: The kitchen is all updated as well. Freshly painted. Both bedrooms are quite large and the master has an ensuite.

Lora nods and nudges Ty. The idea of a private bathroom was nice, especially since he hoped that K would feel comfortable staying over more.

The agent leads them down the hall, showing them also a closet that had been converted to house a stacking washer and dryer.

Agent: It's a great starter home. And the price is especially right.

Ty had to admit that it was a good price. With the 50K from his father and the remaining from Lora's sale of her place in Florida it would both save them the expense of paying a monthly rent.

Lora bites her lip.

Lora: Well I love it. It's small enough but also spacious enough. It fits our budget. What do you think Ty?

Ty is still very distracted but he nods his head. He liked it well enough. He wanted Lora to be comfortable as well.

Ty: I think we should put in an offer, Auntie

The agent smiles widely

Agent: I will go and get the paperwork started.

He then disappeared leaving Ty and Lora alone.

Lora: Spit it out, are you still bothered about Aron and Kristjan?

Ty avoids answering right away but his aunt could read him like a book. She moves a hand to caress the side of his face. Sometimes she was more motherly than his own mother.

Lora: Sweet boy. It is not entirely your fault. Aron told you something that wasn't his to tell. I know it was with good intentions, but the road to hell is often paved with those. It was going to come out eventually, secrets are a heavy burden.

Ty: I know... it's just now K thinks that this was me just taking pity on him when nothing could be further from the truth.

Lora smiles.

Lora: Everybody that knows you, knows that. Maybe you just gotta tell him that.

Ty laughs. Telling K anything was a crapshoot at best.

Lora: I mean it. Put on you big boy pants and make him listen.

Before Ty can answer her, the agent returns with a folder of paperwork.

Agent: So, let's get this started shall we?

~Making things right~
Off Camera

The door in front of him opens and K's trainer and Friend looks at Ty in surprise. It’s the next day and his Aunt’s words were still fresh in his head, repeating constantly about how he needed to talk to both the brothers and make amends. Ty swallows hard before speaking.

Ty: Is Aron here? I'd like to talk to him if he isn't too upset with me.

Gabriel nods his head, stepping back to open the door wider. He didn't know Gabriel at all and couldn't even speculate on what his opinion was, although after their disagreement on twitter involving K going off on a poor sales clerk, he was sure the veteran wasn't feeling like Ty was a good fit for his student.

Gabriel: Have a seat, I'll tell him you're here.

Still, Ty was unable to read the man. He tried to shove it down, knowing it was the least of his worries at the present moment. It doesn't take long for Aron to appear in the living room, offering Ty a warm hug. It takes Ty off guard.

Sensing Ty's confusion he laughs.

Aron: I'm not upset at you and this fight is not your fault. I knew the risks when I told you. It was worth it.

Ty is taken aback. Worth it?

Aron: You should not feel bad about this Ty. You took that info and were able to break through to him. He may not show it a lot, but he's happy. A lot happier than he's been in years and that's because of you.

Ty immediately blushes, but Aron doesn’t let him brush it away

Ty: Well, I dunno...

Aron shakes his head, cutting him off before he can try to absolve himself of the credit he was giving.

Aron: K and I will work it out... eventually. Siblings fight. It's not like we haven't before or like we won't again. It is just, a sensitive issue that he wasn't ever planning on telling anyone about and it gave him an excuse to not let anyone else in. But he let you in. Not just because you knew about Joküll but because of who you are Ty. No matter how much shit he gives you, you know how to take it. I don't know anyone outside our family that could. You care about him. You care so much, you came here, thinking I was pissed off at you to try and smooth things over. All for him.

Ty searches for words, but can't find any. But he senses Aron's falter in confidence about whether he and K will regain their bond. He suspected it had something to do with Aron not wanting Ty to worry about them. Like he wanted to take the weight off Ty's shoulders.

Aron: I know how you feel about him. It's obvious when I see you both together, but he doesn't know and you should tell him. He's so obtuse he can't tell for himself and don't let him walk all over you either.

Ty: But what about...

Again Ty's mind was flipping back to the fight he had witnessed. Once again, Aron is pushing it away, diverting blame under a lot of bravado. Ty didn't know Aron well enough to call him out on it though, but somehow, Aron was able to read him easily, especially with how much he cared about his brother.

Aron: K and I will deal with that our own way. You...don't need to worry about us.

Ty nods, and the starts to stand, Aron follows suit. The flater in Aron's voice hadn't completely convinced Ty that what he said was true, but he was beating a dead horse by now. They get to the front door and Ty turns back to Aron. He needed to say it. He needed the forgiveness from Aron for being the catalyst to this fight.

Ty: I am sorry that I betrayed you.

Aron gives him a sympathetic smile.

Aron: You didn't. It was going to come up eventually. You're not a very good liar, Tyler West. I am just happy you used the information the right way. Thank you for coming by to see me.

Ty offers his hand and once again Aron is hugging him. However Ty can't help feeling like Aron might be shutting the topic down prematurely. He wasn't as hard as his brother, but in this instance he could see the similarities between them.

Aron: Thank you for loving him Ty.

Ty felt awkward, not exactly sure if that was what his feelings for K were just yet. It hadn't been very long and he'd never really loved anyone romantically before. But he gives Aron a polite nod before leaving. He couldn't help still feeling responsible. Aron had only been partially reassuring with his words, since Ty had been able to see through it, but if Aron wished to deal with the fight on his own, he wasn't one to push others into doing things they didn't want to do, even make up with their headstrong brother.

He sat on his bike a long time before gathering the courage to start it. Was he falling for K? Was it really as obvious as Aron said it was? As far as he knew, he was just following his gut. He takes off and doesn't know where he's going until pulling into another parking spot.

Ty found himself standing outside K's door, with a jar of nutella as a peace offering for Dani. He knew sometimes Effie could really rub people the wrong way, especially given that he didn't think those two women would ever be friends.

He had no idea how this would go but he knew that it was unacceptable to leave it hanging. He still felt responsible for the fight between the brothers and on top of that, K had barely spoken to him in days.

He knocked and when the door opened Ty struggled not to kiss the pouty lips that started to scowl in disapproval.

K: “What?”

Ty sets the jar down inside before Immediately reverting to Icelandic so there would be no misinterpretations.

Ty: We need to talk. About everything.

K is about to cut him off when Ty’s voice takes on a stern quality to it, very much uncharacteristic of the sweet man. He moves into the apartment, closing the door behind him.

Ty: For once, you are going to shut up and listen to me.

It takes K off guard, so much in fact that his blue eyes go wide in shock. It was an interesting role reversal.

Ty: I care about you. I cared about you well before I knew about Joküll and it continues after. Nothing about our relationship involved pity. If anything I understand you better. I don't expect you to act like he never existed. I don't expect to replace him and honestly I am not threatened that if this keeps building that you would love me differently than you did him. It would be selfish of me to expect that you would just pretend he didn't have your heart first. The point is, I accept all of that, all of you. Just as you are.

Ty's eyes fill with unshed tears. The idea that K would think his feelings for him were based solely on some sort of pity was probably the most hurtful thing he could have said. K has a bit of a guilty look. That same thought had been bothering him since the fight when he had yelled at his lover accusingly.

K: I shouldn't have said that...

Ty can't help it as a tear escapes his control and falls from his eye. The idea of losing what he had blossoming with Kristjan was like a knife in his gut.

K: Fuck, do not do that... I am...

It is hard for him to admit he was wrong, to anyone but in this moment, looking at how upset Ty was, he would only do so for him. His greatest fear was letting anyone know he could be softer. It only proved how much he trusted the handsome man bearing his soul in front of him.

K: I did not mean it. You are not a type to give pity sex.

Ty knew that was as close to a full out apology that K would say and he was fine with that. Emotions were not his strong suit. With a roll of his eyes, he beckons the big man closer. He hugs him while he lets the rest of his tears flow onto his bare shoulder. Normally something like this would make him very uncomfortable and he was, but not because of his tears but because he had been the one to bring them about.

He hugs his partner, trying his best to awkwardly soothe him when he notices the enormous jar by the door. He smirks.

K: You were not kidding about that jar?

Ty looks up and immediately starts laughing, wiping his tears with the back of his hand.

Ty: I don't think Dan was kidding about loving Nutella either...

Both of them share a laugh.


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We continue from last week.

The scene continues from where we last left off which is inside of a plane will we see Blasted Monk and Lin ting Lu taking a needed rest while they had back to the United States.

The two of them managed to get about 3 hours of rest before waking up by the momentum of the plane heading down to land. They have reached a small island in which they will be getting gas. Monk looks at his mother.

Blasted Monk: I believe it would be best if I just stay in the States once we arrive.

Master Lilly: Yes that would be for the best, I will be contacting Orchid and inform her that she will be needed at the dojo. However, I know she just arrived in Japan and has been talking about this trip for a few weeks. So I'm going to have her stay in contact with the dojo so that if she is needed she can go back at that point but I want to keep her in Japan for as long as possible because I want her to enjoy this trip that she has been talking about you nonstop. [/color]

Blasted Monk nods and lets out a chuckle.

Master Lilly: What’s so funny?

Blasted Monk: nothing is really funny, Orchid talking about Japan non-stop like she never been there just gave me a small chuckle. I understand that right now in your mind nothing is a laughing matter however there is nothing we can do wow we wait for the plane to load up on gas. I wish not to tell you how to handle this mother however maybe you should go back to bed and get as much rest as you can. Sitting here thinking about it knowing there's nothing that can be done until we land is not going to help the situation in any way.

Master Lilly: What about you? Will you be going back to bed as well? [/color]

Blasted Monk: I’m sure I will but I think for now I'm just going to jump on my phone and check out some wrestling matches. The situation with song is not a good one however I wish not to sit here and just focus all my attention on that. I do have a match I need to prepare for, as you said this is a match which can help shed light on the dojo.

Master Lilly: Okay, if anything changes or if you hear anything, please wake me up and let me know. [/color]

Monk takes his phone from his pocket and sees that it's turned off.

Blasted Monk: Well, scratch that idea as my phone is dead and I didn't think to bring a charger with me

Master Lilly: Nor did I. [/color]

Lin Ting Lu grabs her phone and sees that it to has lost all its power.

Master Lilly: Great my phone is dead as well. [/color]

Blasted Monk: Well, I’m going to go sit towards the back of the plane was the computers at. I just want to watch a few matches and then I'm heading to bed myself.

Master Lilly: As soon as we land we must get some chargers to charge up our phones in the car. [/color]

Blasted Monk: I’ll hop online and get a rental car ready for us. Just try to relax and get some sleep mother.

Master Lilly: I will try. [/color]

Monk turns on the computer that sucks in a small business area at the back of a plane. He looks around to see if there are any phone chargers any of the elders would have left behind but is unsuccessful to find any.

After putting a reservation for a Rent-A-Car for them to receive once they land he then goes over to the Sin City website. He signs in under his username and starts viewing a match from two weeks ago between Ty West and Jon Dough. Even though that match is still fresh in his mind he wants to give it another go. Note won't be necessary to be taken during this match. He will, however, be taking notes on some of Ty’s other matches.

The matches that he will be taking notes and watching more closely are the ones in which he was not successful. Do you only match he is not concerned with is the triple threat match in which he and Caleb we're both are successful in winning giving Jon Dough his second Title reign as the Roulette champion.

Monk feels that taking notes of the matches in which his opponent was not successful coming out the victor will help better understand what those that were able to be Ty West already knows.

Monk is very well aware that scouting a handful of matches that were not tested under the roulette rules could only help so much. However, Monk does feel that a Roulette rules match may favor him more than his opponent.

Monk is very aware of hardcore style matches. He has done so well that as a former hardcore tag team champions almost everyone will argue that he and he alone had to carry the team. Monk would argue that both heat and is former partner had unique weaknesses and strength that they eat brought to the table.

Both times in which Monk lost the hardcore tag titles was when his partner was in a predicament in which forced him to either surrender to lose the match or have his former partner severely injured to the point in which her career could have ended. Month chose to save her career both times over keeping the title.

To Blasted Monk, holding a title is not as important as in is to others. For many wrestlers, they desperately need a title to try to justify who they are. It is as if they have no identity unless they are holding a piece of leather with 10 lb of gold in it.

To Blasted Monk it is all about having great matches regardless who walks out Victorious and who walks out with their head held down. The good thing about Blasted Monk is that he doesn't leave a match holding his head down whenever it's a match and what's the outcome was not in his favor.

To Blasted Monk win or lose every match as a learning experience and he knows that matches in which he comes out on the losing end are nothing more than a lesson to learn. In his career, he has learned quite a bit. But the most important thing he has learned is not about winning or losing a match it is about knowing who you are and providing yourself to the type of identity in which the fans will always remember the wrestler not the accomplishments behind said wrestler.

Blasted Monk knows that people can sit there and name who the best Champions were but unfortunately that does not always mean that those names will appear on the list of the best wrestlers and the industry. Blasted Monk also understands that almost everybody will argue that he is incorrect on that, however, to prove his point all he'll have to do it provide a bunch of names of wrestlers that people will agree that are among the best of the best and yet not one of them has ever held a world title let alone a title in which some companies look at as tier 2 or tier 3.

Many wrestlers half left an impression on the fans by the story that they have told while chasing a title and never becoming a champion. Blasted Monk likes to think that winning titles along the way has helped his cause however being a champion not the only aspect and what people view as being a top wrestler but it also doesn't help to have been a champion. Blasted Monk understands that holding a title does add a bit of credibility but not as much as what people try to persuade the fans. Those wrestlers who go out of their way to persuade the fans that holding the title means everything is those same wrestlers that have no identity whatsoever unless they have a title. What those wrestlers fail to understand is that when thing are champion there's still no different than when they weren't Champion outside of the fact that now the title currently means a little bit less than what it should give it to the current champion is.

Is Ty West a man who feels that he needs a championship to help justify who he is in this industry? That is a very good question 1 and which Blasted Monk hopes the answer is no, however, can you believe that this is the situation his opponent has found himself in.

At the end of the day when you can get on the mic and make certain statements that he has been made about thinking of leaving the industry 2 then being a champion does not bring any credibility to the title. What Blasted Monk does understand is that a match like this can help both he and Ty West.

Blasted Monk knows that when it is all said and done whoever is holding the title is going to give the title The credibility it had before Ty became the champion. Knowing that Blasted Monk is going to be able to provide that much more credibility to the title that even if he doesn't walk out victorious he still leaves the ring like every other time he's left the ring, with his head held high.

Blasted Monk knows that he will be giving everything he has and is expecting his appointed to do the exact same thing. Blasted Monk just hopes that this does not become his opponent's last match. What Blasted Monks hope you're for is that this can turn into a series of matches in which the two of them could show the world just how talented they are.

Unfortunately, it will just come down to their skills in the ring. Blasted Monk has to somehow keep the fans interested without hurting his opponent's feelings or his opponent will want nothing to do with him. Blasted Monk has no problems getting into a feud with wrestlers however it is impossible to get into a working feud with somebody when they would rather tuck their tail between their legs and hide as soon as somebody has something to say.

Blasted Monk does find it funny, however when Ty first arrived he had all types of things to say. This whole goody-goody that he wants to portray as not how he came into this company.

He came in here like most, trying to sound like a hard-ass and like most, he got his ass handed to him. It humbled him so much that he almost left. It was so bad that his second mouthpiece was now nowhere to be found. She ended up leaving most of the social platforms that gets used amongst wrestlers. However, she did return back to social media once Ty West won the title.

I guess maybe now she felt that she's able to troll as many people as willing to give her the attention now that her buddy is holding a title. Kind of sad but hey some people are just that way I guess. Unfortunately, that just further proves that his opponent is one that needs a title to a Twist justify who he is and for his little troll friend to justify herself and tried up stick her nose in other people's business.

Funny though because as soon as you mentioned that the first thing out of people's mouth is going to be why talk about her when she's not involved in this match. Yet she feels the need to assert herself into things that do not concern her and it's supposed to be okay with it. These damn Millennials and their double standard it's all about me shit. Not only is that going to hurt our society in the future but it's clearly going to hurt this industry if this is what the new breed of wrestlers are going to be acting like.

Blasted Monk decides he has had enough as watching Ty West vs Fenris has bored him to death. Blasted Monk shuts the laptop off and leans back on his seat to try to get some rest.

A few hours later…

After getting a rent a car and going to the gas station to buy two car chargers to charge their phones they arrived at Song’s house.

Lin Ting Lu and Monk answer her home and go straight to her bedroom upstairs. They see that she is on her bed with her hands tied up with rope. Song looks at the two of them not happy and demands to be untied.

Blasted Monk goes and unties her. Song looks at the two of them then turns to her left to give Jon a mean look.

Master Lilly: I had a vision that you were going to do something stupid so I directed Jon to stop whatever he was doing to come and stop you from doing whatever you are going to do. You can be mad at him all you want but like everybody else from the dojo he was under my orders so if you take issue with him you're going to take issue with me, the question I have for you is do you really want to have an issue with me? [/color]

Song: Shouldn’t you be focused on Blasted Monks upcoming match? Your son has a title match in which he will be merging his title with the roulette title. You mastered should be focusing on making sure your son wins this title because if not then you are looking at a clean sweep. Scw already screwed the honor Champion by putting him in a triple threat match in which he didn't even take the loss but lost his title.

Instead of giving him a rematch in a triple threat match instead they are having a one-on-one match between two scw wrestlers merging the two titles. Alicia is one of the best wrestlers in the world but she's not going to beat Dani because politics is not going to allow it. Jessie is good but not Sam Marlow good. Which means the only one left will be Blasted, Monk. And if he's going to be focused on me and not on his opponent then he may as well just hand over his title to Mr. West.

So if honor wrestling wants to keep one of their own walking out of there with a title I suggest you help your son out and focusing on his match because none of the other wrestlers are going to have a chance. [/color]

Blasted Monk: My only concern right now is your health. I'm really not worried about walking out of my match with a title or not. Everyone from honor getting screwed is the least of my concern. I understand you have a concern about it but if you were really that concerned maybe you could have called me and told me yourself or maybe you could have worked out with me instead of me having to come out here dealing with this situation.

Song: I guess you make a point. [/color]

Blasted Monk: I'm going to be here until the day of my match. You will not be leaving my side. I want you to know that I am not going to sit here and watch you like a hawk to make sure you don't do anything stupid. Instead, I want you to train with me, work out with me, do what you can to assist me in the way that you're saying that my mother should be doing. I think it will be good for you to help me with that because clearly whatever you were doing before that was not that great given the situation we are all in now.

Song turns away

Blasted Monk: You don't have to help me if you don't want to, however leaving you alone is not going to be an option. You want to be concerned about my match than help me if not then don't worry about me and instead we focus on you and help you.

Song turns to look at Blasted Monk

Song: I don't think I will be much help. I am nothing but a joke according to many of the wrestlers in this industry so maybe you might want to get help by somebody who's actually respected versus somebody who just hands everybody respect and just gets looked at as of their nothing. [/color]

Blasted Monk: Any other day I would agree with what you are saying Song But at the end of the day my options are limited to either you or this guy.

Monk points at Jon Dough.

Blasted Monk: And while that's a really hard choice for me to choose from I'm just going to go ahead and choose you this time. Any other time I think we all know I would have chosen Jon Dough.

Monk explains to Song in a joking way. Song throws her pillow at Monk’s face.

Master Lilly: Monk, Jon, please exit the room so Song and I can talk. [/color]

Monk and Jon head down to the kitchen.

Blasted Monk: So, how did you manage to tie her down without her kicking your ass?

Jon Dough: She never heard me come in, I caught her by surprise and it was enough to tackle her to the ground. Lucky for me she hit her head against her dresser so I knocked her out which allowed me to you know to find the ropes and tie her up. I then made sure that the Rope was nice and tight because I already know her little ass arms she could have easily gotten out of the ropes and then God knows what would have happened to me after that.

Blasted Monk: Have you gotten any sleep yet?

Jon Dough: no I have not, I've been up all night making sure she was okay. I was supposed to go train with Amy Marshall but I called her to cancel. She'll be here shortly and we'll have a talk with Song. What about I do not know but she sounded like she may be able to understand or at least give Song some type of word of encouragement.

Blasted Monk: okay, well hopefully whatever she tells song will be something that will stick with song but knowing song it's just going to go in one ear and out the other.

Jon Dough: That's why I'm just making sure she's physically okay other than that I'm going to be focused on my match coming up. Something you should be doing.

Blasted Monk: Well, good thing for me you've been in the ring withTy, twice already and one of those occasions was just two weeks ago. If I recall he walked out Victorious, I seen the match, took a few notes. But it's always better to hear it from the horse's mouth on what exactly he did wrong to cause him to lose, so Spill the Beans what happened?

Jon Dough: I didn't want to take the title from him at this very moment. I don't want to be the reason why he retires, plus nobody wants to see me kick your ass and take the title from you because that's what would have happened. So really I did this for you, so you're welcome.

Monk starts laughing.

Blasted Monk: Oh is that right?

Jon Dough: Yes sir.

Blasted Monk: I have everything worked out as far as my match is concerned. Song If willing can help me train butt other than that I've done all I can do. The man doesn't want to talk unless I talk good about him because his feelings will get hurt making this match in an impossible one for us to actually sell to the fans to give a s*** about. So since this is the way he wants to go about it I'm just going to let him have his way. Eventually he will realize his wrong doings and would either retire at that point or will grow a pair and actually stand up two people who talk about him rather to walk away hoping that his little buddy will do the talking for him.

So physically I will prepare and go from there. If I lose whatever it happens. I will still be working for the company and the company knows that just like they know that he's going to walk out if he doesn't win so I will be interested to see what actually takes place. The one sad thing about this match is that we have to look at what's more important. Does the company need one extra person on the roster who's going to leave at any given time because their feelings are hurt and they took a loss. Does the company need wrestlers that are not like that and instead hire those that are thick skin and can take little bashing. Who knows what the correct answer to that is. Well I could think of two people to know but that's besides the point. I'm just going to go out there and do what I always do every time I go to the ring. I'm going to put on a show for the fans, I'm going to give them a reason to cheer this pussy who doesn't belong in the industry. I'll give them reasons to boo me which is going to be very hard for them to do since their option on who to cheer for is somebody who can't even stand up for himself. But I'm a professional so I'll make sure I do my part.

Jon gets a phone call

Jon Dough: It’s Amy she said she was going to call when she arrived so she must already be here.

Monk nods his head as Jon excuses himself to go to the door.

To be continued.

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