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> A Challenge?
Keira Fisher
Posted: January 10, 2020 09:44 pm

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Keira is seen finally relaxing after a few weeks. With the loss and Roxi winning the belt, she thinks her chances might have slimmed, til Roxi say anyone can challenge. Keira wanted that shot so bad. She sits there, watching TV, in her moment of relaxing.

Nate: Mama?

Nate comes wandering into the room

Keira: Oh? Hey, Nate.

Nate: Mama, where... where is your presents?

Keira: Hmm? Presents?

Nate: Uh huh... for.. for Christmas. You got presents for Christmas.

Keira: Oh! I put them up til I'm ready to use them, silly!

Nate: Oh... did you play with them?

Keira: I will later. Go to the kitchen, I think Mommy's making dinner.

Nate: Okay... I will help!

Nate runs to the kitchen and hugs Roxi's leg

Roxi: Aghh... a monster!

Nate: I not a monster!

Roxi: If you say so.

Nate: No I not!

Roxi: Okay, okay... Here.

Roxi hands Nate 3 napkins

Roxi: Can you go put these on the table please?

Nate: Okay Mommy.

Nate runs to the kitchen table and places the 3 napkins down.

Roxi looks into the living room and sees Keira.

Roxi: It's almost ready. Are you okay?

Keira: Huh?

Roxi: I know you've been relaxing but I can feel that you're moping.

Keira: I'm trying to get over it....

Roxi: You know, you didn't do anything wrong. You hit a slump. It happens. You are still doing fine.

Keira: You know I want to ask you....for that challenge.

Roxi: I meant what I said. You go earn yourself a match, I'll give it to you. I'm not going to treat you any differently because you're my wife. Well... much differently anyway. You have the same opportunity anyone else does.

Keira: I want to do something different....for that earn.

Keira stands up, slowly having her back turned to Roxi, but all of a sudden, Keira quickly turns, throwing a punch to Roxi, but at the same time, Roxi blocks Keira's punch with a punch of her own, the two locking fists as they stand. Keira smiles a bit at this

Keira: And you know the ring can't fulfill it.

Keira smiles some more

Roxi: That is... something we can discuss. But first.

Roxi walks back into the kitchen and pulls out a turkey from the oven.

Roxi: It's time to eat.

Keira: Awwww! Just one turkey!? Come on!

Nate: Hahaha! Mama funny!

Roxi: She is. Go ahead and sit down baby.

Nate sits himself in his booster chair and Roxi puts some food on his plate.

She walks over and whispers to Keira.

Roxi: I'll make you another later.

Keira: Ok, ok.

A couple of hours later, Keira puts Nate to bed and comes out of Nate's room. She turns to go back to the couch

Roxi: Are you just going to sit on the couch all day now?

Keira: No. But those Turkeys were good. I'm not upset. Just full

Roxi: Still... I just want to make sure. I know this has been a time to relax but, I am serious about wanting you to do well.

Keira: I know

Roxi: And I have been thinking about earlier. And I think I have something you might be interested in.

Keira: Oh? Go on...

Roxi: I know I talked about a competition for a title match, and you are in that. But... how about a friendly one here at home?

Keira: What do you got in mind?

Roxi: Well... you are indeed fully qualified as a superhero, so... I'm thinking that between you and me, we have a competition to see who can stop the most bad guys.

Keira: Ok....what does the winner get?

Roxi: I haven't thought of anything I might want.

Roxi says with a smirk

Keira: Perv

Roxi: I mean, it's just a friendly competition. We'll just keep a tally, and whenever we finish, then we'll have a winner. Keeps us sharp for battles in the ring, and out. We do have a lot on our plate.

Keira: True. Least til I finally get that shot at you...and beat you. I mean, we are 1-1

Roxi: Yes... we're even. But I'm more talking about this hero battle. Oh... that has a nice ring to it.

Keira: Yea. Kinda need this, especially with the Monster still around.

Roxi: Right... but... If that happens, we need to do that together. But until then... I know and you know we can handle most things alone. I think it's time we see how good we are individually.

Roxi throws an arm around Keira's shoulder.

Roxi: That is, unless you don't think you can handle it.

Keira: Bitch, what?

Roxi chuckles

Roxi: Just saying...

Keira turns and gives Roxi and friendly punch to the stomach

Keira: You're on!

Roxi: Good.

Hmm, a Friendly competition with Roxi on who gets the most baddies? I like this already. Keep me going and keep my mind sharp, especially with Seleana and Crystal on the horizon. I mean, Seleana, me and her fought one on one before and all. Which is good. She knows my moves and I know hers. Even in this little rut I'm in. I can't wait to show her what I got in store now. I haven't been sitting all the time. Now, let's see how many baddies I can take down.

Keira is seen on a rooftop, looking around the city for anything of note.

The city seems silent until sirens ring out.

Vision: I take it you heard that.

Keira: Yep. Going now.

Keira jumps off and begins tomfly, following the sirens ringing

Vision: Looks like from the alarm it's a late night diamond heist. They tipped the silent alarm at the jewelry store. Probably armed, be careful.

Keira: You mean THEY should be careful, right?

Vision: Just... don't break everything

Keira: I won't break their spines...too much.

Keira finally makes it and lands in front of the store. She does a light tap to the window to get their attention. One of them looks up as Keira says.

Keira: Hi guys! Can I interest you in a brand new wheelchair? You look like you never want to walk again!

Thief: What? Crap! A super! Run!

As the thieves turn and run, they get to the door, only to see Keira at the door, waiting, shocked to see her already there.

Thief: How, what, but she was...

Keira: You guys are too slow and boring. But you guys wanted a Super? I'll give you that!

Keira screams and quickly turns Super Human, mostly her first form to scare the thieves

Thief: Run for it!

Keira giggles at this as she says.

Keira: But I wanna play!

The crooks try to escape with whatever jewels they have, running for their lives.

Keira: Nope.

Keira rushes real quick.and appears in front of the crooks.

Keira: Boo!

The crooks actually shriek in fright

Keira: You guys done running?

Thief: Go! Just get away!

Keira grabs one of them before he can take off.

Keira: I wanna talk to you first. I wanna ask you what's the difference between my fist and your face?

Thief: What?!

Keira vanishes with the first thief before the other two can blink. All they could hear were his screams at that point

Thief 2: Wh-wha-

Thief 3: We gotta go!

As they turn to run, Keira appears in front of them.

Keira: Hi

Thief #2: Wha....

Keira: So, who's next to play Wheel of Spine?

Thief 3: Him!

The third thief tosses number 2 towards Keira and takes off to run

Keira: Hold on one moment.

Keira vanishes and reappears in front of the second thief. She grabs him and vanishes again. Like before, the third thief could only hear screams

Thief 3: What... what are you?!

Keira appears behind the third thief and whispers

Keira: I'm Batman!

Thief 3: ... What?!

Keira: Yea. That made no sense. I'm Lady Kat and guess what you are?

Thief 3: What?

Keira: Fucked.

Keira grabs the thief as they vanish. Moments later, the police is seen arriving, seeing the thieves tied up, beaten up and bruised. Keira is on a rooftop, smirking.

Keira: Yea! Three for Ke!

Vision: I guess it's all taken care of?

Keira: Yep. One of them. Might need a change of pants though

Vision: Well, I'm glad.

Keira: Any other crime tonight?

Vision: All's quiet for now... hang on...

Keira: Waiting

Vision: It looks like someone is trying to rob a fine dining restaurant.

Keira: On it.

Keira rushes quickly. Like before, she lands, just as the robber bumps into Keira

Robber: What the?

Keira: Really? You ruined my good costume. Now I wanna ruin your teeth

Robber: Wait... I... I just need money!

Keira: By stealing?

Robber: Yeah! It's hard out here!

Keira: I don't believe you

Robber: I... I need to!

The robber pulls out a pistol, shaking as he does so

Keira: Put it down..before you lose your ability to have a arm.

Robber: I... I...

Keira slowly takes the gun away from him and crushes it. She slowly stands him up and puts him in cuffs.

Keira: You're too good. I can sense it in your heart. You won't serve too much jail time. But find something better, ok?

Robber: You... you mean it?

Keira: Yea.

Robber: I...

Keira: Don't. Just do better.

With that, Keira vanishes, letting the robber stay there til the cops come. He nods after and soon is taken away by the police. Moments later, Keira is on the rooftop, texting to Roxi, saying "Four for Ke!". Roxi sees the text and shakes her head. Even though this was a competition, she was happy for Keira. Keira giggles a bit as she puts her phone up and waits for one more.

Vision: You're really on it tonight.

Keira: Yea, I am.

Keira looks around for a moment.

Keira: Anything happening or we calling it a night?

Vision: Well, I don't really have anything... I think you're too fast for crime.

Keira: Starting to believe it. I think I'm more the, "Save the world, whup some baddies" kind.

Vision: If it means the city and the earth is safe, I'll take it.

Keira: Guess I'm heading home

Vision: I'll let you know if anything else comes up.

Keira nodes as she teleports home. The scene fading.

Man, that legit felt good. Going out there, fighting baddies. Although, they're super weak and stuff. It doesn't matter. I got to kick some butt again, just like I'm going to kick Crystal's and Seleana's butts again. I know me and Crystal will face off again. But each time me and her fight, I somehow become strong, become better. Either way, can't wait!

Keira is sitting on the couch, relaxing again, but smiling as she watches tv

Keira: Mmm, so relaxing

Roxi: Well... looks like Team Hero is back.

Keira: Hmm?

Roxi: Looks like it's us teaming together again.

Keira: Oh? Against Who?

Roxi: Crystal and Seleana.

Keira: Easy for us. Might be hard cause of Seleana

Roxi: Don't get cocky, they are going to give us all we can handle.

Keira: Yea, Seleana will. Crystal is the one losing.

Roxi: Don't. Crystal is as good as she's always been. You cannot take her lightly. Remember what you're after.

Keira: I know. I'm just saying, if Crystal isn't careful

Roxi: Crystal is serious. You know she's going to want to get herself ahead in the rankings. Heck, you know she's going to try as hard as she can. She'll try to jump over you just as quickly.

Keira: Which I'm sick of. Every last one of them better stay in the back. Crystal WILL learn.

Roxi: Just focus. Focus.

Roxi sits down next to Keira.

Roxi: It's going to take both of us to do this. I don't need you to be overconfident I need you at 100%. Because this means a lot to both of us.

Keira: I know, you're right.

Roxi: I just... I want you to succeed. I know you can do it, but I don't want to see you in that rut. You being upset makes me upset. I love you. You know that.

Keira: I love you too

Roxi: We've been through a lot. I want a happy, smiling Keira. So does everyone else. I need a ready, focused Keira to help me on Sunday. I need you ,because I know you're as good as anyone else. I need you because this can only help you if you are there for me.

Keira: You're right

Roxi: We'll train later, but mental focus is just as important.

Roxi down next to Keira.

Roxi: I just want you to be in the best frame of mind. I want the best Keira there can be.

Keira: I know, dear. I'm tr--

All of a sudden, Roxi gets a text from her phone

Keira: Hunny?

Roxi: It's from Mimi

Keira: What does she want?

Roxi: It's... a contract offer

Keira: A what?

Roxi: She wants to sign us to... Divinity.

Keira: Wh-What is that? Another fed?

Roxi: No, it's her company.

Keira: I know, but is it another wrestling company?

Roxi: No... I don't think so.

Keira: Ok, why though?

Roxi: I guess... because we're friends.

Keira thinks about it for a moment. She heard about Divinity in name before, but not too much detail. She then looks at Roxi and says

Keira: Why not?

Keira leans in and kisses Roxi

Keira: What do we got to lose?

Roxi: It's up to you. I... I don't know, I just... You know I'm self conscious. I never think I'm pretty enough and stuff. And there's all these models in Divinity.

Keira: I know, but let's do it! I'm getting excited!

Roxi: I... I guess. Let's do it.

Keira smiles and kisses Roxi

Roxi: Well, It's on us to go sign it at her New York building.

Keira: It is

Roxi: We can sign at any time. So... I say we do that, and then get some training in.

Keira: Agreed. Let's do it!

Keira smiles as the scene fades


I sat around, feeling sorry for myself. I thought I was still good enough to do this. Maybe they were right. Maybe I'm getting too old for this wrestling business. Maybe I am just out of touch. Maybe I should just finally hang up my boots and give up.

....Or Maybe I can slap around the next person who thinks that and I can prove them wrong!

Now back to business.

With Roxi now the World Champion, my focus to becoming the Bombshell World Champion has pretty much added a new option to it. To see once and for all, who is the better in Team Hero? Looks like Bobbie might have screwed up big time.

But til then, Team Hero reunites again to face another Wife/Wife duo in Crystal and Seleana. Two women I have faced before. Seleana, I've waited to fight you again. You've always been strong and you gave me a huge fight in our last encounter. But remember this and remember it well. I beat you. I beat you when YOU were the Number One Contender for the Bombshell World Title! Now that the tables have turned somewhat. I'm going to show you that I'm the TRUE Number One Contender!

Same goes for Crystal. Time and time again, we fight. Time and time again, you bring out the best in me. Out of the two of us, I'm the stronger. Nothing has changed. You have to prove yourself that you still can be a contender. So can I, but my will, my strength and my desire has become more clear than before. I love you, Crystal, but it doesn't mean a thing right now. Prepare for another Loss to me!

Crystal, Seleana, Climax Control, you will see why Team Hero is still the best! Come Climax Control, I'm going to B.A.B.....


See you soon!
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